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Exposition on Infinity - The Nature of Infinity and More
« on: March 11, 2018, 11:44:26 PM »
Exposition on Infinity - The Nature of Infinity and more
Michael of Nebadon
The Eternal Son
Deity Absolute
Original Michael of Paradise
Consummator of Universe Destiny
Mantutia Melchizedek

Subject: Infinity and Experience and as a System

York, Pa 1815 hours Local Time
March 11, 2018

Is Experience Just an Action; or Is Experience a Mind Reaction to Divine Purpose Only? Can It Be Both?

What the Father has discovered in his promulgation of Infinity, is that creature experience modifies the tenure of the field of Infinity to force Infinity to relay tons of information to view that is otherwise hidden in the curtains of Infinity forever. This statement tends to assume two very important aspects that I (editor) must account for:

1 - I am a time being with highly restricted vocabulary;
2 - Infinity is hidden mostly because its own language to program it takes and infinite mind to do it.

Infinity is a Double Take on Hyperbole; That Is, Infinity Speaks One Way and Does Things Another Way

When I say that creature experience is more of a disrupter (that is, experience makes Infinity pause about how sure it is everything!), it suggests we look at Infinity as a vast flowing stream of total creation without interruption. But the experience of creatures that gets fed back up to the Father in the finite existences of time and space, goes to the Father through God the Supreme. Father examines what has been sent to him to be sure those finite experiences actually have a meaning to Infinity. We cannot fathom how the Father can determine this, but God the Supreme assures us that such occurs thanks to the Father admitting it is He alone who adjusts Infinite reality to administer experiential meanings into what we must call the “Consummation Infinity.


“Infinity cannot change, but it can be resized to include versions of experience so long as those meanings are stated in Infinite terms. This why the behavior of Infinite progressions is incomprehensible to time beings, for the logarithms used do one thing is instructive to Infinity alone. That means there has to be an Infinite programmer to apply the archiving of instructions that Infinity must follow to produce the variety and repletion only it can do. But those codes to program Infinity changes progressions from a simple statement back to the Infinite Mind with variants speaking to many other things we did no ask about in the first place. Put in a blue code to instruct Infinity and it reports back yello codes only. This is typical of systems that cannot reprogram themsleves to estimate how the original code will affect the particular input in eternity,

Infinity Demands Complete Statement Programming As To Laws for Intention Of Use
“A simple statement: ‘She goes to church.’ is without a true subject to Infinity, as there is no real reason to know why she does so. All programming of Infinity must contain the codes why something is to be. Why did she go to church, and if Infinity is not told why, it is not a statement that is a universal as Infinity.

“The statement in Infinity must say, ‘She goes to church without means to stay.’ or some such meaning statement or intention. Infinity demands that going to church has a number or reasons for doing so and that is because the compossibility of such statements must ring true to the Deity Absolute as recognizable as genuine experiential actions and consequences. Infinity speaks to the Deity Absolute when interrogated by the Deity Absolute, and we can rightly say there is a read out when you question Infinity on its terms. Cause and effect to Infinity is the chicken and the egg style, for the egg is the Deity Absolute asking if the chicken laid that particular egg. First causes (the chicken intending to lay an egg) and original effects (what the chicken did to you) is not a false story if the basis of compossible investigations shows it happened before with the same chicken no less.

[Ron: I pause to explain the term compossible. It is a term that recognizes that God takes no action to remedy anything without first checking for precedence. Once what precedence is discovered the healing or correction can be administered.]

Who Can Fathom Infinity As A Cabinet with All Things Ever Done Or To Do in It?
“Infinity is not programmed to just store what happened and where as precedence of following Deity actions to rectify it or award it. Infinity spends it ticking time of operational concerns by refuting what cannot exist (e.g. square circles), and implying that all life has a contribution to make without evil interventions.

“You cannot grow Infinity. We think Infinity can only be attenuated by the precepts of experience, but we are not really sure. It is by definition that it is all that could and can be, and to the time mind, that means it cannot grow, it can only be viewed as totality from the outside as Original Will may do.

“Infinity is a system so it can be contained as suggested above in an Infinite Cabinet, but it must be understood that which holds Infinity is Infinity itself. To do that one has to be a Consummator of Universe Destiny or the Original Will itself.

