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Reiterated Warnings
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Michael, Creator Son - Reiterated Warnings- Larry Gossett – Florida – 19 February 2018
Speaker: Michael, Creator Son
Subject: Reiterated Warnings
Category: New Written Transmissions
Winter Park, Florida – 19 February 2018 – 12:30 GMT
T/R : Larry Gossett (Dynoptia P)
“This is Michael,  As your Creator Son, I am in attendance with you this morning  for this rather  important message for all of you as you read the forum, as I want to reiterate some of the warnings  that have been given several times.  You continue, and rightfully so, to think along in the same vein as your thoughts have bee resurfacing for several of you in the past several days concerning the extreme caution, care, discernment and careful discrimination that will be required of all of you in the days directly proceeding from the moment of the Announcement  of Jesus as it is broadcast to Urantia.
 “Your writing, speaking and doing, in particular with  those you  closely interact with in the  times ahead  after the Announcements must be done with the greatest of  these attributes requiring your attention and wisdom.  As you can see and observe from reading thoughts and messages and opinions from several of the members in the past few days, that many of you are thinking along similar lines. These similar thoughts and messages, dear children,  are no accident  nor is it of idle coincidence.   We are working diligently with each of you in many ways through your Thought Adjusters and various  guides and instructors that work with you who are transmitting to you to get these cautionary messages so that you can truly “get them” for what is about to happen  may well be beyond what you have considered to be as “probable”.
 “Urantia and the House that Jack built is becoming more violent and insane with each passing day.   The fact that all of this is occurring is  just further evidence of just how this world is so out of step, and in the worst possible ways  that are so totally out of  alignment with the Heart  of God.    That Spirit has to  INTERVENE in the affairs of man on Urantia is more evident with each passing moment.    
“Several of you have mentioned and have received from us to be prepared and realize that  your world wide communication networks are going to fail for a time and to experience this failure perhaps multiple times.  Your, as you call it,  social media, is so out  of control, and  the heartless version of tweeting and all of the other methods that hate, corruption, misinformation, and so many other inconceivable machinations of wrong doing and wrong thinking are spread and get put out over almost every conceivable method  that humanity now uses and it has been allowed to grow into  that miserable and dangerous estate that further takes mankind down to the depths of near depravity and borders on it’s own  evil intent and insanity.
“I know that none of you have any inkling of what a “normal “ world would look like since you have absolutely no frame of reference for what real Spirituality, what real  truth, beauty and goodness  looks likes from where you are  right now in this present moment  on Urantia, and   from multiple defaults and the consequent quarantine.   We talk of a” usual” Magiesterial Milssion and yet Urantia is so darkened, so steeped in a lack  even basic respect and kindness for each other and without much in the way that resembles this  Heart of  God that we so often speak of .  This is not, my children , to say that there are not truly wonderful and good people on Urantia.  For there are but even they are not brought to the attention in , by and through your many ways of disseminating information around your world because of a dysfunctional, controlled, and sordid worldwide media. 
 “Many have hearts of gold and  do good work.  Many  have this proclivity towards  what you call  “random acts of kindness” and there are many here on this forum and around the globe who engage in  this way of life.  When Jesus  mandates for  each of you to  go about  your world and simply “do good” to love one another,  yet for most  on Urantia this is a foreign and unthought of way to live.  Your world is  mostly  so selfish, unthinking,  and so self centered and without this indispensable Heart of God, to be able on it’s own to receive the reality of love of the Father and all of Spirit. We would like to be able to share with you  somehow the truth to  know of these other planets and worlds who have not aligned themselves with sin, rebellion and evil, for when they receive a Magisterial Mission, when they receive the upgrades shared  by Material Sons and Daughters,  such as  Adam and Eve, the  results are much different than what  this Mission to Urantia will have to  initiate to redeem and remake a world that Urantia has become. 
 “I reiterate these many warnings with you today because of it’s importance for all of you to  bring to your hearts, minds, and into you constant considerations and awareness that even though it is going to get much worse before it gets better, that We are with you and We know that you are with Us.    Keep the warnings that we have shared with you  ever in your  coming experiences.   Discern well and look closely and above all stay safe and be wise  in what you write, say and do.  Your Thought Adjuster, through the messages that They and many  are prepared to give  you,  are only as good as your abilities to  be quiet and carfully listen and be willing to follow and respond to that voice that is with in you.
 “There WILL come that time and soon that you will be at that place on this world that you have no working television,  no working radio,  no  iphone,  no communication outlet  other than the ability to determine what is occurring through what you receive from Us through your inner hearing,   It is to your personal benefit and to those in your immediate surroundings that will be needed and used after  Jesus makes His Announcement.    The turmoil that will be created is undeterminable but will be immense.   The Spirit of Truth, the coming of the recently revealed “Spiritual Explosion” that  has been brought up may help in a significant way  for  some but the point I want to bring home for all of you is to  keep practicing, keep honing in that ability to hear and follow the guidance and instruction that will be given through your Thought Adjusters and through the accuracy that you have developed in these final  remaining days ahead . It has been stated several times now that as these events occur you must take the position in safety and wisdom and allow Spirit and the Incarnated Beings assigned here to do Their work before it may be appropriate for you to be about the Fathers Work and Business.   Your inner voice will tell you when that time has come.
“I know that you have been thinking about just how will the Adjudication of the Realm which is one of the prime functions of  a Magisterial Mission’s Directives  can and will be accomplished and will there be a massive removal of evil doers and those that will basically be seen as  enemies of not only Jesus and Serara and the Magisterial Missions but  ALL who come to Intervene in the Affairs of mankind on Urantia.?   No other Magisterial Mission has been required to deal with so much that will have to have been confronted by Them since Urantia is so out of line and in fact so diametrically opposed and in contradistinction  with the Father’s Will and  Divine Plan and Purposes for an experimental planet like Urantia, who is so adversely affected and infected by the  Lucifer Rebellion and consequent Caligastia Betrayal.   Rest assured and in confidence and lasting trust that all that is required will be done to the letters of Universal Law.
“I will leave it here so to keep this message focused, concise,  and on the important points being made yet once again for all of you today.   Hold these points fast and keep these warnings firm in your thinking and at your instant disposal. This is Michael.    Good Day.”