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A Session With God the Supreme on various subjects
« on: May 08, 2018, 03:05:17 AM »
Speaker: God the Supreme
Subjects: The Morontial Energies, The Adjuster Transit and Preparing the Fused Mortals for Work in the Coming Mission
T/R: Sue Whiley aka 7inOcean
Location: Geelong VIC Australia
Date/Time: 08/05/2018 6.32am(AEST)

“You make your admission.”

[I was in a funk over what happens in my personal life; over what is occurring with Ron; over so many things; despondency and loss is not my game I wish to meddle in at all, but it happens every so often it grates me. I know my Adjuster is trying to head-butt me out of the funk I am in and your visit gets so fast, I almost fall off the chair...]

“That is because I use energies that ranges in frequencies. The recent one was too high, so I come in a lower one to slow down the pace for you to feel more comfortable in with my presence. Yesterday, you are like an ice cube placed on a heat pad and you melded rapidly as the energy quickly drained you and snuffed out what it is I had to say.

“Energy, such as this are morontial. If it is too low and slow you could lose the connection, if too high, as yesterday, you find it difficult to keep apace. So I notch it in a more medium tone, so as to enable more leeway between us and let it drift here and there. You get dribs and drabs, let it come as it may and take it bits at a time. This may sound disjointed and so it is, mainly so that I don’t get snuffed out too easily and to avoid draining your energy to concentrate. Your Adjuster enables you to connect, but it is your effort of concentration and ability to hold out as much as you can to just grab that inquisitive part in you to take an interest in our discourse here. See.”

[Yes, see.]

“So let me take this slowly with you this time and bear with me as you find this too snail pace for your liking.”

[Alright, let see how this goes.]

“What Ron is alluding to you is the morontial energies that has a part to play with those of you who are fused. You do have the ability to connect with and it is for you to allow your inner sensing muscles to perceive, recognise and connect with what is being presented to you in a sixth sense of your Adjutant Mind Spirit skills you have in working order. Yesterday, you read Amethyst post re about Rosy’s “Ghost” occurrence and immediately you tapped into the memory store your Adjuster nudged you to retrieve about the energy grid that exist and how Caligastia tampered with that and trapped many in this grid.”   [Thanks Ron for explaining the ‘green room’ analogy with what happens to people like Rosy see Amazing Spiritual Stories/Re: A True Story: Mr.Besser and the Ghost ]

“Getting back to the point, you see how mind can connect with the energy of memory, reality recognition and you smile in knowing a familiarity in what can be for those who pass from death to this new sense of living as the soul that is you…”

[Leeway - breathe - connect..]

“Right now you notice some jarring occurring in the head of yours. One almost made you jump last night and the others are more infrequent and yet you note it that something is occurring in the brain, the vibration is abuzz and those jarrings although infrequent are your Adjuster intrusion into your mind space as well as me in the process of getting your attention as I make way into making sure you recognise change is afoot in you. You are sensitive to it and I am pleased you pay attention as you do it well with attuning to the body you have. Although, you have a younger body than Ron’s, Larry’s and Lemuel’s, you are closely attentive to the body’s rhythm and that is a good sign you recognise the changes more acutely….”

[Pause - leeway - breathe…]

“When in the energy grid, you have a heightened sense of awareness of yourself, the soul. This is for those of you who are more understanding in with the Adjuster you are aware of and your purpose with and will to be with and know where to look when that time comes. Knowing full well who you are is half the battle than for those who know very little and seem to grope for answers…”

[Pause - leeway - breathe…]

“You are impressed with Ron’s analogy of the Parfait Glass**(see note below) of morontial energy and, in his case, he has a different one and drinks it in to change the organic matter to transform his internal mechanism to function, hopefully, better and normal soon. It takes time to get it to work and meld well with the existing tissues that will catch on and likewise gel well with the new cellular formations that so happens to take a liking to. It compounds and forms and expands, making the material structure stronger and more elastic than it has been. The morontial energy he drinks will solidify and grow in while the material matter has to agree with this new mass of energetic formations that support and add more strength to the bone and marrow that is nearly almost gone brittle with age. Ron has to get used to a creaky body while it is transforming into a gel-like structure to make it more elastic…”

[Pause - leeway - breathe…]

“Being and Doing the will of the Father; this goes in tandem with what your heart’s desire is with the Father’s, in doing this work with your Adjuster, the mission and to the betterment of Urantia as your soul purpose to see an end to this rebellion and a goodness of heart to flourish endlessly from one to the other in your sphere of influence you have.

