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Start to Page 6 Part II
Ron Besser and Michael Speak together

The term Original Will of the Triumphant is a term for Will that always exceeds and succeeds.  Such a will is a Triumph of Splendor beyond comprehension.  The Universe Father is of the Original Will in exactly the same way as Infinite, and exceeds Infinity as Father partakes of Triumphant.  The Triumphant is more than infinitely present.  The Father is present as the Triumphant of self well in Infinity.  The Benevolent Triumphant, the possessor of Original Will is not present in Infinity except by invitation of the existential Deities in the presence of Paradise itself, and with whom the Triumphant is coincident within the Father’s nature of goodness equivalency with the Son and the Spirit.

The Triumphant refers to the achievement of all consciousness simultaneously in a singularity of All That Is, and operates as extra-Infinite in order to achieve consciousness of Infinity without the pretense of the requirement of experience to satisfy the age beyond experiential universes.  We conclude by human logic that the Original Will is no collective, but resides in hyper space as itself without form or justification of its ownership of all that can be stated above or below the Infinity Plane of existence.

What then are we qualifying in the Original State of Infinite Reality?  Nothing.  But Original Will, as the Triumph, exceeds Truth or Justice as man exceeds an amoeba.  How big then is God?  Infinite.  The Triumph conceives God as a tenet of overcontrol as Itself is and plays to the First Source and Center in Its Place as Itself with Itself.

An Occlusion is a blocking dam stopping proposed actions before they can be finished.  The Infinite Occlusion happened to I AM as it grasped what Infinity was, but seemingly could not portray it as Itself.  The occlusion that fell across the path of I am providing instant Infinity was to realize It could not go from nothingness to solid matter and living spirit in one step.  In terms of reality today, I AM concluded that there had to be a division of matter to produce it adequately and to have spirit control matter once it was fully and maturely present as universe objects to live on and to provide gravity balance.  Thus was it passed on to the First Source and Center that It had to establish Deification of functions which still are His equal persons of power and insight to manage different acts of management and propulsion of the creation.  Once the I AM knew the process, It relinquished its role and stepped into the Sources of all Universe Power and Glory as the Infinity of transactional reality.  I AM broke through the blocking dam that kept Infinity from forming and expressing what the mandate of the Original Will of Triumphant asked for.

To understand how the present appearance of Infinity is maintained, it is thought best to determine just how The Deity Absolute acts to maintain present Infinity through the Universal Father.  I AM was pre-Deity Absolute, as I AM understood Infinity but not how to achieve it at first. Just as the present Deity Absolute must experiment to know precisely how to achieve universes beyond the presently planned infinite Master Universe of present in formation.

Today the Deity Absolute is the potential of God the Absolute, and that is a profound revelation since the first Urantia Book was printed.  God the Absolute has been assigned to develop an outer space level beyond the four outer space levels revealed in the fifth-epochal-revelation, and was thought at the time of that writing, to be the extent of the Master Universe for these ages of God the Supreme and God the Ultimate, who are the experiential God/Deity of the finite and of the absonite grandeur to follow.  This fifth outer space level is to be divided into five levels of tests and experiments, and will see to the opening of a door to hyper space that occludes all present universe levels to the end of the fifth outer space level of that day to come.

It is in the newly operating fifth outer space level that when it begins operation after the fourth level of absonite integration takes place, that God the Absolute moves to its present position in Havona and the Circle of Infinity in Infinity to some portion of the fifth outer space level.  The Master Univers currently is finite in that it does not even have space extensions just as yet into all five levels of t he fifth outer space level.  But it will and those space extensions to fully rectify the existence of the fifth outer space level is about eighty percent (80%) as this is written in March of 2018.

God the Absolute is the individual who charts the measured footsteps to the portal of the next universe age which Ron characterizes as hype-space.  That is true, and that is how God the Absolute converts the space levels of the Supreme and the Ultimate to an infinite universe. And that is done by placing the fifth outer space level up and over the first five levels to connect to what is now called Peripheral Paradise.

Peripheral Paradise is where Paradise which has no space or any time element,  is connected by certain portals which the Supernaphim guard that are like air locks in your space stories.  Here in these super portals those who travel from space can be admitted and transferred to a no space zone just outside the other side of the portal entered.  There time is removed with a type of a machine that looks like a vacuum cleaner for it removes time through very strong air currents charged with antidotes to time sequences.  Only spirit of a certain rank may pass through these portals and are already conditioned to time and space from the Master Universe creation.  It is to these portals that God the Absolute attaches permanently to the no space of Paradise and converts what there is of normal space in the Master Universe to hyper space.  

“Concussability of performances outside of Infinity is possible.  I as the Deity Absolute hear well what Ron is driving at without so much as a good tool to pry open the proper way to understand it without upsetting the present system of Infinite integration of all experience which is this present universe age.

“The term concussability is used very gently here as it means the jolt that comes from suddenly finding ones self in a new atmospheric room like running into a dark closet and forgetting where the door is to find things what one is used to.  There is no way out of having to get used to hyper space once it is introduced and all have to get used to it together.  Hyper space is unusual in that it is fully useable as present space is, but is without extensions where there is no reason to be for any living thing.  Today present space permeates every nook and cranny of the Master Universe such as it is in development at the moment.  Hyper space does not bother with places of no use such as quasars or gravity disruptions of the size of an exploding star or a black hole.  There normal space abounds and it is not useable by any life form at this point because all life forms, including spirit forms, are filled with hyper space.

“Because all life forms are filled with hyper space thanks to God the Absolute, all forms can approach the great doors to the next universe age and survive its surprising welcome by the twenty-five Directors of that huper realm Ron likes to call the Triumphant captivity of Original Will and it is not far wrong to characterize it that way.  He has shied away from naming things or life there but indicates in that drawing that trillions already live there, and they do, but they are hyper creations and could never countenance a Master Universe form of any kind.

