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Awareness versus Preoccupation
« on: April 07, 2018, 12:39:13 PM »
Speaker: Michael of Nebadon
Subject: Awareness versus Preoccupation
Category: Threads for New Transmissions
T/R: Michael S. Queen, Kasaan, Alaska USA  
Saturday, April 07, 2018  1515 UTC

“We have arrived once again at this place with you, My son – let us begin. Your mortal mind juggles many things… much input, much from your animal creature origin, and even more from your Father Fragment as well… as well as the Spirit and Seraphic teams that attend you and your cohort.

“You are presented with much to process – receive, consider, contrast, keep or discard, then integrate, assess, and reassess. That is the nature of mortal and spiritual maturation, growth, and progress. While mortal worlds across the universes differ greatly, still the pith and essence of your growth and learning processes remain remarkably similar.

“You perceive much of the planetary activity swirling and eddying about you as you survey the behaviors and events of your fellows… and you worry much about meanings, and values, and outcomes. It is good and proper practice to be aware of and understand those events about you – especially to the ends of how they might affect you and those you are responsible for and to, that you might wisely prepare or act on their or your behalf so as to further your security and enable room and time and energy for even more spiritual growth, development, and maturation. Nevertheless, awareness is one thing and preoccupation entirely another.

“For all the apparent ‘hard reality’ of mortal existence, forget not that there is nothing ‘real’ about your sojourn here on the world of your mortal nativity but for those treasures you lay up in heaven – those thoughts, words, and deeds that flower and bear fruit in your nascent soul. Only those things rise and awaken with you in the Resurrection Halls.

“As I repeatedly endeavored to impart to my apostles and disciples when I incarnated among you, what the mortal who was Jesus had to internalize too, was that upon this or any mortal world, there is, in truth and in fact, nothing, absolutely and irrevocably nothing that can be of real harm to the one who has found the Father and is desirous to know more – even the flickering hope of such a kinship is sufficient fare paid for transit to the Mansion Worlds.

“Love yourself as I love you – learn about, foster, and grow in that same love. Love your neighbor and embody the love and mercy of the ‘good news’ to your fellows as you continue to cultivate that knowledge and guidance within yourself. All of this ‘mortal stuff’ passes away – the briefest of instances in your eternal journey toward the Paradise Father.

“There will be a time, My son, where you will pass inward and upward beyond Me and Nebadon, toward ever more learning and living in the similitude of the First Source and Center, fused with Father and increasingly indistinguishable from Him. Yet, even as I am in Him, and He in Me, you and I will ever be one in His will for us both.

“Learn to disengage even more from the stimuli of mortal existence as you seek ever to improve upon your ability to come to and reside in stillness. It is here, in this still and quiet place within, where the realities of eternal life and ascendant growth await you.

“Break now – rest and refresh – turn your thoughts from the external to the internal. Receive that refreshment and energization that circulates always from the Paradise Isle. Go in my peace. Good day.”

michael s. queen
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Thorne Bay, Alaska 99919-0470


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