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Spirit Communication
« on: April 06, 2018, 12:08:09 PM »
I received a lesson which I am allowed to share with you.   The lesson is not complete and will be an ongoing one for me.   I had asked to learn more about communication with spirit and why are there all these inconsistencies and apparent miscommunication from them.

I was told that "messages from spirit to a mortal always have the possibility of being distorted.   When the message comes from spirit to a mortal who sends that message to you, the possibility increases exponentially.   It can be like the children's game where one child whispers a message to another who whispers to another and so on down the line."

(Now Ron, don't flip out.   You are not being targeted!)    " The 'fault' can also be found in the person who ultimately receives the message.   What you actually hear may not be what spirit meant.  Not all spirit understands English, French, Spanish, Russian, etc.   Michael does and so do some others but not all do.   Messages have to be translated from our language to yours.   We come from different worlds.   Many of our words have different meanings than yours.   I did not mean to hurt you or cause you pain...................."

"When you receive one of our messages, listen with your Heart as well as your mind.   Remember who I am and where I reside.   Do not react with such strong emotion!   (I was given a picture of a teenaged girl who had just been told she was grounded and had her phone taken away from her!  Talk about drama!)   "Remember, that I always come to you from a place of Love."       Be in Michael's peace.
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Re: Spirit Communication
« Reply #1 on: April 06, 2018, 01:10:09 PM »
Allie, thank you for sharing this message, as it goes to the heart of why transmitters lead a somewhat frightful life as they are both misunderstood by the receiver frequently, and they are beholden to their own indwelling who must translate the spirit language to you the receiver.  How that comes across to the recipients mind is a third part to the equation.  I am somewhat of an exception yet I am also subject to those elements of how you take a transmission.  That is true for all of you.  The death of Lemuel is still reverberating with me as I write this as I cannot fully explain my deep emotions attached to someone I never met in person, but I can tell you he is the one who wrote me he was dying this morning and I forwarded that message of his last testament to this discussion forum too.  I will not post his goodbye to me but it burns my heart yet to lose him with so much promise to be shortly delivered to me, to you, to members of this list, and to suddenly fall away leaves me bereft and so so unhappy that he could not take one more beating of that poor body so ill and so cut up with surgeries.

He was awake and spoke to me via the Adjuster and soul who both reminded me he is not dead but not on Urantia now.  Death like this makes me angry at the process when we needed as many fused people on Urantia to fill important posts for the missions to follow.  Yet I am fully adjusted to the fact I could die suddenly too as Lemuel were almost identically done and of the same age almost precisely.  Our birthdays coincided one day apart in the same year and I considered him a standing reminder even at this age we were still living and still promising our support to the Michael Missions on Urantia.

And finally, I do not take the slightest upset ever over statements you make above because it is true and the statements all ring true and I have spoken of this communication problem often.  But your Adjuster brought it really home to you and do please listen to him through transmissions as he has your life in his hands and will act accordingly when the time comes to advise you of your role.  One time I spoke to you saying you could fill the role of NUTRITIONIST to those of us who work these Missions and need healthful reminders of how to live and eat.  I do not know if that is still held by spirit for you, but that is right up your alley of interests and I leave that for another day as well.

Finally, I transmit your Adjuster for you and He says I am 100% accurate 99% of the time:
"Ron seriously laments the end of life of Lemuel.  He hates the fact he left with so much promise now unfulfilled.  Yet he knows Lemuel will be happy again and as he told Lemuel in crossing, 'Lemuel you will be so much happier now and that is what is important.  You left the battle tanks and paratroopers alone and behind you now.  Meet your family on high and your relatives waiting to greet you soon including your mom who just passed a short while ago.'  I said this in a symposium to Lemuel before all this happened just in case he had to die to remove the stigma of such serious illness as pneumonia and a broken rib again.  But he laughed and said he was going to York or bust and that he was a musketeer.  That was Ron's word for him when he felt low, and Ron cheered him immensely all the time as Lemuel cheered Ron with his tape work.  Nonetheless, Allie, you persuade yourself you know better when you know nothing in truth, and you must own up to the fact that your heart is broken and your life a shambles over issues only you know the details of as I do not bother them all entirely.  Now we close a chapter in your life:  Your fusion status is on hold now, not because you did anything wrong, but because you waited so long to address the issue at all.

"Secondly, Ron has pulled a fast one on some people on this list to clear it of false advertising as he would call it.  We lament he knocked one off in Maine who was genuinely interested but got a strange message from him that has her so perplexed she still does not understand what happened.  But not so.  He caught the fact that she was falsifying her message but working for a brute that is evil with slights of hand this list must not participate in ever.  He caught that and she does not understand that at all.  He laments doing it, but also understand that the death of Lemuel leaves a huge hole in Ron's heart and he will always honor the memory of Lemuel as he tried his damnedest to make things work on this web site.  Lemuel was fused and Ron is fused and so on.  What you fail to recognize is that all those fused are in your corner to find the way to Me in order to bring you into the lighted circle those remaining four work in as themselves and as Lemuel did.   Your fusion projection is excellent but we lament the fact that Michael is closing the window on this unique opportunity to fuse in the flesh on Urantia to prepare for high administrative work as it will come to Urantia shortly.

