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Preparation for the changes to come!!!
« on: March 04, 2018, 11:10:31 PM »
Good evening, my friends and distinguished guests.
 Speaker: Master Spirit Ocilliaya
 Subject: Preparation for the changes to come!!!
 Category: Threads for New Transmissions
 T/R: NIANT2(Antonio), Stanstead(home) Qc Canada                                
 Sunday, March 04, 2018, 22:15 pm Canada

Good evening Father, this is your son Antonio to be at your service and for my TRing work tonight. If this is your will at this moment, I would like to receive a message by anyone from your Celestial Family.

Is there anyone who would like to give me a message to transmit to me members and guesses of the forum?

   “Yes my son, you can begin typing Antonio,..., this is Ocilliaya, Master Spirit no4, the voice of the Father and the son unity.
   “First how all, I would like to take you for taking the time this evening to be in stillness and willing to receive my message.

Welcome my dear Celestial Master Spirit no4 Ocilliaya, the joy of having you with me tonight is a great honour and it is a privilege to receive your words how wisdom.

   “My son,..., you, your friends and the people of this planet is about to live the biggest adventure ever lived before in the human history, you are about to live the biggest remodelling of the surface of your planet due to the tectonic shift. The geographical configuration of your planet with all this planetary changes will be completely different and view from space; you will think this is another planet.
   “Preparation is now your first choice. You will have to be in constant alert and be attention to the directives that will be giving by your Personal Thought Adjuster at any moment of the day.
   “And what is the most important for now?,..., his to pray for the Father and have faith in his plans.
   “You are all love at a high degree and we will need your help for those times of perturbation.
   “This is a short message for you tonight my son Antonio.

Thank you very much for this message and how should I name this Master Spirit Ocilliaya?

   “Name this:  Preparation for the changes to come, and thank you for receiving me in your thought. Domtia!