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Original Post on Consummator of Universe Destiny Edited
« on: February 25, 2018, 03:09:44 PM »

T/R Ron Besser/York PA 12 Feb 2018

Consummator of Universe Destiny - Who Is God? More Changes to Magisterial Msn
« on: February 12, 2018, 03:15:37 PM »
Introduction to this Transmission:

This pertinent document will be hard to read at times because it flows with changes before your mind’s eye as it happens. For instance it starts with a reply to Brad Cooke they do not want me to delete and moves from there to a discussion of the Trinity’s willingness to keep humans in an administrative position under their care and guidance.

What happens next is a big surprise for this Transmitter, as we suddenly get the arrival on thoughts over by Michael and Margul on the Trinity’s accommodation for humans including me and moving a few others to York if Michael still wants York and some building there to participate as originally discussed for the last six years or so. But the biggest surprise was the sudden appearance of the Universe Consummator. Boy did we get some revelation this time!

We then hear Mother Spirit tell us to stand by because she had something to add to the idea of a Consummator of Universe Destiny, and that was that Michael was actually transmitting the Consummator to me since that frequency would have burned and melted my brain and the mind appended to it.

Remember as you go through this that I have admonished the speakers it should not be a book, but if this were printed into a normal book today, it would only take about thirty or so pages to get through. However it gets heavy with the Consummator of Universe Destiny reminding Michael that Urantia is doomed unless we get something done fast to get this Mission underway and to knock me off staff as originally proposed was okay but the Trinity is not the best place to put me and you and others, but a place to be stabilized to work for the Magisterial Mission.

They had me hold this document back about 20 hours so they could decide if it was warranted at all. I questioned its length as a real killer for most of you since impatience and time schedules force many of you to truncate spiritual activities to a lesser degree than warranted most of the time. However, I did not have the time to go through all these words and voices to make it a perfect type written revelation as I should do for all postings, This one however falls on me like a lead balloon as I cannot keep up with all that is flowing out of the Salvington connection as it is and must be very careful what I say too as you are all getting anxious about changes you did not anticipate.

Finally, I asked Mantutia to appended any remarks he wants to make before you started reading this transmissions is just shy of 10,000 words.

“I seldom have much to say about a transmission that warbles all over the place like this one does and Ron would normally cut this down hard. But we asked him to post the transmission “as is” and he doing so shortly. In particular we learn the Consummator (as he asked Ron to call Him), made some major revelations some of you will never understand but Ron does fully and is made even hungrier to get some shape to the idea of just how the Original Will for the creation or reality is actually configured. I am with Ron on that the whole way! The Consummator is a super Deity and Ron asked if he exceeds the definition of Deity and the Consummator answers that He alone consumes the ideals of all Deity however placed, but exceeds the definition by trillions of ideals and time mores than the exact definition of Deity supplies the mind of creatures in time. That said I also see something in Ron that can grasp what the Consummator means, and that is that your minds reading this cannot easily grasp that reality fits inside of itself as well as expands and contracts with universe ages. This is the meat and potatoes of the Consummator’s work and I learned just enough that I can revise this Urantia Book the next time to better understand how the I AM promulgates reality within a real Infinitude and not just a conjectured one. Therefore let this transmission stand with its imperfective typing and an occasional typo noot bother you that much. I am Mantutia and I wish you all a good day.”

Ron here - I asked Michael to make a contribution to this introduction and he does so next:

“I will say this for the record. I was placed in quite a spot when the unknown Consummator of Universe Destiny asked an audience with me and I agreed to transmit his direct wording to Ron and his typing of a transmission in York. In reflection please understand the Consummator does not so much transmit but PULSE his words like a high speed radio transmission does in spy thrillers on Urantia. There is no good reason to hear the Consummator unless he has an appreciative audience and he found one with all of us hanging on his words as he revealed to the universe at large some things that have puzzled us greatly even as Deities of time and space.

“I am grateful for the presence of Ron all the time as he makes talking to a human easier and easier as I learn to deal with is views and tables of contents. He is truly outsized in many respects and must deal with dolts in the community soon enough who need to understand just how a human call know all this and still be human. I call upon the Consummator of Universe Destiny very seldom as there is just no need to, but in this coming Magisterial Mission, even the Deity Absolute asks for guidance as we have never been placed in the position Ron has placed us in inadvertently. I see Ron has a problem this morning getting his fingers to flow from brain words to word processing words and we have had this happen before and that is because the Deity Absolute carries such weight on Paradise, he holds Ron back just enough to see and read what is printed on the paper you read now. We do not ask you to understand that but that is the brain problem and finger coordination problem he faces now.