“These hyper trillions are not only hyper forms they are also tendered as so peaceful they are hardly conversant with competition or achievement or grand standing of one over the other in status.  Ron says, so the mayor is hard to find and recognize?   Not quite but it is a different kind of being and it requires trillions of years of development in the Master Universe and all of its space levels at that.  Hyper Creation is a tall story someday for revelations ten thousand years hence and more.”

“Finally, we are at the point I can contribute something to this discussion.

“We who teach in the Salvington University on the planet Melchizedek, learn by writing paper after paper on the thesis of how the Origin of Realty got started and how it came to be in three levels and so on.  We are most happy to read these Besser-baby papers on this subject because they are full of kernels of truth we are not sure about either.  The lateral truth is that Ron sees as clearly as some of us do, yet has none of the tools we have to penetrate this area of origination of All that Is and the reality it produces to develop in.  Our work is much further advanced that Ron could compare himself too, but he has breached the Heart of God enough to get concrete examples of what it takes to understand the Original Will of Triumph which we like very much, as it separates the reality will of present day Infinite integration with a sense of beauty and grandeur yet to come even when passing through the very portals of Infinite beauty and grandeur itself.

“In our Melchizedek perspective, the Father is alone at the top of Will Creatures, but He is equal tothe existential Coordinates, the Eternal Son and the Conjoint Actor as the Infinite Spirit, and with the seven Absolutes of Infinity itself.  However, what Ron has proposed is that the Father is part of the Will of the Triumph but considers It as directive rather than collusional.  Is Original Will directivc in Infinity or is It collusional?  The difference being if it is directive Father listens; if it is collusional, Father is His own Director with His Coordiantes.


“No, NEITHER is quite correct.  Let us go back to the I AM and hear It complain It got stopped trying to put reality into place without creating functional devices.  That was accomplished by going around the problem by I AM by establishing the idea of existential Directors, which today are the Eternal Son and Infinite Spirit, and those three combine all functions within their Directorships to recombine separated functions into one function as the Infinity of the Trinity.  

“That is not the same as the Original Will of the Triumph just as collusional or as counsel.  Original Will takes neither role seriously enough to formalize it but it can be both and more. The English language has no word for what lies in between but it is okay to view it as sometimes directive and sometimes as counsel and sometimes as hyperbolic through statements of inference that acts to prepare for changes by fiat to the plans of Infinite.

“This area of reality is so hard to corner into a simple statement.  However, we may say this: Deified Reality is akin to snake skins.  It can be sloughed off and regrow ever bigger to fit the change in existential Deity and experiential Deit.  Ron questions my statement about how existential Deity can change.  The answer is that Infinity can change by various means, but that is not experiential EVER.  For Infinity has no means to grow experientially, but it does when the Father encodes finite and other experiential reality as Infinity by the means of the peculiar codes the Father mostly knows only for Himself to use.   As we said in the first Paper, as long as an infinite mind encodes Infinity. Infinity obeys and takes them and can change with them.  How it changes cannot be explained in words, but recall that I AM  saw a corruption in preparation and had to revert to clearing a path to where Infinity could come into reality existence.

“We explain this so you understand there is nothing between I AM and reality except to establish the Eternal Son and the Spirit of All and materialized Paradise as an outline to do list to the First Source and Center..  Without a materialized something in place there could be no un-deified reality either since Paradise as materialized is the pattern which all follows to create matter in time and space such as Michael of Nebadon when he materialized his headquarter world and all 479 or so around it as the Salvington complex of universities today.
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PAGE 6 TO 13

“Infinity carries a parallelogram of interests and we have stated before that all of Creation is a Parallelogram, because it is totally balanced between God the Father, God the Son, and God the Spirit, not just in triune ways, but in a double-edged sword way that makes it hard to understand how three make two distincty reality levels work.  Ron was just presented a picture of a teeter-totter, and the Trinity is the fulcrum, and the two ends of the board across it are for the Father and the for the Son.  The Infinite Spirit does not enter the balance itself but is part of the fulcrum which is the Paradise Trinity.

“The Paradise Trinity is without compensation in the universe because there is nothing the Trinity can do about time accidents and Infinite integration that takes eternity to complete.  Our world on Salvington is a high spirit sphere, but it lacks the control that is exercised by Paradise on Paradise and therefore is subject to accidents in the Local Universe of Nebadon.  If it were controlled by God the Supreme, it would not have accidents, but then that is so far off for now we do not look to God the Supreme for help in this matter.   That is, we did not look for that help until today.


The Infinite parallelogram is important as a picture to the mind for its ability to show extensions beyound time as the time horizon is full of accidents and carries huge responsibilities to the Deities in its development for and with God the Supreme.  But we have no real reason to mention the next subject except it is of interest to all who worry about God’s input into the realms of mysterious consequences to people and planets that have ill chosen their way or development.  One of the minor ways the Father corrects dangerous misbehavior is through the concept of Karma, which is quite real and necessary to develop and field against immature humanity quite often.

“I AM THE DEITY ABSOLUTE, and I agree with God the Supreme and the requirement to follow the sequence of events that brings wrong doing to people and the earth is supported for what humans call Karma on Urantia.  The Supreme sees the entire cross-purpose transaction of many and consigns Infinity to tracks such evil or misplaced events so the Father understands that the means to obtain safe passage or status or whatever that creates wrong and/or bad choices. Infinity tracks for decades if necessary to bring the end to developing unjustice, and then creates a backlash against the misappropriation of altruism or support and aid in what time calls KARMA.
Karma ends when there is no further reason to find reasons for bad events to happen to the same person over and over as Karma leaves well enough alone once correction is applied, and that could be over the lifetime of the Karmic person or something even things such as Mt Vesuvius.


“Ron states: I have been subjected to Karma once.  It was a situation for me to do or die and I chose the best way out I knew, and yet I created Karma and only recently have repealed it. Comment?

“I am MICHAEL OF NEBADON and you breached the Father-Son union of creative purpose on Urantia in that one instance and it created great shock waves every where.  Never make sudden moves that leave people wondering what happened to you, as people were thinking you were kidnaped and held for ransom and could not follow your sudden move to New York.  You had to cut several relationships in that move and only the parental cut created KARMA in Infinity, as for the others,  Infinity inferred correctly they were necessary set aside at the time.

