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Broken Reception From Mother Spirit
« on: May 10, 2018, 08:45:46 AM »
This morning while attempting a reception from Mother Spirit, right in the middle of it , the connection seemed to just dissipate and I lost it.   I have really been trying to get "get back in the saddle" of receiving so even though I started out strong and excited, I was really disappointed that I lost the connection.... but....I will try again  in a couple of hours and perhaps I will be able to better sustain it.     Our forum really could use some inspiration and encouragement to liven  and enlighten us out of the apparent and disappointing  "whatever this is" is.    Hope to post later......In love, anticipation and service....LarryG


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Re: Broken Reception From Mother Spirit
« Reply #1 on: May 10, 2018, 10:02:50 PM »
It is not usual that a transmission from Mother Spirit cut short in  such a way, so my guess on this is that the Celestials must have their plates full right now and that they are required to have their hands on deck. We can expect to have a change of events soon. Just speculation !  ;) Domtia
Oh, Lord ! I am your servant, I am your liege, it is my will to have your will be done, I am yours for eternity.

Ron Besser

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Re: Broken Reception From Mother Spirit
« Reply #2 on: May 10, 2018, 11:22:12 PM »
Larry is being treated very well compared to what happens for others.

Today my word processing software had code deleted in it.  I cannot add page numbers without rehashing the entire code problem with spirit.  Then they deleted my ability to convert between one file extension to any PDF.  It is not that I have a bad menu item on the selection box, the selection box is completely missing!  I reinstalled my processor three times to attempt to override the code deletion but it will not reappear at all. 
A really odd thing led up to this very early this morning.  I stayed up to 5am to complete a thirteen page new FLURRY about what new neighbors we have to learn about on Urantis as Michael and the Supreme advised me of three of the Orders of the Supreme working with us and some of those Order spoke to me to tell me of their characteristics and functions.

That started about 1130am the day before and because it was an intensive transmission and a lot of corrections had to be reapplied, it was not finished until 5am this morning.  At he last minute I decided to convert the word processing file to a PDF and store on box to reduce the size of the document.  When I opened the menu to do so the entire menu was missing where the conversion button used to be.  I thought I was dreaming.  I attempted to fix it but it was nowhere and even an independent software company that does that for the word processor could not operated the conversion and it just sat there as though there was no code to operate at all. 

I slept about five hours and got up around 1030 this morning, and uninstalled the word process three time and each time reinstalled it again and each time the same situation occurred.

Worse yet, they are pushing me so hard to overcome dangerous discoveries in my heart operation that wants to cause irregular beats to almost choke me to death started happening,  It forced me to lie down late afternoon and I slept another five hours.  My transition is a nightmare again and havens help those of us who have fused as to why we are so under the gun with these awful things bearing down on us.  My mind is quite divided.  Either they are doing something really important  OR I stepped into some real awful existence patterns for little reason.  Then the computer does this to me today.  I leave that for now.

MOTHER SPIRIT - Clency has it mostly right and that is we have t o  attack the worst problems first and that means placing the fused individuals on Urantia on the back burner and keep you all out of mischief while we set the means up to appear incarnated on Urantia in York and other places.  Your mess with the word processing the past twenty four hours is typical of Father entities shutting you down to keep anyone knowing what you wrote after we discoverd we let so much new information out we had to hold it back and taht PDF ability in all cases will be workable in a few days and we will let you know.  Also WP12 you tried to use is so corrupt it must never be used as is WP15 and 16 and it has been recoded and to be relelasled in about a year as a brand new WP. 

"I am looking for a few good men to hide these changes in the world for a few moments of time and all of you talk freely if you are confident there is no reason to hide anything.  On high spirit knows intrinsically when to hold their cards next to their chest and now is the time to do so.  Your little foray with Washington DC has set our teeth on edge as it is wonderful in one way and unhappily done in another way.  We must wait the day slowly and surely to keep this all operating together and not force one part to get ahead of the other if possible.  Washington seethes with your letter and no one speaks to other than to wait for t he Commander to open a new front and they will when they are ready to.  Congress is bored to death already with it and that is typical of the American way lately.  I am looking forward to Monday and a rest for you in particular Ron and maybe Larry although Larry is not working well with anything because he fails to understand what you tell him.  In part you wrote this to warn him of what you already told him and you are forcing Father into heaves of discontent over speaking before spoken to and  that is typical of man and so on.  Good and that is how we work now.  Good day. Mother."

"I speak now with lowered voice calm and collected.  You Ron have no real voice in matters again and you could care less and I could care less, but the truth is you are furious with treatment you consider unnecessary harassment and say so emphatically.  You are the first one I ever heard speak the utter truth:  This is not how you treat and ally!  But we have to to keep the entire matter of your place quiet and out of headlines not only in Washington but in the Salvington deep secrets that only and Gabriel and Mother Spirit know about.  You are suspicious of things I cover never are heard in time but you carry your self with dignity when contemplating a wholesale destruction of Urantia over the small issue of changes man refuses to address.  I am never sure why you know so much but you do and you are not mean or over solicitous, but you are a frightening prospect to me when you fully know that the Father is bearing down even on His allies and that is not good for you to know.  He also knows you love him but you can take only so much pain and suffering and you are up to here with it months ago and will not tolerate it kindly.  Now this:

"I have spoken to Lemuel in heart a few days ago and he waits for his transition to finish with yours.  Neither of you expect gratuities or  do you particularly want to proceed under a cloud and prefer more normal approached if you are to survive our entry at all.  But you all have them in spite of t he horror of near death for both of you and the pain of repressingthe entire idea to remain as you asked to in particular Ron.  Now you know that easy life is yours once you pass your tests but you have an explosive temper that we learn stops anything cold if you are sure it is a case of taking advantage of your permissions too much.  I never met that before and hope never to meet it again and that is why you must be pressed back so hard and why you get unhappy with the whole idea.  There is nothing in you that says I will die for the cause but it that is what they want you will, but not up against a gun from your friends.  I must obey my heart when I hear this and you are not wrong it is not confusing but heart wrenching to face this every day. 