“Finally, when you read this transcript realize it rolled off the presses in batches of thought rather than in a coherent fashion of from point A to point B, as it meanders for good reason as we communicate our changes as we make them before your eyes. Ron also has an avid following in Avalon as that Creator Son looks in as he writes this and Ron greeted him knowing He was there. In any case let this be an object lesson that transmissions through Ron eleicit greate interest because he is a conduit of Deitized thinking to humanity as never has been shown before.

[Ron here, Readers: be aware nothing like this could happen without the benign work of Michael and Mother of Nebadon, as they allow something that could be cut off quickly and I would never know the difference. Mantutia wishes to add to this by saying that he too could cut it off as the Revelator to Urantia in unique ways and that he means to train Ron to hear even better as the Consummator is renown in Superuniverse One as the Great Revealer and must have his say to Urantia even better. This is both Ron and Mantutia and the Deity Absolute praising Michael to allow so much to happen mostly before the time of understanding of most of you, but these transmissions must make it to the general public someday and Ron must learn to archive better soon as there is no way to save them except through the Reader today. Praise and thanks to Michael and the Mother Spirit of Nebadon.]

Ron - And now here is the transmission in the original and I hope you may gain a lot from it as a lot is there to gain, and I doubt a summary may be forthcoming from me because of pressing other business as for example the updating of the Time Line I need to get to soon.



“I am indeed the Consummator of Universe Destiny, and I prefer the simple term Consummator and will use this opportunity to say to Mantutia, you have ripened an age by many degrees in your approach to revelation, and it is deeply appreciated for all on Paradise including Myself. I am the highest Deity level attainable by any being, high or low, and I take no harm from the darting mind of Ron as he seeks to see how this can be heard better. It cannot be heard better for now Ron, but let this ride a little on you:

“As Consummator, I insist on things being put into place right and well and have never seen a human do what you attempted to do and almost won. Michael is adamantly deciding to rescind all humans forever after having to trample the highs and lows in the Paradise matter of the Lucifer Rebellion and the caste hatred of many for gays or blacks or heartless dictators. I never saw a human do what Ron did and that was with the help of his Thought Adjuster and many others besides Michael or Mantutia or Margul came upon the scene with Ron present.

“Our trial is to become the highest in ability we can for generations after us to be understanding they stand on the shoulders of the past men and women on any planet in the universe to do their best for God and TO PARTICIPATE WITH GOD EVERYWHERE THEY CAN!!! I almost scream that yet we have a Local Universe capital that has rescinded Ron for his own reasons and now we have the Paradise Trinity step up to take up the slack on what has transpired between the Local Universe and the single human we simply call Ron today.

“In this endeavor to be heard in all of its glory, the Consummator hears one voice alone at times and that is Michael of Nebadon to be heard over the din of complaints that Ron is a usurper of tradition and that he needs to be pushed back into place where all humans are placed to be subservient and not a partner. Ron is a partner! So are many on this list! To be Ron is to leave the shoals of certitude even and be resonate in the ideals of God which is to share all that can be shared. Michael does that in spades and Ron shakes his head well for that for it is the very policies of Michel of Nebadon that led to the Lucifer Rebellion and that was only because Michael believes fully in the advice of the Eternal Son when Michael left to form the Local Universe of Nebadon over six billion years ago this year.

“I laugh too with Ron at that number but he is right– I know it to the day as all high Deity knows what their Sons and Daughters have done down to the hours it was done.

“In so many words, the little son that Ron is has a big grown up idea and all he asked to do was to volunteer to work with Monjoronson and Serara and then saw to it they had a corporate home IF THEY WANTED IT ANYHOW. I am not easily afforded to low rank humor but this one gets under your skin with his view that the extraordinary ability of the highest Deity to be found anywhere can actually discern him or anyone on this level of existence. But we can and we do and we actually enjoy it when Ron comes on stage to thank us all at night and wondering if he got lost in his list of thank yous.

Consummator Asks To Review Reasons for Administrative Changes by Salvington to cut Humans from Participating with the Paradise Sons Magisterial and To Conclude What, If Any Thing Should Be Done.


