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I wish to make an up to date and definitive statement with regard to:

1 - The fact of a new text of epochal revelation that is in reality a second and new Urantia Book edition;

2 - What the relationship is to present authorities who have cared for the first Urantia Book published in 1955;

3 - My position with regard to the new publication of the Second Urantia textbook;

4 - My longing to reestablish the Brotherhood and dismiss the replacement operating today with it.
- - -
I have deleted the old Category on this discussion form that was called the Second Urantia Book, as it was hopelessly outdated due to so many twists and turns in changes in policy by the Salvington authorities, and the following information I provide the List below is sanctioned by the Ancients of Days as true and correct as of today, the 25th day of March in the Year of Our Lord, Two Thousand and Eighteen, Forthwith:

1 -  The Second Urantia Book edition now exists as the Sixth Epochal Revelation to Urantia, and is being prepared for Release at this time:

The Second Revelatory Commission assigns the following by authority of the Ancients of Day of Uversa, the capital of the seventh sector of time.  The book is constituted and bound and ready for dissemination when the permission is granted by the Sovereign Lord of time, Michael of Nebadon, Creator Son 611121 and the Creative Consort of the same series.  There are conditions for release but I will not speak to them here.

2 - The Second Urantia Book has a new title and placement on the cover and inside the 2,145 page text.  It is no longer specifically designated as just the Urantia Book.  It is bound in azure blue leatherette and contains ridges on the back binding with the new title stamped in 24 karat gold.  This is designed to last and the ridges in binding will keep the cover(s) from falling or breaking off as they do not in the original edition of 1955 printing.  The relationship of the new Urantia Book as  the Sixth Epochal Revelation, is to the new Urantia Book Foundation established in Pennsylvania incorporated December 18, 2017 as a charitable and non profit organization (501 (c) 3) EIN 82-2412121.  The Pennsylvania Corporation, hereinafter referred to as the UBF, will commence operations in May, 2018.  It will afford offices for the operation of the UBF.   The First Urantia Book printed for distribution in October, 1955, will be allowed to dissipate into history and be replaced by the later appearing Sixth Epochal Revelation at the request of the Ancients of Days, who lament its early disappearance and will compensate the present Foundation for its work to redress its wrongs shortly.

3 - I am Ron Besser, a reader of the first Urantia Book since the 1970's.  I have placed it highly and am consequently greatly disappointed that the epochal affairs terminates the first Foundation and reestablish the sixth epochal care in the trust of the Urantia Book Foundation located in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, shortly.  I have openly cooperated with the Salvington Government, and with the authority of the Ancients of Days directly and through their representatives, namely the Trinity Teacher Son, Margul, and His good offices to represent my intention to provide the means and wherewithal to the authorities of the Salvington Government.  I now confess the following for public information regarding this change that will provide plenty of history to come when it is fully realized by the readership and corporations formed under the auspices of the Chicago, Urantia Foundation for the past decades of work they have achieved together.

. . . .

The Declaration of Trust now resides with the current Urantia Foundation and should remain there until the Salvington authorities are ready to make the official transfer of the Declaration of Trust to the UBF in Pennsylvania.  It is my assigned duty to accept the Declaration of Trust as directly established upon my authority to direct the affairs of the Urantia Book Foundation.  It is my assignment by authority of the legal and spiritual counsels of Salvington, to see to the safe and direct dissemination of the sixth epochal revelation to schools and universities, Seminaries, and other institutions,  high on our priority list to have this book on their shelves quickly and fully protected from theft and the discharge of certain religious groups who have sinned mightily by removing these texts as  quickly as they appeared in these institutions.  Al seven thousand four hundred twelve books of the first Edition as published in 1955 through to the current times, are noted as a loss by the Salvington government and those who removed them will undergo remission training at the appropriate time.

