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A Chat With Paynor, My Thought Adjuster
« on: March 19, 2018, 12:08:53 PM »
Paynor -  Chat With a Thought Adjuster - Larry Gossett _ Florida - 19 March 21018

Speaker: Paynor - LarryG's Thought Adjuster
Subject: Topics of Personal Interest
Winter Park, Florida - 19 March 2018 -  12:00  EDT
T/R: Larry Gossett

Paynor -
This is Paynor, your fused Thought Adjuster and I come into your thoughts and let us use  this fusion more exact each time you come in reception. Each time you ask for me to come and allow  you to write our conversations for I naturally see and know your thoughts, just as I know you better than you know yourself since I have been with you since you were 4 years of age.  It will be great practice for  you and will better guide you along and give you experience in hearing, and transcribing thought into the written word.   Any and all experience in  T/R work has it’s specific benefits.  This is especially valid if you so desire to take receptions with what is “actual” revelation and that which you mind does not know.  This is, as you can imagine the hallmark of what it means to be a “bona fide” receiver, and  I know that is what you aspire to.
You have this morning,  learned a great deal from the work of Ron how he explained so well, just how all of this indwelling , this fusion came into being for  him and into his awareness.  Although this will be somewhat different for each of  you on this forum and  for others you know not of at this writing,  realize that all of you approach the Father, Michael, Mother Spirit, Jesus , Father Melchizedek and Mantutia, Malvantra  and the others who have been named only briefly for I tell you  truly, dear ward, that all of these differences still will lead  you to those levels of transmission and  those subjects that will soon, with much effort on  the part and involvement of all of you, to receive  “new “ information not yet discussed nor  having been entered into you minds at this point.  I know that for you, this is a goal and level of reception that you have long searched for and have desired beyond where you see your abilities at this time.  As Ron shared with all of you regarding a bit of  his personal  history as becoming a Transmission Specialist, it  gave you some much needed and desired  perspectives and insights that you can look for and begin to observe in yourselves.
  It is good and well that you have these supreme aspirations  for actual revelation as that which lies before you and only awaits your focused attention and experience.   You and I together will  eventually achieve these supernal levels that have so far seemed  elude you but you must have patience, and you must  do better in  being  consistent, which  as you already know, if you are being honest with yourself, is your most significant deterrent.  Even though you have me in your mind most of the time, I know that we together can do this to your satisfaction and well do I know that  you can reach that pinnacle of success that sometimes seems  only as a  far off dream..  The very fact that you have this in mind as  your goal, and now that you see better  an example of where this can eventually lead, keep at it and together we will achieve this high estate in transmission and in reception.   
The very fact that you  are in that place where you question  just what is personally lacking, and request the  means to correct it, much has now been explained how this has  unfolded for the one know as Ron and from his explanation, you can gather in your mind some of the clues that are enmeshed in his presentation.  It will serve you well and any of those who really want to  be involved  in  this delicate, skillful yet universal  work that most of  Spirit is in some manner involved with.  It is not just here on Urantia, it is not just the few that have this work available to them for many orders, in fact most orders use some form of transmissions and receptions abilities for  it is the way of the Universe.   It rare, very rare on Urantia at this stage of Spirit growth but  within the confines of the Universe of  Time and Space and even unto all levels of Universe Reality it is common place, although though certainly not common.   
Many Beings and Personalities and even many races and civilizations use communication never heard of on Urantia.   You will be introduced in a few years to other planetary  beings and civilizations  that use language in  totally different ways that Urantia for they are well advanced at communication and language, and I know that that is of great and exciting news for many on Urantia.   Many, including you, have long awaited for that time when “disclosure” and acceptance of  a Universe abounding  in life  of all kinds, types and variety exist. Is in fact the reality.   
Humanity on Urantia, and in the time /space experimental  planets all have the opportunities that are presented though learning and being involved with  this art and skill in revelatory  receptions. Knowledge and it’s dissemination of information by this extraordinary means of communication, teaching, and guidance is the apex of learning beyond experience.  While there is no substitute for actual experience,  it still remains that Transmitting and Receiving  and learning though revelation is indicative of the acquirement of knowledge that is quite incomparable   to any other method.  
