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Response of Misunderstanding
« on: February 24, 2018, 09:05:41 PM »
I write this while still a bit perplexed as to the meaning of a comment made in Ron's newest and latestest messages concerning General Information Affecting Corporations for the Urantia Missions. At the beginning of the message, Ocilliaya states that:


"I am Ocilliaya and I report that this man is bushed but needs to take one more transmission today before we turn the clocks ahead in a few days in the United States. WE no longer are guides to Urantia, but we have asked special permission to speak through Ron and Lemuel and Larry Gossett too, and that is to confirm they are Father-fused individuals, and that Ron remains Son fused and Spirit fused too. I say this because Lemuel doubts the whole thing and Larry finds it useless information, but then they must take on more work than they are used to."

I am truly dumbfounded by such a comment since there is next to nothing that is shared  with us from Spirit or from Ron that I would consider to be  "useless information!"

  Admittedly there is quite a bit of information that is sometimes "over my head"
due to a lack of real time experience to well relate to, but, even so, I do not find it useless or  uninteresting. Quite to the contrary!   Even when it is way beyond any personal experience that I have so far obtained, or any information that is shared with us that is projected to far into our future careers and experience, I find it a challenge worthy of study and am ever looking for that "something" that will fall into place or turn the light of understanding on.

Perhaps it is another one of those infamous tests or assessments  that we occasionally get visited with.
I wanted, here on a separate thread, to address this comment from Ocilliaya.  I did not want to put this response and reaction in the important posting that this original newest revelation is in since I would not want to detract from it's importance and want to leave it in it's pure form.

 Thanks for reading and please know that there is NOTHING that is revealed to us that I deem as "useless information"    LarryG
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"What you are today is not so important as what you are becoming day by day so Let us be about the Father's Business"

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Re: Response of Misunderstanding
« Reply #1 on: February 24, 2018, 10:52:52 PM »
Larry - Trials are loaded onto me too and I refuse much more comment except to say there is nothing much you can take literally and should know that but apparently I am so gullible over events I do not see what they intend very well at all.  For me I take this long transmission literally and never mind the diminuendo as it does not make sense.  I am seriously considering shutting up and let this beast roll down the road and at the bottom of the hill see what comes to rest and if I want to take it with me.

I see Mike Queen is walking the wooded twilight too and he is as dumbfounded with the air of confusional reality with some of my views as I cannot fathom just what they get out of confusing their support or anyone else for that matter.

You Larry get depressed if you cannot remember the day of the week for sure, but I cannot remember how it was so well that it did not matter so much as to the day of the week but that I got a good transmission one day.  Warp time cannot be trusted either and I wonder what we truly are to make of it?  

In any case I wold not worry what the Master Spirit was aiming at so much as we at least know he was on line to speak briefly.

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