Author Topic: Michael of Nebadon and Mother Spirit on the Newly Creation  (Read 379 times)

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Michael of Nebadon and Mother Spirit on the Newly Creation
« on: February 20, 2018, 06:34:03 PM »
Speakers: Michael of Nebadon and Mother Spirit
Subject: The Newly Creation
Category: The Magisterial Mission Restart
T/R: Sue Whiley aka 7inOcean
Location: Geelong VIC Australia
Date/Time: 21/02/2018 9.30am(AEDT)


“There is a time soon that all things will be made anew, you all know the old empire you live in no longer serves you, you are all unhappy in it and it is falling, falling, falling, and you know it, you sense it, it is due for change.
Stay focussed, stay tuned, be ready, take the time now to be quiet and still, reflect on all that has been. Imagine stillness in time. Your earth is a very noisy place, it knows not how to pause and take in the moment you exist.

Often, I would go to a quiet place to pray, often I would take in the moment in humility to and with the Father of All. It is something that needs to be done often in your soon to be new existence.

“Look at the birds, as it is true as I say, they neither sow nor reap, yet how I, as the Creative Son, care for them and how much more I care for each of you my children of this beautiful earth. It is time now to begin in earnest the Missions in which you will see a material presence of the Father’s intentions with you all. It is ever so you may learn your place with Him and all reality that is in store for you to discover.

[Thank you Michael] “Thank you my dear, I have Mother Spirit here as she wishes to speak with you.”


“Yes dear, I am here and am willing to partake in the newly creation that awaits you. I am enamoured and very much heartened by the commitment you place yourself in, despite the difficulties this has been for some of you to be so doing. It is very difficult for humans to be so involving in something that is not of material manifestations, yet you persist in a realm of ulterior possibilities that will be made manifest in time. These are not easy processes for you humans to do in the face of abject adversity and so on, yet there is that esoteric insistent faith in each of you of the certainty of God’s way of making Himself known in the material worlds of time and space.

“As you know there is more in this as your destiny is intertwined in with the I AM….

[Energy dropping - and communication is waning, that right Mother?]

“Yes, you are doing well considering your state, we will end it here, get some rest and we can come back another time, good day.”