“Infinity can adjudge by process what the Courts of the Ancients of Days must do to remove a trouble maker by either creating a time situation where the Karma-maker is humiliated or killed in some manner called natural causes.  Karma is not the resul of a lot of unfortunate coincidences that happed to a person to bring them down.  International affairs are subject to Karma as well, and while Infinity is coded to overlook international relations, it is not coded to lose sigtht of mis-doings by national leaders either.


“I was not going to there.  But Ron has a wonderful mind that opens up subjects dear to your hearts and this has never been explained to anyone before.

“You all know that the Lucifer Rebellion resulted in millions and millions of innocent deaths at the hand of Caligastia alone.  What Ron proposed is that Infinity (not ever touching what the Ancients of Days had to judge about the life or death of Caligastia), was the only instrument that could ever track the sequences of almost limitless deaths of creature life, and assumes this generated the humility episodes that Caligastia had to live through before he went before the Supreme Court for adjudication.  I am with Ron on this one, and remind all of you that the Father does not judge wrong doing, but that Infinity inherently knows wrong doing when ti happens as it always asks the motivation of a sequence that starts in time actions.  In the case of Caligastia I am not sure what Infinity did with that sequence of rebellion and all the faults that lie inside of it.  Father never says much but he alone can track the Infinite repercussions of a rebellion such as this one was.   I know I suffered what you are calling Karma in the loss of Sons I never felt were fully guilty of anything but treason, and while that is punishable by death, I could have given Mercy if it were asked for.  Satan needed my Mercy, but refused to ask for it and he died with insanity in what was once a brilliant mind beyond all description.  The Father tells Infinity in reporgramming its ways, to avoid further pitfalls in the compossibility searches by the Deity Absolute by stating that any and all rebellions not be tracked in Infinite terms but in Judicial terms, and the Father now responds to this idea you find so extraordinary Ron.

“I am amazed you got to this point you can discuss the actions of Infinity in time.  Time knows what KARMA is, but it does not know its source, but now it does in particular circumstances where Infinity is in charge of dealing with motivations in sequence living.  Our work on Paradise is to control Karma through the oscillation of Infinity into a dream-like sequence where wrong doing is exasperated so much by its wrong, it self corrects.  Your President of the United States is loaded with Karma reactions, but we tame them by holding them back to wait upon sequential exuberance or sequential suicide.   Infinity takes a lot of time to meet out consequential insertions into time those things that prevent wrong doing to become so settled in the places on Urantia or other planes of the same ilk, that Karma does not replete anything, but is taken off the table and the Courts of the Ancients of Days prevail.” 

“I AM MICHAEL OF NEBADON speaking, and I wish to thank the Universal Father, as we all do, for adding this clarifying note to these proceedings.  Ron, do not expect your readers to understand the exhaustive detail these revelations preside over for you, for you gather the magnitude of the statements contained in these Papers very well, and both the Creator Son and Mantutia Melchizedek here the changes this brings to their thinking on how to avoid further conflicts by appealing more to the Universal Father first and letting Him decide what is Judicial and what Infinity proposes to do.  The Ancients of Days can read Infinity but not program it.  The Ancients of Days know of your travail with parents but see it as a mutual affair of total distrust of ever finding out what lay at the bottom of the move to New York, They saw it as revulsion of their name and you saw it as a way to retrain yourself for better and independent living conditions without the stress of complaints forever exploding in tempers at home.” 

“We will now assign this to this Paper as we wish to admit to one thing we rarely discuss, and that is just how do we view universe conditioning?  Ron brings up a most interesting aspect to the discussion on Infinity, and asks if Infinity has a “ying-yang” program that affords something he calls positive karma?

“The answer is no.  The Father relates this to supposition by some on Urantia, but it does not exist, because Infinity is perfection, and it produces the humbling of wrong doing (karma) as a protection against proprietary discussions or outright fraud to obtain a positive result from arbitrary Infinity programming.  Good luck frequently is not an Infinity control, but is more conducive to positive thinking.   Caligastia attempted to manipulate outcomes by hiding the truth about what he was about to do, and even confused the situation enough that the Father trusted him to carry out work on an exploding sun, and Caligastia deliberately let it blow up killing billions of humans in that particular univers. He did so and almost won, but the Father knew the difference and blocked karmic transgressions until the Supreme Court used its power of judicial rectification on Caligastia and others. 

“As the Ancients of Days found for Caligastia in particular, ‘you had it all and spoiled your own feast,’ and now you are meeting your end.  And he died on the floor of the Court as Ron has described several times in other Papers.

“We wish to allay the Father’s nerves when talking about Infinity in order to assure Him that neither Ron or anyone wishes to disclose things considered so sacred only You Father deem them to your attention.  But we ask: Where does Urantia stand with you today as seen through the sequential power of the Infinite Mind and the Infinity in which it exists?


“I speak for the Father to the Most Highs of Norlatiadek:

“Infinity is presupposes that man is a good creature.  Infinity never takes out of man what is good in man.  Yet the Urantia situation is so bad, one cannot but help wonder why it supports itself while Infinity holds no recourse either with karma reaction or sitatuional control that it can do automatically if the Father avers to its solutions.

“Ron reasons correctly that Infinity is a massive inundation of facts and conditions that really speaks to existential Deity and to a few others like the Ancients of Days, with a prescription of where the troubles lie and what IT would do about it.  Father listens, the Deity Absolute listens, the Universal Absolute listens, yet the solution found in Infinity often is to plead for annihilation before the troubles infect many more planets or universes and so on. 

“What Infinity presupposes today is a total lack of concentration on Urantia that equates to a total loss of understanding that must be either adjudicated to regain its good standing, OR REMOVE those who fail to allow concentration to become better for Urantia to prevail.  We hear Ron say to the Father, ‘Father, we must remove Internet social program sites for they perpetuate rumor and false ideas, as there is no standard they will ever hold to, and these things are eating away at the fabric of the use of mind everywhere on Urantia today.’ 

