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Some Thoughts Muses & Meanderings / Re: Coronavirus : a second wave ?
« Last post by 7inOcean on July 13, 2020, 09:55:29 pm »
The idea of “Herd Immunity” was flouted earlier in the year and there was a survey(here in Australia) to gauge the public on it and there were a majority of responders who were in favour of it. However, although the Herd Immunity method was to have some pros and cons to it as it will weed out (in a callous way as it appears) those who are to fall ill due to so many underlying conditions such as asthma, diabetes, heart disease and other health hazards, these people will not survive if they are to be infected. Those who do get infected and are healthy and have little health concerns may prove to be resilient and survive the virulitic attack. But in all that this method takes, it is not a favourable method in the eyes of our Australian governments and our health authorities. Mainly because it is far too callous an approach and dangerous to have so many people fall ill and overwhelm the health facilities, staff and resources as it is. Too many people will die unnecessarily too soon and perhaps too young. What the question above states is just that method to allow it to spread and do its destruction regardless of how damaging it will be to the overall population.

There are two ways of looking at this. One, is that at the moment, governments do not like to do that approach as they are built to serve and protect their tax-paying citizens and to act as control managers in times of crises as this one is and to minimise the problem of panic, fear and chaos. Two, while governments are using the “Suppression” methods of restrictions, that is, isolation, social distancing, hand hygiene and border controls; the spread is minimised in a controlled way, but it appears that even when this method is served and “suppression” is lessened, a second wave of infection recurs which begs the question if the “Suppression” method is an effective tool at all. Hence, the argument will eventually go back to the “Herd Immunity” strategy to allow the maximum assault, to let the chips fall as they may, and then see what is left to deal with when those who prevail can muster in themselves how to work life better with what is left to pick up. Just recently, I talked to my son about this second wave that is now occurring across Melbourne and he is of the opinion that he sees it as he calls it and I quote him as saying “...there may be multiple lockdowns…”. He is right to say that. It is true that while there is still a pandemic and no end in sight and no vaccine, governments are forced to take the idea of “suppression” as many times as they are able in order to control the problem. The only problem with that is that people will tire easily of being cooped up for weeks on end, with no revenue to sustain their lifestyles. It will soon run out of steam, money and patience as people will break out and just want to get on with living and doing, because no one can stand being dormant for such long periods of time. Businesses will simply shut and not open up again mainly because they thrive if there is money to be made, but sadly, there is none at all and so they collapse and are no more. Some businesses may survive but many will not in methods of “Suppression”.

So, if there is a “Herd Immunity” approach as Ron is pointing out, as it may be the hard and fast approach to deal with the crisis, as unpopular and controversial this approach is, it may be the last form of defence we may have to use. I think countries like Sweden have used this approach and it remains to be seen how it went for the Swedes with the sweep it will have in their populations. It looks like it is playing out like that in the USA as many are simply not buying the “Suppression” methods and are in favour of being free and do as they please and take the attitude of “come what may, I don’t care..” as these people just go out and flaunt the rules of “Suppression” behaviour. It soon comes back to haunt them that some of them die because of such attitudes. So, while it is dangerous and alarming, the question you have raised Ron and the premise you take is that the idea to let the virus play out freely, is to also acknowledge that many will die and we will have to accept the inevitable morbid story of population decimation in many places around the planet. In fairness, governments can only do so much and even they will succumb to the crises as it will not be manageable when the money runs out to keep people home for long periods of time. 

It is interesting though, that while some countries are using the “Suppression” methods at such a huge cost, there are other countries that are open for business and just carry on regardless and just let it run its course knowing full well the death toll will rise anyhow. Both approaches will have death tolls and both will see that while this pandemic continues, there will be costs involved and a huge loss(on various levels) will be felt for years to come. In my mind, it is almost like looking at a movie where massive global populations are wiped out and only a handful are left to fend for themselves and it makes me wonder how the Celestials will even bother doing any missions when all is lost on the earth but the question remains, what happens to all those people who die, where do they go?

