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Pronto has been removed for cause

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Ron Besser:
Dear List,
The more we try the more we loose.  Unmitigated evil happens and we have been visited by it in an attempt to assassinate our wishes to provide the latest information concerning the spiritual Missions to come to this poor little world of Urantia.

I had email sent to me this morning, Pronto advised me he had duped us, and that he was really an alias for Afro Assale.  Afro Assale was placed on ban months ago for unsavory practices and legations of dreams induced by what I suspect were some very strong halluciantory materials.  It began to undermine the idea of prayer and the use of good spiritual living as the antidote to normal human problems.  At the time I told Assale he was worthy to post on the site and when he decided to stop practices of that nature I was open to removing the ban.  However that never came to pass and he choose to come back to the site using not one aliases but three.  Pronto,  he admits to, but I find no evidence of the other two yet and I have combed the list looking at the evidence and yes he was on this morning as a guest as Pronto got banned good and proper today.

One little note to our members in good standing:  Admin or Moderator on sites like this routinely take on people who are very unhappy they had some action taken against him.  Today I had the unfortunate necessity of banning Pronto whom I liked in his current incarnations by Assale.  Unfortunately I was taken in once again and have no taught myself to look very carefully at proposed memberships by noting the evidence they present asking for membership.  Assale is gone forever now if I can count on all the principles actions I can take working, and this software on this forum is horrible because it leaks all the time to allow the unsavory to sneak in in various different ways,  I have had to resort to looking at detail evidence I find very hard to control but it should knock Assale out for good and Pronto and the rest of them.

Second:  Unknown to all of you, and I am not giving you full details because it is dangerous, we have had a cult approach us and started using names in approved memberships and who started passing code words to ask me to thrown this site in their direction for use to spread their work.  I dare not speak closely to it but I detected what I had to and they are now history too.  But we cannot let our guard down.

I say this:  Do any of you realize that this site is watched by persons of considerable note who use this information from time to time to see what is really happening in the world?  It is true, and I tell members and guests alike, it is not unusual for a Moderator or an Admin person to take personality assassination, and Assale has promised to let loose on Facebook and other web sites really assassination type crimes I supposedly committed by being a member of the trust organization of steel and fabrication of the Magisterial Missions for Urantia.

In case you decide yourselves to open up with accusations of untruthful nature, I have no real means to prosecute unfair or libelous statements but the site must be kept clear of that evil, and I do not doubt there is in the background means to curtail people of this nature.  What I have to do is to make sure that when a person asks to be a member I know better what I am doing if I can figure out motivation early enough.  I also warn all who use any site that details with religion and its concerns, that you are involved with the most portentous reasons people get mad at each other about the subject and what other people say and do about religion.  Religion and what you believe to be true is guarded by all of you internally by a ferocious anger if it gets crossed by a stupid or evil person who has no idea what they run into with any of you or me.  That said, this:

I want to close this site down sometime around the beginning May 2018.  My reasons are peculiar to the subject of the Sixth Epochal Revelation and I dare not relate why at this point, but I will not tolerate what is going to erupt when we go public with what we have to in that approximate time frame.  All of you have my email address and if and when I have to do that (closing the site down for a period of a few weeks), use that address to write me to keep in touch.  Remember that it is a privilege and that we have taken all we can from God and what He is willing to share to this point.  I can be guilty of a lot of bad vibes myself but lately they cannot be bad enough with an attempted cult use of the site to pass codes and a man who lies and cheats with the best of the on the Ivory Coast of Africa.

Then too you must understand, members and faithful guests, that the time is near that I will not be the one fully in charge of what happens and how we work this discussion forum.  It has its problems, I know, and if I can afford it I will change the mode of operation to a better code software to end using that horrible menu for the text window to post your words.  But more importantly, I am assuming that when the Missions go on Urantia, they will want to control this outlet for news and information to all who read it regularly.  I do not know how that will or if it will work but I am forwarned even today by controls on the site and my intentions which infuriate me but I have to deal with them.  Banning is never a pleasure to me and I was shown this morning that if they do not want something banned I cannot get rid of it or is the software allowed to do the work I commanded it to do.  I also relate after yelling at the powers to be to stop it, once I carried out certain insturctions, the software was allowed to do its work.

You who are unaware of how spirit works must or will learn someday you cannot struggle against it.  Twice in the last twenty-four hours I have been shown the door against what I proposed to do and twice I screamed at them (not just a little yell) for reasons I was justified in doing as no one says, 'now Ron we are going to do this or that and just relax when you can;t start this or that for awhile,' as they seem to think I understand more than I possibly can.  This is why I say t o all who read this post, that you begin to appreciate the time is coming that many of you will experience what I do in the past six months and it has me so frustrated I kick tires now and yell at any infringement of my will to get things done as I see it has to be done.  In any case I also suggest to you that those who are banned on this site for the past three months have a lot of explaining to do for what they have attempted to pull the wool over my eyes to unprotect the site from their evil and their condescension toward Spirit.  I do not doubt it can be costly to them in ways I cannot imagine right now.

