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Daniel Alderfer,
In my many years dealing with discussion forums and web sites, I have never met a snake as poisonous as you are.  You are the serpent that leaves no stone  unturned to poison good will and for those fortunate associations as we have on this web site.  Judas you are.

I have read your mail with ease as you are so stupid to forget you have a CC you do not notice and I read them as you send them to many others including members on this list.  I see what you really feel and how you hate and disparage what I support and stand for, and that you cannot wait to be even more destructive.  I also know some of the people you write to and I see the results of your diabolical counsel in counseling emails, even when those you counsel find it too hard to keep displaying it, it is so false and unfair.

As consequence, I have decided to remove the bad apple from the barrel permanently.  You are no friend to anyone I know who counts, and you are no friend to Pronto and others you counsel with your wickedness and hyperbolic destructive nature.  Frankly, you disgust me, and I and this forum say goodbye hoping you drown in your sea of horrors and unhappiness.

As of now,  your account is frozen and your use of this site forbidden for any purpose I am capable of stopping.  Those who take counsel from you and act upon it will join you well away from this site without further notice.

Ron Besser/Admin

"Ron has finally seen the light and the result of your work for him, and frankly, for God who delivers this ultimatum to consider:

"You have been at this for weeks now and you do not know where to stop.  Members should read what you write and say not only about other members but about yourself as an arbiter of justice you have no idea what you are talking about,  You have been inflamed by Andy Vines who is partially mentally ill, and further by people you collude with who are unhappy members or former members of the web site here.  I dare you to speak that way to me when I must adjudge who stays on Urantia and who does not, and frankly you have miscalled everything from bigotry to sexual assaults you do not even remember.  You were warned several times and most kindly by Ron with my help, and you must abide in the spirit that abides in you, or even lose that as you continue down this past of disgusting behavior.  Andy Vines is now history and was treated with the utmost respect, kindness, and treasury, and has only himself to blame for burning all the bridges he had in place when he left by car to visit friends in Maryland and Viriginia.  He is now gone from the east coast entirely and entreats you with phonbe calls daily to keep you going.  He has a lot to answer for and you are advised that you do too at this point.

"Ron is completely aware of the Pronto post quickly withdrawn as well, and Pronto is now in your net and seething over lost hopes as well as lost friends as many saw it and told him to take it back and hope it was not seen.  But it was and the Alderfer message was in it word for word nearly in tandem with the snake as Ron now calls Alderfer.  I call you Alderfer, the Judas along with Andy Vines who knows nothing but pretends to know what the Lord really thinks of the web site and the host.  You Pronto are allowed to continue but your behavior must be without the meanness you passed on briefly this morning.  I, Michael of Nebadon, call the shots with Admin, and that makes us doubly hard to break apart, as we both know that an unhappy merchant life Alderfer is, that they only end without much to live with or give to others ever again.

"We have asked to permanently remove you without any plan to resurrect your unkind ways again among those who do are this finally works out to the benefit of everyone who reads this and the transmission entries we are beginning to train the fused ones to deliver.  Ron has shown what can be done when full effort is applied, and you Alderfer have permanently disfigured yourself before we the Deities in Nebadon, both as useless and strain upon all of us for ever having tried to train a Judas.  You know what I think of that and why.  Good day.  Michael of Nebadon."

"I am supporting everything said here with Michael of Nebadon and the one we call Ron for now.  He has been blasted and scorned by nearly everyone in the Urantia Foundation, except here he is honored.  We restrain ourselves from harm in your human form, but recall your head is blackened with alcohol and your words are slurred far too often to trust them.  Ron had no ill will for you until these posts kept arriving in his mail box, and they did so because the spirit police saw you copied him on those befarious things your falsely reported.  You are done with spirit today Alderfer, and you just live your life out until it is snuffed out by your own carelessness or accidental crash of a sound wave you may not understand well but leaves your consciousness go blank.  We do not do recrimination but we warn of them, as what you are doing to poison others of good will here must stop and it is in your hands to stop it, not ours.  Good day.  Mother Spirit."

"We in the Paradise Trinity rarely look at what people do on Urantia.  But you Alderfer are called Judas because you joined with the invitation to the Kingdom and once in it decided to ravage those who carry its message.  I am signifying to you Daneil Alderfer you make a fatal error and you will regret it for a long time if they do not intend to end your life on Urantia period.  No one does what you did and lives on Salvington or Edentia or the mansion worlds and not for long on the mansion worlds at all, for that is where your final judgement is applied and applied to you forever.  I am now destroying all my records concerned with you and your advice to others is so suspect we dare not look at it in detail or your judgement will or may be already done and out the door you go.  I close with this reminder:

"Do not ever recall Andy Vines for anything if you value a pleasant end to your life on Urantia in spiritual terms.  The judges decree humans live out their natural life span and then apply retribution if much evil has occurred and, with you, it has to the point we no longer value your association.  Good day.  Margul.

"I see Ron wince at these remarks, and they are truly sincere in thier meaning from us to you; however, as Ron points out in his mind, you need to face justice and then see if you can remind all you have counseled with such anger in their hearts now, to disabuse themselves of what you said and make it clear all you said is untrue, and we assure you, what you are saying is indeed untrue. 


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