Do they wind up on the Mansion Worlds? Or are they all so dead spiritually they are of no survival use for ascension purposes and is this correct to see there is a point to the catastrophe playing out on the earth even now? Is there a reason for why Ron sees the point in the “run-the-virus-rampant” perspective as in the “lemmings” case to let the poison run out of anywhere to go? The way I see this approach, although it may be perceived as careless and callous, it somehow makes sense to let something that is not controllable to take form in order for it to be quelched entirely when all hosts are exhaustible beyond reproach. As it is, this virus mutates so well that it is now infectious to amphibians is so telling. That is to tell me the population on the planet is so large that this virus is loving it to bits! It actually thrives due to large dinners it can feast on endlessly! Now it appears it has a voracious appetite for more dinners! Great time to be on the planet!! Come on pest and eat me if you dare and I will soon be gone! So what happens to us if we all fall and die? Do we happily go on to pursue our ascension careers and be glad that we are no longer sick? So many questions and thoughts arise from such a paradox as this presents.  It is now plainly obvious, are we meant to go and our time as a species is up on this planet and why not the use of dematerializing machines to remove us in such planetary crises as this is turning out to be in all due respects?

So there, here are some perspectives, mullings and musings I like to let it rain just as Ron allows the virus to just do what it has to, to run its course and be damned with it. I see the point, and I hope we may either live through the chaos or we just simply move on elsewhere in the cosmos. I usually say ‘take care and stay safe’ but after this discussion, would it be better to just run wild(in a careful way) and enjoy life while we have it so short in any case? So it eerily goes folks, live and let live freely as time is of the essence here and ever so sweet when we are well to enjoy it. Father, may we have our daily bread as we sure are going to need it, and may you keep us from evil as we go about to forgive those around us and preach about life eternal to the blind and the deaf of the earth, if it is even safe to do so at all.

Meanwhile, living in “Suppression” is still ongoing here in Victoria and it remains to be seen how long this method will succeed. I still think the “Herd Immunity” method should have been the one to take ages ago as we keep getting waves of infection recurring and people can’t help being anything but socialites!! Maybe we will all run and fall off the proverbial cliff as the lemmings do. If I have to go, so be it, see ya all in heaven folks! If I, and you, miraculously remain, may God help us all! 

Some Thoughts Muses & Meanderings / Re: Coronavirus : a second wave ?
« Last post by Ron Besser on July 13, 2020, 09:32:47 pm »

Clency, that was my question to you, and I rhetorically ask it again, what do you think of the apparent activities of many humans who are doing just that and that is opening to infection for one more time the corona virus can infect a human again.  Most who are old enough to remember the polio epidemic will remember being kept inside and not being allowed to go swimming or making contact with a lot of people until they figured out what polio was.  That was the early 1950's and I remember staying inside in boiling summer heat and not allowed to go to my old swimming hole which was a country creek nice and cool and neck deep.  That was an epidemic too and people behaved.  That is not the case now, and the real proposition is people are asking for it and I hope they get it and that just might end the life of this particular virus by exhausting it.  What do you think of having government just stand back and letting people do what they want to and get infected and have the virus die out because of it?   I know the CDC has talked about this but says nothing more.   RON
Hello Everyone, Song At Sunrise here with a summary of the Light Line on July 12, 2020:
Light Line 07-12-2020

Ron Welcome
Phyllis 11 after the hour -- muted
Michael: Phyllis is seriously ill.

Daniel Raphael is seriously contemplating Advisory 24 (concerning Covid 19).
The Urantia Fellowship asked, "Can you verify?" Raphael consulted Dr. Mendoza and he said, "yes that is what I dictated. Ron has written a book on AIDS. " Raphael wants to contact Ron.
Raphael would make a good Light Line host, but right now his schedule does not allow it.

To Raphael: Be a host:
Raphael doesn't have a problem, but some people in his group hate Ron and his ability to transmit. They feel that Ron makes predictions that don't come to pass.

Fact: Rebellion got in the way of every prediction Ron made that failed.
To Jerry Lane and Raphael: cooperate or quit.

A rebellious cabal, including a Vorondadek Son were causing equipment malfunctions in Ron's house, that had dangerous possible consequences. Rene and Amethyst are also being harassed.
But. . . Light Line is making progress. People are becoming attracted to it because they are aware they need to listen to it.
We need a telephone service that we can afford, but is safe for the public to access us.

Rebellious entities are attempting to diminish Ron's energy, to the point of death, and attempting to destroy Light Line, because it is intended to be a major force in the Magisterial Mission!

Some entities attempt to speak FOR others, A certain Vorondadek Son attempted
that and now is demoted, and will be moved to a planet he doesn't care for.