“I never saw it that way Ron. The safe language is to say that Infinity is repercussable to experiential change. Intention use must follow all Infinity programming. The Father must use experience as an Infinity program to what purpose does experience perform in Infinity? Infinity is repercussable (reacts to) new uses not thought of in the original promulgation of the Infinite. That can happen often for the original Infinity was presupposed to operate within channels that had no experience to pacify it.

The Eternal Son with the Infinite Spirit Suggested to Father to Create small time Beings to enrich experience in Infinity

The ETERNAL SONS speaks:
“I am the Eternal Son, and Ron brings grate cheer to Paradise as he keeps examining causes that are not well known in much of the time-space universe. Few know I produced the first time universes myself, and later we produced the remaining time Universe with the Infinite Spirit and Myself. I now aver to the Father who recommends this Paper be resized and presented on high to the Mercy Spirits to help Father contain his ebullience over Infinity and its striations before the public on high. We honestly see this as a beautiful development of Ron’s thought and it should be published on High with the provision that if the reader does nto recognize this Infinity He or She should ask Father how ti got so involved with a beautiful rearrangement of truth so time coule take a bite out our apple. We expect that this Paper on Infinity could cause howls of laughter until it is recognize that the chicken Ron mentions was a spirit chicken.”

Michael Continues . . . .
But as the Creation expanded out from Havona, the Infinite Spirit and Eternal Son promoted the idea that small and timid creatures have a point of view too, and that it would greatly enrich the idea of Creation to include them. Mind controls Infinity just as spirit controls mind, but Infinity must use Infinite Mind to give it its reason to be. The loss of genuine experience can cause the lost of a billion Urantia years if it is not fcaught and preserved with the Eternal Son as well as the Deity Absolute.

Some Chararacteristics of Infinity Are Approachable to Explain But Most Are Not
When we say Infinity is both character and not character at the same time, it is true. But that is a contradiction to finite mind which you are deeply conscious of because such a contradiction of logic confuses you. As Consummator of Universe Destiny, we hold all truth to be self evident in Infinity, but truth is likely variable due to the perspectives of changing environments in time and space. In infinity there is no space and no time, it just is, but the Father as the I AM hit upon the idea that he can modify Infinity, and do it without changing all that is and still modify the basic tenet of Infinity, and that is because Infinity knows all that is possible and may remain quiescent because of it.

“The Existential reports: I share Infinity not. I share nothing. That is because I can do everything but I am too controversial in time because I speak Infinity and you do not know the language at all. That is why there are contradictions in what I say sometimes and I dare not provide more than that at this time. I see adjutant totality only because I am endowed by the Original Will to do so.

The Consummator of Universe Justice & Destiny Discusses Extra-Infinite Existences as Probable but Inconsequential

“I do not praise you at all for getting Me into the ditch of time, and I like doing it so people in time have some sort of perspective over reality that allows Infinity to be rich and cold and blue and gold and anything else you can throw at it. We now come to describing Infinity as a logical incomprehensibility and we tell you this: Logic is the flow of squences of thought that brings one to a conclusion, but conclusions in the realm of finite mind are without a normal or Infinite proof that the logic used flows properly. Ron asks for an example of a non logic flow in infinity that is accepted as logical in time. We dare not show that. But we can say that Infinity is without a mind precept calle logical deduction or induction and that is a revelation into you. [Yes!] Good. Now this, your headache is the Supreme finding you out of care for discussion but needing a bridge of revelation to have you understand what you are currently missing in understanding how non-sequiturs work in anything. In mathematics there are laws which are irresolvable without making correction to the hard facts of numbers science, and you know one well where Einstein attempt to correct for the interference of time equations by coming up with a formula that counseled the equation for the interference of the Deity Absolute on photon rays.

The Problems with Finite Mind Logical Deductions
“Your logic said that Einstein must have done this to clear up the problem of the interference of the Unqualified Absolute because logic told you that photons are sub-particles of a unique blend of matter and space, and that the Deity Absolute had nothing to do with the speed of space traversal of a photon.