“As the Consummator of Universe Destiny, I afford the following suggestions to all of you gathered around this transmission:

“We on Paradise and even about that place you call Paradise, we hold that Michael of Nebadon ought to reconsider what he has done to Ron in particular and to reinstated him on staff with Michael and Gabriel and Margul combined into one adminstration!

“We afford this opportunity for Ron to stand back and let this fully permeate Margul, the Trinity, the Salvington wags who agree with Ron most vociferously and so on.

“I am the Consummator of Universe Destiny, and I declare this one called Ron hilarious because we see the humor in the mistakes he gets into for good reasons and will never repeat them again. His travail with the unfortunate Teresa has taken its toll again on those who trust Ron but get side tracked on what happens when Ron steps in to help a fellow who desperately needed help and got it well done for him in spite of his nasty refrain after he left.

“We who administer the entire Master Universe never are sure what our efforts mean to the lower orders in the universe. Ron wonders what I must think all the time regarding the creation en toto. I enjoy this so much I tell you that Deity is never refreshed by mere sayings but by the rule of universe law reapplied in a sacred way we never suspected existed before. Ron well remembers laying on his sofa reading the Urantia Book in the late 70's and crying at its passages as they were so well put, and wonders if he will ever feel that enthusiasm again over something new and beautiful in the future. AND HE WILL– but we must advise that is a few million years from now.
“I close not but will be a contributor to Ron and his workers when a serious subject needs the most input it can from God the Father to the I AM, to the abraded Trinity, Ron loves to see as a three pointed hat on Napoleon.

“In this closing, be aware that I am none other than the I AM, allowed out of my secret box of toys. I use to be sure this entire enterprise becomes magnificent and overwhelmingly beautiful as only the Supreme can appreciate ever and anon. Good day.”



“I am pleased to say Michael that in the World War II era, many children were born with the mental pattern you speak of. Of the six million or so born then, most have gone on to their reward on the mansion world. Ron fell in love with one so hard he has dreams yet of that passing over issues that were truly not germane to understanding each other, but it is done and it is finished for good and Ron knows that deeply and with harsh feeling for the stupidity of how it came about they parted. In looking at all of this remember this Michael, we are not capricious or lost to the sensibilities of the manner in which you wish to approach the highest Deity in the land, and Ron rightly questions whether I am trued Deity, and I am NOT so, but there is no revelation availble to explain what lies above the I AM, Ron comes close to penetrating it somehow and I wish him luck on that with the help of Mantutia as no one has ever seen clearly how this one can be and still exist only as the Consummator.

That Which is Divine Is Not Always Deity but Deity is Always Divine, and the Consummator questions If He is Deity by Strictr Definition and that He Is Deity and More!

“I have one awkward suggestion to those Deities who take interest in this conversation with a mere human: Be assured you know the difference yourself between what is divine and what is more than divine but what we call Deity. Ron looks at the Supernaphim with great curiosity and always thanks the Supernaphim who is near him on Urantia for purposes we never disclose, but that Supernaphim is near Deity status too and Ron senses Him as such. Why would a mortal take the time to look at such a configuration? We are sure Ron is in part in league with the Deity Absolute to the point he must hear what he wishes to know, not to recite it back, but to live it and wonder how to teach it once it is perceived and understood. I was just thanked by Ron for explaining a facet of his curiosity he never fully explains to those who ask him about it. However you are so above your pay grade Ron worry it not for now. In so many words he is truly a Melchizedek in so many aspects, I worry for the Melchizedeks and their heart for it comes to pass that even a Melchizedek has problems in perception as Ron asked where the Father Melchizedek was in all of this and nobody really knows what happened to the Father Melchizedek. Let me explain that:

[Ron here: as Editor of my own work here I say to the Reader, the entire subject was dropped without an explanation and we still do not know what happened to the Father Melchizedek . . . ]

“As the CONSUMMATOR OF UNIVERSE DESTINY, I am told time and again as the I AM puts it, what do we do with the unusual developments that go outside our expectations to have work in a universe that follows the script so well for completion?

“The answer lies in the Deity Absolute, and in the Deity Absolute is posited all future time events and happenings. It is never entirely the case it can be corroborated exactly, but there are events around Urantia, that do not exist anywhere else in time or perhaps no time.