4 - Reestablishing the Brotherhood within the new Urantia Book Foundation
No other disappoint about the present Urantia Foundation disappoints me more than the dismissal of the Brotherhood in the early 1980's.  I understand the issues and the hot heads on both sides that destroyed this budding institution of religious activity for the betterment of mankind and  the true cooperating arm of the fifth epochal revelation as originally established in the early 1950's by the then operating branch of the proposed Foundation and known as the Contact Commission.  Dr. Sadler has proposed since then that all Commissions established in the name of the original Urantia Foundation, be abolished and a new Foundation be established to replace with a new creed to the love of God on behalf of man's woship before him.  I second that proposal from the Contact Commission which were the exact words taken from the now destroyed diary of Dr. William S. Sadler, inadvertently, but tragically lost to posterity now.

It further accrues to me to decide with the help of God through Michael of Nebadon, the Creative Spirit, and with the help of the Ancients of Days, to reestablish the Urantia Brotherhood of God to all people who have the intelligence and the will to obtain a God centered life before the Majesty of Our Father in Heaven.  I expect loud and noisy distribution of pamphlets and complaints and probable legal actions against my decision to revoke the current Fellowship, as unnecessary and intrusive into the affairs of epochal revelation in general, and in particular, the Sixth Epochal Revelation to stand before all creation on Urantia until the days of Light and Life are declared on Urantia in less than five hundred years from now.

Let me say that no other act of the present Urantia Foundation has discouraged so many who would have loved to be included in the Brotherhood in particular, and in my case, as a dedication of my own life to what it did and what it stood for, imperfectly mostly, but fully funded in spirit to work as a group who worshiped the Father and gave all to it in His Name.

After long discussions with the Creator Son and Mother Spirit, and with due consultation with Lanaforge as System Sovereign, and soon to be appointed to the majestic position of Urantia's Supreme Planetary Prince, and to be afforded all honors associated with the position of Planetary Prince and God the Supreme as His representative on Urantia to afford the mechanisms to establish Light and Life on Urantia, I have concluded the following and offered them, these, my thoughts concerning the Brotherhood of first priority to me.

The Urantia Book defaulted in the early 1980's over a battle between necessary changes of policy and production of on-going and new revelation to the Foundation.  The Foundation reared up and destroyed any life it found as apostate or heresy.  I have reviewed this history endlessly with the powers on Salvington and they conclude as I have that misdirection is one thing, but a declaration of war against the genuine intentions of the readership and counsel to the Foundation, was also manipulated by outside forces to the detriment of the fifth epochal revelation.  I felt after reading the indictment and the decisions by the Urantia Foundation, that a grave and unjust service dealt by the Urantia Foundation, would eventually force their replacement by the divine governments of Edentia and Salvington,  Today realize I have been an unwitting instrument in most of the decisions of those two governments, but I also stand four square to defeat the kind of drift that took away  the religious heart by the administration of the Urantia Foundation, and that it forever destroyed the check on Trustees to prevent over zealous compulsion of law to a revelation that distinctly sets itself against such treatment forever.  

In the tenderness of worship I was accompanied by grief and the Father often counseled me to stay the course.  Inventions of facts and heartless legal actions followed quickly from that administration.  The balance was all in the favor of unacceptable leadership and continues to this day over issues they know nothing about unfortunately.  I see it as my duty to redress the balance between religion and business and arbitrate between the two, and my first announcement one the new Urantia Book Foundation is operating, likely in May of this year, to reestablish the presence of  the Brotherhood and appoint an independent counsel to advise the Chair.

I therefore conclude this address and advice to those of you who simply have no understanding of the rocky history that adjusts itself to the Fifth Epochal Revelation. and in their wisdom, the Ancients of Days declare enough is enough and we reestablish the intentions of its new Chair to reestablish things once more as they should be.  

I have invited a word from the Editor and writer of many Papers in the present Urantia Book known as the Fifth Epochal Revelation to speak:

"I am he who edited for  the First Revelatory Commission what is known to today as the Urantia Book you read, some daily, and with glowing words for its warm reception in your hearts.  I ask all to remember that even epochal revelation must march on and further enlighten with additional revelation you all need to remind yourselves, it is still revelation, and it is not what is on your beloved Urantia.

