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A word from Michael of Nebadon and Mother Spirit Nebadonia!!!
« on: February 21, 2018, 12:27:40 AM »
Speaker: Michael of Nebadon and Mother Spirit Nebadonia
Subject: A word from Michael of Nebadon and Mother Spirit Nebadonia!!!
 Category: Threads for New Transmissions
 T/R: NIANT2(Antonio), Stanstead(home) Qc Canada                                
Monday, February 20, 2018, 23:15 pm Canada

Good evening Father, this is your son, Antonio, to receive a message from your Celestial Family.
First of all,..., my beloved brother Jesus, I would like to thank you for your wonderful help last night, helping me to receive clearly your words, to hear you good and this was much appreciated!

Is there a message, anyone, that you would like me to transmit to the forum?,..., and, I will wait patiently and in stillness Father!

( Getting the names of Michael and Nebadonia in my mind )

Father Michael of Nebadon and Mother Spirit Nebadonia, are-you there at this moment to give me a message that you would like me to transmit to the members and guesses of the forum?

“My son Antonio,..., Michael of Nebadon here.
“First of all, I will like to encourage you to continue in your work and effort in your TRing session.

If I may Father Michael and Mother Nebadonia,..., I would like to take this moment to thank you and Mother, Father, my Personal Thought Adjuster, my beloved personal angel Thabita and many others Celestials how hare so close to me to make this append for me.

“You hare most welcome my son and you do realise this is only to train you in “transmitting and receiving” clearly our messages.
“Mother and I are very proud of you all, for your tenacity, for your time spent in studying many documents, many lessons, many “new revelation” and so on!

“Changes have to be made in your world my son and it cannot wait any longue.
“The best thing to do right now for all of you is to stay in peace, prepare yourself for what will be the greatest day of them all.
“Urantia, your planet, will change and Father will regain is beautiful greatness.

“And,..., Mother Nebadonia is beside me and she would like to give you words of comfort my son Antonio,..., Domtia!

“Antonio, my son, this is your Divine Mother Nebadonia tonight to encourage you to be perseverant and constance with your practice and training in your “transmission and reception” of our messages.
“Be assure my son, Michael and I are working constantly with you so you can progress in your work in TRing.
“And again,..., you must calm yourself, take the life as it is and without overstressing for no need my son.
“My son, we are here, “The Mission” will be going,..., just be alert and patient!
“I leave you know and it was grateful that you have reach me and Michael tonight.
“Be in our peace my son,..., Domtia!

Father Michael and Mother Nebadonia, ..., it is always an immense privilege for me to receive your heavenly words in my soul and in my spirit, ..., thank you very much for your visit tonight my very beloved "Celestial Parent" , ..., Domtia!
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Re: A word from Michael of Nebadon and Mother Spirit Nebadonia!!!
« Reply #1 on: February 21, 2018, 07:31:56 PM »
Salut Antonio,
Un tres beau message! Merci pour le partager! Maintenant tu recolte les fruits de ta perseverance mon ami! Never give up! I am so happy for you and look forwards to hearing more.
Je te mp ce soir.
Merci encore!
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