“Here is the best example we could find anywhere in the universe, and it is the logic that says you believe one thing, but the truth is incomprehensible in sub-absolute space by our definition above concerning what Einstein really calculated to define as really the Deity Absolute. The Deity Absolute controls all sub-infinite manifestations of particles, molecular or otherwise, and that is a huge revelation to you? [Yes! ]

Pre-Matter is Akin to Infinity:
The Deity Absolute Controls Materialized Matter- Q & A Follow
“The Unqualified Absolute has two pardons for you Ron: First that entity machine is fully empowered to understand its position as the Unqualified Absolute, but it cannot act in any sub-Absolute fashion. You are recalling the Urantia Book says that it is the Unqualified Absolute that pervades space to produce variety in universe qualities. That is not entirely true and I hope Mantutia sees that now?”

“Mantutia is amazed at this Ron as you are. You are enjoying a little fame right now and smile but it is passing. I am amused too with your mental pictures Ron and that is not our problem at the moment, as the Consummator of Universe Destiny has a partner called the I AM, and the I AM speaks briefly for us now:

I AM Speaks -
“We stand by Mantutia’s proclamation in the Urantia Book only because it is written with due regard to the Unqualified Absolute being the king maker for prematerial existences. But the Unqualified Absolute has nothing to do with materialized energy and that is about as far as I dare go without upsetting the creatures on so many other planets who believe the Unqualified Absolute is truly the only entity of capable of controlling materialized energy. Good day.”

Ron Besser - Does this mean that the Deity Absolute hands off to God the Supreme, as the Almighty Supreme, final control of matter?

“We dare say that is an astute a question I have heard for many a day. Recall the Almighty Supreme is beholden to the Paradise Trinity, and that the Paradise Trinity is never without control of the Unqualified Absolute, but yes, the question is unprecedented because Ron has brokn through into a cycle of Infinity without realizing the God the Supreme as the Almighty Supreme is never without control Itslef from the Deity Absolute. This is new revelation that is bothe profound and without understanding to people like Mantutia Melchizedek who prides himself in seeing to a ward who can grasp some of this heavier material concerning how the Creation works.

“I see now how Ron works, as he sees both sides at the same time and that is not a problem for him as he just asks the questions that need to be explained to some of we Melchizedeks. I now see the cycle so much better thanks to this exquisite review of how the Consummator is/is not an evolveer of trials on Urantia without good reason. I will say this: When we understand the cycle of progression, we can predict progression a little bit, and now I see Ron shake his head a little bit and we are in full agreement I see. How is this possible and the answer is that Ron allows the Deity Absolute to work through him as he does God the Supreme and the Father as his Adjuster. Peolpe on earth can have this happen to them too but so few bother to listen as this one can.

“I must carefully attribute this to the mammal Ron as he calls himself to our delight. We see Infinity somewhat as Ron does: It is a closed system from which we dare not move from. BUT: Infinity has preceptors– that means it can breathe a tad of change if the Inventor knows enough how to do that– and that allows experience to intervene to modify what can be shown out of the possibilities of Infinity very well.

Is Infinity a Closed System or Experientially Open Ended in Some Fashion?
“What Ron has done is ask the Consummator of Universe Destiny to destroy the idea of inviolability about Infinity and to seize a moment of truth that God is so much more than a System that Infinity is. I congratulate Ron on that idea but it is full of very dangerous monikers and Ron sees that easily and is willing to call it a day if he has to. But I as the Deity Absolute know Infinitely more as I share Infinity when Father culls the Circle of Infinity for Counsel. I speak with authority in those Counsels and I have repeatedly spoken to the idea of Infinity as to harsh on minds in sub-absolute area of thinking as that is where Ron comes from in a very poor rendition of what he could be if he were better trained in mind compatibility with the Melchizedek regime on Urantia.

“We deal not with open ended Infinite reality, but we are subject to ending the prepurposeful idea that it is a solid brick that cannot be broken ever and hits anybody hard it comes in contact with. Infinity has two presumptions and one is that it is readily available if breechable by Infinite Mind; and two: it can be opened by experiential challenges that test its elasticity of internal programming where there may be no sufficient statement to say how something happened without stating its purpose in Infinity. This is highly important to the Father who reads books written by humans only to discover their premise is not logical in Infinity and he discards some of the best writers of the ages because they failed to grasp the idea of Infinity at all. In the case of Carl Sagan, he had Paradise all excited over his premise that the creation was not the result of a big bang but that it evolved out of grandiose statements of materialization that came, to quote him, from nowhere. In actual fact no big bang was created but it was so intensely hot not even star makers described in the Urantia Book could have lived through it. That temperature exceeded the Ultimatonic Boiling Point by millions of degrees Centigrade at that eternity moment.

