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Hold Your Dreams/Values In Testing
« on: March 08, 2018, 11:38:57 AM »
Andromadeus – Mother Spirit – Hold Your Dreams – Values in Testing – Larry Gossett  - 8 March 2018 – Florida

Speakers: Andromadeus
                Mother Spirit
Subjects: Hold your Dreams
               Value in Testing
Category: New Transmissions
Winter Park, Florida -8 March 2018 – 13:30 GMT
T/R: Larry Gossett

“Larry G, this is  Andromadeus and I come just briefly  since you have called and so often hold Me in your thoughts  and have asked for my involvement with you this morning, so let’s get to it.   I know that deep down in  your dreams of service lay the desire and interest in the Ministry of the Interior that will be forthcoming on Urantia through Jesus, Serara and Mantutia and with the many Melchizedeks that will be assigned this great and important work  with the Governments  and other Dignitaries  who represent Religions, Education, Science, and Commerce throughout Urantia in the coming weeks and months. I see and sense that you always perk up and listen well whenever My messages are delivered, and I appreciate and make note your steady interest.

“This work will be quickly established.   And although you may not at this moment have the needed experience in the beginning, I tell you and all reading this that your desires and wishes to eventually work in  your various areas of interest are yours to develop into as time and experience is afforded you who have specific areas of interest already in your minds and hearts.    

“Ron will certainly be assigned and more than likely Lemuel to travel around Urantia in liaison with those assigned to this work.   Much has to be accomplished at these levels  and at this juncture only Ron already has the expertise and natural ability that can be so helpful and necessary as Minister of the Interior.  But fear not and keep what you want to do always in your mind and we will provide for you the necessary experience that it will take for you to qualify to achieve your goals.  That will happen as you are ready and as you experience that will give you the nod to move ahead.  

“I tell all of you that your hearts desires are open and available as long as you do the prerequisite work and do it with dedication, persistence and consistency.  For that lack of consistency has often been the stumbling block that many of you face that sets and holds you back.  Even though we have reminded  all of you time and again, still you sometimes  falter and set yourselves back. Many times we have used the saying of  you can lead the horse to water but can’t make him drink.   You are in charge of taking the necessary steps to progress along you path and that can only be accomplished by each of you.   This is Andromadeus and I thank you for the invitation to address this issue as  you continue to hold those thoughts dreams, and supernal desire of eventual work with the Ministry of  the Interior.   I bid you good day.  “

This is Mother Spirit and we have been waiting for you to again take up your work.  I know that you have been through the wringer in the past few days and hopefully have learned some invaluable lessons that you need to learn.   Through the trials and testing that is given FOR you, and not necessarily TO you, even though it may seem that way, you must realize, all of you, that this testing, if you will stop and take an honest look and review of them, is not only our gauge but  more importantly your gauge, and points the way to something in particular that would be to your lasting benefit to learn and recognize.   You can utilize the end results of  these tests and trials, if you but will,  to give you clarity and a boost to your understanding   They are not done for any reason other than yet another way of guidance, lesson learning and evaluation.  So, my  children, take these results and let them provide you with the treasure that they really are.  This is Mother Spirit and I leave it at that  or now, other than to say keep up you work, really concentrate of being consistent for it is that that will achieve for you the goals that you seek, and by all means let go of the world.  For it truly serves you not.   The House that  Jack Built is gone and has nothing of value for you.  Good day.  “

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Re: Hold Your Dreams/Values In Testing
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Larry, what are we going to do when we are not depressed anymore?  Thirsty horses get boring sometimes but leading to water is not the case when the land is inundated like it is supposed to be.  We will maybe putting horsies to bed in our spare rooms to save lives now and then, but we also need to learn to emote better when asked by hungry or thirsty animals why do they have to learn religion too?  We must be careful in our animal evangelism not to stuff the barn with bitey horses and pigs without giving them a good reason to lay down with the lion and not to worry too much!

"Besser get away with the horsy stuff, okay?  We are up to here with your version of barns full of waifs wanting to know why they have to learn religion too!  Ron hits the nail on the head precisely, and as Andromadeus says, "he is a cat of a different color," and we wonder where Andromadeus receives his analogy input from.  In any case remember this: you can lead a horse anywhere but he hates religion as a cost to accept life saving nourishment.  Go easy on the evangelism part of this rescue and I am always sure Ron is addlepated the right way always!  Good day! Michael."

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