“Urantia contains the seeds of all future Universe development. I have Ron capitalize Universe this time as it has to be understood that space is not required to learn and we have an example here in this transmitters that he learns what he can by mere association with transmissions from Deity and not from just what Deity may have to say, but by associating with Deity, Transmitters learn the ropes of proper direction for their lives and for those they associate with, Urantia is learning a lesson a very hard way to relearn that it cannot have its way in all matters, and the purpose for Urantia to exist, is not to be a good planet, but to show the way to the rest of the universe just what has to happen in human evolution to satiate God that all is well in understanding most of God and that we leave for another time.

How Much Bigger God Really Is!!!

“This explains Ron’s desire to penetrate what lies beyond the ideals and ideas of Paradise, as he is convinced the Father is not tethered to Paradise at all and that the Father knows so much more even the Supernaphim do not even conjecture, he wonders why they do not? He has been told by Michael to stay off the subject and he does as he views the present problems overwhelming anyhow, but he feels there are clues to how Mantutia describes the infinitude that it, the infinitude, lies as a unit to be organized and that infinity is not the last stop in being a child of God, however you define that. Of course in time language infinity is totality, totality, totality. But Ron conjectures that like any good inventor, the machine he ( I AM) invents has to be a good deal less than the inventor. It is not unlike the proposition that all things are possible with God, but even God cannot make a square circle. God invents reality and controls it and cannot make something bigger and better than God already is.

“That means to Ron that the Consummator of Universe Destiny lies above the idea of infinite integration and must therefore exist as the original will in some inconceivable form. We cannot abide that kind of thought, but we can say this: the truth of a young human moving quickly to consummate his own life on earth, is troubling to our way of thinking because he has caught the warp of the weave of the Master Universe better than most except the transmitter finds the Father and I AM connotations too weak to really explain finality of origins and/or of destiny. I say this to that young whippersnapper, be aware you carry the genes of the future in your sperm and you carry many to their graves if you are right.

“You are awestruck by this statement Ron and are hammered into place by your own Thought Adjuster for saying so, as your own Thought Adjuster is closely aligned to your heart and soul and you need him to feel better about life on Urantia, as you are sure there is no cure for your longing for the loss of so many you truly need more and more to feel good about life as you must live it on Urantia today. I am the Conusmmator of Universe Destiny and I see totality easily over misuse of your arms and legs over decades of grueling work for your parents who should have known better and so on but you do not complain as that was your salvation years later, Strange how things work out and you are the first to note them by your statements time and again, ‘how ironic this turned out to be for me!’

Exactitude of the Infinitude and Not The Imprecision of the Infinitude

“I am the CONSUMMATOR OF UNIVERSE DESTINY, and you young whippersnapper have no real concept of total integration of Infinity, much less what it means to Me or anyone else who directs such from what you and others call Paradise. It is a place for sure, but its motions are not foreseen in any revelation yet and that includes what I may say to Father or I AM and how they respond to the creation who also asks the question. In parts it is my choice to stay silent, but Ron has delved into it with gusto at times trying to formulate an unscripted view of the infinitude (and it really should be called the EXACTEDTUDE**), as it did exist and I repeat that Mr. Mantutia Melchizedek, it actually existed so one must stop postulating no such thing exists and is used to teach concepts. .

[** Note: (Ron here) I asked for an insight into the term ‘exactitude,’ and was graciously given this: “The exactitude as stated here means the Infinitude is precise in what it holds but cannot not all be expresses as Infinity as the I AM chose to use as the basis of his reality concept. The Infinitude is not as the Consummator IS, but as the Consummator judges can be expressed with coordinate Deity and creature experience. What follows the age of experiential justice is the age of Absolute supplication to the ideals of divine grace and beauty as only the Supreme can find with Me at this time and at this position of man taking this transmission. He is without precedence and he folds things so well he cannot be harmed as we need this kind to express themselves in a universe full of dolts and preambles that cannot ascertain right from wrong in most cases and in the case of the transmitter, wrong often enough to confuse his own choices and purposes withint a finite realm just aching to break free of experiential constraints. Ron comments to the Consumator who runs this discussion quite complacently when he says Ron is a dolt too but finds this dolt really interesting to pinch between his fingers as Ron declares that when he is allowed to make thought expansions he has no rules he must follow to do it except by his own incapacity to understand the nature of that or his expansion of philosophical thought. I am the Consummator of Universe Destiny and not the Father I AM, and you who read these thoughts on paper must understand that Ron understands that and you do not! Think people! What is presented here is so very rare, it concludes nothing more than your inability to read well much less comprehend. Master Spirit Four wishes to address you now:”)