Ron requested from Michael the execution of 3 Vorondadek sons. Michael doesn't want to sign the death warrant for sons he has created. A sad choice.

A person went to France to clear the grid of Caligastia's and Lucifer's prisoners. She found over 1000 dying souls of children and 2 seraphim who would not leave them.
Children age 4 to 16 are now in the nursery of the Mansion worlds. Some of them re 12,000 years old.

No one in the universe is as attuned to rebellion like Ron. He is like a drug-sniffing dog in an airport.
Ron to the entities: You gain nothing by being a rebel: You lose reputation, career, and everything!
Note to transmitters and listeners: It is dangerous to work on Urantia: be ready and don't be discouraged.
Archway Publishing has now printed 3000 copies of the "Origin of Aids and Autism". The book will go to Europe first, then be distributed in the US.

Dr Mendoza: Covid19 could be reaching the halfway point -- now amphibians ,salamanders and certain kinds of frog are picking up the virus, particularly in TX, LA, AL and MS. Warm water helps the proliferation. New cases percentages could be down by Christmas. But fishermen, oil rig workers and other people exposed to shrimp, crabs, etc, may pick up the virus. The virus is mutating into Corona12.

The Life Carrier, who was here millions of years ago, came and helped Ron. He is known as "Burt". He is now a Mighty Messenger candidate. He says, "No more rocks to put goo on!" 

Ron sees a planet that reminded him of Saturn that has "rings" actually a guard. It is a prison planet. 52 angels and Sons are there.

There will be no Q and A.
Next Light Line Tuesday 07-14-2020

Some Thoughts Muses & Meanderings / Re: Coronavirus : a second wave ?
« Last post by Clency on July 13, 2020, 12:21:24 pm »
We are behaving in many places we want Corona to kill off enough to kill itself,   Do you think we should try that?

At what cost ? If it is only to reduce the world population, I will not buy it, this is in no way my thinking.
Some Thoughts Muses & Meanderings / Re: Coronavirus : a second wave ?
« Last post by Ron Besser on July 13, 2020, 11:58:12 am »
I am not sure you are catching my point Clency.  The point I wanted to make is that the Spanish flu ended when it ran out of victims.  Many people are behaving they want to be free in spite of social controls and I am saying to you Clency, what is wrong with letting the Corona 19 virus run without social restriction on the people until it exhausts itself and disappears forever as a disease?  The Spanish flu did just that and does not exist as that virus any longer.

We are behaving in many places we want Corona to kill off enough to kill itself,   Do you think we should try that?

Some Thoughts Muses & Meanderings / Re: Coronavirus : a second wave ?
« Last post by Clency on July 13, 2020, 11:43:35 am »
The Spanish flu pandemic of 1918, the deadliest in history, infected an estimated 500 million people worldwide, that is about one-third of the planet’s population, and killed an estimated 20 million to 50 million victims. At the time, there were no effective drugs or vaccines to treat this killer flu strain. Citizens were ordered to wear masks; schools, theaters and businesses were shuttered and bodies piled up in makeshift morgues before the virus ended its deadly global march” (excerpt from an article)
To-day, some hundred years later, we are facing a similar situation, where scientists are struggling hard to find a vaccine. The only means we have at our disposal to fight the COVID-19 pandemic is to put restrictions upon the population, otherwise we have to pay a heavy tribute, even more than the 1918 Spanish flu. The virus has to be stopped before it can be transmuted to a corona-12 and increased the death toll. My main concern out of all this pandemonium is that the Magisterial Mission should find a safe environment, running on the ground. Domtia
13 JULY 2020

“I AM MICHAEL OF NEBADON, and we are facing a shortage of good will everywhere today and we need to state the following for all of you who seem, as Ron puts it, we invited into you to a room to sit in and then never appear at the head of that room to say why we called you into this room,

Mother spirit is losing a battle to be the Creative Spirit of Nebadon.  Ron and Phyllis in particular are losing their battle to stay on Urantia under grueling circumstances alone.  We start something to help and never finish it.  Ron is right.  Step up to the plate with a bat in our hand and stop dropping the bat and walking off the home plate.  That is a baseball analogy Ron seldom uses as he is no fan of major league baseball anymore.