“As a consequence of this prayer Father programmed the sequential aspect that Infinity tracks and found that Ron is telling the truth, but Ron is as harsh as Infinity and would demand their removal immediately.  However the Father also recognizes that social web sites like Facebook or Twitter can amend difficult situations by allowing people to communicate in disaster areas.  That is not why they exist but that is how they are used in those situations.  Rebellions and acts of sedition are also allowed by these social networks and it is to that Ron particularly addresses the Father, as he sees militias and cults using them to whip a frenzy up against the Magisterial Missions or the Jesus Return before they can fairly be used by these Missions of the Divine and the Magisterial Sons of record on Urantia.

“Sequential tracking of Urantia for Karma or judicial actions is what informs the Father about how good or bad some things are for Urantia for the Father’s understanding, and sometimes risks being overstated in terms of proposed Fatherly action.  As a consequence He relies upon the Deity Absolute as often seconded by the Universal Absolute, to determine what degree he must intervene.  In most cases it is a minor breech that is fixed by others and Father concentrates on the more serious problems.  But Urantia defies remediation for lots of reasons, but particularly for the reason no one ever says “NO” to Urantia well enough to cause it to scuttle its ways in its awful education philosophy and its love of warfare to name but two areas out of thousands of areas to contend with.

“Therefore, we see that Infinity itself can no longer track Urantia as a remedial sphere because it dare not include extinction since that is not an accepted outcome even by the Father at this point.  Has Infinity been adjusted to prevent disaster to Urantia based on its evil ways?  Yes and no, but the Father controls its automatic reactions to do so at this time for Urantia.  What then has to be done, is to prevail upon the Father, and other Deified existences never revealed to humans except maybe a few of you, as their input is vital to what to do about Urantia aside from Infinite motions automatically programmed and now held in abeyance.

“Urantia lies at the bottom of a cesspool left there by Lucifer and Caligastia and about twenty other Planetary Princes that did their best to follow Lucifer to delimit the power of the Father, and other ‘foreign potentates’ and regard themselves as the exalted Planetary Prince captains of existences under their jurisdictions.  In plain sight, Caligastia blew up a star system the Father trusted him to fix, and as a result the Father had to rectify over one billion human souls and nearly sixteen inhabited  planets that suddenly came to an abrupt end when that star disintegrated under his handy work.  Now I concede this almost too hard to believe, but Infinity concludes the accident as Caligastia called it, was fortuitous in that it came at the expense of a disintegrating solar system that would have destroyed more than just the star Caligastia intentionally blew up.  I am now explaining things to my class with me on this subject we happen to be on today, and it fits nicely with what Ron is about to conclude. (Michael as Jesus speaking at this point)

“Urantia is a powder puff planet now.  Its remedy is to shame itself into oblivion as an inhabited planet, and then bring shame to Satania and Triagra (the new system for Urantia) or to lose itself as a newly stated but uninhabited planet for all eternity.

“(Michael speaking only now) Therefore the Father and I must agree that I live in Nebadon with conditions I created much to my dissatisfaction and to my shame at times, but I never said to anyone I was perfect until lately, and that is because of my promotion as a Counselor to the Father on Paradise and for which I stand ready to serve any day as he may require me to.  Infinity never could see that promotion, nor could I, yet somewhere in the sequence of life there is a double dare that all living things have their opportunity, even in Infinity, to obtain that moment of compensation that places them outside of the normal fare and bring them to the center of Paradise for a chat with Father, I wish you all a good day.  Michael.”


“I am about to explain something I have never taught before.  I am God the Supreme and that title embraces all I have in me both as a Deity and as a loving God to my Creatures and to my Superiors, God the Father and the Paradise Trinity.  With that out of the way I do have a preliminary view of why Infinity matters to the time worlds we call the finite realm since they have beginnings and endings that dominate those reality levels.

“We now embark on learning how Supremacy is available in Infinity as EXPERIENTIAL TRANSFERENCE.  That is how the Father must use material and finite experience to better the universe for what it learns by living through the Supreme.

We now come to the part of this exposition, where we speak of Infinity as an experiential tool to save that which would have been lost if there was no recorded way to save trillions of experiences that have great meaning to the Father.  The Father is interested in experiential events in order to play back developments that bring his conceptual creation into a stable form of events to teach the entire universe the value of life through the promulgation devices of universal Infinity.

“I, God the Supreme, require a list of human subjects on Urantia to provide me a platform that is stable and ready to promote what it is to be God centered.  The fused ones on Urantia today provide that and it quickly speeds up the work of the Supreme to use persons of this caliber. However, only one of you is in any way fused with me/  Let me reiterate that Ron is fused with me in Phase Seven of which he has six more phases to go to complete full fusion with the Supreme, and that is not possible until he is ready for the Deity Adventure in Havona. Any fusion with Supremacy is desired for Urantia as it provides at least one human in this case that can see entirely what is at stake for Urantia and then to act accordingly in his work for Urantia.

“I view this fusion status with this transmitter as fortunate for all of us, and it allows me to provide all of you the view of Supremacy about the Infinite and its ways it demands that the finite existence of material realms to perform exclusively for me at first and then to make all of my genuine information gleaned from all of your life experiences, and makes all of that available as a universal lesson successfully done.  The Supreme is included in the Paradise Trinity with a sub-absolute version of the Trinity and forms what revelation calls the Trinity of Trinities, which includes two sub absolute Trinities to help complete the work of experience in time and in absonity.  The Paradise Trinity is Infinite and draws upon my level of experience to portend how time advances the agenda of God the Ultimate and his experiential universes formulating the condition known as absonity.