** Note 2 (Ron here, I also asked the Consummator this question by explaining first, that the inventor may know where all the cogs and wheels are in his invention, but the inventor on earth is not personally identified with how the invention works precisely in all of its forms and results. Does the Consummator of Universe Destiny identify personally with this creation and care what the I AM did??? The Consummator responds most kindly this way: “I have never been asked that question before and it needs a good answer:

[“ As the CONSUMMATOR OF UNIVERSE DESTINY I AM never without the idea of personal concern for you or others who must address the most harsh cases of reality ever presented to a planet. It must be told that you are a product of useless concern for your well being when the giant gears of Universe Perfection are engaged, and you plan no part in the Destiny of the entire universe, but you play a small part in time to add to the God the Supreme all those things IT needs to present the Trinity and the Father of All final representation of total experiential calm and readiness to be part of a universe now dominated by God the Ultimate. I do care though that you personally make the Receiving Circle before the Holy of Holies to take your lessons in humility and prepare for a new deal as a Finaliter and whatever else God has in mind for you in the present circumstances of the universe age we are in and how to prepare for life everlasting without your loves trailing you like ghosts from the past. Realize that I care that things go as planned but sometimes we make revisions in Destiny even when we see clearly there is no purpose to rebellion and no purpose to the stagnation of progress for any reason.

[“I do care and I want it to be known that I am closely identified with the I AM and that is an individualization of my Original Self and Will is not all I am. Will is not the be-all or find-all of universe existence, but it is the very perpetuator of what is to be done. In my existence as Consummator I decide what is useful and what is not and your wasy are mostly not and that extends to all of you on Urantia at this time. What is useful is to be as your selves without bringing into that equation all of who everybody else is at this time or in the future, and you are among the worst to disregard your Adjuster by insisting in investigating every dolt who comes along with a fresh idea or comely appearance to stand you on your heel. Ron you need not stand at your window in your living room to pas the time watching the grass grow, but you need to be assured that others need the input these lessons to you and find them in their own comprehension so as to bring God closer to each. I do care just as the Creator Sons care and just as Paradise cares that all of this is known and eventually disseminated to all creation under out title not yours. God day.]

MANTUTIA explains here: “Ron has clarified what he is after to get the Consummator of Universe Destiny involved, and it is fairly simply and you need to hear it. Ron compares the present infinite universe to Ronald Regan's smoke and mirrors analogy he used successfully to defuse the cold war. What Reagan and Besser are saying is that the invention of policies that depend on the personal representation of them as heads of government (read Paradise here too) are mostly reflections or pre reality designs where elements are selected to produce universes in the case of Paradise. Ron contends that the Father is indeed in the direct line of the I AM and of the Consummator of Universe Destiny, and the precept of existential lives of the Father, Son and Spirit and about fifteen (15) other existential Deities never revealed to humans ever ever ever and that such a statement precludes what Ron is really after.

“I am his Supervisor in name only as I must conclude that Ron hears a drummer I do hear myself and I conclude like Ron does, that existential Deity is Infinite Deity and exists as a redolent example of how things MUST BE, but that the Consummator of Universe Destiny is in possesion of that factual material that can and may lay outside of the preparatory Infinitude. Let people who read this understand that the Infinitude appears in the fifth epochal revelation and is explained as an undifferentiated area of nothingness and even less than nothingness that contained all precepts for the extension of an I AM’s choice to produce a reality system where God is no longer alone. Original Will according to Ron is nascent until the Infinitude is entered by the I AM by what Ron considers is a projection of intention to organize universes and creatures and all that goes with that. He is correct in this as these are my thoughts too only much more sophisticated than the oversized beast Ron is.

“Therefore, the Consummator of Unvierse Destiny takes him seriously when he asks if the all power of post Infinity is the same as our First Source and Center, and if not exactly, what can be explained? Who is God? I am Mantutia and I completely agree with the summation I give here because w4e all think it when dealing with the emergenices we have to

“As a result of these additional notes added today on 12 February in editing this paper, that it should be published as an ABC Summary extraordinaire, and then left alone a hundred years to when people catch up to its conceptual thinking you love to work with and I will say this to all who read it now: You have no idea what you behold when the Consummator of Universe Destiny speaks for a change over areas of thought that have troubled scholars for years about God and his Infinity. Infinity is a system too and that it is replete and static, but the environment of this universe age requires no contemplation of Infinity, but to deal with experiential thinking in God the Supreme, and that takes priority in thinking for most of us. However Ron is right to say that the end is not his consuming interest, but how Original Will configured the Infinitude and produced I AM first, and the Father second, to conclude where experience marks the outer boundaries of revelation for now.