“Doing, thinking, believing are all part and parcel of what you do in your daily life, having goals and working on achieving them is what you all do and find satisfaction in accomplishing such feats of difficulties. As you further your goals and achieve outcomes, you become more adept at those skills you use to gain the traction of successful outcomes for the purpose for which you set out to do them. It becomes an exercise in faith, trusting your instincts to go with your gut to reach conclusions in a manner that is both workable, sensible for you and for others as you would have it done for yourself.

“That is the whole mechanism of centred care and conduct in operation to do better in relations and in consort with the mind spirits that works so well in the way you connect your will to be doing.  This connection with me, although slow at first, gains traction and you build to a stronger blend in allowing this to take on the rhythm you let it flow. Not fly, but flow, in a steady pace for now. Fly, was too fast for you and you know it that now. It drains you too quickly and I tone it down a notch for you to catch on better and then build on it as it, the energies, we use in your mind construct, can tune to my frequency I use with you.

“At the moment, there is much a pace and you take that momentum as you get the gist of what is happening and you will recognise those changes that so happens to some of you and to many who are sensitive to the energies that is so placed around you. Like you just did then by placing a blanket around you to keep warm on a cold morning, so too, do the Father place a blanket of energy of pure love you will immediately connect with because you recognise goodness and mercy and faithfulness when you see it.

“So I tune out just a bit and let you get refreshed and after breakfast, I would like to speak further, if you could manage to sit again with me. Adieu.”


“Take note of what is happening to you the fused ones. You are dead people walking really. Take note of the fatigue you feel. That is because you are dealing with the influx of the human self giving way to the spiritual soul of you that wishes to flood through the dam gates that hold it back. No longer can the human self can tame this tide any more than when a leak grows into a full-blown gush that fills the entire part of your personality. Your soul self is divinely shining through the cracks of the material veneer that hold you in place.

“You see it and bit at times that it is to become well, you drink well, in pretty much is what occurs with Ron who has to every moment like coffee that keeps you abreast.

“What I have to tell you next will astound you and it is this. The following analysis for you all to think it well and see it.

“There is a tuning method I use now and it is through the Adjuster transit that it is communicated. I as God the Supreme, use this transit to commune with Sue in frequencies sometimes fast and at the moment slower for her to catch on with the Adjuster’s constant prompts, urges and nudges and jarring of brain tissues that continue to get her attention that something is afoot in her makeup.

“That is the morontializing of her as she is also undergoing some internal changes to be readily suitable for the work in the Michael Missions that is forthcoming in days soon enough.  This comes as a surprise for her to know as she did not think that what is happening to Ron could also be conjointly be occurring to the other four who are fused. This is because the five fused candidates, without going into details, are truly done in  their earthly life to this day. Sue agrees that her life is folded with her Adjuster and desires to be about her soul journey yet wishes very much to be better at this work of spiritual input to be of any use in the Missions that is planned for Urantia.

“That is now getting a transformational process as those of the five fused mortals who apply themselves in tandem with the Adjuster to rely upon the energy they require to keep afoot as they are now on a second lease of life in the flesh as fully morontialized with the Adjuster and soon in areas of tissue renewal in the material vessel they reside in. Lemuel is healing slowly, but is surely to be a promise to behold. Larry is in a bell-weather and needs to hear the bell well for it to be a mainstay in his work. Amethyst is agong and requires a moment to reflect and reprise herself better. Ron is fully powering in his new tissues and needs to take care not to over do himself.

“Sue is recognising now how I use the Adjuster transit to get the oil juices going to accompany me in her in the work I have for her to receive more in this that I have as there is too much held back and it is time to get out more good stories to tell than just sticks and stones as that is no longer any use to most of you.

“The Urantia Book 2 will have more for you to read and to train your minds better as the first one did to you and I wish that to be the case working well for most readers and new readers.

“There is more coming, standby, I close this off as it is time for Sue to rest as the energy wanes and that is going to strengthen as time goes Sue when you are fully attuning in what this represents for you to be doing and may you have a good day.”


[T/R Note: **Parfait Glass see General Discussion/Re: From physical to morontial.
Hi Folks,
You know when you get these sessions and, in this case, I was hesitant, doubting whether the one I post here above is too personal and sensitive in areas to put out to the public and I got this response and comply:

“We need those of you who can wear a badge that says what it thinks and that is to say to have the courage to place it and let God deal with the rest. Type up this session Sue and let it sift. It is a session to say that you are warming up, not hot, but warming, to my parrot-type approach to get you going. Thank you.” (Thank you and will do Capt’n Supremo!) ]
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