“God the Almighty Supreme is concerned only with taming matter so it does not get out of control.  God the Supreme is the personal Deity of Supremacy and as such is taken for granted by many for its benign use of earth through one of my Daughters, the Planetary Supreme many call Gaia.  Gaia speaks:”

“I am Gaia and I greet you all.  Many who transmit me on other web sites are finding me harder and harder to understand their questions about the environment.  They understand much but not enough to understand just what they are speaking to and transmitting in profusion– or so they think.  A few years ago, Ron entered one of their discussion forums to help them understand what they are speaking too, but humans are very stubborn and no one responded to his entreaty to understand Gaia better.  Consequently I raised the age limit on many transmitters to forty and above with but one exception, and she is tired of it already.  I do care about Infinity, but no one who transmits me understands who I am and they refuse to be educated.  Therefore, I slowly withdraw support from a contingency that does not learn but waits to be fed and I am all out of that kind of food very soon.  Infinite connections flow through the Supreme and myself, but that condition hardly repairs those Gaia transmitters anything worthy at all.  However, all should recognize that the trial of the Paradise Trinity is to inculcate that which it has in Infinity into the plans of Urantia for it must become a better place and we stand firm in making it that wasy as quickly as possible/

“As Gaia I comment on God the Supreme, my Parent, and his fusion with parts of Ron’s mind/brain system.  They are fused entirely by fiat of the Supreme and therefore must be abided by Ron and the Father and all others who are part of these machinizations.  With Ron’s seventh stage fusion, it opens my work to his work as we are doing today, and he realizes he is privileged as I am still taken too lightly even by him since he knows nothing of the work of the Supreme on Urantia.  Ron keeps asking for a revelation of the Supreme, but no one takes that on just yet due to the enormity of that subject.  The new Urantia Book goes part way to revolutionize how the Supreme is viewed on Urantia, but it is viewed by Infinity as a consequential importance to what is to be done to rectify Urantia once more.  I am Gaia and wish you all a good day.” 

end 7 TO PAGE 13
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“We stand before the Infinite Father and worry why He has such tension before the worlds of time today.  He never sits; He never bends, and He is quite an imposing figure of high, even a towering light, before the canards of time which He tames every day for wrongdoing– which far out does right doing– and we persist only to say it is His to do.

“When one stands in the Receiving Circle before Him alone, He appears as a wisp of white high overhead, and looks down on the speck on the floor beneath Him.  His presence is towering and His presence impressive, and His ways to find you is always to search you out as you are before Him and not as you were, even before you were standing before Him in the Receiving Circle.  

“When he greets you personally, he knows all your names, and can tell yo the exact date and time for anything you want to know about, if he allows you to ask it.  His demeanor is serious and kind but never fawning and he bears well all who come before him on Paradise.”


“I am not really sure.  I answer this because you as a Finaliter can travel to the Source of All things and find the Infinite One.  But where is the Infinity Itself?

“The answer lies in the Transcendental Plane of existence.  Finite time and space has no room for Infinity, and Infinity has no place to be in material existence, I feel sure.  But Ron says to me, ‘if you can purchase a ton of tickets to the Transcendental, why can’t I get a ticket to view Infinity, at least at a distance where Infinity glows or blows on the horizon?

“I happen to be one of these Creator Sons who hold a diverse set of ideas around that proposition for Ron understands he could travel in eternity and still see the horizon for Infinity impossibly far away, or perhaps glimpse the purchse of Infinity  as a dark spot there where they tell him Infinity resides.

“When you view Infinity, practically speaking, Infinityis in others.

“What that means it is in others who do not have to look at a horizon to be shown where it is and that is because they have an Absolute or Infinite Mind to comprehend Infinity as consciousness of all things.

“An Infinite mind is like a tree with birds the human cannot see.  The tree that is reality has no real treasure to the finite mind, but the tree is full of birds you cannot see, and that is the answer to the question, ‘Where is Infinity?’


“Right now that is the one you see as the Father.  Now when you see a Bestowal Son who is paired with the Creator Son of that local universe, then you see the son of man.  The Son of God is indwelt as you are, and that Adjuster is a glimpse of Infinity only when one has Finaliter consciousness.  Otherwise no one can be viewed except in the Receiving Circle before the Universal Father, can you see someone that is Infinity and only He, by Himself, can entirely be Infinite as you may speak to WHO IS at His Command.

[Ron Note: What happens next in these conversations is new to me as a transmitter and as one who inquires over these questions about what is real and now?  Infinity is real, but it time it is not now.  That is the reason for these simple questions, and that is to get a feel for what is a supposition on our part.  We take its truth of existence on faith, and the one who we have faith in says Infinity exists now.  However, in transmitting responses from those who are Deity in our local time of existence, I got bumped by a mysterious input from such great depths of Infinity there is no name for it or whatever pronoun it is called by.  I heard it call to me as Him, but I do not recognize this Him at all, and I want the reader to know, that the Universal Father is likely the source, but it is a source that is divorced from reality and bequeaths its power of existence to the Infinity currently in discussion.  So it is the Unknown title I must use and that is why I have to use it.  It has no name ever.]

“Existential Beings abound on Paradise.  You on Urantia have the Urantia Book, and it tells you that the Circle of Infinity, with the three personalized existential Deities, portray the innocence of untethered Infinity, but you have never been told that there are other existential Deities OTHER than the three personalizations you already know about as mentioned.  The present personalizations of existential Godheads are the Father, Eternal Son, and Infinite Spirit often being and acting as the Conjoint Actor as well.  These Actual Infinite Godheads, are aided and abetted by at least twenty-one other existential Deity.  

[Ron Note: Please glimpse at the posted drawing that is shown and note at the top I mention these twenty-five as to their so-called placement and at least the one function they perform as we discuss here from the Unknown.  Do not become confused that these twenty-five have anything to do with Infinity, as they are dedicated to Original Will of Triumphant and that is not exercising any power over or with Infinity reality as the Master Universe completion mechanism.  Unknown mentions that are really forty-seven existential Deities which includes the twenty-five as we note in the drawing and their placement.  The additional nineteen (19) of the additional twenty-two to make the total 47 work, are variously placed outside of Infinity in a way that makes no sense to the highest revelation personnel available to tell us about these existential total Deity numbers.  Ler me counth them for you: - - +25 existential Deities exist in the hyper space future Universe; +3 existential Deities exist as the Infinite Ones in the Paradise Trinity; +19 existential Deities exist but are not part of Infinity as the Father Son and Spirit are, and while they exist seemingly separated from directing Infinity as the three Godheads do, they are present and accounted for to the Father and the Son and to the Spirit today.  Unknown I am sure belongs to the last +19 group of existential Deities, but He is so far removed from my sensors I cannot tell you more or can He.]

