Author Topic: Mind Types Abound Elsewhere But Not on Urantia  (Read 874 times)

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Mind Types Abound Elsewhere But Not on Urantia
« on: March 09, 2018, 03:22:11 PM »
•          Michael of Nebadon
•          The Deity Absolute
•          Mother Spirit

•          MIND Types 3 and 4 are to Evolve a Type Once Known on Urantia
•          Mind Experiments Made to Evolve Better Minds on Urantia in addition to types 3 and 4
•          Finaliters Fuse with All Master Spirits for full Spirit Identification before God

T/R: Ron Besser at York Pa 1430 hours local time
March 09, 2018


“I am Michael of Nebadon and we now test how well titles help you to read a difficult transmit for all to read easily.”


“We now have reached a point in our transmission development that we can specialize in what we way and have it reasonably understood because Ron has modified his transmission approach with our permission, and asks that we keep most extraneous subjects out of them for now. We are glad to do so and provide the following post for your edification:

Infinite Spirit Begets Daughters in Time Which Are Called Mother Spirits
“I am Mother Spirit because I am a Daughter of the Infinite Spirit. The Infinite Spirit testifies that We who are created Deity within Him, have the right to be known as the Daughters of Mind and Spirit to the sub-Absolute creation. But that is a title only.


These Daughters Send Mind to Each Fetus with Mind and Type at the Same Time
“I am responsible to see to it that mind is endowed on all planets, Urantia included. As a result mind types on Urantia are varied thanks to my wish to have Urantia grow up well enough to have variations in mind-logic approaches to fulfilling the work of sending solutions to me and my staff to work out how mind best satisfies its customers on Urantia and on High.

Mind Patterns from Uversa by Mother Spirits Do Not Work Well On Urantia
“We on the Salvington complex where I work, have several different versions of mind on Uversa to draw from as to how to endow all of you with mind, and I select the mind type you are to obtain when you are born and become a mind activated being on Urantia. Mendations, which is a big word that means: Mind Thought– and it is well presented here as a way to tell you that mind types vary consistently and well everywhere but on Urantia.


Daugheres Evolving New Mind Types on Urantia and Besser is an Experimental Being to Estbalish Limits of Change to Evolve for Homo Spiritus
“As a result we must invent Urantia improvements on our own and we have hit upon the idea of using Ron as a guinea pig to see how much mind variation we can use before we lose logical sense to live daily. When we find the right pattern from these experiments, we will categorize it on Uversa and then use it on Urantia to produce the new species Homo Spiritus. Type 3 and Type 4 minds are used for this new species and to evolve them more than they are now for future use. Ron is a type 3 ane Clency is a type 4 and we presage the following remarks with the idea these are generalized and not specific to either Ron or Clency.


Type 3 and Type 4 Mind Precepts:

Type 3 Mind Full of Water
“Type 3 minds are full of water and confuse life with fantasy so often. They are generally the minds that discover change long before anyone else sees it coming. Ron is almost a perfect example of a Type 3 mind because he fantasizes to see where solutions lie and plays consciously numbers of solution through for himself to see which one he prefers. This is so rare we wonder if he taught himself this or the Adjuster taught him? [Adjuster: he taught himself this as I discourage this way of doing things but Ron is a master at doing it and I wonder where it comes from. Ron says it is probably from some science fiction story he once read.] In any case, type 3 is a mind set that requires careful rehabilitation once it is on course to decide how to approach a problem and in the case of Ron, he uses his pattern thinking to snip what works and what does not work and quickly discards areas that are just plain broke for progress.


Type 4 Mind is Full of Trash Bins
“Type 4 minds are full of trash bins they fail to clear out well and then get mixed up what they found was right to do and what they discarded and that is because they never threw anything really out or completely. Clency is a marvelous example of a type 4 mind as he must constantly remind himself of what Ron posted and what he believed before that. It ends up that his mind is cluttered and Ron’s is not because of the pattern changes Ron institutes and Clency does not bother to. Type 4 mind is really very useful to recall past events and is often a history professor many times or just likes history. The funny thing is that Ron also loves history and took his BA in history many years ago.


