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Discuss This Web Site / Re: What Is Your View of Idea Suggested Here?
« on: December 29, 2018, 04:08:35 PM »
Hi all I believe Life line or Life Network would work

Hi chilliwork the last words of your post I feel are abit too strong and personnel,but any way you are entitled to your opinion which now being strong is so tempting and inviting for a response though I would love to just pass over it, so ill quickly just say that most of us here have been knowingly or unknowingly led here by our adjusters and guidance teems and they are our first responsibility, and when its time for us to leave I believe theyll guide and lead us, and we depend on them for what may be or may not be true as posted on the forum and so your invitation for members to leave is abit too strong of your opinion, wish you the best though.

General Discussion / Thanksgiving
« on: November 21, 2018, 09:33:56 PM »
Subject: thanksgiving
T/r: david
Location: kampala,uganda.
Date/time: thur22/11/18  05:03am

I want to also add my gratitude to spirit for what transpired last weekend at york,its very interesting to be alive when history was made on this our world and the entire universe when finally spirit touched down, surely this world will never be the same again,for now the world will begin to see what they've only heard and felt. I also want to be most grateful for the three that attended in person,thanks for the sacrifice and hardwork and we have your back and full surppot, thankyou father of all,  yours in service  david,   Domtia.

General Discussion / Re: Answer the call
« on: October 26, 2018, 11:41:08 PM »
Thanks Juliodaluz for the update

General Discussion / Answer the call
« on: October 26, 2018, 11:21:20 PM »
Subject:   Answer the call
T/R:     David
Location:  Kampala Uganda
Date: Sat27/10/18  5:25 am

This message today is from me, I've been practicing and feeling that the messages are too personal to post tho I also feel it not good to take long without posting for my own growth with the rest. So I chose to write what I thought and felt today.
I ask to know how the pole shift will affect Africa especially East Africa from where Uganda is located where I stay, shall we be in darkness or in light?
And as I think about that, I'm excited that I receive messages from spirit and it has taken a very short time, because I used to think it would take me years of meditation to receive a message from spirit.
But when it was posted that after a few minutes of prayer and meditation begin to write what comes to your mind, practicing this has helped me receive from spirit and so I would love to encourage all my brothers and sisters who are feel like they should engage on this site but somehow hesitate, to please answer the call of your indwelling,because as we know time has run out and the missions are upon us, and yet we are to be of great help to the world who will not know what to do,and will be dependent on your acquired skill from spirit who is ready to show and guide you on this great path so do answer the call. This is my encouragement this morning, have a great day, David.

Threads for New Transmissions / Continue to walk
« on: October 11, 2018, 09:19:24 AM »
Teacher: Margul
Subject: Continue to walk
T/R: David
Location: Kampala, Uganda
Date/Time: Thur11/10/18, 3pm.

Margul; Trinity teacher son.
I am Margul your trinity teacher son, and as you have learnt I come with love and grace of the trinity which I represent here, and i bring to your attention that progress is being made this side of spirit,and many of you that have given yourselves to us are part of the progress. And so i remind you that you do well in continuing to walk the steps that we spirit lead and guide you to walk into, And its a matter of time and you begin to see the results of a worthy commitment. And to many of you that are still laid back, the door is open for you to come and join the team as we walk out this path of transition and transformation. Only call and we answer,ask and it is given, knock and the door is opened to you,I am Margul wishing you a good afternoon.

David: Thank you trinity teacher Margul for coming through to me.

Threads for New Transmissions / keep on keeping on.
« on: October 05, 2018, 05:50:30 AM »
Teacher: Micheal and Margul
Subject: Keep on keeping on
T/R: David
Location: Kampala,Uganda
Date/Time: Frid05/10/18

Margul trinity teacher son:
I am margul and we do really miss our time together when you exercise your will and consider other things first, and while this may also be important, we are also important in the way that these times have come upon you and your people and you know that you are to minister to them as they'll be most confused and know not what to do,that's the reason for this period of training and preparation for the work that has come upon all you. And so do we beseech you our son to create more time for us and be prompt in receiving us whenever we prompt you about available transmissions, I am Margul your trinity encouraging you to keep on keeping on and all is well.

Micheal of Nebadon;
We on high do like to appreciate all your efforts in aligning your will with ours and presenting yourself freely to us for service and we most appreciate that and we ask that now more than ever you allow to b fine tuned to us as we desire your attention and availability more than ever in this on going period of transition, I am Micheal your creator father seeing to it that all is well with you my son and that all your worries are catered for, keep with us.

David- thank you father Micheal and teacher Margul for coming through to me.

Threads for New Transmissions / Move on
« on: September 28, 2018, 03:42:24 AM »
Teacher: Micheal of Nebadon,Mother spirit,Teacher Margul.
Subject: Move on
T/R: David
Location: Kampala,Uganda
Date/TIme: Frid28/09/18   09:00am

Hi members, I've been trying to post something at least for my practice,a message everyday but the last two days I've been most engaged with work and also felt like my mind was not in the usual state of peace,ie struggling to stay in stillness, but I realise I must keep up no matter what and I feel better to continue my practice today.

Micheal of Nebadon:
You my son are most precious to us up here and we see to it that all is well with all of you inspite of all that may happen which seems contrary, and so I want you to know that in our loving arms you are and you trust for indeed nothing can happen to you that is not for the good. Some of all those obstacles are to take you to the next level of this faith walk in your life, So do not be distracted from this major goal of life for indeed the time is now more at hand than before and its important that you keep with us as we work this together.

