Author Topic: Economic Co-Dependence Is Useless - SERARA & Magisterial Mission to China et al  (Read 467 times)

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October 11, 2018
9am Local Time, York, Pennsylvania, USA

Economic Co-Dependence Is Useless

“his is SERARA.

“We are now at the point in this unhappy economic period to not ever say to anyone this is wrong ir this is right.  We now all must deal with the idea that the entire matter of economic co-dependence is useless. 

“There is no world trade balance today,  and we are truly amazed you can hear at all that this is a tirade that must be concluded before it starts.  Julio (Brazil) is genuinely happy to see a message that at least supports the idea of normal trade relations but hates the idea of governments doing what China is doing these days. 

“We all do dislike it as Brazil dislikes it, but poor countries, becoming poorer have no choice.  Their economies will not suffer briefly, but their economies will then turn down without any relief in sight when most of the good will in the trading nations disappears.  That is our view as of the moment, but let me add this to the following insult we bring to the United States as well.  

“United States: you have made the worst deal in the history of the world to erect trade barriers to force a re-evaluation of the monetary system.  Trump makes no amends but forces a trial where there should be nothing but gratuities today.  In this we make the following evaluation:

“United States: you are using a world leverage against a rich country that once was a poor China.  Now it is a rich country, but too late to help you, and too late to help anyone, as they have driven a wedge into their own economic relations with the East and laterally, to the West.  I am sure the United States will hear the name of “lame excuses,” from its Chinese counterparts, but they are as poor in thinking as is the United States and the Trump administration is using.  The United States can no longer afford a pair of tongs to lift anyone or anything out of the mire of a Great Depression that shifts its way into use over and over again as the United States flails over China and other trade pacts it finds ludicrous today. There is a Great Depression soon to hold the world in its fangs once more. 

“Trump, you have unwisely concluded that China is an enemy State, but it is only the frail caricature of an enemy State, and seeks self distribution in its own area of influence.

“In so many words, the trial to redo the American free enterprise system is over.  The US Government cannot undo the disaster Trump has perpetuated, but it can undo the administration in the upcoming elections.  Unfortunately the United States cam no longer pretend it is sits on the high ground of economic development any more. And we must make amends not to China, but to Singapore the British have finally given up on in order to restrain the Chinese beast for money and goods it really no longer needs or wants in final attribution to the old idea of Empire.

“Finally, the appearance of an economic military mission to the world of Urantia, is being drowned by the incompetence of the military in China to sustain its power over its own internal interests.  The regime that holds China together right now is rich and unhappy over the entire world view held by the United States, and it will throw the United States curve after curve providing the American Senate to someday endlessly review; however, it is not our intention to ever intervene in the to and fro of political bickering that takes place between these two, once friends, countries at the moment.

“Now I make a policy statement for those who read these pages with a fine toothed comb:

“The Magisterial Mission to bring sanity and health back to a world desperately alone in the universe and in our own view, even alone in the ways of high Spirit these days, and it is a world without a chance for any kind of romantic clearance of all its problems by Deity fiat, we say the following:

“In the United States, there is no real love for countries like China who bargain hard and leave nothing on the table but economic grants to purloin other countries to its own advantage.  This is especially true for those in Africa, and strangely enough, Brazil, but also to leave nothing to develop once they leave a country.  Be assured  this view we hold will make sense once there is an understanding in the United States, that nothing matters except to revive domestic production again, to protect a stand alone economy while a Great Depression is fought off once again.

“I am Serara, and I decry the need to lecture the little ones who read these pages, as they should be fully aware that all of us in spirit use these pages as a way to speak to all the world which hardly knows we exist yet.  But they will!   In this case I use a transmitter to put down words, not of glory, but of fear mongering to those who dismiss these statements as coming from fools and tirades of luckless men and women around the world. 

“The motivations we hold today is to advise all who do read these pages with or without rancor, you will learn we mean what we say and very soon.

“I am Serara, and that is a line we must respond to ourselves from our position of strength in the higher levels of universe policy toward developing planets which have spun themselves into a loss and not a wind situation.  I am truly sorry we must approach Urantia with these bee hives of unjust economic attitudes, but places and countries that deem themselves out of the world order only because they can afford to be out of the world order if bashed by a country like the United States, or even China itself, there must be a return to equitable trade with one world currency, and that is the entire aim of this Magisterial Administration, soon to be totally encouraging all who can serve, to serve.

“Finally, I am the Magisterial Son of Record on Urantia.  And I demand that all work stop at once on the ridiculous idea of a fence with Mexico, and the fire storms of Saudi Arabian bombing of Yemen.  However, let it be known the United States has been prudent in its application of power by insisting that the Russian idea of hegemony over Syria is wise enough,  given the forces unleashed by the Saudis and the Americans over Yemen and other place in the Middle East.  There are desperate times coming and they are badly insulting to the idea of spiritual reconditioning, but we must make amends to the fact that it matters not in the future history of Urantia, that this world, right now, is useless in all things except that it exists and then must be returned to normal, if at all possible.

“I conclude we need better liaison work to the world than this lone Transmitter who is duly licensed to bring the words out of our mouths, so to speak, but he is entirely too frail to end up being our lone spokesman, and others will supplant what I have to say, but for now, these pages are the only outlet we have to be heard fully, and we will utilize them fully.  I am SERARA. Good day.”

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