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lost my transmission


I tried to post a transmission by The Supreme Being.  It took me over an hour but only the first sentence was there when I checked the preview, and the body of the work then disappeared.  I'll try again tomorrow, but I stayed up late to do it (4:30) am
Anyone else having problems.  I do not like to copy and paste because it changes the font size.  Oh well

Ron Besser:
Amethyst: directly speaking to your lost transmission - you lost it because they do not want it posted.  Have you not listened to a few of us who experience this now and then?  I have no reason to speak further on this but now you know and welcome to the club of people who are exercised by this very experience.  Rest and relax and when the explanation is known you will feel better too, as least as I so suspect.  I am advised  the transmission is excellent but that is not the problem.  The problem is the Censor has had it removed from you doing anything with it right now.  Sleep loss over these kinds of vexation I am quite familiar with too.  Blessings.  Ron


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