Static Infinity Is Alive and Experientially Contracted to Serve Future Outer Space Levels
“Infinity is so difficult to speak to because it ruins the sense that creatures can take comfort from its affordability on high as a way to explain that all things are already concealed and will be revealed in the fullness of experiential reality now and to come. Infinity behaves as it should always, but it is compressed now in Me and in the Father and his Coordinates. Yet Ron feels I believe that there is scant recognition that Infinity is alive and productive instead of cold and static. It is statice but not in the life sense and that is where EXPERIENCE comes in and that is where EXPERIENCE must be allowed to have its say to that which we still call unmoveable. Infinity is not moveable, but is can be attenuated for its own purposes and I see I must leave it at that for now.

Consummators of Universe Destiny

Ron Besser - After a sidebar conversation with the Original Creator Son (Paradise contact), and Michael of Nebadon, and with powerful Original Consummator of Universe Destiny, I think we have evolved these discussion just far enough for the reader to now understand something he may just may not understand. But we have to assume you do understand and you want to understand how mind is a distant relative to the High Minded Consummator of Universe Justice and Destiny in our time and space creation. I will make my statements in accordance with my understanding and I invite Deity to correct me for our own edification of what truly is, and I say that fully understand I really know nothing much of what really is.

It is vital you understand that I have concluded thanks to all of the perfect talk about Infinity and the agents the control it and use it to obtain the FIRST Destiny of the Master Universe in totality, is not the same as the SECOND Destiny of the Master Universe. I do not intend to explain either destiny in his revelatory Paper, but I do intend to set upon some idea what the FOUNDATIONS are of the ORIGINAL NATURE OF SELF-EXISTENT FREE WILL.

Let me catch you up now: What am I really after that takes so much paper and so many words to talk about at all? Let me list my propositions:

1 - I contend that the Infinitude is a big bag of nothing not even hot air or a glimmer of hope. It is more than empty, it is a ridiculous vacuum that has no reason to exist at all.

2 - Let’s call the I AM, Goldilocks. What in the world inspired Goldlocks to crawl through a cellar window of the Infinitude and sit in nothing and start dreaming about rearranging it to make something of it?

3 - My conjecture is that Goldilocks had to crawl into this thing and she was all enthused to do something to it, but some seriously disagree with me and say Goldilocks was already in it and woke up, saw the time, and got busy recreating the place. But I proceed with my theory as I see it.

4 - Goldilocks proceeds as I AM as our Urantia Book reveals how the I AM constrained what was in the Infinitude and relied on her mind to invent how to use the Infinitude to program the codes for an Infinite existence that would result in a thing called Infinity.

5 - Goldilocks has to have two PRECONCEIVED IDEAS she brought with her: Where do I get the material to form a universe? Two: how do we divide Infinity in half where we have life and no life?

This is where you have to understand my theory better. The Infinitude described in the Urantia Book is loot-less - there is nothing to steal from it or out of it. To me, it is a large gapping bag without use. If the I AM, had to organize anything, it had to be Itself first, and the Urantia Book tells us that is exactly what happened. But where did the precepts come from? In the Infinitude? We are told there is total chaos of nothingness in it. My contention is that I AM brought with itself an idea of Creativity before there was ever a need for creativity.

My answer is that there exists a level of self-will that needs no box or universe or station to build something with or without what we call reality. Original Will is the all powerful existence that defies even Infinity to hold it!

If Infinity cannot contain Original Free-Will, where does it exist?

My answer has nothing to do with the Infinitude any longer, and I see the Infinitude as a way to explain the I AM onward (not I AM’s progenitor if such is) and now what inspired I AM to get into the basement with a so called bag of nothing?

My contention is that the Original Self Will is the Father us of all, but the Father is a real spirit form of existence that is composed of the INTENTIONS OF THE ORIGINAL SELF WILL, and that the Infinity of His Being is a design for the present accomplishments of the Original Will.

