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Words of Comfort from Gaia
« on: April 08, 2018, 02:53:49 AM »
Amethyst:  I was thinking about and feeling close to our Planetary Supreme tonight, so I went into stillness and asked if She had any words for us.

Topic:       Words of Comfort
T/R.          Amethyst
Date:         April 08, 2018

Amethyst:   Planetary Supreme Gaia of Urantia, do you have any words for this forum tonight?
Gaia:  "Yes, Amethyst, I do."

Gaia:   "While all Planetary Supremes experience the full spectrum of the experiences of their planetary creatures and mortals, we that are the Planetary Supremes of the 37 apostate planets have what you might call a sorority of sisterhood because we have all had the extra experiences of pain and suffering felt by our wards.  While all Planetary Supremes experience this, in our cases it has been extreme and therefore given us an added layer of experience that adds a dimension and depth to our total understanding of the mortal and even animal experiences.  Just as pain stretches the human soul in its growth, so too does this extra layer deepen our understanding of what you have experienced.  The planets and systems caught in rebellion can contribute mightily to our parent Supreme Being, with a wider range and increased field of experience not had by those planets that progress without default or rebellion.  This is both a burden and a blessing to us.  On the one hand, rebellion causes so much pain for generations and millennia, and feels so heavy to carry, knowing how much the children of such planets suffer.  But at the same time, coming out of this experience after the healing truly begins gives all those who went through it an added magnitude of compassion, empathy, appreciation, and ability to love.  Nothing matures the soul like the understanding of what others have experienced.  And I submit to you that this extra understanding that the ascenders from Urantia and the other apostate planets have, will in the long term, serve as a tool to bolster your opportunities for very rewarding service in the ages to come.

"You on this forum are particularly blessed.  You have not only the  knowledge of the repercussions of the rebellion, but many of you also have been given the vision to understand what this means for the evolution of the planet and the overarching wisdom and patience to see that it is a very difficult knot to untie.  Yet you stand steadfast in your faith.  You are agondonters and then some.  And as your Planetary Supreme I am so gratified for the experience you have provided to me.

"I do not want to end this before I give mention to the animals of the realm as well.  So many of them have been brutally treated due to the barbarous acts of the ignorant ones among you, while many of the creatures have shown devotion that exceeds what many humans are capable of.  Rest assured that even though in this universe age they do not maintain identity after death, their gifts to humanity will be richly rewarded, and those Planetary Supremes like myself who have observed the kindness of some animals will be witness to their (in some cases) extraordinary service to humanity.

"I take my leave now my beloved ones"
Planetary Supreme Gaia

kindred shall forever remain unbroken


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Re: Words of Comfort from Gaia
« Reply #1 on: April 08, 2018, 06:33:20 AM »
Thank you so much Amethyst for your words from Gaia. I often think about the Planetary Supreme and the fact that She experiences everything with us, humans, and the animal kingdom. Human treatment of our animals is sometimes heartbreaking for me too.

Her affection for the planet is deeply felt. When She speaks we can feel the concern and pain in Her words, but also Her great and extensive love and care for all life on the planet. I'd like to send some comfort back, for many of us strive to work towards a better future for our cherished planet and the life it supports.

I'd like to thank our Planetary Supreme for her patience and steadfastness to endure a very unusual and upsetting history on Her surface. It always touches me when She speaks. It gives me great joy to read about the sisterhood She shares with neighboring Planetary Supremes, probably because of the comparison of solidarity that I have with my own sisters here on earth.