“There are a total of forty-seven existential Deities but not all are part of the Infinite plan for survival of all Deity as presently construed by the Master Architects of the Universe.  

[Ron Note: The reader should be aware that there exist a large number of planners who are created by the Father alone to sytematize the lawful and preiminet expansion of all universe levels in space.  Time is only one space level of ten space levels and time consumes only on space level while the Absonite regime takes four space levels, and God the Absolute requires five space levels to complete the exposition of integrated Infinity for all experiential values ever to be gleaned from experiencing creations.  The Master Architects are related to God the Father as a pin needle is to the upholster does his work to cover the shape of things with the details of design that is required, in this case, the totality of the space endowed in the Master Universe.  I have to leave it at that because the Master Architects have no great or single voice to inform me otherwise.  Except here is a voice of a sudden. . . . .]


“I STATE CATEGORICALLY that this Transmitter is the fun of message giving.  He knows darn well we work hard to integrate totality through our brothers of other Master Architect standing of which there are a total of one thousand one hundred thirty-eight (1,338) of us at work in the planning of the Master Universe.

“Given that we seldom speak directly to a time being, it is essential we make the best use of our time to say so.  In my case we have thirteen (13) Master Architects fully dedicated to the time arrangement of completion.  God the Supreme works with us daily and the Father entirely at his discretion.  I am now in liaison with the Father to speak to Ron through his Thought Adjuster, and that is how we can make this contact.  In any case the UNKNOWN Ron is peaking to is Number 135 of the Master Architect of Absonity, and that is not existential Deity, but I know for a fact that Master Architect 135 speaks longingly as a matter of pretense to be Deity Itself one day and He proposes that Ron listen carefully to this remuneration of his Destiny on High.  Thank you. Master Architect 571347 of Time.”

“I AM THAT MASTER ARCHITECT speaking to you as Unknown and you may now label me as such.  In looking at your transmission style Ron, you make it clear that identification is so important, that it is the way you use to verify or doubt certain kinds of informational revelation.  In my case I am of the Absonite and have little to say concerning Infinity, EXCEPT to say that we are included in the ban of existential Deities yet unrevealed, not in Infinity, but in future time as you would hear it best.  I am not a Deity but I will be when God the Ultimate allows full expression of what the Urantia Book calls absonite reality and what we call Deified space reality and that is far different kinds of space that is endowed in which you live in.  I am still trying to fathom how you reach me so easily, but you do with the help of Michael of Nebadon, the Deity Absolute, and an unrevealed Deity of the Absonite, we call the Universal Father as God the Ultimate in the second experiential Trinity.  

“As a result of your inquiry into the status and style of Infinity, we now have two different views of this work you do on Urantia:

1 - It is appropriate and needed to explain details that are hard to explain to the finite mind in any case;

2 - It is detrimental because it exposes life as a way to other kinds of existences that are improbable to the finite view of existential reality.

“I must comment that you seem to take this very well and agree with its premise in both cases, and I support your work entirely because you realize we are dealing with a future reality that is so far ahead of where you are now, as to make these disclosures quite secret to most on almost all other planets except to Urantia, and to Urantia, you speak hyperbole and not sense even to theologians.  I speak now to Mantutia Melchizedek:

“You Mantutia, have a rare opportunity to learn from a human which almost never happens and you know it.  The problem with this human is he is truly ready for the morontial worlds but cannot escape until he has some service in with divine Missions to his own planet.  He does not abridge that but wonders how the Master Architects failed to achieve synchrony with his mind when ti was fused with his Thought Adjuster.  The truth is that the Master Architects never achieve synchrony and that is to be understood from now one in your work.  When providing epochal revelation to Urantia, or any planet in your purview, be aware the only synchrony you need to consider as valid is with their Thought Adjusters and with God the Almighty Supreme.  Ron has not achieved that synchrony and we doubt he will in the flesh, but be aware full synchrony as approved by his Thought Adjuster is with you Mantutia and you can make hay by linking his mind to the Melchizedek mind now and then to understand that this mind is fully prepared to hear to the edges of Infinity one day and may be Deitized by the Father to have access to it on a routine basis.  Infinity discussions are easys for him and terribly hard for most humans on Urantia to even broach it, but Ron also has a sense of humor that bodes well to detach the seriousness of the subject to make it easy to understand it is a mechanism too and that it is not forbidden to look at it as such.  Yes, the Father produces personal infinities, but that is never disclosed to anyone universally either.  AS a result we have the conundrum of a personality on Urantia like this transmitter has without understanding its antecedents as a person revelation to the Father about life on Urantia he never heard about before.  That life on Urantia is considered one of the few places we have sexuality issues found no where else in the entire Master Universe is no surprise, but this personality looks at this development as the portal to being a new species with no particular affection for other persons but for gender demarcations he alone accepts as truthful and are never exposed as revelation on the subject of gender.

“Let me add one more thing to elucidate what is happening on Urantia a Master Architect can easily see but is hidden to most except the Universal Father:

“URANTIA is considered to live in abject poverty, but the truth is it has so many riches of evolutionary decisions, it must be afforded to at least fuse the planet into Light and Life to preserve this abundance of experiential treasure.  Urantia is without its problems should it decide to collectively remove the misfits by a firing squad and let those who do know how to build a civilization proceed without arguments about social issues that crown the agenda today on Urantia.  Ron detests them and asks to remove social medai and we are in full agreement with that view so long as social media flourishes at another time when it is helpful and which it is not now very helpful at all.