All of us can never see that far I am sure and I am just as sure reality we have is the reality we live with for eternity, but WHAT inspired Goldilocks to do all this? I rest my case and wait for comments from Michael of Nebadon on this issue.

“Ron hands me a wonderful conundrum. He is convinced that the Original Will of God exists as a subaltern to the choice of the Father to close all things off through Infinity of Existences. But the Father advers that God the Father or the First Source and Center or the I AM, are true progressions as the Melchizedeks teach on Salvington today. They hold much of Ron writes above, but they are Melchizedeks and what I am about to tell you will astound you no less. I once was a Melchizedek and I sued to hang out at that school to pick up what I could in one of Bestowals as a Melchizedek Son. I learned they see the unvierse much as Ron does but they had the discipline to understand that the Universal Father was no projection or elite guard to see to reality, but the Original Will Itself.

“Ron alludes to this in his statement above but he sees the Father as a projected and evolved figure of Original Will that can still exist outside of Infinity, and it does! As Ron once spoke, Original Will is the original inventor and will always be superior to the constrictions that are invented for whatever reason or however powerful. I turn now to the idea of the Consummator of Universe Destiny, and speak this:

Original Will is Not Disincarnate.

“I am, Michael of Nebadon, and of all Creator Sons in all the universes in all seven Superuniverses, we each are Consummators of Universe Destiny. We can see Infinity from outside of the Infinite Construct. We speak to that further below. But I also must modify what Ron theorizes, by saying that Original Will is Not Dis-incarnate. It belongs to the Universal Father on Paradise, and the ability to see outside of Infinity is more than Infinity, and more than Deity, and that certainly presupposes some questions asked below.

Consummator(s) Of Universe Destiny & Justice is Plural and Are As Many as There Are Creator Sons!
I also see Ron wonder how this can be explained more simply. It cannot be explained simply except to say that Infinity is without a good reason if it is only for the three existential Deities alone. Ron now knows that the Consummator of Universe Destiny is not alone. He tries to see the Consummator as an adjutant of the Universe Father, but that falls short of what he views the Consummator as. Therefore we suggest we end this by saying that the CONSUMMATOR of Universe Destiny is an attribute of each Creator Son born on Sonarington, and to reach that attribute in each Creator Son, that Creator Son must fuse with the individual being spoken to about the Consummator of Universe Destiny,

“How then can Michael of Nebadon be one of about one million Consummators of Universe Destiny, when the Father Himself listens to that Council? The answer lies in the fact that the children of God carry huge responsibilities to the ends of time and space and back again. Ron is fused with Michael of Nebadon, and so is Lemuel, and Larry Gossett, soon to be we think, and this triumvirate is sufficient to supply the world of Urantia high revelation without a Urantia Book if necessary. I rest my case now and return you to Michael. The Consummator of Universe. Justice speaking above.”

Ron Besser - Then Michael of Nebadon, there is a portion of you as of all Creator Sons, that can speak to the totality of Infinity as Creation without being subject to Infinity?


An Analogy Question from Besser

Ron - Can the Ability to Be a Consummator of Universe Destiny in all Creator Sons and How they can do that, be analogous to me (Ron) being Infinity, and then in my mind, look down at a picture of myself and see my own totality?

Also, Michael, does this disclose something more than entries of purpose within your Creator Son Order that is more than Absolute?


Ron - Michael, do you glimpse or repair to extra-Infinite organizers?


Ron - Michael can you site in Counsel with them - the extr-Infinite organizers and consummators?

MICHAEL OF NEBADON - YES I CAN and do all day sometimes with father on Paradise.

There is a Chief Consummator of Universe Destiny

Ron - Is there a Chief Consummator of Destiny or Is That Chief If He Exists more than a Consummator of Master Universe Destiny?

MICHAEL - You ask two questions but I may only answer one of them.

1 - There is a Chief of our Kind on Paradise called the Original Michael and He is Transcendental and far from being Finite. We derive our abilites as Consummators of Uniierse Destiny from that entity of the Deity of Ultimacy he now works for;

2 - There are othe Consummators but they exist in Transcendental modes only and I may not reveal them.