Type 4 + Type 3 to be Combined as to evolve one new mind pattern noted below
“We use type 4 minds to reset that agenda on Urantia and will superimpose a type 3 mind design on a type 4 and evolve the 3 and the 4 together as one new mind type we will simply call type 7 (seven) again. This is the mind we lost with the destruction of so many Jews in the 1930's and 1940's and the Yom Kippur War of recent destroyed a subset of that mind in modern times.


Ron’s Fusion Status Unchanged and Added to for More Mind Experiments to Follow
“Finally, we must adopt a more progressive attitude toward Ron and his type 3 mind patters, as he now is fused with the Father, the Creator Son, and the Creative Spirit, as well as with Ocilliaya and Luminaya (Master Spirits Four and Six). Master Spirit Seven, Aya, will fuse with him when there is a good reason to fuse with him.


Finaliters Fuse with All Seven Master Spirits Which Constitutes Full Spirit Identification Before God
“Finaliters fuse with all seven Master Spirits as this constitutes full spirit identification in one entiry known as a Finaliter, Ron has started his fusion status with two of the seven and will take an epoch of work to fuse with them all.


“We on High accept that Ron has a character flaw without compensation and that he will be billed as ‘grimace as he comes,’ because Urantia claims victim after victim in the race to unify personality on Urantia, and he has a few flaws we must be rid of. [Ron: I suggested muskrat traps but they flounced away and let me sit.] In any case we must wash the fruit before we et it on Paradise.

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Re: Mind Types Abound Elsewhere But Not on Urantia
« Reply #1 on: March 09, 2018, 05:02:39 PM »
Mother Spirit Nebadonia,

Every info/revelation that regards mind type is of great interest to me, and you know that when you give one, we will suggest that you provide us with our different mindsets. Mind Types were once provided by Ron via a transmission, but what about the newbies!?

I would also like to have the name of my Adjuster, His Family Group on Divinington, how many wards he indwelt before indwelling me.

Ron, thanks, the below list is just a request if possible:

PRONTO Psychic Circle 4
Adjuster's name:
Adjuster Family on Divinington:
Mind Type:
Adjuster's Identity Number (at least the first 8 digits):
Guardian Angels if any:
Type of Sperm/fetus Ultimaton if any:
Name of the Mighty Messenger in charge of my soul defence at death on Uversa:
Name of the High in Authority in charge of my soul prosecution at death on Uversa:
How does Paradise Admin qualify a soul who asks too much questions? If any:

Homo-Spiritus may have these details on their future birth certificate.

Regards and thanks.


... as the Sun is setting, I wonder where are the Days of Yesteryear.


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Re: Mind Types Abound Elsewhere But Not on Urantia
« Reply #2 on: March 09, 2018, 05:27:33 PM »
Hi Ron,it was interesting to hear about type 3 and 4 minds and was wondering if there is such a thing as type 1and2 minds and if so who would be carrying them about .

vargasnunezj (TA Veyoptia)

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Re: Mind Types Abound Elsewhere But Not on Urantia
« Reply #3 on: March 09, 2018, 08:52:24 PM »

Re: Adjuster Names for Forun Members - A Partial List
« Reply #17 on: November 07, 2014, 10:08:35 PM »
EXPANDED NAMES OF ADJUSTERS and Human Indwelling on this list