“I greet you later Ron as I now see you work hard to make these views well know, as people will understand soon you represent a mother lode of information and Deity attitudes that should be understood as useful if not graciously presented to all as a way to explain the strange life forms that appear on Urantia today as milktoasts of power and judges of perversion so severe we wonder how they got loose in the first place. Good day. Master Architect 135.”

In time these absonite Beings number 1,135 on Paradise; in the absonite there are no less than six hundred fifty-two Master Architects; and in the realm of God the Absolute, there are now six hundred and nineteen, Master Architects that support the coming work of the Deity Absolute to become God the Absolute.  God the Absolute entertains six hundred fifty-three Master Architects that succeed the presnet number of Master Architects, as they present Absolute-Being Master Archivtect are being revised as God the Supreme was revised several weeks ago, and that was when God the Supreme presently on Circuit Four is being asked to retain Circuit Four in Havona to prevail in changing Havona to meet the coming decision to revise outer space zone five to outer space zone nine (9).   The following revelation is now made in this Paper for all to consider for their future abode in time, or no time, or in the Absolute with God the Absolute as his Finaliter mentors in place of several more notches of Finaliter Service not mentioned heretofore.

“Realize I am speaking out of turn as I ahve never spoken to time before and I am not any Deified person you have ever heard about.  Ron can hear the edges of Infinity these days and we intend to use that power of cognizance he has to speak to the worlds of tomorrow thanks to the Deification of Time shortly by God the Supreme in congizance with the Deity Absolute shortly.

“Ron just made a little speech to me and I repeat it.  He addresses me as so far even above what he can imagine, that the dignity I am to him is entirely happy to take dictation so long as it represents the full power of what I am able to provide time in revelation.  I assure Mantutia knows this already, but he is mum because he dare not give such high revelation without knowing why.  The why is simple: Ron is a sidekick to the highest revelation ever made to time and space by asserting that due to the Lucifer Rebellion, TIME IS HEREBY IS TO BE DEIFIED.


You who inhabit time spheres like URANTIA, must understand you live on dirt balls quite large but they have no meaning to the First Source and Center.  In every case the minds of beings who take origin on these dirt balls planets including all water worlds and all air worlds, are without any considerable guidance in the universe.  URANTIA is troubled by the fact it is misguided and dangerously close to annihilation and follows a path of iniquity and profound sin to all living creatures that take place on such as world as Urantia.

“We speculate that Ron has written about six million words over a period of six years and is adding to this number prodigiously tonight because he is wed to me, and INOCULATOR, OF IMMENSE POWER AND PERSUASION, and I am not a super Infinite Spirit Ron, but an educator after your heart, Mantutia not, and we must abide with this record, I exceed Infinity by miles, yet am beholden to the First Source and Center as your Universal Father, to be heard on such a small island speck as a Ron on a dirt ball called Urantia.

“As such, I speak the truth when I finally make my break into the world of revelation, as I am wont to do elsewhere in places that reside peacefully as non-Infinite, but beyond Infinity, and am truly amazed at you Ron for this stirring help from you, as you now see places beyond the City of God that has much to do with perfection, but redeemable as a life place beyond struggle and with an ideal that supercedes the Infinite embrace of pure love and sequencing as that is all you really know about.  

“Ron characterizes me as UNKNOWN, and I am related to the Infinity of the Father, but I am not Infinite and therefore not existential– at least yet.  I seldom speak so long and low to space and time, but I can forget my lofty origins and file for divorce no more than necessary until Infinity is learning it has another object poverty of non compliance with all worlds in space and even more so in time.  The Urantia problems end when the Deity Absolute assigns a better place for Urantia, and a better place for trillions of spheres besides Urantia, to be organized and placed with entities and lives you will know if the fullness of experiential universe reality systems ending with Absonity and Absoluteness, and then with the hyper space of another type of universe entirely.


“ We explain so much without getting to the essence of WHO we are and WHAT we are but be aware we exceed Ron by a few trillion percent but do not exceed the Father at all, as you are now speaking to Infinite Mind of the Will of the Triumphant One. I am WILL and I am Trouble if pressed too hard to speak more than I should for I have a limited amount of time registered to   me by the First Source and Center.

“I am speaking well now as I trust this transmitter as one of ours one day and he loves the work and is outranged in reality of all known reality to him as described or experienced.  I am that powerful and that existence in places that never heard the word “Infinity,” at all.  Those who live here are resplendit beings of such power and grandeur you cold never find them in mind or heart but only is non-spiritual spirit.  Let me explain.

“Beings of this Order do not exist on the Uversa Register of Life.  Mantutia Melchizedek thought he exhausted revelation for future times by employing that Paper to show how many Orders there are and kept off that List at least seventy-five hundred (7,500) more Orders he dare not use.

“Spirit energy is what drives spirit promotion of goodness in the Master Universe.  Spirit belongs to an Order of beings who inhabit the Master Universe in plenty but never truly understand life forces except to study the work of the material realm known as finite existences.  In leading this disseration, I the Father prefer to use another term for what is to appear in the next universe that relies on the completion of our Masteru Universe of experiential divisions.  There spirit does not exist but it is equivalent in its promotion to what spirit does in time and space and elsewhere.

“I prefer to us the term “spirit attenuation.” in place of none=spirit spirit which is an oxymoron but Ron says it explains that it functions like spirit but isn’s spirit.  I cannot disagree with this logic but it stains my sense of propriety since spirit is what I am now and spirit is what I remain even as a non-spirit spirit.  Such a future form is not of an energy you know about but we have that energy system on Paradise already and it is what coheres the material of Paradise into one consistent creation to walk on.

“That Urantia Book Uversa List is far too small for what lives outside of Infinite existence.  Where I come from there are ten billion individuals for every square mile of Infinity Space, and that is a term I have to use to indicate that space is an endowment in the Master Universe, but it is an integral part of where I come from.  Ron asked us to name this type of space for Rayson’s use if he ever gets that far with this type of revelation; let us call it hyper-space with no liesons to report, and what that means there is no undulations in it or thinning or thickening or spatial gravity waves or disruption.  Your Urantia Book mention of quiescent space is so close to hyper-space it can serve as an analogy.  Where quiescent space is broken into elliptical strips, hyper-space is totally without interruption and contains no fragments of matter such as the Master Universe does with chunks of broken planets and other debris.