“Ron concludes the Father is a facet of independent self-existing Father will entity even if that. He states he is not after Infinite details, but after the ideals of self-existing contemplation to invent or create unity in universes and life. Such can never be explained to a time creature fully, but that the self-existence of the Father I AM is still distant (removed as the west coast is from the east coast) from the origination of esteems that are truly beyond the capacity of Infinity to hold in its entirety. Realize that Infinity is a system of replete reality as selected by the I AM to produce/promulgate as causes to be. Also take into consideration that as soon as a condition is organized it is discrete and therefore an expression, and in the case of Infinity, the creature cannot get outside of it to objectify it at all. What Ron is saying is that the Consummator of Universe Destiny represents not UNORGANIZED OBJECTIVITY, but succeeds in being SELF-EXISTENT AS ITSELF WITHOUT SYSTEMATIC ORGANIZATION IN IT. That is a totality that escapes even what a Creator Son can conceive.”

The Consummator of Universe Destiny continues . . . .

“Finally, to Michael of Nebadon, you cut shorty your remarks because this has turned into a debacle under your very permission to allow these things to come forward in your presence, if you will, and you are not happy to hear the CONSUMMATOR OF UNIVERSE DESTINY, to agree with the Paradise Trinity that all things consist in God including the gremlins you call humans who beset you with additional problems never encountered anywhere else in the Grand Universe. I also understand this transmitter is not exhausted but gets backache with long sitting spells typing, but we say this: Take Margul aside and see what if anything may transpire by accepting back the entire idea of a corporate Magisterial Mission again. Then see where we stand on Paradise after all this time to get he Magisterial Mission going on Urantia. Good day.”

Collaboration between the Trinity and Salvington To Be Discussed For The Magisterial Mission to Urantia

MARGUL, Trinity Teacher Son

“I have never, truly, ever heard the Consummator do that before. So it has to be important to hear him at length through a human being at that. In passing we have conferred already and Michael stands adjourned for now and will have a millennial conference how to understand a mere mortal inform the Salvington administration to rethink what we have decided for at least a day to do over. I am Michael of Nebadon and I close these proceedings. Be assured Ron that you will hear from me personally over this in a few minutes. Be also assured that all of you reading this are not going to have it annotated for your own understanding as I forbid using any language but the English language to understand the conceptual clarifications the Consummator used to inform us and Ron and the great revelator, Mantutia Melchizedek.

“As Margul, I see the collaboration between Mantutia Melchizedek and Ron and Michael a great day for revelation.

“Michael of Nebadon is not hot under the collar at all Ron, but believes you are an integral part of this Mission and a lot more besides as he sees nothing to do with you but to reassign you to the Trinity as proposed and share you as he will or must. He is also contemplating sending you to Saudi Arabia as a wheeler dealer for Aramco as that place crawls with Melchizedeks too in mind pattern and you fit right in with the new crown prince made King shortly. “

The Melchizedek Schools and the Help of Adam and Eve and Their Children in Them


“We have concluded our work on Urantia for the time being in that we found the heart and soul we love to deal with in this Transmitter as he finds himself totally at sea over Teresa and Andy and Alderfer and many others who nip at his heels all the time. He is preparing to update the Time Line either today or tomorrow and must find the time to pray for his soul that I do not use him for my lesson of repentance for not seeing him at all the few times I made it to Urantia to study its environment and all. I am fully advised that Ron is a bumper crop of things we never saw before and that will play well in the future with us at the front of an educational program extraordinaire. In any case Adam and Eve have packed up their belongings again and will remove themselves to work elsewhere until the Bestowal Son Jesus has completed his mission on Urantia starting nearly today or shortly thereafter. Ron castigated Niant2 for falling apart at every pronouncement of change by citing the Koran I believe in French. Niant2 rightly pronounced it well spoken and it is for the true translation is not available in English which goes to the effect ‘We who are Deity pronounce you well until you are not well.’

