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« on: March 19, 2018, 12:17:46 AM »
By Ronald Besser
March 18, 2018
DEDICATION:   To the Universal Father on behalf of all of us who wished to know the name of Infinity, and who has blessed my stumbling and painful incursion into the Life of God, we should never have seen without your compassion to let us know more. To Michael of Nebadon, and for his willingness to let me, and therefore those rest of you, who are interested too, to see what real power is, and how huge the Force of God may be, even as it is glimpsed from the realm of Finite thinking and doing. Thank you Father and thank you Mother Son and to the Infinite Spirit: for stopping me not. Amen.

The purpose of this Paper is to alert all readers why the insult I intended no to the Father and His Creation happened, and how I had to work my way out of it to be in His Grace once more.

My intention is to provide all who love God to remind all that the Universal Father is Primal and Original Will, and that He partakes of all that is magnificent and glorious as a Creation to the final end of Reality as it is spoken in Epochal Revelation.

The paper exists to restate what happened in providing a revelation about revelation in doing the papers on Infinity which I have completed but have not posted “II Exposition on Infinity,” and that is to be made available shortly, but not until I have complete this Paper about the Origins of Infinity, and the way the material Master Universe becomes Infinite too someday. That question and its answer is expanded upon in “II Exposition on Infinity” to come.

Definitions of Terms Used in This Paper
Definition of Terms you will need to understand what I speak to here. Let me be clear: I have no real idea how the System of Infinity works, but I do use the concept of Infinity as a System of Infinity rather than Infinity being an out-thought of Original Will, as an endless bag of black inscrutables (used as a noun) without any life in the finality of what Infinity is supposed to be in all current thinking. These terms begin with some terms I use in this paragraph and we proceed as follows:

1- System of Infinity - One object is alone. Two objects are paired. Three or more objects form a relational construction in which there can be seven pairs.

ABC are three objects in a system: A can pair with C and with B (+2 pair); B can pair with C and A (+2 more pair); (+1)AB can pair with C; (+1)AC can pair with B; (+1)BC can pair with A. Add these pair possibilities 2 + 2 + 1 + 1 + 1 = 7 pair possibilities. We now have defined what is a minimum system. This is important to understand what the Absolutes in Infinity are for our definition of what a system is can only equate to seven in the amalgamation of Infinity.

Infinity is a system of Absolute definitions which represent the repletion of all of anything that ever could be. The system of Infinity is defines as the statistical use of cooperative pairings of the repletion of the functional attributes of totality and reality: INFINITY.

2 - The Triumphant One - I coined this phrase to provide the reader a sense of self identity from the existing Infinite will of God the Father. We must exceeding ly careful to advise the reader, the Father is truly the recipient of the Triumphant’s choices for reality development. Notice I said development, for Infinity itself by these views then becomes a static in which the codes to operate the law of reality in Infinity where algorithms keep changing as experience becomes more fully used by the Grand Universe and as experience becomes more widely existential in Havona and Supreme in time. This is why it is so hard to tell a reader who wishes to understand why we call it Infinity, as the reader in time sees it only as one element on a line of change that does not included everything possible to change.

The Triumphant One works outside of Infinity. The Father realizes this as he coordinates the integration of ultimate changes with the Deity Absolute, which is one of seven of the functional Absolutes that is all future time and space in knowledge and is counsel to the Father for compossible determinations of precedence. How does the Father react to events? First through compossibility (history of back actions in Infinity), and then the law that governs His reactions to such in the past. Present actions to current events are in accordance with his past revelations concerning what to do or feel about them and any adjustments in time to meet them as completed and well in the art of governance of a majestic universe.

What then lays outside of a system? Another system? In reality, not quite. We discuss this Triumphant later on, but for now the reader does well to realize that this splendid will is conversant with Infinity as an outside advisor and sees totality from the perspective of a future age of our present reality as an expansion of Infinity from existential mind to what is now called the mind of experiential children of the Local Universes and of the Outerspace levels to come.

3 - Original Will - We make the distinction, and as all full revelation does from Paradise, that personal will or any other type of will such as pre-personal will and super-personal will, has an original source. We are carefully instructed to avoid the term self existing will, but in all frank discussions about will, we have to consider that personal will existed before God existed. What a strange statement to make! But in all revelatory practices sanctioned from Paradise, they point to an outside source to the great I AM, which was not God or even Deity, but a paradigm of Original Will as instructed to organize certain pre-Deified principles. We cannot even say if the I AM was destined to find IF IT wanted to produce reality. I AM could have discovered the mode to inscript INFINITY, but there was no inceptor to share it.

Epochal Revelation assures us that I AM existed, but we now understand that the I AM was succeeded by the First Source and Center, and that the First Source and Center was the entity that promulgated Reality. I capitalize reality because when the First Source and Center revealed it, it was divided into two major components before His Coordinates were revealed. Life creation and all living things were segregated into what the Revelators called Deified Reality. And because we capitalize all things having to do with the Sacred, in this case, Deified Reality is provided this language dignity. The non-deified or non-Deified, according to the reader’s taste has either use in my opinion.

I AM used what the revelators call the Infinitude to work in. I am sure this was their intention, but I submit to you that the Infinitude is far too elastic of a construction of Will to stand the litmus test of even human logic. What makes better sense for everyone concerned is that the Infinitude, is without preceptors. What may that mean?