Alphabetical Names(Adjuster family)(Mind type Numerals)
A 'Mtorsha (2)(I)                                                      Donna Lynn
Aperatoria (2)(III)                     Jack French
Bar'Msha (5)(III)                     Ron Besser
Bar'Mtor (5)(III)                     Steven Murphy
Eamyortia (1)(IV)                     Noelle Marie
Eaytoria (2)(V)                     Julio Lopez
M ‘Poriselia (5)(VI)                          Gary P
M ‘Pytoria (5)(III)                     Waydevu
Morotia (1)(II)                     Cobergland
Oy ‘Mtia (2)(III)                     Raffi
Paragor (family 4)(II)                  Little Sis
Partor'Etia (4) (IV)                          Kurt
Paynor   (4)(V)                     Larry_G
Peaystiroa (3)(IV)                     Michael K
Pen'Mtor (3)(II)                     Overmind
Pentyimtor (4)(IV)                          Geof606
Pnoptor (2) (No Opt tor)(V)               Assale
Poemtera (6)(V)                     Marko821
Posteamia (1)(VI)                     Diane Baril
Potiamy (Family 6 - Poesh ah me)(IV)              Bernadette
Pr ‘Mesta (4)(II)                     Wallace Frazier
Pre'Mtor (3)(III)                     7inOcean
Pyentor   (2)(II)                     Jeff Wiseman
Pyeortia (3) (Pie Or Sha)(IV)               Lundco
Pyrotia (2)(II)                     Wayno
Radatar (3)(III)                     Anna-Maija (A-M)
Sousty ‘Mtia (2)(III)                  Evan Mariano
Tearymesa (3)(IV)                     Lee (Iconover)
Topiatia (2) (Topy Asha)(II)               Waforbes100
Toryntia (3) (Tory en sha)(III)            Acorn
Veyoptia (9) (pronounced Vii Opesha)(III)      Vargas Nunez

(Arabic number is family number) (Roman numeral number is mind type)

Rules of Interpretation for this list:
1) All Adjuster names represent Urantia family work only.  You will be reassigned names on the mansion worlds and when fused you will have an eternal name for reference to you and your Adjuster combined.

2) Eat all you can for now because the rules given to you Overmind have been disregarded and voided.  Adjuster letter endings no longer pertain to family designation, but to assigned work to be accomplished in accordance with the divine will on Urantia.

3) Family numbers are in brackets beside the Adjuster name

4) Any time an “M” shows with an apostrophe beside it, pronounce the letter “M” as Em and not mmmm.  Those with Hyphen ‘M included in their names hear their Thought Adjusters very well.

5) Adjusters beginning with their names starting with P are old, experienced Adjuster probably having more than 2o lifetimes under their belt.

6) Adjusters beginning with the letter B are so old they lost count of how many life times they guided in the flesh.

7) Other letters that begin Adjuster names are younger and happy to be part of a family of work persons that have come onto this site for their understanding of God.

8) Those with “tia” endings are very old but likely to have a question or two about what this is all about.

9) Adjusters with the “sha” ending are very old and will fuse with their present subjects when released from the Magisterial Mission.

10) All name pronunciations are kept in accordance with how you pronounce names in the Urantia Book.

This is Charles, the Might Messenger, and I stopped by to see how many names Ron has on his list for Adjuster names to be given this evening.  His list is only half of what it should be given all those who participate on both of these discussion lists.

I am Charles and I wish a good day to all!

Machiventa Melchizedek - “ I am of the opinion that few really know or want to know the name of their Adjuster for work on Urantia.  I will say this; It is important to know because you may someday be called by that name instead of your Christian name or given name if not a Christian.  Our work on high is often with your Adjusters and we call them by name up here and refer to their successes as done by Premtoria and so on.  I marvel at the ability of this moderator to be able to hear all names so well as you can see they are complicated and often similar.  When the rest of you can hear like this, be glad you have someone to look up to to be sure you hear easily and right, as hearing well brings a lot in you are to be surprised with.  I am Machiventa Melchizedek and I wish you a good day!”