Ron - Michael, are you or all Creator Son fully revealed to as far as the experiential universe ages are concerned, or are you in liaison with the far future episodes of infinite transgressions of time?

The Order of Michael can Be Infinite in a Future Universe Beyond the Experiential
MICHAEL - “Yes, we are but that is so far ahead to the game we must be content to say this much: You have probed my very existence and are glad but many will find this so esoteric as to be afraid to tell what I really am at this point.”

Ron - What repercussions does this have on our Urantia Bestowal Son, or any other Local Universe Bestowal Sons who are Michaels?


FATHER OF THE ALL THE UNIVERSE - “YES, MY SON, and stop it. It has huge repercussions for all humanity. We now broach what is likely the final destiny of humans who become Finaliters. This final Destiny is not yet determined for millions of groups of Finaliters abroad in time and space in our service on Paradise. The Trinity controls their presence, but I their Father control their destinies, and you are correct to be amazed at the differentiation of time and space and Infinity, for Jesus is now Transcendental Teacher, but he will hold high classifications of Ultimacy and Absoluteness as he travels up the scale of universe Destiny reality, Sport classifications work here - one can win Olympic Gold if one is prepared to sacrifice all in the name of the Father, and Jesus did with the full authority of Michael of Nebadon, and the Father Himself. When that is agreed upon in finality, which it shall be, the new universe age of the Deity Absolute becomes the Infinity of Humanity on a scale not revealed yet. Full comprehension is available if the human survives the eternity of Finaliter status and becomes an absonite being of tremendous power and for all future experience, becomes close to Deification for all of his efforts. I speak with full authority in this and even Michael is uneven in his approach to the Destiny of Jesus, but there it is Michael for you to ponder with this little one! I am the Original Michael speaking to all of you on behalf of the Paradise manifestation of God on Salvington shortly!”


MICHAEL HERE - “You have not trapped anyone with this question Ron. First we deterimed that Jesus represents all humanity in Nebadon. Second we learn he has a special destiny in the Master Universe because he was also a Michel-son as a Bestowal Son, and now we learn that all humanity, in a post-finaliter career exceeds space and lands on Paradise in a near Deified existence awaiting to serve the Father/Trinity as probably Absolute Beings with comprehension of most of Infinity. Now Serara has asked if His Bestowal Sons, of which there are twenty-one (21) to date, have dignity status before the Father too?

“All Bestowal Sons of Serara and Monjoronson (there fifteen (15) of them) have nearly the same destiny of Jesus to come in far future kinds of reality universes. Some Magisterial Son Bestowal Sons are not yet Finaliters and no determination can be made as to what their destinies may be at this point.

“We have ascertained that Michael of Nebadon is going to work shortly as a universal-counselor to all Local Universes in all seven Superuniverses. It is a promotion from Father to his status as a Creator Son and whith the Creative Spirit as well, that they shall serve in these unviersal capacities. Jesus will benefit too as he will become the Universal Human and as such will betray nothing of that future post, but includes providing help to all Bestowal Sons, Creator-Son types or Magisterial-Son types, and that all Bestowal Sons of other ilks will be warned to provide full credentials at the gates of Paradise, for only Bestowal Sons of Michaels will have full recognition to enter Paradise.”

Become Existential Themselves In Service
With the Master Spirits

The Supreme Creators See Outside of Infinity Too & They are Possessed of being in Infinity when with all fo the Master Spirits on Peripheral Paradise in Liaison with the Father.

“You now have the revelation of a life time. It is never disclosed to time beings that a Creator Son can and does see the Infinite Creator in reserve for God the Absolute when He manifests at the Consummation of the Master Universe into an Infinite collaboration of the Father and the Supreme Creators!”

“We the Ancients of Days must aver to Michael on this one, as must never assign to time that which we are witness to in Infinity, for the Ancients of Days also see as the Creator Sons do, and we grasp Infinity in parts but not all. We state this fully recognizing this is an amazing revelation to all.”

Ron - Correct me if I am wrong Ancients of Days: This statement of your tells me that when all twenty one Ancients of Days come together with a conclave of Master Spirits, there and then Infinity exists on that spot with all twenty eight (28) of you?