I close with this thought:

My nerves, honestly, shriek at the very life I have to live with for now.  No one comes to the aid of endless difficulties with my nerves, the aching muscles and capillaries in my system, or the painful pressure I suffer in my head all day long at times.  That does not come from transmitting, that comes from eating even well and often lately to keep my muscles from failing completely.  However let it be known that if I die it will not be by my own hand but a decision on high to end this difficulty of living between two reality systems I have to straddle daily,  I am not yet free of that difficulty and may never be left alone in a normal sense of life again, but I will have made enough statements around to let those they are important to, to decide what is right for epochal information to make its way into the minds of all of Urantia, and that I declare invalid those attempts to pursue revelatory or Mission decisions to be disregarded by the self important leaders that have seized the Fifth Epochal Revelation and made it trite before the eyes of the usual population living on Urantia.  Spirit dominates my mind but I am unfamiliar with its trait to harass when it cannot make its mind up how to handle as simple human request to participate fully in a divine Mission without being a Bestowal Son in the first place, and in the second place, why the Magisterial Sons insist on returning to work with us when the place is clear of those who just don;t care about what happens to them or the world and the rest of us living our first lives on Urantia.

You are now informed as to my life in the past ten days or so, and I lament it has to be spilled out so quickly and without many listening anyhow.  I hold all members in high standing with me and thank the Lord for you to the Father,  But we are also under unrelenting attack from sources that are supposed to be out and done for but seem to have a surprising lot of life left in them to harass me and sometimes you without you knowing the causes.  I am sure we have entities on Urantia who know the score and can deal with the problem when it surfaces.

We are getting very close to the time when the Spirit Clorox will bleach them out and done forever, but until then both man and his inborn evil of holding nothing but false testimony against innocents to get them out of the way of their nefarious plans to run Urantia their way, and to harass individuals who have thrown their full support to God the Father, that they must reap what they have sown and I do believe this entire matter is even being discussed on Paradise right now a we write this,

There is no devil anymore,  He died as he lived: without influence to change any history whatsoever!  But they were leaders of tens of millions of celestial life and that celestial life influenced all of us through a civilization over communities of folks who seriously mean to do well and to live well, but they are flawed in expecting reward for doing nothing but wait to see Jesus, or to go to a Paradise for being masters of the deceit of leaders who mean death, and not life and its rewards for being good and to live the life of the First Commandment: Thous Shalt Not Kill!

What has befallen this web site in the last four to six weeks is an attack on our purpose and our will to serve as best we can as we are addressed now by our Father on Paradise:

FATHER: "I am nonplussed with this report and I favor its wide dissemination as fast as it can get out.  Ron is seriously harmed by what has happened in the last days and weeks and yet bounces back with help for us when he can.  He has correctly reported the CULT and the serious breach of protocol by Daniel Alderfer, by Afro Assale, and a number more I have my eye on.  The truth is the evil is afoot and you need to curtail discussions right now about what we are doing about it.  A high Paradise Council has convened and the subject of all things is Ron Besser and his fight to keep this site clean and free of the evil that applies itself to generously in the past hours and days against all of you.  Not that you would fall to this evil, but that it exists at all.  I am sure we have celestial interference against Ron and he blew a fuse yesterday over that happening at all and warned us he would quit before he allowed it to keep taking place.  This is very serious business and we will make amends soon Ron to tone you down as you are nearly ready to throw the baby out with the bath water.  I am calling all on Urantia who can hear God in any way to cease production of works of thought until we can ban or end this interference as Ron calls it properly.  He also points out that it is an extraordinary coincidence that the three men who fused first on Urantia, have suffered unusual amounts of accidents and repercussions that have greatly weakened them physically.  He also consigns the fact it can just be coincidence and the fact that the three men are fairly old now too.  I concur with this thinking but I agree the coincidence is very odd,

"Finally, as your Paradise Father see no harm in looking at Infinity as Ron has well done, but some of your are greatly upset at thet look because you consider it somehow harms me as the central figure in universe creation.  That is not so and Ron has gone to extraordinary lengths to make sure you understand that is not so.  However, some of you read so poortly and comprehend so little you take the worst inference possible and run away scared and broken in dreams of a cohesive web site full dedicated to Me and My Creation.  Look aside and learn your revelation and stop being such dandies you cannot take learning something new as Ron has actually introduced a revelation to be made to Urantia not in 100 years but in 500 years and he will get more as soon as we can consign the time to give him Part III on Exposition on Infinity. "

