Author Topic: Faith, Trust, and Acceptance in the Time and Space Universe  (Read 403 times)

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Faith, Trust, and Acceptance in the Time and Space Universe
« on: September 07, 2018, 02:04:53 AM »
Speaker:   Consummator of Universe Destiny
Topic:       Faith, Trust, and Acceptance in the Time and Space Universe
T/R:          Amethyst
Date:         September 07, 2018
Location:   New York, USA


"I watch the events unfold on tiny little Urantia and I am aware of the angst the inhabitants on many different levels suffer and cannot help but have tender feelings for all the planet endures due to the acts of so many who have come before you and now are long gone from the scene.  The people of Urantia are confused, and this confusion is exploited by the last remnants of the Lucifer entourage who cling to the final vestiges of power they have and will be swept away by the coming changes soon.

"It is an oft repeated adage expressed by Jesus as He walked the earth; "Let not your heart be troubled."  As it was in the days of Jesus, so too, today your hearts should not be troubled.  So much is occurring on Urantia that  humans have no awareness of, and that includes all of you.  Be at peace.  Each day brings with it, its own set of problems, blessings, and trials that need to be experienced and most of these events will not be seen for their true purpose as there is much significance behind them that totally escapes you.

"The most fundamental attributes you need to carry with you are FAITH and ACCEPTANCE.  Be not attached to outcomes, for We on high have a much larger view and vastly greater understanding that is not possible for you at your stage in your ascension careers.  One day, when you can understand better the higher levels of reality, awareness will replace faith, and eons of trust will lead to mastery and attainment. What you experience as a lifetime, We experience as but a very brief moment.  But even that does not express it suitably, as We are beyond time entirely.  

"I am the Consummator of Destiny and Justice and I tell you that your destiny both as a planet and individually is in tact.  Justice will be served in strong doses and the last vestiges of sin that intentionally defies the Will of God are to be wiped away and unshackle Urantia as she has never been before.  For hundreds of thousand years she has been unable to breathe, blossom, or grow as she was intended to do by the design of your Creator Son Michael.  Let her destiny, judgment, and re-birth take place without concern as these things are truly beyond your ability to process with adequate understanding in the time and space universes.

"You have been holding up with grace and dignity.  You exhibit faith and hold onto the trust you have in your Creator and that is as it should be during these times.  Continue to sail through the trials set before you and live your lives one day at a time with the knowledge that those things that perplex you so now are but a tiny speck to those of Us at the highest levels of Deity.  Yes there are indeed very tough times ahead, but Urantia bears the scars of untold numbers of battles and yet she continues to support your lives.

"If you find yourselves knocked down with without hope, let it not be so, for all your roads will lead to the Father at the center of His universe if you continue on with your faith and trust.  It is best that you help one another when you can and know that this temporary blip of uncertainty is soon to give way and you will see a brighter Urantia soon.

"I leave you now to consider these words.



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Re: Faith, Trust, and Acceptance in the Time and Space Universe
« Reply #1 on: September 07, 2018, 08:53:51 PM »
It is true that the way of the Celestials is not the way of us, mortals, who have a limited vision of the whole picture, but we are as we are, with our animal nature, always fearing, enquiring, looking after explanations for things that are not visible and this is why we have to be, from time to time, be assured, tranquilized by showing us a road map, plain and clear, so as not to feel getting lost or leaving alone to our own fate. Thank you Amethyst and Consummator of Universe Destiny for this reminder. Domtia
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