Mother Spirit:
My son you are most loved on high because of the great work ahead of us and we cannot stop encouraging you to go past all distractions and move on in this journey of faith bse it's important to your faith that you move on. New privileges have been made available to all those who will continue the walk and not give up. Alot has been happening up here but now is the time for us to move on and see to the accomplishment of all that we started with you.
You are well loved my dea ones and all is well with you. We keep you in our peace.

Margul: trinity teacher,
I am Margul your most beloved trinity teacher son and am here this morning of your time to remind you of all the great things that we've talked about since the beginning its important that you keep yourself in memory of all these messages bse in them is hidden a message that would only come out if they are all put together. You know how spirit works to uplift her children even by the gift of revelation wc gift you nurture by meditating on what has been given you and see how it applies to your life both now and in the future. So my son keep these our messages in perspective always and you'll know more. I am Margul.

David:  Thank you father Micheal,mother Spirit and teacher Margul for speaking to me this morning am most grateful and humbly recieve your guidance and reminder.

Threads for New Transmissions / Be regular
« on: September 25, 2018, 08:28:36 AM »
Teacher: Margul
Subject: Be consistent
T/R: David
Location: Kampala, Uganda
Day/Time: Tue25/09/18.   12:10 
I am margul your trinity teacher son, and I thank you and many on this forum for taking the time to receive and transmit. Its of great importance  that you keep a regular practice on taking down these messages  because as you know this is a training period from which you are to come out as mature  and excellent transmitters with possibility of  fusion as you know, so i encourage you my son and many more on the forum to be regular and consistent in this period of time,
I am asking you to prioritise  in your dealings so that you give us first place in your life and do those
things which are of most  need and importance  for this great period that has knocked on your doors  keep with us and in our peace, all is well.
David; thank you teacher margul for this message.

Threads for New Transmissions / Worship
« on: September 24, 2018, 05:36:30 AM »
Teacher: Ophelius
Subject: Worship
T/R:    David
Location: Kyambogo, Kampala, Uganda.
Date/Time: Mon24/09/18  09:15 am

Hi members of the forum I introduced my self a few months ago and I've been online but with no courage to even make a reply but a few weeks ago I believe I broke through when I read and it was said that I don't have to wait for an audible voice but after a few minutes of stillness just begin writing,so when I did that I got a message from my beloved indweling it was short but I was very happy and have been practicing ever since and getting personnel messages and now I feel like I can begin to post some of the messages I receive as part of my practice as I have noticed you people are encouraging and won't mind if I made mistakes. Just after the recent broadcast I should testify that messages have been coming in easier than before as I don't have to wait for ten minutes before there's someone and then they have been easily flowing. So I also encourage whoever may b waiting for an audible voice to begin writing as soon as you feel like enough of stillness.
Now ill go to the message this morning,

Teacher Ophelius;
I am ophelius here speaking with you this morning, what a great and glorious day today is, when all bow down and worship our heavenly father on paradise,for who he is, his magnificence is just unbelievable and unfathomable, we all bow down and worship him for indeed he is amighty God and there is none like him, for he upholds all things and makes sure that all is in sync,even that which seems out of sync is working for the good of all being in sync.
I am ophelius and I come here to admonish and uplift you and encourage you in the spiritual worship of our father,for there's benefit in worship, benefit that you may not easily experience another way;
What worship is, is an acknowledgement in every detail of life,the supremacy of the great source and centre of all things. So I encourage you to live daily in an atmosphere of worship of our universal father and your creator father for he deserves it and it serves for growth and strength to your soul,for when you acknowledge the father as source and see him as centre of all that is good in your life you grow one step closer  and get a step further in your  your attunement with him.
So my friends and brethren let us live lifestyle of worship of our heavenly father and all is well with you all.   peace to you,      teacher Ophelius.

David: Thank you teacher opheluis for your admonishon and am most grateful for having received you this morning. End

This is the time that we on high have waited for for a long time, and we are excited about this gathering again of people around the world to answer a divine call.
So my child I should remind you again that you are most privileged to be alive in this hour of great wonders as wrought both by you and us as we grow into a more efficient team that father has prepared to participate in this great unfolding unto your world, there's more to learn from us as we also learn from you as this our great partnership continues to grow and yield more results that will lead this your world into epochs to be most proud of. Be assured my child it is all working for good both seen and unseen and so keep with us as we continue on this great journey together,
Love you my child.  End

We on high are most excited about this hour when men and women gather to fulfill a spiritual call,this my dear one is a great call and privilege to the men and women of this world.
Its time for the great unbelievable changes on this your world that will catch many unawares for they are lost in life duties and pay no attention to the calling of their indwelling,you my dear one are most privileged that you have not only answered the call of your indwelling but have willingly taken a step a head and placed yourself to be of service to the father of all.
And this comes with great accomplishments and reward both seen and unseen, so my dear one this being your commitment and many others on the forum and the world, keep at it and do not loose heart for we spirit are with you to watch and lead you every step of the way
This is your transmission this evening.

Hallo brethren, its a privilege to be here. My name is David Mwesigwa from Kampala Uganda
I'm excited to b here, The holy spirit is my friend and has been for along time, and he led me to the urantia book one and a half yrs ago as i was just searching more truth about angels on the internet,and I've been quietly reading it and have found it just amazing, you people are so blessed to have had such amazing truth for some good time, I'm blessed to b here im a young man 26 who loves and has secured personnel relationship with Jesus thru the holyghost in the bible and now with the urantia book its getting even better and what a blessing that on this forum I get to read his messages wow, un believable to most of my brethren here, pse pray for these my brethren here that they'll welcome these amazing truth. Good to b here again.

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