"Once again Ron has broken ranks with me over an issue I hate to bring up but it has to do with thought processing that leads to evil and the corruption of the mind with it.  Afro Assale has managed to invade this site with two different monikers we know about and Ron has banned both of them completely now.  But he is working hard to undermine the site through Facebook and other web sites he is familiar with and who look favorably on this web site,  He will not get far as most people know the truth and will counter his work fair enough.  But let me remind all of you that evil is getting a good workout these past few weeks as Ron can attest to you.  That cult Ron refers to is murderous and must never be allowed near you or us again.  They also saw Ron as an easy target and he turned the table on them with our help be assured.  I also point out to the readership that nothing happens on Urantia without me knowing about it and the work to discredit not only Besser but some of the rest of you by Andy Vines and Daniel Alderfer is reaching a feverish pitch in Oregon and they have managed to bring down one web site already - the Rayson web site was running on a parallel station and it was cut off by the owner unknown to Ron or the rest of you,  Why Andy Vines did or does what he does is unknown to Ron or even to Me, but I assure you his days are numbered and he will see it indifferently Ron when he learns you have no use for him but do not hold him as a wasted human.  He has a marvelous gift and you know all about it, but it will not save him long.  I leave this small discussion into what we know on Salvington and what is better known on Paradise.  Ron is embarrassed over screaming and yelling at the spirit interference but because of it we learn his limits.  Those he trusts he trusts full and never will let us down and he is particularly well familiarized with the Cult styles of the Nazis and will never allow them near him or  the materials you read.  This should be a rude shock to many of you but your protection against evil has seen nothing yet as it will be let loose in ways that will sicken you soon enough.  I am Michael of Nebadon and I wish you a good ay as best as you can manage after hearing all fo this."


"I am now prepared to lay the law down in no uncertain terms.  We have individuals on this web site who will be removed for sedition in the Local Universe of Nebadon and have spoken crudely and openly in false testimony against several of you and you all must understand it is done to create the idea this web site is not as it represents itself.  It fully represents what we on Paradise want to do and Ron has never strayed from that purpose.  Andy Vines has achieve the goal to fully discharge the service Ron rendered to him to see to it he had a chance to familiarize himself with Adjuster contact, and then repudiated it when Ron showed him how to do that.  Instead that Adjuster kept Andy at bay and Ron let the matter drop and was more or less forced to keep Andy in food and shelter for a year.  Ron to this day cannot fathom a mind that is doing what it is doing to him without any offense whatsoever known to Ron for him doing this.  His hate for Ron is real and is based on the fact that Ron did not want a housemate but needed peace and quiet to conduct his important work with Rayson and Ultimatons and Ilok Powder Communition plans none of you know anything about.  It would not help for me to digress but believe me the world of electric power grids will sit up and take notice very soon as he Ron worked with Ilok for twenty years deep in discussions how to make that system work.  He remembers it all and has written a disclosure.

"I am particularly dismayed at Afro Assale who has bitten off more than he thought he could chew.  As Ron relates above he suddenly came forth this morning and resolved a mystery concerning his various identities on this web site Ron never thought to look at.  Now it is all in the open and we are glad Ron knows procedure well enough to fully Assale from ever using the web site again.  All he says falls in line with what Andy Vines and Daniel Alderfer are talking about and they will get no where now as the entire matter is out into the open.  Be assured those accusations are imagination only!

"I close this with an announcement:

"As Margul, I represent the Paradise Trinity on Urantia entirely.  I have a staff of seven, and in that staff of seven there are two Supernaphim who work with Ron almost exclusively to hold him back in his personal life and his professional life to represent Spirit with the Sixth Epochal Revelation, and to provide him the wherewithal to hold  the old Urantia Foundation as well as can be expected.  I have been in consultation with Michael about Ron;s ideas about the Urantia Book Found Brotherhood, and we are delighted to learn the Father affords Ron the highest honors for what he proposes.  I am asking Ron to make a post to this forum in the Second Urantia Book Category and to let people know and see his vision for that Brotherhood when it is fully cleaned of his own mistakes of view.  He also has a better view than I thought and we remind all he has full Adjuster contact in a way few ill ever have even on the mansion worlds before fusion there usually now on the third world of Mansonia.    

"Finally, and we close this post now:  the trial to be a Moderator or Admin on this web site is daunting yet Ron fields it so well we will not ever allow him to pass that responsibility to anyone else ever.  We see his fair and Adjustered consideration of who is allowed to become a Member never fallacious and always fair to those who stray sometimes in bitter water of untruth.  Yet he sees Afro Assale so deceitful and the Cult so bad and Alderfer with Vines the Judas of recent experience, he will be unremitting in their prosecution with our help and the Salvington Government.