 When you as you , and that is the collective you as well, come into  that time in your lives as God Knowing, as Spirit Led and at that time when you have through your own conscious  agreement   and have made the supreme and sublime choice to  do the Will of the Father, to consecrate  the human will to that of the Father, then and there at that moment in time in your lives, take on a whole new and dedicated mindset.  That mindset that has been discussed several times throughout  your study of the Urantia Book,  though your own investigations  with  the whole approach to and with Spirit  throughout your journey of discovery.
  Realize that I have been with you throughout this experience, as is equally true with all here, ever waiting patiently  for you to come to know who I am, coming  into the knowledge that I volunteered to be your  guide, that I have and had a carefully and specialized, unique, and solitary plan with which you have now accepted.  It is this  that is a determining factor in  our fusion as it is with any other candidate for fusion,  that that is and will always be true for all.
It is one thing to have learned of the existence  of Thought Adjusters as actualized Fragments of the Father, who We are, what We do and to  some extent how We accomplish our “sacred “  task,  We who are gifted to each one who comes into being,  it is quite another to approve and  live by the details of that planning.      It truly is a contract,  a covenant with the Father and it is this that actuates you along this path to perfection and it is also this that prepares you for that wonderful and exemplary experience and service of becoming a trusted, dedicated transmitter and receiver, especially on Urantia at this  monumental time of Her rebirth, which is the topic of this conversation that we  are having  this day.
  All here have accepted and realized that  these Missions that will begin with the Second Return Of the Deified Jesus will  be the promised reclamation of this planet now  dedicated to the Father.  It is  so very easy to lose, forget and get sidetracked along the way considering  all that been done to Urantia. But even the Lucifer Rebellion and consequent   Caligastia  Betrayal and all who aligned with them  will never have been enough to overtake and subvert the Will of the Father,  and  the work of  your SuperCreator  Son found in Michael of Nebadon, and His Consort, Nebadonia.  It was through the final bestowal of Michael as Jesus who now has achieved Deity status in his own right, that set into motion and has prepared Urantia for this  final  Adjudication for all who call and have called Urantia home.
.   You all, will and do  continue to learn  of the  grandeur, glory and magnificent and  unprecedented rise of Michael as Super Creator Son and Jesus  as Deity, the Supreme as now having achieved Third  Circuit in Havona, and so many other changes that are being revealed to you as it is  occurring and even though some of this revelation may have limited actual recognition and understand for a mortal of the realm , still know  how privileged and honored all of you are to receive these revelations as they are happening.
The same holds true for the revelations just shared with this forum and all who are chanced to be exposed to them  just by being a member or guest here,  this extraordinary work of Ron as he shares this work on Infinity.  These may be challenges to understand even throughout Nebadon but  just  having the opportunity to take on these challenges and   receive this high revelation is something to truly appreciate as you work to understand them.     Be not discouraged  for these “foundations” are being carefully laid out for  you  all.
As you go through your days, as you allow and invite this understanding to take hold, it will  be made clearer and clearer if you just allow the information to flourish and blossom, just as it did as you first read and studied your Urantia Book,, remembering how it  always led you , ever gently but surely to eventual understand., step by step. These are difficult and intricate concepts and  will work their way into you knowledge.   You know how this works in you, as it does in others.  Just as you will suddenly  recognize some as becoming clearer in any number of ways and circumstance and that light will go on and you will understand as you are open and  and let these concepts are settle and be made know to you. It will come…. It will come.
It  has been very  pleasing for us to communicate like this and I am always, even before fusion, as o,you understand it, been introducing my input to forward you along  our path together.   You will one day and soon be able to point to an experience or a new understanding and know that this is something that is a result of fusion.  I know as do you, that it is a difficult proposition and perspective to see most of the times.   But alignment with a Thought Adjuster, fused or not,  is not always, and in fact usually  not recognized by the conscious mind….as indicated it the very name Thought Adjusters.   But those times of awareness will begin to be recognizable.
 This is Paynor and I bid US a good day. Talk with me, involve me, invoke My direct association and interaction with you   Feel relaxed and  by all means write what I share with you if you will for it reinforces all we are together,  and this is true for all who read these works.