“In any case case let it be known that Adamson will remain and I have every reason to know that this idiot called Ron will be backing me. Be assured we all have our woes to tell and yes I lost my memory once too and it is no picnic as you know dear Transmitter. I close with this soliloquy:

“We stand ready to start the Magisterial Mission however we can help Michael! We are ready to stand with Ron or the Trinity or with Michael or the Magisterial Sons, and we agree we there no need to go further than this statement: ‘We who are Magisterial Sons are well afforded to be about the business of the Father and Michael and all Magisterial Sons who view Urantia as first quaint and now raptured in the fact we must consider all things well done to start the Mission as far as it is ready to go.’”

“I belong to the Paradise Trinity and I am telling you Michael that you have the best of both worlds at this moment as it ends with a triumphant for you Michael and a good ending for Ron who misses the old idea but is so delighted with Margul’s resourcefulness he is truly happy under the Trinity too. I provide all sustenance anyhow and I am prepared to pay salaries again as Ron needs to survive hundreds of years of service on Urantia. He fears retribution from a lot of sources but those problems dry up quickly as they come to recognize tht Ron has provided the means and ability for the Mission to work well. Jesus needs no corporation and he works well in the Magisterial Foundation.

“Since we are clearing a lot of brush here today, and I lament Ron is the only one with the stamina to do it as a transmitter of his ilk is necessary in the hundreds if we can ever find them, and we must state that the affair with the CONSUMMATOR OF UNIVERSE DESTINY is still me in grand form all over the Master Universe, as I look at the new area adjacent to Outer space Level Four, and marvel at the symmetry of the Master Universe as proposed and you Ron are the devil in sheep’s skin again as you feel it too and that is extraordinary for any human to feel as you barely perceive it but you perceive it.

“I close this small addition to all of you for this reason: Today, the 11th of February, 2018, is the day I perceive as the true start of the incarnation of Melchizedeks around the Urantia globe. We are all wondering how Michael will relate to Ron and he frowns too but Michael is a Creator Son without much to do over issues of State unless he is pressed beyond his comfort level which he became of the Ron issue. He hates doing that but decided it had to be done and Ron knows how hard touch choices are to leave a loved one behind to the fate of the world too soon to make comfort levels really work. In any case Michael we are with you however you wish to handle the Ron situation. Be assured I hear those asides to Michael Ron and naughty you suggesting more exercise. Furthermore, we spend no more time here but to congratulate Michael on his work and Margul for his work in the Trinity as part of it. I close with this Gitz idea for an Anthem: ‘Hail to the CHIEF of ALL, God Our Father in heaven!’”

END areas of increasingly complex experiences to know God fully.  I complete this statement to all of you:

"When we set out to answer Ron we warned him that most would not understand the premise of the original question to us, and that was:  Who is God?  But that question does not impune the Father or the Son or the Spirit. it just asks who originated the system of Infinity aside from I AM?  Do you conceive I have answered that God the Father is a faceted presentment of Original Cause through Original Will that lies outside of the Infinitude of the I AM.  Future Urantia Books will illustrate this better than Ron has with his analogy of the Inventor having to be superior to the invention and Infinity is a system invention to precede a universe age undefined and unnamed at this point in universe time.  Thank you." 

"Ron is pleased as punch on these pronouncements as he has not asked to redefine Infinity or the finites but only to confirm that the power of Original Will and then subsequent design promulgated by the I AM, are pre-sourced in a way to suggest that the I AM knew only what he had to discover and used the Infinitude partially and not totally!  Ready your Urantia Book and what is said about the Infinitude and how the I AM himself was first monolithic, then dual, then triune and how that equated other universe functions once the First Source and Center was available.  Now:

"I cannot believe you are complaining about wording.  Ron used my high language to transmit in as that is how we speak.  Yet you murmur that you do not know why the explanations are so complicated in verbiage?  They are really quite simple explanations and we watch and see most people understand how it is presented very well as Ron is a master at using analogies that really come home to a mind attempting to understanding a concept presented,  The Consummator of Universe Destiny is available to Michael because Michael is fused with God the Supreme and Ron is fused with Michael and they share this information when they dare to.  I use the Consummator of Universe Destiny when I write revelation as well as the Deity Absolute is circumscribed by present reality but the Consummator is not.  I think you need a good rest Sue as you are bent out of shape with your decision to quit us and go for something you know does not work well with your intellectual abilities.  I am Mantutia.  Good day."

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