Jose L. Vargas Nunez, Esq. Sent from my iPad
José L. Vargas Núñez (TA Veyoptia-9-III) (Pre'Msha)


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Re: Mind Types Abound Elsewhere But Not on Urantia
« Reply #4 on: March 09, 2018, 09:06:55 PM »
Giant size thank you to Celestials and other contributors.  This message was hugely enlightening.    TrinitiLuv - 9Mar2018 - Washington DC Metro Area, USA

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Re: Mind Types Abound Elsewhere But Not on Urantia
« Reply #5 on: March 09, 2018, 09:30:05 PM »
Jose I am most grateful for reposting that mail from 2014.  It is most helpful.  Thank you.
I am notifying that I will not be supplying additional information to individual requests for more data than what I should in my original post above.  It is a time problem and I am not so sure they are willing to share more than has already been given either.  Sorry for the inconvenience.  Ron

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Re: Mind Types Abound Elsewhere But Not on Urantia
« Reply #6 on: March 10, 2018, 05:15:55 AM »
I  did not write this post very well and not really very good or clear and consequently  it has been misunderstood because of that so I have deleted the text of it.....LarryG

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Re: Mind Types Abound Elsewhere But Not on Urantia
« Reply #7 on: March 10, 2018, 10:50:20 AM »
All in all, after reading and re-reading the two posts from Ron, I come to the conclusion (the best as I can with my IV type mind) that Urantia is still at a stage of a vast laboratory where mind experiments – Ron being the leading guinea pig – are going on, by putting two and two together, so as to stumble over the correct « mendation » (mind modification) which brings about the Homo Spiritus the whole world is yearning after and I also understand that this process is worked out on Salvington with various ingredients (mind types) coming from Uversa, but I am curious to know on what criterias are based the selection of mind endowments, since the Jewish people was the only one, in the past, to be the bearer of Type 7, lost in wars. Domtia
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Re: Mind Types Abound Elsewhere But Not on Urantia
« Reply #8 on: March 10, 2018, 06:05:00 PM »
@LarryG, The 'human nature' point of reference is sufficient only when complacency sets in, and yes, your mind type 5 is all over the place :)

Striving for 'intellectual unity up to the magnificent mind of the chief executive of a universe (cosmic mind)' requires tremendous effort and discipline; take up your bed and walk! Wendy
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Re: Mind Types Abound Elsewhere But Not on Urantia
« Reply #9 on: March 10, 2018, 07:13:14 PM »

Ron Besser

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Re: Mind Types Abound Elsewhere But Not on Urantia
« Reply #10 on: March 10, 2018, 11:40:03 PM »
Not to unpersuade you Larry to delete your eloquent question mark above, I wish to let all you know I received more on mind types and quit after transmitting from about 830am to 230 pm to complete it.  I intend to do the edit and title it tomorrow as it is quite a lot of new revelation concerning the Supreme's involvement with mind types and mind fusion you know nothing about yet.  However, around 430PM I fell into a lethargic condition which is an effect of fusion with Master Spirit Seven and Phase 7 of God the Supreme fusion of mind and body collision.  As I feel it effects harshly, and this is my reaction and may not be yours if or when it happens to some of you.   Master Spirit Seven's fusion is tentative He tells me it is probationary and the Almighty Supreme probationary fusion of my mind is fairly painful and Adjuster places the mind in a freezer so to speak to keep the headaches even less painful.

I will tell you this: They indicate that Urantia will have a lot of fusion candidates and mind type is not necessarily conditioning who gets mind fused by the Thought Adjuster. 

Larry:  I do not know how you got classified as type five mind?  But let the record show your mind is Type IV (4) which is of a type you share with Clency and many on this site.   Lemuel, Amethyst and I and Wendy are type III;  you and Clency and a few more are Type IV.  I find keeping track of this category hard to do and hope your do it better than I do.

It may be early afternoon before I get the new transmit up but it will be up tomorrow.  Till then see ya.

MICHAEL OF NEBADON SPEAKS - ?I relate the fact that Ron was fused twice last night and woke up this morning with a harsh headache and feet burning him down.  He let the feet thing go but wonder why the Supreme or the Trinity was indwelling him, but it turns out it was God the Supreme, the Almighty Supreme preparing fusion.  It took three hours to prepare and fuse Ron but he chose to go back to bed and sleep over it as it was well advised as in such a young person it is difficult for the Supreme to find enough to fuse, but the Almighty Supreme hit pay dirt this afternoon and transmitted a wonder new revelation to all of you for Ron to edit and put up tomorrow,  Best wishes for a good day to all,  Michael.":
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