ANCIENTS OR DAYS - “So long as we are in synchrony with each Master Spirit– all twenty-one of us at the same time, and that the Master Spirits are in full synchrony with the Infinite Spirit, there an then we experience the full comprehension of Infinity. We leave it at that for now.”

Consummator of Universe Destiny

“Infinity is totality of a system of reality that has no means to explain itself EXCEPT through sub-infinite discovery! The Father allows man to poke at it, and few come to this point ever, but you Ron see something we thought was so well hidden no one would ever bring it to our attention. Infinity is without principle but has all the principles in it. It is without jurisprudence but has all judgements finalized before there are disruptions to its laws. You see most of that already and see much more that truly bothers Paradise in that you are not totally buying the idea of Infinity is irreproachable, but that Infinity is profoundly consummated by experience in the present and coming universe ages. I see you as a trial to the Father not or even me, but I see you as a trial to revelation in that you see beyond the scope of your life over issues that affect every living being in the universe who has a valid license into Infinity itself.

“For example, you say that the Father does not have the only desk in Infinity. But that is true, he does not, but you have to redefine Infinity as a base plate upon which all present Reality is drawn. With that understanding you are as a person in Orvonton and Urantia are forever stuck in the System of Infinity you see before you. It is not just a system it is also a parallelogram of Infinite destruction to ideas that favor its experiential incisiveness, and it becomes a trial to you to understand how I fit it yet can see it too as an outside observer of being in the round enough to call its beingness into counsel before the Father.

“Sub-Infinite comprehension of Infinity is without beguiling nuances that your science fiction writers attempt now and then, and they do well sometimes, but you also must understand that Infinity is without the possibility of explaining its tenets except to anyone like the Consummator of Universe Destiny, and to Myself, and to My Coordinates, the Eternal Son and the gracious Infinite Spirit– who is the One who Allows these discussions to take place in the first place. The sub-Infinite comprehension of Infinity is not speakable yet, and may never be speakable unless we can get people like you to stay the course, which you are, and to allow peeks into the trial of what Infinity does to minds like yours and billions of others who hang on our every word to understand the subject better. You have tapped the well spring of creation to understand how we process reality everywhere and you are hardly competent to see it through for eons of work to come, but you have made no egregious error by asking the Consummator of Universe Destiny how He deals with a universe so harsh and cold on Urantia, that you care very little where we put you at this point of inquiry. That said, we place you highly as a student of God and that your prayers always include me and that is greatly appreciated to an old Deity who has nothing to say more on this subject for now.”

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Re: Exposition on Infinity - The Nature of Infinity and More
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I am on my second reading and I can say that I am certainly glad there is  dictionary included with the computer!   And I am having to take multiple breaks and let the smoke around my head clear and cool and go back and reread  and reread and reread.   I have to really give you a big congratulations on this Ron and say thanks for the "Goldilocks" analogy for it is really helping bring all of this back to earth, at least for me.   More later.....LarryG


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Re: Exposition on Infinity - The Nature of Infinity and More
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From the section  from Goldilocks all the way to the very end of this revelation is absolutely extraordinary and  when it is said that this is a "revelation of a life time", so it is.  It is one of the most captivating revelations I have read since getting my first  Urantia Book..

   As I was reading this I was so reminded of the suburb way it is written for it is is written in that language that is of the highest order., so reminiscent of the grand and formal style of our First Urantia Book which so carefully and skillfully guided you on to each presented revelation.  I just can't tell you how much I am enjoying  this!

The conversation about Original Will  is incomparable and the questions asked by Ron and answered  to the simple affirmative by our Michael of Nebadon, take my breath away.

When I first started  my initial read of this, I thought that there was no way that I would understand even 10% of this and perhaps  that percentage  ended up being some degrees higher than that.    And don't misunderstand me here... I am not professing to get it all by any stretch of the imagination!

 By the end of  all of the rereads and I was overtaken by the sublime joy of it for this is "revelatory gold" that has been shared with us.   I look forward to reading both of these last two wondrous postings again and again in the next couple of days.

