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Assurance in Times of Adversitiy
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Mother Spirit, Divine Minister – Assurance And Comfort in Time of Adversity – Larry Gossett – Florida – 14 February 2018
Speaker: Mother Spirit
Subject: Assurance and Comfort in Times of Adversity
Category: New Written Transmissions
Winter Park, Florida – 14 February 2018 12:30 GMT
T/R: Larry Gossett
“This is Mother Spirit and I am come as  Divine Minister with you this morning  for this transmission and reception.   You all have, in the past few days, been given and  blessed with much to think on, much to enlighten you and new revelations seem at times to come in heightened abundance that are challenges for your thinking and are coming in at such a rapid pace that  it is difficult for some at times to keep up with.   But know that these revelations come at our behest and Ron has done an exemplary job as Urantia’s consummate transmitter.  He sets the standard and goals for all on Urantia and even in all of Nebadon.  He demonstrates what is possible for all of you to achieve if you will keep at it during these times of great change to Urantia on every possible front.
“ To say that there is much work to be done in a short and intense time is an understatement and I know that will be for all of you.   For the present moment you , here are this small band of our workers for the Missions that have been lead and assembled here that will come together for this great work.   As soon as the  Announcements are made and the  gaffe and initial shock and fear have subsided from it,   many more will be added as the workers on  behalf of Urantia and in consort with those that come to administer these Missions and they will do this in the Name and in Service to the Father’s Kingdom.
 “Only time and commitment determine if this forum is able to continue in it’s present form. Although perhaps it’s evolution may yet be transformed to better serve the ideals and ideas of it’s original intent, and let Me mention to all of you that much of that depends and rests upon each of you as members and contributors to these very ideals.  The  traffic here will likely grow to such proportions that it will be a strain to the site to keep abreast of all of the added traffic, interest, and future membership that will hopefully  develop for  this site and for what it upholds and represents to this world, now and especially in the near future.   It may be that other arrangements will have to be put in place to handle this upcoming transformation of what this site is dedicated to do and accomplish.  This  is  it’s natural and intended evolution for all that is to come.
 “ I know dear ones that many of you   have deep concerns and even disappointments to see the lack of involvement here at this time but know and feel comforted that those that continue to stand with Us are well noted. Many have come and gone but many, many will be added.   Continue to do as you will and as you are drawn here for the pace will dramatically and intensely increase in the days and months ahead, as situations create better and more lasting avenues for your heighten experiences.  You should be able to discern this by the rate of revelations that are being given to you  in these past few days.  And more is on the way.  As you say here on Urantia, We have “pulled out all the stops now.”
“As you all can surely witness, if you are paying attention at all,  that the House that Jack Built is rapidly and daily crumbling at an alarming rate and so it must be.   So it is as  you think, that  humanity sometimes must suffer the consequences of its own ways and at  it’s own peril, as it falls apart in order for  it to be rebuilt from the ground up, so it seems to be happening right before your eyes, does it not?  Worry not over this for if that is the way it is to be , then so be it.   Humanity  must learn it’s lessons and responsibilities well and so it shall experience these hard lessons.
“I speak plainly yet in unconditional love with all of you this morning as these events are soon to come to pass.  This message this morning should be reassuring, comforting and encouraging words and lessons for all of you right now.  Take them to heart, head, and hand.   And rest assured, my dear children,  that with  these extreme events, trials and tribulations, troublesome as they may be, they are truly your  most advantageous opportunities  for your unprecedented growth, your experiences, as you all have dedicated your lives to the  Doing of the Will of the Father,
“Your faith may be challenged yet your deep and lasting faith will see you through these perilous times as you align your spirits and your lives with Us through the coming days of trial and adversity.  Stay the course, retain your focus. honor your commitments with Spirit and all will be well for you.   This is Mother Spirit, Divine Minister. My love upholds you through this coming time.   Good Day”