"I am your Thought Adjuster, and we have so far a 100% accurate translation of what I am telling you.  Ron asked if he bobbled any of the words and he has not.  You have it as I speak it.  Your cause is ruined time to time because you fail to take seriously what you hear on this web site.  The end to Agondonters has already happened but Michael allows a small additional stretch of time to allow that to happen yet, but as of certain time in the near future all of it is closed off for now.  That includes fusing in the flesh without destroying the flesh at this time.  That opportunity will be reopened in a few months or years soon, but you made it impossible to do for you because you flared awful temper tantrums over what you have been told by me and others and it cost you.  Be of good cheer though as you are close to fusion in spite of low psychic circle attainment for your age and experience.  That can be made up on high and will be, but we need good administrators on Urantia, and Ron reminded you of what I told you some time ago:  You would make an excellent nutritionist for the Mission workers, but you turned your nose up on that and let it stand without further investigation.  You left me holding the bag in planning for your use and it stops me developing you towards supernal goals you have to face up to some day.

"I close with this: Ron and the others know that transmission work is fraught with dangerous egos in place and Ron has managed to submerge his completely and Larry and Sue are working to do the same.  Amethyst is so retired she hardly moves these days and must do better or be removed from the circle of light for her own good.  I doubt she understands that but being retired in the face of grave danger is exceedingly danger for the person who is so construed.  Be assured your best interests are considered, but fusion for you right now is by the board over anger issues and fairness issues you will not adjudge finished.  We welcome your feedback and please learn to transmit me fully and place me higher than you do for now.  Thank you.  Your Adjuster, Pre'Msha."

"Allie takes no umbrage at the possibility he mistranslates sometimes, and frankly we all do and that is the way of learning to transmit.  I recently told Ron I was changing the style of transmission and tried it on him and he found no difference!  Why?  He no longer transmits through the hypocampus or the third eye, but through a device we implanted in his thorax and it gets in his way of breathing sometimes, but the point is he hears completely and well and you received no mistranslation from him on anything as it was sent as he heard it via Jesus Myself, and many Others.  Let it stand that you need emotional counseling and a way to unfreeze your heart over people like Andy Vines who hurt you with snub after snub.  He is mentally unwell as Ron fully knows now.  He is also in the possession of a mind so unusual it will be a great loss to humanity not to have it working somewhere else on Urantia.  Ron is fully aware of what it is and is so surprised and so unable to discribe it he refused to tell Andy for fear of him messing it up by not knowing what to do with it.  You need to learn to forget as Ron has and as most on this board know: love is a hard patch to accept but it happens and cruelly sometimes.  Leave alone your hurts with the ex and so on that followed that.  You are quite well as you are and can be a great nutritionist if you so choose.  But you have other choices too and they have not been told to you either.  Women will serve as Acolytes int he Brotherhood too as Ron has insisted it not be male dominated.  He loves you too Allie and uses you as a blood hound and successfully too.  Be aware that Maria was an Assale plant and he figured it out why all by himself.  I wish you all a good day."


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Re: Spirit Communication
« Reply #2 on: April 06, 2018, 04:56:48 PM »
I need to make a comment before I lose my courage.   Yesterday, I was made aware that the painful personal message I received from Jesus, through Ron, was 100% accurate.   I was talking to my Adjuster and trying to figure out how I was going to deal with this.   I  knew I needed to work on my anger and my misunderstanding and begin to act in a more calm and respectful manner.

And then I read today's post from my Adjuster, through Ron, chastising me in a public forum.   I thought my Adjuster and I had such a good relationship.   I spend my day with Him and we talk to each other.   Not as much or as completely as He talked in that post today.   I had no idea I was doing so badly.  I thought I had fixed the problems that I had been told about earlier.   I was wrong.

We had been discussing fusion.   I had told my Adjuster that fusion was not in the front of my mind.   I was more interested in having a closer relationship with Him so we could work better together as a team.   I needed Him to be my Teacher because I had so much yet to learn.   And I really would like to have Chariots of Fire when we leave Urantia!

I find it painful to find out that all the reading and studying and service I have done has meant nothing.   When Michael asked me to work as the Nutritionist for the Magisterial Mission workers, I was so excited and immediately agreed.   I started gathering books and papers and information and started planning.   I contacted a retired college professor who taught Nutrition, for any tips he could give me as I wanted to do this job well.   He was very receptive and gave me all his notes!   Then Michael told us all jobs for the Magisterial Mission were rescinded and the Mission was going through another change.   So I packed up all this information with a lot of regret.   Today, my Adjuster wrote: " You would make an excellent nutritionist for the Mission workers but you turned your nose up at that and let it stand without further investigation.   You left me holding the bag............."   What is going on here?   Doesn't my Adjuster live with me?

I need to decide what to do next.   I am pissed at my Adjuster for not getting in my face and telling me what an ass I've been!   I don't know how much more open I can be, but we will work on that.   I think He and I need to have a pow-wow and come to an understanding.   Father, you know I love you deeply.   And I know you are able to give me correction directly as well as the usual pleasantries.  

By the way, there is no "ex" and there has never been an "ex."     I also read the part about my needing emotional counseling.   Honey, everyone on Urantia including myself could use that!

One more thing.  I knew that Lemuel was still alive no matter what was being said on this Forum.   The brilliant white Light of that beautiful soul was still shining.   I thought I was going to need sunglasses!

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Re: Spirit Communication
« Reply #3 on: April 07, 2018, 12:50:04 AM »
I get the sense from the forum in the past couple of weeks that a lot of us are going through some very tough stuff right now.  I'm not sure what it is or why it is happening.  I sense it in your post and I have been on an emotional roller-coaster with many spiritual questions and concerns that are difficult for me to process.  I have felt shocks and experienced totally unexpected things, and have had trouble finding my equilibrium.  I know they are spiritual in nature, but beyond that, I know little. This is a time of testing, but I know I don't have to tell you your Adjuster is always with you.

I applaud your courage, and admire your sharing.  You go girl. :)

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