"Be assured evil is afoot but it will last only as long as to when we find their hiding places and remove them unceremoniously and deal with them on Uversa where they should have been in the first place millennia ago.  I close with this approbation against Ron and his sillies only because I want to.  He is unremitting in his belief that God must accurse what is Urantia today and to leave it barren if it cannot understand God at least in the smallest amount possible to recognize Him as Great.  You all are also under the gun to understand Him better too as many of you write incorrectly about his abilities and his wishes and that is ours to retain for another time in another post for now,  Good day, Margul."

"I am the last to criticize Ron for spelling but this is awful Ron.  I am Michael not Mitchel and stop laughing at how you are falling all over the keyboard this morning.  You night has been hell as you burned all night and this morning were subject to an Assale jibe that was painful for you to learn as you thought Pronto was promising, [yes]   In any case that deed is done as you wonder why Pronto confessed?  The truth is you laid it on so hard and thick he could not stand it anymore and confessed.  Let that be a lesson on how we work sometimes.   You also must be aware of your exhaustion about many subjects you hold dear for so long and you will be please with what comes to you as a gift of Father very soon.  Be assured it is meant for you alone to figure out completely some day.  The trial to learn how to be good when exceedingly vexed as you were yesterday and today Ron is to pretend you know nothing.  I also see you running to eat well again today as there is a show on TV concerning the end of tie you need to see soon Besser.  Good day to all."


Wowsee Ron, you have not had a break from all these crooks!  May they just go jump in the lake for all I care! And I wish to personally thank you Ron for clearing some of these people who had the potential do more harm than good in this discussion site that dwells in the light of God who works to keep it that way through you, our Administrator . This has taught us all to watch out for more of these people who sneak in and try to cause some nifty things. This also teaches us to be on guard, using discernment and good sense when we see post showing some out-of-context points of views and so on. I saw Pronto's confession a few days back and was suspicious since as this has some ill-feeling to the sentiment expressed. I am grateful Ron has cleared up this and I'm surprised that old members like Assale have the nerve to do such devious things using another moniker name or more names, how insidious can one be!

Now for those banned ones mentioned, I am not blind! Ron has been shot because he is the Messenger. It is not him but you have directed your dislike and ill-feelings to him and rather, what needs to be understood the same thing happened to Jesus some two Millenia years ago. You misunderstood Ron and I dare say most of us have done the same, but in all, he has stood in to take messages, lessons and dictation that defies explanation as to the brevity, the intelligence and the sheer length in details that no human can even do that. Ron is a son of God, he speaks it as well as lives it. He even wears the scars that goes with it. Sure so much has gone under the bridge and so many things were promised but broken over enough to break some of you in your trust in all that the Celestials wish to be doing. I know for a fact, God will not be beaten, He won me and I failed in one area and that is to admit that He is the Light we all need to look and not lose sight of ever! There are certainly moments we all need lessons of humility. God moves in His own way and that is truly an amazing part of Him when we see it in action.

Anyway, I'm just so happy to be here with so many of you dear brothers and sisters, who have stayed the course through thick and thin in the hope of God's brilliant way forward that He never ceases to amaze us. Glory be to God! Thank you Ron, Margul, Michael, Mother Spirit and to all those amazing Seraphims and Supernaphims! We haven't seen all of what IS to be known yet, so be kind dear ones.


Just a short note to echo your thoughts Sue and remind all that evil works in nefarious ways to fool the heart of humans who believe in the Father of all.  So glad there are so many who wish to carry on no matter what the price.  Kudos to you Ron for carrying the torch for us to follow its wonderful light.


Dear brothers and sisters, it is not my intention to spread fear or to create a psychosis in the mind of anyone, but bear with me when I say that we, here on the forum, who are on the forefront, particularly the fused ones among us, are the main targets of those negative forces, still wandering around, despite the fact that the Lucifer rebellion has long been gone. We must grow in awareness that we are physically, if not spiritually, threaten and so we must pleed the Father in prayer for His protection, until Urantia is cleansed out of those devils in disguised. Domtia

Hi Ron ,that was some news, never did I suspect Assale and Pronto to be the same person, you can't take anything for granted these days. I assure you that Pliktarious is Pliktarious and no one else When you mention "cult approach " is this a religious cult or something far more sinister with connections to dark forces beyond our control .
Sometimes I get bombarded with dark thoughts which try to overcome me ,but I pray to God and it goes away. Wivine Smets was a pioneer when she helped the celestials to clean out dens of dark forces and am wondering if there is many of them still hanging around. I don't want to sound like a superstitious person but strange things do happen during ones life. Hope your aches and pains go away , all the best , Domtia.


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