Author Topic: Pre'Mtor on Problems of Fusions On Urantia  (Read 501 times)

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Pre'Mtor on Problems of Fusions On Urantia
« on: March 11, 2018, 10:46:44 PM »
Teacher: Pre’Mtor
Subject: Problems of Fusions on Urantia
T/R: Sue Whiley aka 7inOcean
Location: Geelong VIC Australia
Date/Time: 12/03/2018 12.03 pm (AEDT)

[In prayer, I asked my Adjuster if he would like to speak on the problems of fusions on Urantia as stated through Ron in an earlier post…]

“Yes, as I have stated there are problems in fusions in those upon Urantia. It has a lot to do with the health of the mind in relation to the personality that identifies your own selfhood. Much is to be said on this alone and suffice it to say for now, as certain mind types requires rehabilitating to attain the sort of mind for mind fusion as it occurs on the Mansion Worlds. Yet, here upon Urantia, the types of fusion that is taking place is mostly to do with your willingness and maturation through the Psychic Circles and on to those morontial ones to do with attunement and acclimitisation to spiritual input that run in the spiritual circuitry into your mind construct.

“There is a certain hit in attunement that better align you in coming into focussing on hearing your Adjuster input.  The prompts, urgings and inspirations are ongoing, yet as you strive in prayer, to commune with the Father fragment in you, you are adjusting to your greater self in line with the purer spiritual reality that is your awakening self as a universe citizen.

“As you progress in involvement with my leadings in you as your Father, I lead you onwards ever forward to pressing you to the goal of achieving the higher meanings of your own existence. Truly, there is more in the offerings of fusions later on as you grapple with the stages of attunement in ever progressive keenness in participating and co-operating more fully with, not only in Father-fusion, but also in Spirit-fusion events that move you in your experiential growth and insight.

Ron has received a detailed account from the Deity Supreme’s perspective as to the acclimitisation of mind ministry in relation to those who are fused and are fusing as these candidates have the potential of reaching potentials far beyond what is achievable on the Mansion Worlds.

“There is, although limited in mind-types upon Urantia, a by word that says that, ‘no man is an island unto itself’, as it must in one way or another congeal with the realities before it to better equip as a wholesome being and personality as it relates with other like-minded souls that is in his wake.  Hence, there is the family-types that congeal those with appropriate mind-types to foster the growth of thinking, doing and living that is compatible to oneself.

“As you are, you are on a stepping stone of many stones that causes you to leap forward and, once one stone is trodden and has served its purpose, you leap to the next and on the next and so on and then see that those trodden stones has its place in your memory, as valued lessons upon which, you have developed as the continuing personality of supreme worth in an ever-expanding spiritual reality you are realising as a greater pond to venture in.

“Upon reaching finality, you will have come to the conclusion that all things consists in Him and is all those stepping stones and more in your life and on into the infinity beyond.

“It is a staggering reality for you to grasp and it is for this reason, there is the evolutionary progression to assist you to grasp all that is to enable you to appreciate all that has meaning and clarity to you as you live it, both with your heart, your mind and with your soul. This holistic approach contains the seeds of your eternal destiny in with God the Supreme and on into with God the Ultimate and then onto with God the Absolute. The mind ministry with you as a Father-fused mortal takes on a steep climb to perfection, ever anon, in with the Spiritual circuitry with the Creative Spirit along with the Master Spirits as is the conjoint actions of the Holy Spirit, the Infinite Spirit, that has ever flowed into the universes of time and space and on into the new regions of ultra-perfection applications.

“Making sense of your new status is no mean feat, just a whole new realm of experience you now enter fully with the Adjuster who is your true pure energy of assist to your personality to aspire to the ideals to be Father-like in your progression to perfection.

“As your Adjuster, it is a conjoining, as one unit in progressive life circles to enable you to find me and know me as Father in you.

I am Pre’Mtor and I am most pleased with you my dear, and this I leave you with to contemplate as you are quickly catching on to what is more important to you to be so fully committed in so doing as you do now in receiving from on High as it is revealed in doses as they say, for you to take in. May you have a good day my love, and Aresha (may you rest well)..”