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Hi All,
I have a little time to study. I am prompted by my Adjuster of a “botanical garden” and this led me to look up about Adam and Eve in TUB. While reading Papers 73-76 and onwards, it has occurred to me how Solonia’s factual account of what happened in those days, some 35000 years ago BC that the Material Son and Daughter were faced with some difficult challenges. It was that same problem they made that Caligastia had trouble with and that was impatience.  The slow evolution of man, the savagery and retardness of the humans were their lot to deal with. But in all, had they had patience as was displayed by the faithful work of Van and Amadon, the outworking of progress can be made. Van had a large number of volunteers to work on the massive project of building the first garden of Eden, it is quite an amazing achievement. (Thanks to Solonia’s admiration in her narration).

With the arrival of Adam and Eve who appeared to be some eight feet tall must have been quite imposing, if the humans, like myself were under 6 feet tall in those days (if that was still the case),  then certainly their presence must have had such an impression upon these dwellers in the garden. There is much to glean from these accounts. The most impressive are the arrangements of conduct, activity and participation that was their life in the garden compound.  It was a peaceful, harmonious and playful time compared to what transpired beyond the garden walls. I am particularly touched by Adam and Eve’s struggles as to progress and the difficulties they faced and how Eve was tempted to fast track something that was to be a mistake she was to regret. I cannot imagine their pain and their sorrow that followed. It struck me to see such parallels of experience we now have as they did so long ago.  Fast forward to some 37000 years later and we are not much better than when it was for the humans they encountered. What this tells me is the importance of patience, perseverance and faithfulness in all that has to be given in due course even now and onwards to what our Father plans that is appropriate for the reclamation of Urantia. In one way, I wonder if it is best to let nature run its natural course, or would a remodelling of a program similar to the Adam and Eve Schooling would be the crucial foundational work to be introduced once more.  I see the latter, if done in a different manner in various locations, would be very instrumental in gaining that interest and vital training necessary for human progress.

I see that socialisation is already achieved in this current age, world government is also achievable, and the next one is one religion, although some things need to be faded out and errors made evident, the ‘one religion’ and the Brotherhood of man is and can be achievable.  Given it requires much patience and forbearance in that it takes some time for others to change in their understanding and comprehension of truths that is to be revealed. That is why the revelations contained in the TUB and SER and other works yet to be published will be so pivotal in man’s growth and understanding at this most advanced stage of human progress to this day.  Today, most people are literate, communicative, sociable and largely able to think, feel and relate well in most ethical subjects that affects them in their daily life. Decisions are to be made, but it is when we humans are better informed of our human history and the experiences that is to be made aware of, then our decisions are better shaped and formed in light of such education and knowledge of our past records. Like it is said on ANZAC**Day(which is tomorrow 25th April), may we all have the humility and sorrow to come to terms of our past belligerence and misunderstandings and say also, “Lest We Forget”, of all that has been, that many perished that we might live to learn anew.

If it is to be in the Father’s plans, I welcome the new Adam and Eve Schools or if not,  the Melchizedek Schools, as they will be so good for all of us to participate in rehabilitating and reconditioning us in better form to enhance our human evolution and most desirably, our ascensionary paths to follow. We as Urantians have so much to gain from these schools of learning and I am very comfortable in being in this delightful “botanical garden” of beauty to behold the wonder and charm of our most esteemed Material Son and Daughter who have joined our mortal ranks with Adjuster indwelling to follow the Father Ascension careers along with all of us as well.  As it has been given to them to be on the Council of 24, I gather their counsel will be most welcome given their valuable experience they have, to keep the faith consistent and true even in these days of hazards we confront.

I recommend that you my dear readers to take the time to read these Papers (73-76) to refresh your understanding of what can be a reality for us to see unfold as it has been for Adam and Eve. Only, I hope we do not do this in isolation and alone, as it occurred to them some thousands of years before. Our ancestors had a real hard time and it is their faithfulness that shone through, let that be our guiding example to take too with greater amounts of patience.

My Adjuster keeps reassuring me to keep the faith, stay firm, focussed and calm as things unfold. I thought very much to share this with all of you as we are all waiting patiently, studying to be prepared and praying for Father’s will to be good for us and that the Michael Mission will proceed in the best way appropriately and that we understand the extraordinary patience of our Creator Son and Daughter in all that has been in the Lucifer Rebellion. May the love of our Father win us to His Temple of praise forever!