It is also the way to tell all of you that the entire matter is like you all standing on the bank of a badly flooding river and as Ron pu8ts it there are trees and houses floating in the middle of the flood to their annihilation and we dare not reach out to save any of it.  I fully agree with that picture too.

So what do we do?   Nothing as Ron puts it, nothing.  For that reason he has held back stating a couple of things he feels are true but has no intention of rocking the boat again as he did the lat time when the rebellion raised its horrible and ugly head all around you on Urantia again.  This time you all got caught up in it too and those who do not know what is going on, are now forced to wonder ever more as we have snuffed the idea of making news with it for now.  Here is Machiventa Melchizedek to explain something he could not get to yesterday on the Sunday Lightline with Ron and a part of Phyllis.

“I am sure Ron feels it deeply and most of you do not know what he is talking about either.  He choose not to get into a Q and A session yesterday because Phyllis was in bad shape and so was he and he did not want to perpetuate a group meeting in which the leaders were too ill to say much otherwise.  I saw Ron collapse afterwards for six hours of heat and cold and hearth without a fire in his heart for what he is discovering: no high spirit is asking Urantia to do anything anymore, and it forces the Magisterial Foundation to fall back and default to the normal and freaking Urantia Foundation idea that epochal revelation never changes.  Far from it but they win all the time because they have captured the front row seat as far as the readership is concerned and very few who receive the Bulletins or Advisory know what he is talking about.  It is an insidious situation and it must be broken wide apart and that is not what high spirit looks at right now at all.

“What high spirit is looking at right now is how to deal with the Magisterial Foundation, which has made headway in claiming its place before the readership, and now must face no support again, and this time fail not to make it clear it no longer supports the loss of the Mother spirit of Nebadon so long as She is Mother Spirit, but that is no longer possible for Her to be Mother Spirit any longer either.

“I am MACHIVENTA MELCHIZEDEK and wwe stand firm with you Ron and the Magisterial Foundation, as does MICHAEL OF NEBADON, and GABRIEL and the rest of the group that runs Salvington so efficiently.  For that reason TARKAS AND JACK AND WELMEK have now departed for the rest of their work on Salvington and not on Urantia, and Ron has heard the last of Burt, the Life Carrier, only because Ron fully trusted Him and He could not deliver once scintilla of help just because the Deity Absolute now decrees Ron useless and ready for bed on high.  We fully disagree but the Deity Absolute makes it clear that Ron is ahead of his time by a good century and so what Ron says?  The answer is not easy to fathom but ahead of time means it cannot be assimilated very well even though present and that makes the entire matter so acidic and burning Ron is seriously asking why persist if there is nothing but confrontation now?  We do not disagree with the question and we do agree with the answer Michael keeps insisting to Ron: STAY THE COURSE AND WIN!

“For that reason I stand behind Ron and all he attempts to do in spite of battle after battle everyday to stay out of the mischief of Mother Spirit and the dangerous seraphim around him as they are hell bent on leather to destroy his work and kill his energy as they did with Phyllis yesterday but she persisted and won that work back to her too.

“I am MACHIVENTA MELCHIZEDEK and I am sure we win, but right now the trial is grave and Ron sees no point in fighting a losing battle over every issue he cares about.  This post states succinctly WHY WE FIGHT as Ron recalls the WWII American propaganda film that basic training soldiers all had to hear as most of them were truly morons about why they were drafted and why they had to serve at all.  Funny thing,  Ron sees the same thing wish the readership of the Urantia Book and that useless Foundation if I must say it.  Ron does not want to replace it; he wants to remove it and let the revelation do its real work for a change and we could not sound better than to say that is exactly what needs to be done and to let the LIGHTLINE work not stop as it adds to the mystery and care the FATHER LOVES to engender to the entire population on Urantia.  We leave all alone for now as here is MICHAEL OF NEBADON to say the last words for now:”

“I am sure we have no great speech at the moment, but Ron your ORIGINS is going to start working its way into Europe first and that is not what you want but they have a good point as Europe is much more savvy when it comes to American jurisprudence over matters of high stakes and sees the book soon as a saving grace in the middle of a pandemic of other problems galore.