"As a result of this discourse today, I am encouraged to recognize Ron Besser as the titular head of the Urantia Book Foundation, unless or until. Jesus of Nazareth shall step in as what Ron calls the Chair of authority to run it as it should be run to be fully inclusive and open to its deliberations, and no longer will a Foundation interpret what lines in it mean, and no longer will there be any copyright of its text or, if any, translations.  I, Mantutia Melchizedek advised the Contact Commission, that they were to establish protection for the revelation and that was, as they saw it, copyright of the book and text and trademarks of certain symbols.

"Be it known that no symbols will retain trademarks or any other legal protection so long as there is no egretious use of them in unsavory political or cultic activity.

"Further, let it be known that I Mantutia Melchizedek will Chair all meetings that the administration of  the new Urantia Book Foundation, as I am incarnated to do so; and this:  We further stipulate that Ron Besser is our agent until further notice and it is through his hands on a daily basis that the York, Pennsylvania location of the Urantia Book Foundation, will rest until adjustments to its administration are made by the divine will.  We further stipulate that the reorganization of the representation of  the sixth epochal revelation will be under the jurisdiction of the Master Son, Michael of Nebadon, and that all of us are beholden to the idea that Jesus will take his rightful place as the head of  this epochal work at the Urantia Book Foundation shortly, for we understand that it is this Foundation which will be acclaimed around the world as the suitable place for Jesus to make and stake His claims as the Second Return of the Urantia Bestowal Son, the son of man and the Son of God as you have been taught."

MICHAEL OF NEBADON - "I address this post quickly and well.  We have discussed for weeks how to make it clear what is to be on Urantia shortly.  It has been an arduous six or seven years since this was first conceived but all have pulled through to get this point today.  I further state that Jesus and Ron are well known to each other and that this decision was the result of Ron fully acknowledging Jesus must have or can have or however it best can be said, the running of the Urantia Book Foundation for as long as Jesus can manage to stay on Urantia before returns to Paradise to His duties there one.  I congratulate you Mantutia for having someone who knows the business Sadler established in all honesty in great trust and foreboding in Chicago before his death.  He is at work on Salvington now and is enjoying a small conversation with Ron from time to time, as Ron Besser is adequately entreated to speak with anyone in the universe including his Father who has fused him on Urantia for just serious work to be done here.

"I am the Sovereign Son of Creator status in my Local Universe of Nebadon, and I speak grandly and supremely sure that the transition from the old Foundation to the new one will go smoothly once all is understood by all participants in this immense drama of epochal revelation and the re instituting of the Group of Twenty-Five in days.  Michael."

. . . .


"I am greatly happy for all concerned today as this discussion from Ron has really set well with all of us as it clears months of speculation and ends the problems of rebellion not on this sphere but on an outside sphere known as little Panoptia where the rebel Midwayers have been resting for eons waiting for release and then rebelled when they were not released as promised.  This is a story for a later post but just understand dear folks this site got hit out of angst over so many reverses they though they did you a favor Ron and you let them slip through your hands on purpose.  We let this reside in your own minds all of you and await for further developments from the Ancients of Days. Good day,  I am Mother Spirit."

Ron Besser - I must conclude this long instruction and pray that it is definitive for your own information and what is to come slowly before your eyes.  You all know that I have transition problems unresolved and our Lemuel is patiently counting the days for his transition problems to be resolved too, as he is the second Father-fused individuals done on Urantia to date.  It is my intention to live up to what has been spoken to in this message to all you, and please feel free to comment on your posts here as I will not freeze this one so it is open to all who wish to have their say,  Thank you and blessings to all.  

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Experience with Father and in Father is personal, whether Ron invents his transmissions or receives them from Celestials, what difference does it make? so far as you get no means to check how true or false they are, you've got the option: take it or leave it. Your insisting on their credibility is a provocation which does not fit! Let us build together instead of unbuilding!