Preceptors are subordinate constructions. When we speak of Original Will, the word consturciton is too mundane, and again in my opinion, the word consturction should be replaced with the word “creation.” I revert to my knowledge of History to tell you that in the past of Christianity, the Knights Templar organized themselves quite often what they called a PRECEPTORY, and that is in today’s term a safe house or a friendly house to the new religion.

The INFINITUDE was a construction (creation) of infinitesimal molecular codes– let us call them algorithms– uncategorized as to use or sensibility. I AM was in the Infinitude to carry out what algorithms to use, then to organize them in accordance with I AM’s own tabulation of a future existence in which the plans of the Original Will of the Triumphant would appraise and abide as the Father of us All to complete this First Creation to be followed by an extension to the First Creation of infallible living.

Definition of the Infinitude this way does serious damage to epochal revelation in its infancy, but then my definition of the Infinitude allows the Infinitude to be seen as containing elements of future universes to be unselected or not selected at all. Which if not selected requires these brokered algorithms to stay behind and wait for future uses somehow. Then we may ask: Did I AM already come involved with Original Will suggestions but no orders to do anything specifically? We can only suggest that if I AM did call upon the Infinitude that was, then I AM had the equivalent of Infinite Mind. If I AM came to do the bidding (specific plans to do something like Infinity) of the Original Will of the Triumphant. then we are face to face with the mystery, not of the I AM, but about the Triumphant Will as Original Will, and then, why use an agent like an I AM to relay its intentions?

Let us settle the idea of Original Will then and leave the dictionary for later dissertation below. As noted above in our discussions about what we call the Original Will of the Triumphant, we leave alone the idea that man has anything to do with this far distant predecessor to creation and its realities. But we must define whatever Original Will is, as the first or primary self existence of self existing manifestations of Original Will as we have in the Universal Father. And please notice as you think about this, such will existed before there was Infinity! That is why we call Infinity a System in which the infallibility of the Father exists to provide the venue and manner of realizing reality systems to abide in.

I have placed the Original Will outside of any System. That includes the system of Infinity as a tabulation of seven elementary Absolutes functioning to interpret the algorithms of Infinite reality. Infinity is not just arranged by the Universal Father, it is also promulgated as changing inside of itself as the experiential worlds of time reality coheres inside the infinite mind of the Father, and in turn, it is the Father as Controller and by His Omnipresence, as Himself with His Coordinates, who and which installs how Infinity works to provide the Universe of Law.

Original Will is totality minus the system of infinity.

Man cannot abridge this in anyway or should we, as that would produce an alternative in infinite thinking that is not infallible to use as a means to provide Universe Ages and the promulgation of the systems through which reality operates in ordinary lives through out all time and future space encryptions. As the saying goes, there can be only one cook in the kitchen to keep the peace and promote the best fare possible in an ordered environment of peace and justice if the cook is always the Universal Father.

Before I leave this definition, I ask the reader to imagine a great plane that disappears over the horizon and into the abyss of eternity. That plane is a rectangle you see and is what we have today in time and space. If we could rise high enough above it, look down and see the plane confined in an eternal box Some would argue that the rectangle is really a parallelograms because its corners are of different angles than a square angled rectangle, but however this figure is to be represented, that rectangle has sides to it. I submit that the sides that form the rectangle are the qualifications that time uses to be a reality of sequence and repetition and then prevents straying into other than sequence to settle problems. The Father as I AM can enter the rectangle through his Creator Sons, and with the Creator Son will modify the guard rails to prevent more time catastrophes, even rebellion. In Christianity, such guardrail breached is labeled “sin” and/or “iniquity.” Whatever one calls it, the Father’s will as Original Will of Triumphant, is not abused by sin but repeals it as death to all self exhalations of the self-will of personality expression. The time plane exceeds even the Father to kill off rebels these days even before they get started.

4 - GOD as Father and God as Universal - Both are God, but they function quite differently. The Universe GOD is totality God and is Infinite. GOD as the Father is personal and is subject to ruling the personal universe through an energy circuitry that attaches to the human brain through the crown chakra, and as such is an integral part of the tissues of the brain for the divine action to be taken in personal lives and that includes miracles and chastisements. Only the Father does this, but the Universal Father is mostly the actions of the Paradise Trinity.

5 - Karma - Of all the subjects to come up in such a serious paper I have placed here, this one seems a tad too vernacular, yet we cannot speak about Infinity without examining a human portraiture of this term. In the second Paper about Infinity, “II Exposition of Infinity,” I write about it extensively and one should at least be aware it does exist and that it is a reaction within Infinity to incomplete action sequences in time and on our own planet we call URANTIA. I have defined above why it exists but, of course, the universe does not call it Karma, but they label it an Infinite disposition in English terms not revealable. Just know it is a recognized lash from Infinity that pulls back seriously flawed actions on an inhabited planet that which without resolution through this reaction, would continue on into eternity completely unresolved and therefore huge areas of no growth toward perfection would exist, much as the belt of energy about inhabited planets containing egregores for Infinite washing too someday.

Difficulties of Writing About Infinity
Without a Prepared Script or
Permission to Invade Paradise
For Answers

I now must get personal as that is how a transmitter works. I may not ring a Protocol Officer stationed outside of Paradise, and request and appointment to talk with an assigned expert on something no one talks about on Paradise anyhow. Infinity is a natural part of life on the huge material manifestation of God the Father and his Coordinates, the Eternal Son and the Conjoint Actor, also known as the Infinite Spirit on our home planet. Paradise is so big it would fill the time space level completely with some room more to go.