“For that reason I let Archway do its mischief to you over and over only to discover you cannot be brokered to stand their way since you cannot and they now recognize it and are working it well from their point of view.  You will receive several complimentary copies and that is it and they make no bones about it that you are not going to send them more material until they see how this goes and this is ours to report steadily: you are not going to tolerate an corporation that tends to see its profits first and not bother with humanitarian needs, but they are also gathering you are quite a thing to add to American taste for greatness for you want this material nationalized and distributed freely to those with these horrible conditions to deal with.  That said, Archway has little to report until they see reaction among the establishment in Europe and the funny thing is you are already known in some areas as a savior for ideals they eschew entirely and insist the United States pay attention to it.  For reasons of State Ron you are broken down into the mud of mire and disease and that is not our doing but the doing of high estate over issues you care little about but they do and your are not friend of theirs ever.  Be assured it does not stop ascension but adds to the angst you feel over everything you attempted to do for us and that is not forgotten or forgiven well by high spirit at times, but they also recognize you are not after status but accomplishment and that goes a long way into toleration of estates they never understand if they had to.

“We close this with one statement to the public in general:

“We no longer operate with REFLECTIVITY ever again as it is insidious in that it never facilitates the full truth if the supreme never wanted something truly known., Ron used it for half a month and fully disliked it as we did.  He said it is like power steering that allows you to drive very easily off the road and into the ditch.  We agree with that entirely and stopped it last May and he was much better until the open rebellion occurred and now we are all stuck with no Reflectivity and almos no Mother spirit/

“For that reason we need to state over again why we fight, We fight to regain the normal spirit status on Urantia.  MACHIVENTA MELCHIZEDEK is well done on that idea too, and we are all sure that those who do the Receivership in the Urantia government will be sure to deliver Urantia as we insist it be delivered and that is to acknowledge the work of Jesus and to acknowledge the work of the Foundation not for it has achieved the anti-christian view that no cabal can be trusted to handle revelation either unless it is directly administered by a visible representative of Gon on the planet and that is what the Magisterial Foundation constantly proposes and, by God! We are going to do that ! MICHAEL OF NEBADON.”

General Discussion / What do you think of the Femist movement?
« Last post by HelderPoeta on July 13, 2020, 10:22:35 am »
You know there's the feminist movement that fight for equality for women, and there's the femist movement which pretty much fights for hate against men and the patriarchy.
Some Thoughts Muses & Meanderings / Re: Coronavirus : a second wave ?
« Last post by Ron Besser on July 13, 2020, 08:58:54 am »
So it seems Clency.  What that brings to mind is that in spite of all logic, man cannot be disciplined to do what saves his life if he did them.  You know the story about lemmings do you not?  They are polar mice which can over populated their grounds and then congregate to large groups and suddenly run amok including jumping off cliffs and die in huge masses that way.

They suffer a rodent pandemic peculiar to their species.  Man suffers things peculiar to his species and one of them is to fail to desire a tranquil life at all costs.  I want a tranquil life and most of us do when we reach our seventies, but politics make sure we have no such thing unless we withdraw from normal life patterns otherwise.

What I bring to you this morning Clency, is this question:

What is wrong to declare the entire effort of social distancing over?  The stupid idiots who call it a right to misbehave because they can and claim the right to be utterly alone and stupid in their case, should be allowed to congregate as the human lemmings of our era.

What I suggest we do at this point is stop placing restrictions on mortal man and let him be mortal.  What that does to the Corona virus is it forces it to play out completely and die too.  No more victims are left when it ravages all it can and then has no more because it has lost the ability to infect those who already had it and it cannot migrate further.  There is a certain logic to that too.  You can figure that one out and by the way, according to Rayson, Cprona 19 is rapidly converting itself into Corona 12, and that is mostly a virus that infects amphibians.

Should we just ignore social discipline and let this mean virus play out to kill itself with too many infections to sustain itself as a pandemic?  What is your opinion?


Some Thoughts Muses & Meanderings / Coronavirus : a second wave ?
« Last post by Clency on July 13, 2020, 08:19:30 am »
Actually, there is a resurgence of the coronavirus in some countries around the world and it can be compared to the second wave of a tsunami which can be more deadly than the first one. According to experts, the lifting of lockdowns restrictions too soon is the main source of a second wave. After a long period of confinement, people want to enjoy the holiday season fully and forget about sanitary measures, which is understandable, but the fact is we are not yet done with the pandemic. A second wave is not inevitable, it can be avoided if people continue to be careful. Domtia
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