What's more, this site belongs to Ron,

However, what I can put in the light of info at my disposal is that Celestial actions on Urantia will be visible in 40 years, no now, so is it about time for the dreamers to wake up. Revelations are just up there and need to be picked up.
... as the Sun is setting, I wonder where are the Days of Yesteryear.


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Quote from Mantutia above: (all the first paragraph is beautifully said)"....that even epochal revelation must march on and further enlighten with additional revelation..."Unquote.

I am delighted that this revelatory way is taking shape. I feel this is the appropriate way in this quagmire of Urantia, to redo the thinking and attitudes better than what is currently under. Revelation as in the TUB and the new UB (hence the SER) as well as the five yearly Yearbooks and so on will have a lasting impression, a grace period of gradual change in the hearts and minds of our fellows to see the truth for themselves and make those decisions in light of them. It cannot be forced, it can only be given to enlighten the dark places of the soul of man on Urantia. A few days ago whilst driving the car one early morning to work, it became apparent to me with my Beloved Father that "revelation" is the way forward and so it should be. Let it be as Father wills this to be, the Light that lights all men in the world.

I am so heartened to this pathway and see the good sense in its ministration put forward as above by Father Michael, Mantutia, Lanaforge, Malavantra and all the amazing Melchizedek brothers along with Jesus our beloved Teacher and Master and with the wise operation of council decisions by the Group of 25. I see it as a well balanced counselling body on all fronts to this work of enlightenment. I am joyful beyond words and am fully in agreement to this wise direction. Thank you so much Father Michael and Mother Spirit.


Also this to add as my Adjuster inspires me to write the following:

26/3/2018 10AM(AEDT)

"Revelations are the bane of existence, it brings out the new tools from the old toolbox and is useful to apply in new settings. The old gives way to the newer take on seeing things in light of history. Remember, history has its place as it evolves to this point in time. Evolution is your mainstay as it is a sequential process of learning, doing and realising as it happens.

"Continue as you are living and doing in the flesh, this is a temporary time construct, an experience gained and acquired to enliven your wisdom for the ages to come.

"How you perceive it, is up to you; how you gather the corn from the bushes is a method you apply; how you muster in the cattle is a skill you mustered with persistence; how you see is dependent upon your time of experience in all that has been and your willingness to take a leap of faith, like a frog and croak like it is a noise worthy of your presence. That is all that you can be and more as you continue in striving to be more and more in attuning with your sensibilities as a child of the universe."


Much praise for God's work as He mightily moves in and through each of us,


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It has been said that the SER, in its first edition, will be in English and Spanish, the two main worldly spoken languages and we learn that, for its protection, a copyright is required for the Book itself or any of its text or translations, which I concur wholeheartedly, but the last part of this statement (underlined) brings me to realise how long will it take for the SER to be available in other languages if the all translation and printing are done on either Urantia or from Salvington, so as all nations of the world can benefit of the Revelations, therefore contained, without anyone left behind. Domtia
Oh, Lord ! I am your servant, I am your liege, it is my will to have your will be done, I am yours for eternity.

Ron Besser

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Thank you very much Sue for your remarks that cheer me too.

Clency, I must be very careful what I say about the first post above as an announcement to clarify where we are up to the minute with this divine project.

First: I did not announce anything about translations on purpose.  This is being argued out yet high above us.  I can only tell you that today, the 26th of March 2018, there will be no translations available for the first year and it will appear in English only.  This counters past announcements and that is why it was felt necessary to be as up to date as possible with an announcement and post where everything stands at this moment.  I do not want you to disabuse yourself of a good French translation or for those who speak Spanish, for a good Spanish translation, but that has not been mandated at all as of today.  How long it stays in English only, with or without a decision to translate and publish in French or Spanish or other language such as Portuguese, is not addressed.  However, for what it is worth, I am adamantly against ad hoc translations in other languages but have not real way to decide how to prevent that as of yet.
Thank you.
Ron Besser

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