First the reader must understand I am a fully accredited Transmitter. Transmitters abound in all reserved space to handle the request by God for revelation, and there are many transmitters in space and among all people everywhere humans and Midsoniters exist. Even the Midwayers make use of their own transmitters and so do certain classifications of Angels are also designated as group transmitters. Humanized transmitters of certain Midwayer persuasion are probably the best kind of transmitter Deity uses to convey revelation and instructions to the material realm for adjustments of finite actions on a human or other planet they control.

I am classified as Transmitter Specialist in the Local Universe of Nebadon, and as such I get to talk to the big bosses of spirit, and that includes the Creator of Creators in time called the Creator Sons, and our Local Universe Creator Son was designated to come to our planet and Bestow Himself as Jesus and to employ deep revelations of God the Father to the humans of that day. As my classification is quite normal for a transmitter, I do not enjoy class privileges in spirit employment, as the human element is as low as you can get in any kind of transmission authority. I heard Machiventa Melchizedek once teach a class to tell them to avoid most unenlightened humans as to approach carefully and never put your hands in their mouths. I still laugh at this as I know its truth. and I am well prepared to use pepper spray on a lot of them.

But I am also a fused human, probably one of fiver or six known as I write this, and that does extend to me a lot of privileges not all are allowed. I am welcomed among the trials of Deity spirit on Paradise and even on my own planet among the Planetary Manager and Planetary Prince. This has allowed me access to even more celestials than usual, but I have exceptional guidance too, and that is because I am assigned a Paradise Supernaphim to guide me on Paradise protocol, as I may use it, because I remain flesh and blood today. Jointly I operate with a spirit Supervisor of a renown Melchizedek, Mantutia Melchizedek, who is the spirit person Melchizedek who wrote the Urantia Book both as editor-in-chief and many of the Papers too. Add to this the extraordinary luck I have of being able to work with the Nebadon Local Universe Creator Son and Creative Daughter. I have access routinely with all of Nebadon as he opens the doors to me for information otherwise closed, and to the Paradise Trinity, the friendship with the Trinity Teacher Son of Record on our planet, and so on, including Midwayers who have worked with me for over ten years now. However, I still had a problem when I asked about my idea concerning Infinity and how the Father exceeds Infinity when necessary.

Anyone who can exceed Infinity, to my mind, is more than Infinite in spite of what Scriptures says about it being listed by name only. The Epochal Revelation known as the Fifth Epochal Revelation to Urantia, speaks to the possibilities of being exceed, but never overtly, or as any real subject to speak to. However, I have contended for many years that Infinity gets a raw deal because almost everybody misspeaks about it. I have my ideas, but I had to ask those who know Infinity to get my compass bearings about the truth of Infinity either as I see or as they know it.

The Secornaeum
High-spirit Rulers of Local Space
and Revelation

Infinity never needs revelation itself. But beings like our selves born into time and space start with no knowledge and intuition is not enough to discard the idea of a pantheon of human-style gods. Monotheism is the result of a direct and empirical revelation to groups of people in the Levant over ten thousand years ago, yet it took until the disparagement of Jesus to conquer those with pantheons of gods to recognize the One God of Israel.

Let me take you behind the scenes of what God does to enlighten a primitive world as I participate in it, as I am and many like me are the quintessential behind the throne purveyors of periodic and epochal revelation. We are trained when we are old enough to appraise mundane religious practice as mostly a phantom of imagination plus as it may be mixed with occasional periodic and epochal revelation of past ages. Those like myself are born normally and acquire a taste for religious living but it eventually becomes stale to life as change does not appear in Scripture ever. But changes to replace old Scripture appear gradually for many reasons, and in my case, it was because the era of the twenty-first century, is ripe for the Missions of Divinity to pour out upon the masses as it has never been seen before. Even Jesus was just one, but now Jesus and millions will appear to enlighten the masses to quickly reform society.

When I was twenty-five I had many sessions with so-called channelers as I was very interested to know if I could earn enough money to live with the community in their standard of living. When I was thirty-five, I visited those who could channel to see where God hid and maybe resided that I could be more cheerfully enlightened every day. Prayer was one sided to me; exhortations from the church struck me as shallow and suspect. I asked, where was the real Temple with intelligent congregations asking the right qustions with good answers? I decided if I could not speak direct, I wanted no intercessor to interpret my own soul.

As it happens I read the entire two-thousand page fifth 3pochal revelation through many times. The nihilism of the twentieth century, again emphasized in the twenty-first drowned all hope out of the smallest hiding places within the soul to the point it was nearly laughable as a philosophy of canting so unserious that I questioned it as lunacy. But in that revelation, I actually found an escape route to walk around the wall of nihilism quite logical. I took the route around the massive wall of unbelief and with some hard behold the invitation of the Secornaeum.

Now before one wonders what that is, Deity rules all time and space under the common term called God. But the Secornaeum is a formal grouping which infers who is doing what in the flesh on a planet like ours. I had passed my interest tests by them and a lot of spirit tests I never heard about, and to put it mildly, I clearly heard their soul visit like a telephone call can be heard in the ear, and the invitation implied to work to train. I accepted immediately.

