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Taking the High Road
« on: February 18, 2018, 01:24:26 PM »
Speaker: Thought Adjuster
Subject: Taking the High Road
T/R: Lemuel
Girona, Catalunya, Spain.
18th Feb. 2018  18:00 Local

My subject this evening refers to the choices that one must take, at some time or another, that
will reflect your ability to decern one from the other.
As you go through life, you actually live your choices from moment to moment.
It is not very often that you are called upon to make, what can be, a life or death decision but 
nevertheless, the decisions that you make today can have a lifelong effect.
How can you learn to always make the right choice?

So many people, unfortunately, prefer to seek others who will make their choices for them.
Those who have such a low self - esteem that they cannot do it for themselves. There has always
been those who are down-trodden and put upon by others, even by members of their own family,
as I am sure you are aware of, perhaps even in your own. There are always those who take the
greatest pleasure in making one feel so small and insignificant. Some parents even control their
children this way and these children grow up feeling lost in an alien world.

For the most of you, who have enjoyed your own ability to chose, by the time you are an adult,
you would have already made many choices, some of which perhaps, you later regretted.
Much later in life, when you look back over the years, you will be able to see the effect of those
choices and how your life has played out because of them.

Those of you, especially here on the forum, will recognize those moments in your life when the
choice before you seemed to resolve itself and you knew instinctively that it was right.
Why is that do you suppose? Why is it that sometimes the decision seems to be made for you?
Why can´t all your decisions be resolved this way?

You will come to realize if you do not already, that almost all your self-made choices were not that
important anyway. Although at the time, especially when one is young, everything seems so vital
and important and yet they never are. But it is only the wisdom that maturity brings to be able to
recognize that fact.

Taking the High road refers to those choices that seemed to be made for you but you chose to
go along with them anyway and That, my dear friends is the crux of the matter.
Those times in your life when your Thought Adjuster had sufficient influence on your feelings
that you were able to accept the choice made for you with open arms, so to speak.

It is Always your Beloved that points to the High road but it is always up to you to take it or not.
What I may refer to as the low road is broad and wide and it doesn´t really matter how you travel.
Although as stated above, you may think something to be so important that you cannot make up
your mind and why is that really?  There are times when your ego simply cannot cope.
Generally, it thinks it can do anything and everything but sometimes even ego has to throw in the
towel and you are left floundering around not knowing what to do.

Isn´t it wonderful when your Thought Adjuster steps in and waves His magic wand, so to speak?
Ah yes, but you all know for that to happen you must ask and go into silence and await the answer.
All of you members here on the forum have taken the High road to where you now find yourselves.
Some of you are well into your seventies and very used to traveling the High road. Others are 
younger but the journey for them is already marked out if they continue to head in the pointed

Young or old it matters not but what does matter is that the journey along the High road should be
a joyous one with a lightness of heart and eager anticipation as to what you will discover next.

I thank you for reading. Good evening.