Author Topic: Michael of Nebadon and God the Supreme on Mortal Mind and Spiritual Levels  (Read 273 times)

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Speakers: Michael of Nebadon and God the Supreme
Subjects:  The Mortal Mind, Spiritual Levels of Growth, the Father Within, and Further Growth with God the Supreme.
T/R: Sue Whiley aka 7inOcean
Location: Geelong VIC Australia
Date/Time: 04/04/2018 2.55am (AEST)

[Sue here: Allow me to start off with something to share. As it goes on Instagram, one of my biological brothers posted a photo image he took from the beach looking out towards a distant cumulus mass of clouds with the sun setting upon them, giving off those brilliant colours of yellow/white, pink, orange, golden hues with a purple underbelly that so often happens at that time of day. Now also, these clouds develop from Cyclone Iris that is currently formed and moving southwards along the Queensland coast. He would most likely be seeing those clouds as the tail end of that vortex system. He posted the image with the words, “Ocean Fire!!! How great is our God?”

Man, as it goes, at his level looks up in wonder at such natural spectacle and see Deity in such phenomena when one knows it is simply nature at work and sometimes with spectacular results to be seen. We all know now that with the help of science and satellite imagery, we are given the benefit of further knowledge of such cloud development that forms into cyclonic formations, mainly due to the temperature/pressure build up generated between ocean currents and climate and wind and so on, which are natural elements that currently exist on the planet. My thoughts are that I wonder, how many times or levels do we as mortals go through this process of wonder and amazement of Deity greatness as is postulated by my brother above in his outlook?

I dare say his is of the normal material mind of a typical Urantian faith creature, but when one goes deeper into the esoteric nature of the God within, then it becomes a different manner of worship and amazement. I dare think the esoteric mortal becomes more attuned to the spiritual aspect of God’s calling whereas the material creature who sees God so far off and knows not of the greatness is mistaken to think that he is so remote and aloft, but what and why does he say of greatness of Deity when he knows not of Him?

Again, how many levels of such searching do we as faith creatures go through to arrive at such understanding of Deity? These are my thoughts and when I approach Father, I asked Him. So Father what do you wish to say in all of this?]

Michael of Nebadon:

“Yes Sue, this is Michael, your Local Universe Father, your Creator Son. This is of normal admiration from those who are at that level of wonder when one is ever to take the time to take in such elements at work. You, on the other hand, are much more mature in reaching those areas of understanding that bespeaks of wisdom gained from your growth in finding the voice within. One looks outside of himself, you looked within and heard me and know me by my voice. Remember, when Jesus says, “My sheep hear my voice and they follow me” [yes, indeed Father], “Good and that is true of you who hear me well. For those who are still looking outward, there will come a time when they will discover what you have discovered by hearing and not seeing. Also said Jesus, “Blessed are they that have not seen me, yet believe in me”, so it is for those of you who believe with the eyes of faith. This is in due regard to the Mystery Monitor, your Thought Adjuster’s work in steering you to those levels of insights in knowing deep down there is more, so much more to know, a source far deeper and wider and it is very much resident somehow within. This is the very essence of what makes you search because it is a gravitational pull to the centre. Just as that cyclonic vortex does, everything gets circulated and pulled into the centre and that pull draws you in with the Father who calls you in that “still small voice” within you.

“When once you know the voice, you become born anew in the Spirit of God that is within you. You know now God. You know true Deity and how He works as He reaches out with His loving self and knows you so well. The Adjuster is your true friend and self. So when you consider how many levels of illumination does man go through, it really is dependent upon you to come in touch with that deeper self that is tugging at you. When you have reached that level, then you are like going on a ladder and there are steps you take upwards to reach that destination atop, then also do you do likewise in all the steps to be taken to learn…...Deity.

“Yes, you stopped there and weren’t sure I said that word “Deity”. I did say it and I pressed you to write it, why? [Please explain Michael] “Your Ascension Careers lead you to Deity, you know that as a fact, why? [Because of the Father within that pulls me toward Him], “Yes, exactly true, and it is to Him you go and are trinitised before the Paradise Deities for work in the infinite universes to come.

“Yes, I am pushing you to look beyond those clouds to the infinity that is very much your domain to be busy in with the Father. There are many levels you will be going through to help you reach those areas of maturity of thoughts and wisdom wherein you grow more and more attuned in with the Paradise Deities and that is your destiny in with.

“Yes your insight is much deeper than what your brother has postulated and you see the level he is at, and yours too, I might add. To this you acknowledge as well in yourself and calmly know that the answer is more than he knows himself at this point of level. However, you are to pray for all of these your brethren, that they may be helped by the Father who knows each one of them and He will soon enough, as each will come to know Him when revelation reaches them as it has for you, albeit in a different manner, as you have received it.  You are of a true agondonter mortal that believe without seeing and even more so that you know me by my voice in you. That is morontial Sue, and you are well on your way in those other morontial levels that points you further along in with God the Supreme. Yes, you are surprised, yet you know it well deeply. I have God the Supreme here and wishes to speak with you Sue.

God the Supreme:

“Aye, my lass, you know my voice when I speak it in this manner and I hail in you to good humour and cheer, you know of what I speak Aye! Well now, there we have it, I take a liking to you and am very much with you as you stretch yourself to the rivers of my liking and I’ll have the joy of taking you to task to weather a lot of me, my lass, Aye!

“Well now, you know my jolly half and now I give my serious half and that is another part you got to know of and I am delighted you took that well as I can be a difficult taskmaster that really gets your muscles working. That is all for now, and you will see more of me as I have gotten a latch on you well and truly good, Aye my lass and have a good day!”

Michael of Nebadon:

“This is Michael again Sue, I aver to think that God the Supreme has trialled you and find you taking on a mighty call that I know you will do well to allow time for those indwellings he impresses upon you as he often does to get you going in all things that he speaks well of. This is an area of work for those who are fused as you are, along with Ron, Lemuel, Larry, Amethyst and more who are soon to be. God the Supreme is taking those initiatives with the fused ones to enable your work to be of a quality matchless anywhere else as you are all still mortals in a world under so much loss of real understanding. There is more coming for you to know and I will leave it here as you are getting weary now. May I say this, keep at it and you will do well to be in my peace as you always do, thank you and good day.”