I was trained by the various individuals in the Secornaeum, which is a word, by the way in the universe language used to have meetings and group discussions in a group trained in the field of Deity to transcribe Paradise and space revelations to the little guy on planets where the children of time are born. The writers of the Gospels, a few of them at least, have spoken to me including the Apostle Peter, Matthew, Mark, John, and Andrew. I even spoken to the nefarious Judas and was so upset with his hatred and demeanor I cut the transmission off. It was but a few years later that the Creator Son informed me of the morontial suicide of this individual was final.

They and many others help to train my brain how to hear the communication connection to the nervous system. I have been trained since 2000 to the present, and I now can hear with additional energy batteries by spirit that are interspersed in between that operate to clear transmissions to Paradise itself and record without error what is said and taught. There are quite a few like me but they are not spoken to in public and only appear in an earth emergency if they need to transmit urgent messages or revelation to save the day in emergencies on earth. It is the Secornaeum that originates the call to train and the training that ensues to present those humans who have this chance to perform as a relay station to groups of other humans on the planet both with lessons and emergency instructions in case of extreme danger to happen.

Using The Transmitter as Polyglot
Relays & Sounding Boards
as to How to Proceed with New Information

Speaking from my own experience, and most T/R’s are much like me in using the process which I loosely describe as follows:

1 - No altered state is required ever to transmit a divine lesson to human groups. Transmitters so trained never use trance or other means to process a spoken word to a human class or audience. The Deities and angels and Melchizedeks and Midwayers and Midsoniters and a whole host of other Orders of Spirit beings need only say they wish to open a message with us and we automatically receive the spoke word to our mind as the spoken word to an audience or to a typed word processor and anything else one can think of in between.

2 - The trained transmitter is energies by their own body of human energy, but in my case, I am a long distance runner and go for six to eight hours in a single transmission if it is important enough. Then I am supplied energy by members of the Secornaeum. That is, in my case the Deity of the Creator Son and the Deity of a Daughter of the Infinite Spirit, the partner to the Creator Son, the Creative Spirit. My own Thought Adjuster does the universe language transmission into English, and my developing translator now in training with me, Dora a named Midwayer who links me and my speech in return to Deity, as a special commander in the field to help me and others being developed like me to fill in for incarnated Melchizedeks who usually handle the emergency messaging in a dire earth emergency.

3 - I use and must use special transformers to keep from having brain tissue being burned. All spirit messages either in channel and especially in transmitter messaging as I am trained, must use translator energy transmitters to down step the original speaker if Deity to a frequency I can process without burning fringes of tissue that constitute the brain.

4 - Seldom do I get high power Deity or Super Deity transmissions, but I have had some burning about three or four times in fifteen plus years when even the transformers are not enough to recoil the frequency into a lesser vibration to receive to the audio canal of the brain. God is usually very careful to set up the means to communicate the words gently but sometimes the entity is so powerful I get a little brush burn on a few cells and then I have sore frontal lobes or cortex soreness and aches sometimes that go away with a type of treatment spirit uses to fuse burned cells out of existence and the problem fades away in about two days or less.

5 - Transmitters have one problem with others who channel, and while we do not channel and can receive at any momet during the day or night with preparation to do so, we can tire easily if a new transmitter forgets to really encircuit first with a prayer for protection. That protection asked for is actually what you have heard calked the “white light,” and it exists to slow down transmissions so the receiver does not burn or get so choked up with speed they cannot get anything down or spoken. Otherwise. I feel it will come to pass that channel will disappear and only training for transmitters will take their place as more reliable and heartier to last a long message better.

6 - Transmitters like me have no problem hearing multiple voices without confusing them or confusing myself. I can hear a pin drop if they drop them as I am sensitive enough to know when a new person enters the spirit transmission room as I can detect their intention to speak and often the Order or the name of the speaker to be. I am told this is the help of God the Supreme counting my connections and weary of the time I have to relate to them with no effect except to acknowledge their visit wordlessly.

My Investigation into Infinity
What Happened and How
They Made Me Work It

Now that the reader knows my capacity and how I work it, I will relate this unusual investigation that started fairly innocently but with great gusto once it started.

About a month and one half ago, I was transmitting a routine lesson through my word processor. A problem arose in that transmission that had no direct answer from the Creator Son, and He referred my transmission to the Paradise Clearing House. The Paradise Clearing House is a section of Paradise that receives and transmits answers and prayers to higher Deity if the problems are severe and need immediate attention. People as myself have transmission clearance to contact the switchboard (which is not a machine but of the Order of Supernaphim, nearly Deified subordinates of the Master Spirit class of Spirit located on Peripheral Paradise and who transmit cosmic mind back to time and space.)

In my question, the Creator Son sent the whole inquiry to Paradise to find a standard answer to it. But suddenly as I was preparing to type the response from the Clearing House, a Voice came through my inner ear, and my nervous system picked up the fact this Voice was such an extraordinary event it got my full right-to-life attention. The answer was given slowly and well spoken, and it was signed the Consummator of Universe Destiny.

To understand my amazement, that entity is mentioned maybe three or so times in the fifth epochal revelation. I saw it many times but considered almost imagination to ever know what this entity did or really if It or He existed ever at all. I got the message and answer well, and when that Entity concluded, he launched into the concept idea that He indeed was not part of Infinity, but that he really counseled those who maintain Infinity beyond the placement of Infinity on Paradise. I had speculated to myself about this in years before I spoke to the Consummator, but I let it drift since the Father was not prone to bring the subject up in our conversations over discussion other various aspects of reality. This time, however, I was speaking to a legend without history, and an entity so powerful I truly wondered how any transformer could back the frequenct down low enough not to burn me good. They did downsize it well enough, but I was so excited I cared not about burning but to hear what He said, and I was instructed to use the masculine pronoun for Him too. Very mysterious at best, I thought, and impossible to glean what He was, and that is why I was inspired to find some reasonable expression andor exlanation about the role of Infinity when it can be exceeded.

