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What a dream!!!!!
« on: February 17, 2018, 10:48:40 AM »

What a dream!!!!!

Speaking about the revelation of a “Spiritual Explosion”,..., I have a strange and very surprising dream before getting up this morning,..., a dream even in color !!!!  ;D

Here is the visual of my dream and a brief description of it.

We were early in the morning with a little clarity but usually a darker day than usual.

I was inside a kind of corridor and I could look outward through a large opening.

At one point, in the distance, on the horizon, I saw an explosion of the "nuclear" style but without seeing the famous "mushroom".

Almost instantaneously, a wave of fire and wind swept everything in its path and towards me. People were scared and they all felt like the time had come for them and in my case, I was reassured, I was not afraid to see this phenomenon happen in front of me,..., I said to myself: “"that's it !!!!! .... It’s beginning",...., always thinking in my head of "The Magisterial Mission" and to the revelation of a “Spiritual Explosion”!!!!

So, at the arrival of this wave of fire, several people around me catch fire and disappear in without understanding what was happening to them!!!!

And at the same time among the crowd, I could distinguish several people like me, not having any effect of this famous wave of fire in motion.

I thought at that moment in my head: "these poor people did not have this little light coming from their souls, ..., they were lost forever!!!"

And I wake up!!!!

What a dream!!!!!
Father, if it is your will, ... I would like to express to you my intention and my desire to have the possibility for the fusion with my Personal Thought Adjuster during my life time on Urantia and this of course in order to serve you better Father, to better serve your beloved son Jesus.