I am always and forevermore in your grace Father,

[**Note: Define: Anzac - a soldier in the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps (1914–18).]
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Ron Besser

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"I am Adam of the Adam and Eve pair that you all read about in the current Urantia Book.  Today I am here to preserve the Urantia Book as it is for the time being, and to remind all of you that Adam and Eve are coming to York, PA soon enough, as we have now received our mandate to belong to the offices of the L shaped building on Continental Square in the center of the city.  By decree, Urantia is no longer named Urantia, and Ron just placed a little jingo on Facebook with words to that effect.  We saw how careful he was to keep the message very short but gracious and willing to talk but no invitation was extended to do so,  People on Facebook are so tired of the usual jargon they just follow along to keep busy and stay out of trouble in their own minds.  Ron has added about five little notes there this past week starting this past Sunday and people are beginning to watch as he carefully sifts some news into their view of the Urantia Book itself and its relationships to various other kinds of organizations around the world.

"The trial we face on Urantia today is boredom with the usual fare handed out by government, churches, and schools.  They have no imagination and rule society as though they deserved the credit to do so, which they do not.  I am satisfied we can upset the apple cart in York, but we have problems in the larger cities on the east coast of the United States in particular, and it will take a serious entourage of Melchizedeks to get them to listen to change that is mandated to us and to this world you now call Nystoria, and to bring them to heel without smacking them around to listen.  Ron is in favor of severe repression of bad practice in certain instances to exit the frame of mind they can do anything they want to.  Michael thinks it is easier to slide into base rather than jump on the third baseman to get him out of the way for a home run to make these changes.  We suspect it will take both views and both hostilities to make changes for the benefit of children who know nothing enough to insist on a better school and teaching methods as well.  Some schools in Harlem are falling down yet the State makes no changes to help them repair them.  The present Governor of New York, the young Cuomo is an excellent Governor but fails to keep all irons in the fire.  As such he fails to get schools in order to teach at all and in Harlem the recidivism is about 2 to 1--  two students fail for every one that graduates.  This is unacceptable and they are mostly black children suffering this kind of apogee of thoughtless versions of governance.  I will see to it that Harlem receives better schools and ask the Magisterial Sons to fuel the rebuilding in order to keep students in school and out of drugs and money laundering as so many do today in that place of life and misery now. 

"Ron declares there are more and bigger emergencies than broken schools in Harlem but also accepts we have to start somewhere, and I Adam, think that is an excellent part to start this reformation. "

SERARA - "Ron took it okay Adam.  He is now ready to talk to me on the phone.  He is so silly I can get a charge out of it immediately.  Now this:  Ron is so inured on Melchizedeks and Magisterial Sons, he bleeds in discomfort when not in some measure speaking to them.  I Serara agree with Ron on tidy bit:  the cost is prohibitive to start, but we are happy to assign you and Eve one or two schools to do up to see what is the best way to go about it.  Ron fully agrees this better than dolling out the entire 50 million for these particular schools and he happens to guess that it probably triple that to do forty bad schools that need this work desperately.  There are similar schools in Florida, Kansas, and mediocre San Juan, California, as I have seen them in passing there too.  Old schools are one thing, but schools with structural weaknesses are formidable hazards to all and I suggest you find yourself a Commission in every State in the union Adam to advise what is to be done and how to go about and become their hero by filling in the budget and advice for them pronto.  Good day.  Serara."

ADAM - "Thank you Serara.  That is the ticket then.  We will do so and ask all who can participate with this idea to write Ron on this list and he will fill a folder with your recommendations and promises of help when you do so.  He has a folder for dissemination of the new epochal revelation once called Urantia Book II, and that list is being honored soon for actual books to go into the mail asap.  June 1 is the old deadline to get started and remains the deadline to get started as of today. 

"I thank you for listening and wish you a good day.  Adam."

Located in Historic York, Pennsylvania


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« ….that list is being honored soon for actual books to go into the mail asap.  June 1 is the old deadline to get started and remains the deadline to get started as of today. »

Youpie !!! Nystoria : The Book of Revelation will be on its way to delivery soon. Came June 1st, I will be looking at my mailbox all day long, like a child waiting for his gift anniversary. What a joy !!

Adam and Eve, it would be my pleasure to work along with you to teach young people, it will remind me of my first job when I started my professional career, long time ago, at the end of my schooling, I was then a young lad.  Domtia
Oh, Lord ! I am your servant, I am your liege, it is my will to have your will be done, I am yours for eternity.