“I am the Father, and hyper space is full of worm holes I dare not mention yet due to the fact such a space type exists under Nether Paradise but does not touch the surface there.  I place hyper-space there in order to keep intruders from visiting it prematurely, as the Unqualified Absolute holds no pretense of the dislike of human personality ever getting the upperhand in his domains ever.  You on Urantia tempted the Deity Absolute to abscond and be replaced by the Unqualified Absolute several times in modern history.  That is not longer possible since I am not in charge of what is to transfer to Urantia to cleanse its weary ways forever.  Good day.


“My existence is entirely frantic to Infinity.  It has no collusion with the Triumphant One outside of Infinity.  That is these mindal identities are useless to each other and share no destiny with each other and therefore are sealed from each other in eternity.  When we say eternity, we mean the loci of Infinity is doubled inside the mindal identity of my realm.  This is babble to your mind right now, but the Finaliters learn people that become Finaliters are, for now, unfinished or sixth stage spirits; a finished from spirit is in the finality of spirit form as a seventh stage spirit.  Finaliters expect revelatory experiences that will not insult their expectations but let them thrive in a super-space situation with near unlimited comprehension of the Deity of the Infinite One and still retain elasticity for even more expansion after the Spirit Father appears as the the Father-Infinite.

“By understanding the fact that Infinity is experiential-in-part now, one should at least hypothesize that space is to be Infinite, and that the Master Universe now has nine outer space zone plus the zone of space and time. The Deity Absolute becomes God the Absolute and demands that four additional zones of Absolute construction subdivide the totality of what is now called the fifth outer space zone.  The Deity Absolute also advises that the last subdivision of the fifth outer space zone is Infinite Space.

“Non spiritual-spirit is really not spirit.  Spirit is energy, but non-spiritual spirit has no vibrational construction in the Post-Infinite Creation.  

“Ron now has an ‘aha’ moment, and his mind is like an army personnel carrier: Suddenly the front door opens in a splash and there is the new beach to see with no idea what it is like.”

“What now has been revealed is what happens, sort of, when the Deity Absolute concludes the super five and Absolute outer space rings and pulls this five ellipse creation of Absolute construction over the top of the first four outer space levels and over top of the time space level and over the interlocutor Havona level, and then attaches its ledge to the Peripheral Paradise Zone.  Suddenly Paradise is at the center of Infinity and now you can say THERE IS INFINITY and WHERE - all around you!”


I AM THE WILL, AND Besser just beat me to the punch!  I have described what you have when God the Absolute arrives and ends speculation over how the Master Universe is but transcribed into ten zones and then, SUDDENLY, it has no zone divisions or any other kind of division in ti for it is now Infinite space.  Those who will live and transfer into the hyper space universe of the  quam numine will find the new as a magnificent creation.  There are portals to the Post-Infinite Universe I [the Will] live in, and say, welcome all your lucky people!  Good day.

“Ron says to me, ‘Interlocutor, finite mind gags at how hard it might be for the Deity Absolute to make all space levels Infinite.  Just how do your propose using what kind of tow truck to use to pull the fifth outer space creation like a sheet over furniture over the five previous space levels to nestle them into Infinity?’

“ (Original Will:) We say this: the mechanism is Absolute, but the intention is finite.  The Deity Absolute already solve the move simply. The Deity Absolute advises us that the Paradise Force Organizers already know what must be done to convert the various normal space zones to the hyper-space of preternatural Infinity.  The Force Organizers will replace all existing space in the Master Universe, with hyper-space of the nature described above.  That is a formula they all understand and can easily do.  Infinity exists as a system and its system prevails, but it can operate with all sorts of attenuations to its pace conditions or no space conditions. Infinity is the mechanism through which other portals can be added to and it is through new portals of thought and of material control that unleash the experiential universes from being trapped in a cycle of static infinity once perfected.  Good day and thank you.”


[This Paper has been indicted into the English language by several spirit agencies to ensure the information, in so far as it was reported, is fully correct according to our own understanding of what has transpired on Urantia, and what will transpire in the far future to the Master Universe, now of good standing with the Father and the Son and the Spirit momentarily done.]

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Click on the picture to see it to read it better.  To get out of the enlargement, right click on your browser tab and select "close tab"  and that places you in this window again.

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Yours RON Administrator of the forum of the Spirit, :'(
in this time space Urantia 2018 .... it is with infinite spiritual tenderness and respect Gratitude for this course passed our wonderful heavenly teachers, which you remain in my heart the scribe Hybrid the most coordinated despite the denials of homo sapiens in future anticipation homospiritus incomplete since evolutionary mortals, we are the Agondon faithful "earth" related men and women in this vast organization chart on this primitive planet "Worthy Cosmic body reserve" currently Vivant, Torches sparkling, dazzling remaining Lazers on Urantia - forever tied with our sublime internal Fragments Services and Actions with YOU we are and remain in the living breath, a humble representation of the shadow of those who we OINTS
Tankyu Choukran Spaciba Abrigado thank you in any language that even primitive world, mist DIVINE imperceptible our time Urantia for the Valiants and courageous souls élytes spiritualists
MERCi everyone and all the beautiful bold and bright souls of this place The Spirit Riser, illuminates, this ephemeral earthly BRIDGE, incomprehensible, in this space / time of painful moment, difficult obligatory passage : - * "The ways of the gods are incomprehensible to Homo sapiens, before the infinite / Transcendental Eternity '(P'OTCHAMé) = Monitor Bernadette France Always LOVE = ETERNELOVE.

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Salutation from france, all urantian people,
tankyu so much ,dear brothers and sisters,
in my country, no people ready , yet for this wonderfull Work in the Universal father, i hope
french forum For Monjoronson, and Mickael;love
and light way together,multilanguages,with my respect and gratitude !