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« on: February 19, 2018, 02:10:37 AM »
Speaker: Thought Adjuster
Subject: Lemuel
T/R: Lemuel
Girona, Catalunya, Spain.
19th Feb. 2018  06:00 Local

This is Lemuel´s Thought Adjuster. Good morning to you all.
You may be surprised to see that my subject this morning is my beloved ward Lemuel.
The reason being that after waiting in stillness for a while and realizing  that no one was coming
with a message, he turned to Me and asked if I had something to say this morning and as you know,
I generally do, but this morning I turn the table on Lemuel, although I know he cringes at the idea
of me talking about him, but in any case, I will.

I feel the time is right now that you should learn more about this man with whom I have recently
fused. You will understand from reading the Urantia Book, that we Adjusters volunteer to indwell
a human after We have carried out extensive research into their family background to ascertain the
possibilities of successfully leading them along their ascension path which also leads to Fusion
and My attaining Personality.

Lemuel was born of humble parents in the small mining town of Tredegar, in south Wales.
Just five days before his birth on the 8th September 1939, war was declared and for the first six
years of his life, was subjected to the effects of the war with the absence of his father who served
in Burma, fighting the Japanese.

Many times his mother took Lemuel to stay with his grandmother who lived a short distance
away in the same town. Lemuel always enjoyed his time at his grandmother´s house because it
was close to the railway station where he used to go to meet his grandfather coming home from
his work in the coal mine. Lemuel was only four years of age when he did this. It was quite safe,
there was very little traffic in those days and children played in the street, the only place they could

It was on one of those occasions whilst staying at his grandmother´s that I indwelt him.
He had made his first moral decision at the age of six years.
In the bedroom where he slept was a small wooden chest where his grandmother kept some books
and Lemuel, being curious, one night decided to investigate and on opening the chest was happy
to find an old book for boys. Although it smelled damp and fusty he took it and jumped into the
big feather, four-posted bed, upon which, he enjoyed jumping up and down so much.

Lemuel could read at an early age and on perusing the book he found a picture of a small boy
standing alone in a darkened place with cloudy skies and windblown trees. The sun´s beams were
breaking through the clouds and spreading its light on the scene. The picture had a caption underneath
that read;  "Nearer my God to Thee, Nearer to Thee."   Although of tender age, that picture touched
him and to this day he remembers it well and the time with deep affection. What he didn´t know
until now is that it was Me who led him to that book to see how he would react to seeing that photo
and his reaction pleased Me greatly.

Lemuel loved his school years, which passed without too many mishaps. Although not being
scholarly he loved music and sport. He started having piano lessons at the age of twelve when he
attended the local Grammar school. After just three years he could not continue with his piano
classes as his parents could no longer afford to pay the fees.

At fifteen years of age, Lemuel left school on a Friday and started work the following Monday.
There was full employment in those days and Lemuel went to work in a shop where today you
would call it a small supermarket, and this is where it got very interesting for Me as it was there
at his workplace that he met the first love of his life and the poor boy fell for her hook, line 
and sinker.

Fast forward to 1958 when Lemuel joined the army as a professional for six years, with the idea
that he and his girlfriend would get married and live in army married quarters. Well, it didn´t work
out as planned because just three months later Lemuel receive a letter, known as a Dear John,
which put an end to their relationship after three years of courtship. He was devastated of course
but could do nothing about it. He was stuck in the army for six years and had to put up with it.

After basic training, Lemuel decided to have a go at becoming a parachutist with Airborne Forces
and he duly put himself to the task. He enjoyed it all, even the most grueling of tasks that he was 
asked to perform. I couldn´t have been more pleased with him. My plans for him were proceeding
well, yes, even the break-up of his love affair, which would never have worked out well for him.

In 1964, Lemuel married the girl he had met four years previously, four girls and two boys appeared
within a few years and Lemuel was also successful in his army carreer, having changed from
parachuting to playing clarinet in the army band. Within just nine years he passed from bandsman
to bandmaster, having graduating  from the prestigious military school of music at Kneller Hall.

Lemuel was now 27 years of age and it was at this time that he found what I helped put before him
and he entered into a period of extensive spiritual experiencing which brought him to the point of
wanting to leave the army and so, after just two years as bandmaster of a Scottish regiment he gave it
all up. When he left Scotland he had a wife, six children, a car, a couple of suitcases, little money,
and nothing else. All was working to plan and I was very pleased with my ward.

Since that time in 1974, Lemuel has become so spiritually evolved, that even I was taken aback by
his progress and his only wish to serve Father.

He continues to serve Father well and I am pleased with him.

Good day.

Lemuel here.  There is nothing for me to say. I knew this was coming and I could have said no, but
who wants to say no to their Beloved? Not I.



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Re: Lemuel
« Reply #1 on: February 19, 2018, 09:21:39 AM »
Just a short note to say thank you Lemuel for sharing yourself with those of us who have never met you in the flesh, but none the less love you for what and who you are.

Your brother in Christ Michael,
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Re: Lemuel
« Reply #2 on: February 19, 2018, 02:00:14 PM »
Thank you Lemuel for sharing the story of your life from your T/A perspective I enjoyed it very much.