    Thank you , Thank You, Thank You!    LarryG
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Re: Exposition on Infinity - The Nature of Infinity and More
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The image of Goldilocks and the ‘cellar window’ was easy for me to picture and while contemplating the intriguing information in Ron's latest posts the word “premolition” popped into my mind whereafter I looked it up in the ‘vocabulary’ document I’ve been keeping to place words that are new to me, and thought perhaps others may find its definition interesting.   A few references to premolition can be found in the Forum archives and in this particular excerpt is taken from a post where Ron is responding to Overmind in a discussion about Metatron on September 16, 2015:


"You Overmind surprise me with how well you remember what we together learned from Metatron about the subject of premolition.  Those reading this need only make a mental effort to understand the premolition is the original pre-existant will resident outside of the infinitude in which the I AM had to contact and then use to bring into being the ideal reality of self recognition of Himself and then to promulgate reality as the First Source and Center who begat the Second Source, then Paradise, and then the Third Source and Center as the Conjoint Actor and the Infinite Spirit as one existential person.

We can argue endlessly how will can exist outside of the infinitude, but it is the only conclusion we can work with if we are to explain how the I AM operated inside complete nothingness.  Will is variously described as being the self identification of God on the first existential level, but obviously it is more in the case of the Father, as he operates all over the Grand Universe and is just now extending the presence of His will into the first and second outer space levels.  That he can move will into space areas and even into individual sectors of space areas, is unfathomable, for it appears the will of the Father is something approaching a "thing" that has dimensions that have limitations by its own design.”

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Re: Exposition on Infinity - The Nature of Infinity and More
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Timely addition and memory Phyllis. Larry


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Re: Exposition on Infinity - The Nature of Infinity and More
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Thanks & honor goes to the Father and all others who brought these revelations to our attention. And thank you  Ron for being a Master Transmitter of Spirit. I always said to myself when I first read  TUB that whoever brought these revelations into being others should be able to do the same thing.
The papers of Infinity are mind blowing to say the least.  I read a little handbook on George Washington Carver some years ago. In it he ask God how the universe was made during his prayer and meditation period.  God answer him saying it was too complex for him, ask another question. He then ask God how the earth was made? God said his question was still to heavy  for him to understand. Ask a more simple question. So GWC thought about it for some time and he said; Lord how is the peanut made.  Well you know the rest of the story. George Washington Carver went on to discover 300 or more patents for the peanut.  I may have lost my thought here but just when I thought I had some kind of understanding of infinity.(A teaspoon full, that is) You go and throw a monkey wrench in the machine.(smile) Then you speak of Infinity as a Person. I must have miss something there. I'm not surprise about other Deities seeing that our Father gives so much of Himself to rule the Grand and Master Universe. We have Havona Supreme, God the Supreme, Planetary Supreme, what do we call the dark gravity bodies that control systems, constellations, local universes, minor & major sectors & superuniverses? 
Infinitude- well I think you gave me something to grab hold of with my bicameral mind, if I got that right. You say that Infinitude is nothing but again its a construction of infinitesimal molecular codes or algorithms.  Is that like the genetic code of the human body times a billion trillion trillion in the makings of the universe? 

Most people always ask how did God began? Where He come from? Or who created God?

Your papers on Original Will, I Am, and The Consummator of Universe Destiny explains a lot for me, except I get mix up on what order these events happen but that's minor, M' Pytoria will explain it in due time.

As a child of God as so many of us are here, one day a real bright person will come along and take all these revelations and put them together and write a children story so I/We  can all understand. 8)  for real.
In Micheal's Light

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Re: Exposition on Infinity - The Nature of Infinity and More
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Here is the sequence we know about as to the order of the becoming of all reality - See the picture and click on it to enlarge it - Ron
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Re: Exposition on Infinity - The Nature of Infinity and More
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Amazing info, Ron. You're a treasure! I only wish to be able to contribute in a meaningful way some day!

Ron Besser

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Re: Exposition on Infinity - The Nature of Infinity and More
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Thank you very much ArtBri - And Welcome to our little home of unavailable full explanations!

I hope your membership brings you a lot of what you wish for for yourself and that it lasts as a happy follower of we gypsies of thought.  Heaven forbid if you become one with us!  I will vouch for you well in any case if we all have to travel to Paradise together as that strange breed of persons found on Urantia who actually and fully read the Urantia Book too!

Blessings to you and yours.
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