The Consummators of Universe Destiny
Now Speak Easily upon Demand
What I Learned

It is our esteemed Creator Son who now speaks through me to discuss the Entity of the Consummator’s work as I hardly know to whom or what I speak to or hear from when the Consummator responds.

“I am Michael of Nebadon, and I carry a wee voice in this dissertation since I find it exhilarating we can do this with a mere human of such profound ability we wait for his voice to come on the air in some serious spiritual matters humans need to hear and change.

“The Consummator of Universe Destiny, and that includes of time and space destinies, and of Universe Justice, and they do exist out of not only time, but are also out of space, but Ron forgets that Paradise itself has no space either. But what we are really referring to is that the Consummators of Universe Destiny and Justice are equipped to speak through each Creator Son ever created from the Father-Eternal Son unity of their fused intentions and creative motivations.

1.         “Ron was invited to discuss his questions with the Consummator several weeks later and two papers have ensued, one of which is published, and one of which completed but needs editing for a few days. Ron explained his thesis and lo and behold the Consummator related it was close to the truth and that He, the Consummator, while equipped to speak through Michael of Nebadon in this case, would explain the nature of Infinity to the transmitter so he could at least grasp it was not in a static condition entirely. He consummator explained that Infinity was quite active during the present universe age, and that Ron needed to comprehend that Infinity held no objects, but it did act almost computer-like based on what it was told to do by programming Infinity with state-secret algorithms. As Ron was learning this information, we had an extraordinary event occur on Paradise. God the Supreme manufactured a crisis condition, and that was to move the Supreme’s personal location one additional creation circuit more indicating about a 35% completion of the work of God the Supreme for time and space creations. Ron got the news while transmitting and almost did not believe it and shut the transmission down as interference. We told him to stay on line and then the real revelation came to his ears when God the Supreme broadcast to Ron of his change and why.

“Further evidence indicates that God the Supreme may choose other than Uversa to aid the time creations into a perfection of time existence but we have asked that revelation be stricken for now as it is far too unsure to be able to coincide that decision with the motion of the Supreme from its third circuit in Havona to the fourth circuit in Havona and whatever else that means is not known.

The Father’s Dissatisfaction with the Transmitter (Ron)
“What no one k ew last week was that Ron published his first Paper on Infinity to the discussion forum and it created enough interest to start the second Paper entitle the II Exposition on Infinity,” which is a classic major revelation. In doing the first Paper, the transmitter received the idea that the Father was not happy and it was because the Father Himself told Ron he had to reissue the idea that the Father was Primacy Itself and not the will as it operated in Infinity and Paradise.

“This transmitter was interested in how the mechanisms work to provide experience as a way in time creatures to modify the ideals of Infinity. Since we are all taught that Infinity is static, Ron asked how experience worked and how Infinity made use of what time learned. The Father explained that the Deity Absolute really alerted the Father to the fact new facts and decisions were ready to be added to the space issues of time and space and then to be universalized into space potency as an infinite integration of those experiences. Ron understood what that meant but then hypothesized that the Father was a distant cousin of the Original Will, and that was not happily found by the Father, as He lives as the Original Will on Paradise in plain site of all creation.

“Today, Ron asked permission to write this Paper as a way to warn all who read the Papers on Infinity, to remember as he did not, that Original Will operates in Infinity through the Paradise Father only. The questions as to ‘Where Is Infinity?’ Ron speaks to in the Paper not published yet, is that Infinity is compounded in Persons of existential Deity and cannot be visited unless one has an Infinite Mind. That quickly clarified it, and we are happy today because the kinks have been smoothed out in the teaching the transmitter feels is fairly accurate. I do aver there is much more to this concept, and it is essentially true as it was always true. Ron also reminds the reader that Original Will in the Triumphant also resides aside of Infinity in a status that is not Deity, but we have no name for that state except to call it triumphant with a capital T.”

“I am the Daughter of the Infinite Spirit an the Holy Spirit to Urantia to name but one of many services to the ministry of the children of time.

“Ron has created a draft resolution up here on Salvington to let him portray God as he thinks and to be corrected where he is wrong by the Secornaeum, and we enjoy the use of our own language to name things for a change. The Secornaeum is useful in that it is composed of Local Universe and sub-absolute Deity, and that includes neighboring universes like Avalon and Wolvering and a few more not named in your Urantia Book. We have often communicated to our neighbors we have a little son of God who listens like a tiny CIA bug to our work and makes it understandable to the humans who take an interest in that particular subject. Suddenly, we have the Creator Son of Avalon to ask for usages for such a chap and we said we had no real useage for him but it was a shame to have this much and not use him. The Creator Son of Avalon then asked if they could use them for their special projects including the Melchizedeks that were borrowed from Avalon during the Lucifer Rebellion. We said yes, and today the five fused individuals on Urantia which includes Ron as the first to do so, work with Avalon and Wolvering and a few others not yet named by your revelation. We also found the Papers on Infinity helpful but almost too advanced for our many planets of newly created human beings much like yours on Urantia.

