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List Membership Approval Considerations/Admin
« on: April 15, 2018, 04:03:31 PM »
List Membership Approvals

 April 15, 2018 noon at York Pa

Ron/Admin - I will have to be more careful when being asked to approve people who want membership on this web site.  It is impossible for me along to know ulterior motives before hand but I can look at other evidence at my disposal to tell me if it is possible someone is deceiving me for rants or ugly surprises we have been getting in the past month and one half.
Therefore I let it be known I have petitioned Salvington for spirit intelligence to suggest to me if there are serious motivations to the contrary of the purposes of this web site to operate openly and honestly while we can.  I see the possibily that the day comes we have to have a password to even open the home page of this web site, but for now I am not doing anything but letting all of you know that I am going to be hard to convince that I need to pass all who come before me for membership.  I alone approve choices to be members and I think the current membership now understands why it is a hard task to clear such a board from becoming manipulated by those who hate the subjects, or me, or others on the site, and have their dander up to be destructive.  In that case in particular spirit advises me the one time member Daniel Alderfer is at it 24/7 in his ways to produce a real schism among readers of the Urantia Book as to what we do or any do as he seems to hate all of us without being real specific as to why.  I advise all to keep out of his reach just for your own peace of mind as the time will come to pass him by too.

Salvington through Michael of Nebadon has also advised me that the trial we went through with Andy Vines is nearly over as Andy is at a loss to the point he finds no time to bother us much anymore.  I cover a lot up by not saying much but I genuinely feel sorry for Andy and the mess he placed himself in when he left York and my home where he was truly cared for and helped as much as possible to regain places where he could maintain himself once more without debt or personal crisis to undermine him in his life process.  I will let all of this lie as unnecessary waste of words and trials I will learn to forget with all of them.

Truly spoken, I have washed my hands of the present situation entirely.  This forum is useful but not much now and I will just let it float until members either take and interest or leave or just stay quiet as Guests.  However, I will start using it in a slightly different way to inform  the other four fused persons who are members here as to what and how they will achieve with Spriti as we prepare for full operation through the URANTIA BOOK FOUNDATION AND THE STARBRIDGE FOUNDATION AND THE URANTIA PUBLISHING INTERNATIONAL CORPORATION AMD THE MAGISTERIAL FOUNDATION, and I capitalize these because you should learn as a Member in good standing, and you are all in good standing with me and our purposes, that these corporation will start operations as follows for your information:
1 - May 01, 2018  The URANTIA BOOK FOUNDATION;
2 - May 03, 2018 The Starbridge Foundation Incorporated - a for-profit corporation to lend money to other Mission corporations;
3 - May 05, 2018 The Urantia Publishing International Corporation to begin publishing new works attendant upon the operation of beginning dissemination of the new Urantia II Book. subtitled: The Course of the History of Planet Earth.  This corporation is a subsidiary works publisher and is not representing the second Urantia Book itself;
4 - May 10, 2018 or soon thereafter - The Magisterial Foundation will begin official operations without Ron (me) entering the premises as it is strictly an official operation in Spirit to begin with and I will be advised if I have any role in it at all shortly thereafter.

These dates are mentioned because this web site will be used to make announcements for all four of these corporations and I will amend the web site according to our needs to make announcements and make trouble free presentations of what is going on in each as to their activities and wishes to be understood.

Finally, I have to make amends to some of you I have not been speaking to very much and that is because my days are kind of grim with pain and consciousness issues that you would not understand in a million years if I told you all about it.  I am supposed ot be cleared (Michael: and he will be!) of all of this shortly but sure is taking a long time to feel any real difference.  For those reasons in particular I do not take the time to enter conversations that have no immediate personal need for you.  I will conclude with the statement I will be more attentive as soon as this problem is removed from me. I thank you all for your patience and forbearing while I right myself to get started on behalf of the sixth epochal revelation and your help to retard the evil that is being done in government and personal affairs all over Urantia these days.  Good day.  Ron

"Finally, Ron is no longer confused about what is happening on this web site.  He has declared it closed in his mind until we have an open and visible Mission for him and you to see.  Those five who are fused are carrying most of the activity on this site on their backs and do it easily.  However Lemuel is so seriously ill we are not sure he can carry any responsibility other than to maintain his own health and life as he needs to for a few months at least.  That requires Ron to redo some of his planning as Lemuel is or was to be in York with him to arrange for the dissemination of the new Urantia Book, probably beginning in late May or early June of this year.

"I am convinced Ron knows even more than I do how to approve new requests for Membership on this web site as he has been burned several times by people who have ulterior motives and wish nothing to do with the mission of the web site you now are reading.  I, for now on, will ride the decision making of who gets on and who does not and that will seriously reduce interest in the site as most of the Guest traffic is either Jewish or Moslem, and neither wish this site to produce more than it already can as it is established in many countries to tell the truth as to what is happening in national states and motivations that are hidden there.  We also note that the Most Highs eschew using it since Ron is ready to become one of their reporters by association.  He is ready to become a Minister of certain importance to the Serara style manifestations that must be brought forward quickly once the May First Meeting of the new Urantia Book Foundation takes place that day.

"I add one more thing to this post:  Ron is truly out of issue when we bring him the finality of his mission to him as he lock steps with us what we want and how we want it done.  His mission to rev up the place to accept the appearance of God on Urantia and to participate in its doings until he is no longer needed.  We estimate that will take at least three hundred years, and then some if required and that is enough for him to get a belly full of the routines he will find common thereafter.  We, for now, let the entire matter lay as it is unpredictable just what will happen in that period and will choose his successor if there has to be one at all.  We intend to start Light and Life on Urantia in six hundred or less years from now on Urantia.  We intend to produce a successor to Ron shortly if he fails to work well with our needs and that is no shock to Ron either as he knows the situations pending for him as well.  He is fused with Deity from the Father down to four Master Spirits and a seventh partition of God the Supreme already.  He is likely to fuse with at least one other Supreme partition in the near future if we can get it in before May 01, 2018.  We also astoundingly report his fusion with the Creator Son is fully operational and he takes his Orders fully and well and Mother Spirit is still grousing she gets no respect from Ron over personal issues she sends envoy after envoy to him about.  He laughs and sends them home.  In any case, realize that this web site will have to undergo change too.  We leave this all for now and allow the post to be completed."


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Re: List Membership Approval Considerations/Admin
« Reply #1 on: April 15, 2018, 10:37:13 PM »
Just a quick note to say that I have read and received these 6 important receptions from Sordon as He has been introduced to us, from Michael, Margul and through Ron and I understand that there is still more to come to us.

I also just wanted to mention in case readers may have forgotten or may not have been here when the discussions about the Ilok formulas and information which concerns Ilok Coal Powders (3 and 4 micron coal for energy) whcih is available by placing Ilok in the search  engine.  This may well be quite important for us in the future as will a restudy about the Ultamaton which Rayson and His team may soon introduce to Urantia as the Missions are expanded along with all of the many programs that will be initiated and inaugurated.  It is time to reacquaint ourselves with  the latest information that has been revealed.    

This information shared with us today will certainly require another read or two but I did want to show my appreciate for so much work that is being done in the final days before the May first Meeting and the others that will be taking place on May 3 and 7th and 10th as situations may at that time to really begin to move forward quickly....LarryG.          
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