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Issued February 18, 2017 as edited from a much longer document for presentation to the forum.

The URANTIA Foundation & Fellowship: Their Continuity


York, Pa - Morning Local Time
February 17, 2018


“Reforms are necessary to make the Urantia revelation sweet to the ears of millions and that the Urantia Foundation in Chicago and its supporting Fellowship,  have their own burdens to amend for too.  The Urantia Foundation is now a dead issue before the Supreme Court on Urantia and they will not hear the case unless forced to by the greater powers above us.

“We alert you to the fact that the Chief Justice of the Urantia Supreme Court is none other that the Magisterial Son, Serara; and the Court is co-chaired by Monjoronson and Margul and Michael  to determine what shall be done with institutions like the Urantia Foundation.  These and other institutions have so seriously defaulted they are considered almost enemies of our work. 


“Ron is seriously persona non grata to the Urantia Foundation.  Its chief contender, Mo Seigle, makes error after error to contend with Ron Besser.  Seigle cannot understand the motivation that drives Ron and some of you, to declare the Urantia Foundation unhelpful and should be removed to get a clean start with other visible representatives on Urantia to guide the way with a newer revelation than the fifth epochal revelation.

“For this reason Besser must find a way to keep “a very low profile while we, the universe, go about snipping back the old Urantia Foundation and replacing it with our own institution, The Urantia Book Foundation.  We may even cut the word Book out of that corporations name and rename it the Urantia Foundation when the dust settles.

“Ron is fully capable of running the Urantia Book Foundation but he is not to be seen there except: for background work for the moment as his presence will inflame the Urantia Foundation in Chicago and there will be legal challenges galore over drastic changes.  Besser must not show himself as his is a red flag to those charging bulls.

“The Urantia Foundation at present will be upset with us over these changes to its nature and existence we feel sure.   But the future is to be without any such Chicago Foundation, and that is because we remove them completely and fully legally, and without the pretense that we made mistakes in allowing it to blossom as it now does.  It feels it is immune to time changes but does not realize that when it fails to work fully under its Declaration of Trust, they subject themselves to review and removal of the Declaration in accordance with the sacred laws of covenance between man and God to represent the revelations of epochal significance before the people of Urantia.


“Seldom do we have collusion among institutions as seriously flawed as this one is.  The Urantia Book Fellowship was a by product of the collision between the Urantia Foundation and the Brotherhood in the early 1980's, and while it was bitterly fought, neither the Urantia Foundation or the Brotherhood, had the guts to determine that a great wrong doing was afoot.  Ron has been adamant that the Brotherhood must be reestablished, and I now know why he feels so strongly, as it will offer the ideas of monastic devotion to the hard reality it must fight to help the sixth epochal revelation survive its initial tests of deliverance.

“Consequently, I too will insist on the Brotherhood to be made available at once and it will house the new Urantia Book Foundation in York as promised.

“The Urantia Book Fellowship will receive its marching orders shortly and will be disbanded accordingly and no one currently in its leadership positions will participate in the Brotherhood further.  Ron knows precisely the problems the Fellowship suffers and is sympathetic, but through weakness or stupidity, they have cast their lot with the Urantia Foundation and that is their death knell.

“It is accurately points out that the Urantia Book readership is fully supplied with independent thinkers and doers with that book and that we should not worry about what to do with readers who are suddenly leaderless by removing these two institutions.  I fully agree and will make no particular effort to help readers determine what they personally must do to shore up their religious views concerning the fifth epochal revelation and what to do with the SER.

“Completing this dissertation for all to read, I adjust my view according to Ron’s view, that he is not able and ready right now to do anything and will hold back on further discussions other than to confirm what is spoken to here today, on matters of the Fellowship or the Foundation for the next several weeks and to allow the leadership at the Urantia Foundation to decide how they will approach the end to their existence as any influence on the approach of the sixth epochal revelation.  In completing these statements we speak to the following:


“In speaking to this decision to end the activities of the Fellowship and the Foundation as quickly and as legally as possible, we aver that we must remove our own self-created stumbling blocks to more fully prepare for a better epochal revelatory outreach.

FATHER - “We make an amendment to this by stating that the Consummator of Universe Destiny is far beyond our capacity to intervene with and we welcome Him on Paradise as he chooses.

[Note: Ron here.  I deleted a portion of the Consummator of Universe Justice (sic) speech where that Entity requests a further consultation with the Father of All.  There is still a lingering doubt about the CoUD or CoUJ in that we must understand that the Consummator does not represent a direct line of authority with the Father, but instead is counsel to the Father in someway analogous to the function of the Deity Absolute and its role in compossibility and the like ways of reviewing what is to become Universe Law.  I cannot state to emphatically that any idea any of you may have that the Consummator is a “boss” over Infinity must be relegated to an error of thinking.  The Consummator is charged by Himself to see to it that plans in space and time and Infinity are cohering to progress to a future destiny we just have no idea what it is right now. Ron]

The Father continues . . .
“He is not an entity Ron,  but a personal attribution of myself when he does appear on Paradise to counsel.  In all of your work for Me I ask you remember I am not set aside by the fiction you sometimes entertain that a grand Board of Fiction sits out of Infinity and plans steps I do not know about.  I know everything that issues from there and you need a lesson to determine how I work with the Consummator of Universe Destiny.  I do well with the Consummator and those of His ilk that lay outside of the area I have defined as Infinity and that Infinity is a place not but a supposition that all things cohere into one massive undertaking called reality.  Reality is by my definition at all times, and your view of it is excellent because you see it as plastic and visible when required but withheld if not necessary to see at any given time.  Be assured your chuckle at side comments your hear for or from Michael and the Eternal Son as well. Before we continue permit me to tell all that Ron actually impels spirit to go to places of discussion as the result of his understanding of the conceptual material we present and has to think it through as it is presented to him.  We allow this noisy anomaly of mind to wear us down now and then, because it is so helpful and Ron knows it is helpful and that it cements it into his deep mind where he has complete memory these days.

“I as the Father have a continuum relationship with the Consummator of Universe Destiny and the Consummator of Universe Justice which is one and the same entity.  But you must understand they are not part of the routine working of the Master Universe or of Paradise itself, and permission is granted for the Consummator of Universe Destiny and Justice to appear with me as counsel to my mind and in effect as my leader over the desire about how to run the affairs of direct representation of our Paradise Sons and their  appearance before what you call the public on Urantia.  I therefore decree we have established that with the Magisterial Sons and Jesus and others to be seen shortly, that none of you will know some of them and they will not be fully revealed to any of you who work inside the Staff positions now offered to you alone for now Ron.

Located in Historic York, Pennsylvania