WE are the Creator Son of Avalon, and I may speak briefly to this Paper. Ron ran aground with the Universe Father briefly when he assigned the Father a secondary role as receiving the Triumphant Will as superior to the Infinite Creation. The Father is second to none and must be recognized as the Original Will as applied to the System of Infinity as Ron explains it nicely above. We also point out that God the Father has no subordinate positions around Him as the Counsel He receives is entirely Infinite as Absolutes of Conditioning to verify the experience levels from time that come to Him for Infinite integration. I also plan to visit Nebadon one of these days and will visit with this transmitter as a guest at 2709 Sunset Lane when Jesus arrives with his coterie of aides fully integrated in incarnated splendor. Further, Ron reminds me that Jesus has a long standing invitation for a glass of wine if he should so choose. Thank you.”


Strange to report, these waters exist. Stranger yet to report, they are exclusively existential. I relay also that Infinity is like the American Great Lakes, as they are overwhelming in breadth and in limitless size. With the headwaters of Infinity, and if you ask the right questions with the one your found who has the ability to answer you well, the character will take you on a canoe trip down the canyons that eventually empty on Paradise. The white water in these canyons have hard to understand currents until you reach the safety of the Urantia Book and its standardized language of revelation. Meanwhile, I encourage all who can, to enter the canoe and all to take the tour as there are things in these headwaters I do not know how to ask about yet.

Headwaters are characteristically clear and streams of unusual probity. But Infinity is deceiving as its full weight and import is not disclosed by how little the stream appears at first. It is seeming ly so small in the beginning it is not hard to hop across at all. I immediately made assumption mistakes by being fooled how little the information there was at first, and that proved to be my undoing by a kind Father who likes things rapid fire and full of images of Him as the first Explorer of all Explorers to come. Just be careful to remember problems are avoided when you presage your inquiry about Origins by realizing the Father is the Original and knows all about how Infinity works and is aware of what the Deity Absolute infinitely proposes. That is so the Universe Age that follows all experiential trials in the Absonite and in the following experiential universe of the Absolute programs. These are far away future ages yet, and beings not even imagined yet by sub-Absolute Deity of time as originated in the Supreme and with the Son and in the Spirit. I ask all to seek enjoyment with what you get in those searches on your own, especially to the fused ones we operate now with, and to now please report it on the discussion forum for our own edification. Remember the existential reality works to explain the finite creations today as the place where the worst troubles will occur in growing the Master Universe into completion.

“We speak gladly at the conclusion of this excellent Paper on the subject of Infinity and how to approach it. Never give up even when chastised as Ron was by the Father getting sour on being second to the outside Original Will of the Triumphant. I am sure we meet again Ron and that we will exchange an existential nod from me to your Finaliter concerns of the day. Paul of Tarsus is now back on Urantia as a Finaliter, and he speaks for all of us when he imparts there is nothing to worry about in Infinity, but the Father has an eagle eye on Urantia for more like you, and we think there are a few who may be found yet. Be assured we will hear more from Michael when he returns to Paradise, as he has suddenly been summoned there for one more talk with the Father about Jesus and Urantia and what is to go forth on that planet very soon. Good day.”

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« Reply #1 on: March 19, 2018, 10:51:06 AM »
Ron. Infinity is where Love does not end!
Рон. Бесконечность - это там, где НЕ кончается Любовь!


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« Reply #2 on: March 19, 2018, 11:50:50 AM »
This is another avalanche of information which has resulted in me being buried deep within the earth.
Not only will it need to be re-read many times but it will take a long time for an overall understanding.
I am a lover of art, both representative, and impressionist. But have never been able to come to terms
with abstract, probably because, I have not been able to identify the purpose of such abstraction.

For me, there must be a point of reference, something with which I can identify and that has some
relevance for me in the here and now and that is why I have stated the above.

I marvel at your ability to even ponder these things, even before you seek answers from Spirit.
For us lesser mortals, speaking personally, although I can and do appreciate the monumental task
you have taken on to try and educate us here on the forum with such lofty information, I will
continue to struggle my way up through the mountain of snow, from which I am under.

I can only offer my sincere thanks and deep gratitude for such a tremendous work Ron and ask
that you be patient with me, while I struggle to the surface to see the light of day again.



Ron Besser

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« Reply #3 on: March 19, 2018, 01:30:07 PM »
Hello Lemuel and others -
My above post was meant to indicate my occasional personal problems in dealing with my personal hunger for straight and factual information regarding any subject of spiritual importance.

I thank you for your kind words Lemuel but they concern me as they indicate an inability to latch on to several important a priori facts all should learn to know as spirit depends on you and all others who can, to understand their base of operations.  Spirit has a base command center called Paradise, as that place and the Father set the entire agenda for space and time development toward our perfection.

Infinity is the supply depot to the operations base.  Certainly you can understand that?

Why I see it as so important to understand the supply site of spirit is it defines the attitude of the Father by what he does with the supply chain.  Why is that important?

On very many issues we deal with time are moral questions.  That attitude of the Father toward these concerns in time and on Urantia determines whether the issue just goes away because Father sees the underlying determination about a moral issue as necessarily pointless now, or a big issue to be addressed later on.  That is how we learn to deal with the passage of time on gun control, on sexuality, on governance, and social reliability issues.  Father control mostly what events cause us to solve these Urantia problems or not to care anymore about them.  While I agree that Infinity is an abstractions we never see, I do not agree it is all snow to the mind which grapples with issues about safety and life.

On many issues dealing with the philosophical changes to universes and Deity for the sake of time constructions, these are fairly well set, and Infinity seems to make the variations work without a lot of interference on developments as space or as time or as absonite or as absolute.  These are the real issues the Father alone struggles with even more than human issues of fairness and abstractions of thought our species loves to ponder but without much direction now on Urantia.

My Headwaters post was meant to show you how reactive the universe is when dealing with philosophical problems that deal with their supply draw to treat us with what Infinity says is the universal way to react to us.  Look at this this way:  Einstein had a terrible problem with universe law applications when he determined that the speed of light was very important to know.  Infinity is full of representations inside of it that tells you that if you have access to Infinity, but he was a mortal and had to fly hard like Icarus to the hot sun with wax wings where Infinity could be entered.  The point to be made he struggled with it because it was so very important, and we struggle with the idea of Infinity because we learn from it that while it is an abstraction of terminology, it is also the font of water that supplies answers and shows the actions of the Father about our existence by what he draws from it to promote our species on Urantia a second chance.

"Lemuel you showed Ron what he never wanted to hear.  You give up before you start you tell him and then let it settle you have no particular reason to fondly facts surrounding the abstraction that is Infinity to the finite minds on Urantia.  Ron does not mind disagreement, but minds terrible that people react with subjects as being too hard to deal with.  Infinity is a very hard abstraction, but what Ron is telling you that as a person who is fused and who is ready to serve the Magisterial Mission with Jesus on board, that you should have at least some idea of the origins of your species and how that species does or does not deal with the revcelation of the Infinitude and its role in promoting the very reality you live in on Urantia today.  How you or others can miss that is astounding to Deity, but Ron has not indicated why this post was delivered before he delivers the second Paper on Infinity soon to be done for your reading.  It is a huge paper and it grapples with definitions not given in this Headwaters Paper.  It is required reading for all who like to know cosmology in general as Ron is no Einstein, but he does appreciate his work because he struggled so hard to get basic information enough to prove his relativity theories.  I close with this soliloquy:  Take each day one at a time.  Then leave alone that which you cannot fathom.  But never say no to a learning opportunity when you are capable of understanding it very well.  Ron provides those understandings very well because he is like you, as he finds just making abstractions out of otherwise abstract concepts and ideas is self defeating too, and he makes great strides in mind to figure out what is really being told to man in non abstract terminology.  Read his definitions in the Headwaters Paper and you will be well informed of who or what these things are without a lot of understanding problems at all.   I am Mother Spirit and wish you a good day."

I am looking at your post Lemuel with scant approval myself.  There are no other reactions either because people bypass the subject by not reading about it and dozens have already done so because there is no interest on Urantia about the subject of Infinity, because most on Urantia are entering their last days of true human existence ever again.

Your post is fair and honest and Ron knows you well enough that your main point is well settled on him as the use of the word to describe an abstraction that Infinity represents, is without a parallel on Urantia for you to identify with,  You tell him that up front and he gets the point.  However, what both of you miss is that Ron is spoon feeding all of you and you still will not imbibe in the details concerning INFINITY AND ORIGINS OF REALITY.  Why does this not interest a man like you who cries against injustice and hates the crimes so horrendous it makes you sick to your stomach?  It appeals to you not on many kinds of your own abstracts of thought and particularly your idea that man does not need to know Origins at all since he is so far divorced from Origins to begin with.  But what you do not know and should know is that KARMA is an Infinity issues as to when it starts and how it ends.

Ron in his second Paper on Infinity has several pages dedicated to Karma and how it works and how Infinity triggers aiming at actions that are so unjust they require a snap back to reality to cleanse Infinity itself of experiential dealings that require correction.  On earth you call this Karma, and in time and space it reacts to all sorts of ongoing life problems that must never sully the Father or His Coordinates ever.  Infinity steps in with precursors to time that crawls evil doers to be humbled or destroyed.  I tell you this about this coming Paper because it delves into how wrongdoing gets reactive Infinity directly involved in a finite life.  The Father speaks now:"

FATHER - "I see the battle of wits continues between those who are too lazy to really deal with hard facts about abstractions to them alone.  Infinity to Ron is real and masterful in dealing with human life in a more or less automatic rendering of cooling ardors too strong for the population of humans at larget to handle at all, and personalizations such as Trump represents is dangerously close to invoking Karma on the public stage yet,  You will never understand how a geopolitical event can trigger karma and how Infinity will challenge that event to end or produce normal results.  I am the Father, and your reaction to the post is at least a reaction of familiar consequences to Ron, but he fails not to  see to your development anyhow as you are a friend he cherishes as with Larry and the others who fused with the help of his courageous battle with the naysayers in the Chicago Urantia Foundation.  They have Karma attached to them and they will be humbled before the matter is fully settled, yet you Lemuel prefer not to be informed as a cosmologist that knowing how these things appear is irrelevant to you and to man.  That is your choice and we notice it is a matter of State issues you really dislike to contemplate because there is so little input from the common man to change or vote against the calamity of State Policy that brings on wars of huge implications at this time on Urantia.  Good day and welcome to spring very soon Lemuel.  That should temper your dark moods these days.  The Father."

Ron here - To all of you who take an interest, the Headwaters post is a preparation for the second post on Infinity I worked days on to get fresh approaches to how Infinity works even in finite history, and while it is fully hidden by events, the origin of much the finite existence is directly dependent on what Infinity has to say about the abstractions our human species truly are.  We have never been allowed to grasp how a human soul eventuates as well as grows or how we speak one thing and do another because pressures from Infinity take umbrage at the direct approach to achieve what we want these days.   I am sure it has never occurred to anyone here that I am an abstraction to most of you, and that is because my speech is about things you hardly ever thought about and I am dedicated to understand those mysteries while most never even think of such as a dependable subject to speak to.

In any case, that second Infinity Paper is waiting for some serious editing and I have not even started that as I took time out to write about the headwaters (an analogy for the origins of Infinity!) which is truly a huge abstractions, but it is the only way to discover what comes next beyond the experiential universe yet to come.  Yes, I would expect a smart animal not to ever understand it, but somehow I am hopeful that an enlightened animal now fused to become a spirit citizen is interested in all Origins, and not just our species as a flash of gold in the dead pan of material existence.  Thank you,


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« Reply #4 on: March 19, 2018, 05:27:08 PM »
Well, last night I read the Headwaters post and thought, well done, well put and worded and I am very intrigued by the subject of Karma and this is applied in Infinity. Infinity itself as a system is also one giant rubber band wheel that I thought up and figured that what you did was to think outside that giant system or wheel and poked your finger where most would not do and that is to ask "There has to be more to this picture than what is presented so far to our knowledge, is it not so?" So on goes the mind to press for answers to the quest of "origins" beyond the system and so on.  To my mind that is an infinite void of endless pursuits and there is no problem I see in that but what concerns me is how Infinity deals with diversions, such as rebellions and iniquity as has happened here in Nebadon and, in using what is called "gaurdrails" is a fascinating course of action due to reaction and has a lot to do with Karma. I find this subject gets a lot more involving in the mechanisms of the purpose and plans of God, hence of His Original Will, in determining a path to a proverbial end or even back to its Origins of thoughtful enterprise. I look forward to Paper 2 on Infinity Ron, as my mind is pried into what and how Karma works in with all that unfolds in Infinity and beyond. This is marvelous work Ron and these Papers will stand the test of time as it will be so revealing in mind quest as yours has been. Thank you.


Ron Besser

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« Reply #5 on: March 19, 2018, 10:38:57 PM »
Hello Sue,
You get swamped by the enormity of the subject and question why drop a depth charge on a subject that is satisfactorily contained as the Infinite Father?

My mind is not quite that contrived.  There is an easier answer to why the question in the first place by my little mind of grandeurs not sought but found by asking the questions I did.
Look at the Urantia Book and the Paper Mantutia Melchizedek wrote speaking to how the I AM promulgated the organization of the Infinitude.  After you read those paragraphs why does it not occur to you just why I AM was in anything?  What is wrong with the assumption most make that God decided to do something and here we are today?

Most do not lack the imagination to inquire, but why inquire into a subject that runs perfectly well by itself?  I have not seen one theologian speak to the devil in all honesty for a long time other than the born again aficionados who always have a spare devil around to be afraid of.  The Urantia Book is unique in that it speaks of the Urantia devil as quite real but contains no other material other than a few consequences we suffer because of it.  That is reporting as a factual history without sending the reader to understand how the devil came to be and how awful it really was and how it met its death is so off the table today I wonder why people bother to read enlightened history.

I will say the same thing to you Sue.  There is an obvious lack of detail in what Mantutia writes about the I AM.  Surely he understands this is not criticism, but a lack of detail came about because Mantutia had to the cut book size down from over three thousand pages to two thousand one hundred pages because the Ancients of Days so ordered.  But I also doubt that Mantutia had the skinny on how the I AM got into the box of Infinitude he did because not so long ago, the entire matter was verboten to talk about in any formal revelation Mantutia was authorized to make.  But that should not concern your or my view of it today.  To the Father I am an ignorant Visigoth, and I do not take exception to that, and I accept that as the truth.  But the hordes of Visigoths that sacked Rome and ended civilization to introduce the western Middle Ages,  twelve centuries later introduced the Renaissance and the birth of wester civilization apart from Rome.

Within every ignorant SOB like myself is a question.  Why?   Not all listen for an answer but I asked WHY is this I AM doing this?  Where is I AM-- Mantutia does not say I AM is already in the infinitude or he entered the infinitude or if he knew something about what to do once in the infinitude.  Therefore tbe basic question is, did the I AM have antecedents?

That is all that you need to ask to learn something about the Consummator of Universe Destiny.  Funny thing is the Consummator is a wonderful chap to speak to but he is so powerful he has to wrap Himself into an enigma to realize he can speak to the Visigoths of time.


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« Reply #6 on: March 20, 2018, 02:44:57 AM »
Yes Ron dearest! You know the saying, "a squeaky wheel gets the oil" and you are right on to keep asking questions, keep seeking, never stop looking and studying. I'll go read those Papers (i.e. Papers 104, 105 & 106). Thanks heaps to Mantutia for such amazing work too considering how tightly he had to work with. Thanks too for the  ignorant "Visigoths" history bit, I had to google what they were! Seems so long ago and my, some things never change! I think it will take another different horde to cause a neo-Renaissance we badly need. I better go study...thank you very much Ron! 🤓😁