"We curtail your t ransition Larry Gossett because you are incapable of good reasoning.  You do not think deeply unless in love and that seems to be out of the question lately too.  Ron is similar in that he cares a great deal how people are feeling and how they are being dealt and loves nothing more than to save the day and find it is not a pretty kettle of fish.  Andy Vines is a good example of picking a flower and being stung to death.  In many cases the heart of God attempts the same thing and finds out where there is no real quality of being except to save them some problems by helping them out more than we should have.  I praise Ron in particular because he allows these difficulties to be aired for lessons to be taken by others to discover the work of God in all of tis complications.  But we must be honest and state that this individual is the hardest I ever had to take on but with great rewards due to each of us for doing so. 

"In about a fortnight I will be there in person on Urantia and then the fur will fly all over the place as I intend to personally see to the Foundation in Chicago with my direct presence incarnated and that is to be found not with any of you but with Jesus who will make his appearance there and let them know how the cards are dealt,  I also see Ron wince a little because he feels we need authority to make ourselves perfectly well understood but the big gun of Jesus could be used easier elsewhere but he makes no final judgment over that now.  I appreciate his views but he has them to himself at the moment and we go on with this:

"I try to keep out of personal affairs and Ron does too and he hates to be found running a contest with anyone over who is to represent the Magisterial Mission in front of the people, but he has quite a timper and he can let loose without intending to and foul things up?  No so!  It is cold and cutting and he knows how to control it but he earns no prospect to use it when I delete him from announcing anything in Washington although he is the one to be invited and he will keep company with incarnated Melchizedeks wherever he goes now since he and you know who can blast holes in concrete when they really get upset.   Ron actually gets to the level of Jesus when he handles stupid and cruel people so well.  I am well apprised as well that we will use Ron on radio and television as we will do so with Lemuel and even Larry if he can be trained to handle nerves.  Ron does so well he considers public apperances a chore and walks like he knows what he is doing mostly.

"I am sure the file we use here is safe, but I produced for Ron last night and this morning a truly major revelation concerning  the Supreme Being and intimated that there are five more FLURRIES coming at least on telling you a major revelation about God the Supreme.  But now we are faced with an intemperate Father who hates revelation before the scolding takes place and he insists I may not leave Ron to release FLURRY NUMBER 1OO.  There will numbers 101. 102, 103, 104, and 105 before we finish the series.  You may look forward to quite a production when it can be begin.  FLURRY 100 is ready to go too.

"I complete this atatement this way:  Ron is is misery all day and all night with a lot of pain and disagreeable acts by spirit when he goes to do something like on the computer these days.  He is not used to being told and the breaking codes in his work so he can do nothing, but Father is truly concerned that stuff gets out too soon and then lets us all down.  Gossett this morning lost his transmission with Mother Spirit because he was panting and that is nerves again Larry,  You spoil so much with a system of nerves you can control but do not know how to.  I also hear Ron ask Father how much longer do I have to be withoout my computer code to do my work and Father replies it is only days.  So he hopes as I see not way out unless there is a distracting apoligy from us all to Ron and Ron does not or never asks for that but just to stop what they do.

"I hold Ron so high he ripples with fear he cannot live up to my expectations, but he always does and exceeds all thought on my part for his valor and heart and he said to one of his guests last night that he wished he could be of some service to her. as her Order started with 10,000 entities and are down to less than 1,000 today because they die off from Urantia air pollution and reasons of state we do not mention it now.  I am sure she felt giddy because he knows there is nothing he can do but weep for those lost so many now.  He also hears her think beautifully and she said that he is one of the few on Urantia that has the gift of God so dearly and nearly in her heart too.   Her life is hell at times as is Ron's but they liked each other instantly andthat is odd between such diferent species.  They are all indwelt too and you will read all about them in FLURRY 100 when it can be released.

"Felicity, the Order of the Secumbalin, is a direct creation of God the Supreme in Havona and they are genderized like man is, and she came to Urantia nearly 345,000 years ago to help man grow spiritually and by 235,000 years ago she nearly gave up due to the Rebellion, which actually did not occur until Caligastia threw his lot in with Lucifer 137,312 years ago from 2018. We must not give our secrets away too much, but she is ready now to help Ron achieve his rightful place on Urantia someday.  We leave it there for now.  Michael of Nebadon.:

"I am one of the few beings on Urantia who cannot speak aloud.  Our heads a very large and we grow to the height of sixteen feet tall, but I am rather small and am only eight feet tall.  I did an exercise with Ron last night and gave him these words I can speak:  wish; run; smell; well; free and walk and a few more.  What do they tell you about what my phyisology may be if those are the only words I can speak aloud?

"As Felicity, I communicate with transference of thought and Ron hears all of my thoughts instantly and that is the sign of a truly and a complete morontial being which surprised him.  Do not let his extgerior fool you and be well Ron.  Good day. Felicity."

Ron - I close now only to say the combat I have to be put through in my mind is ferocious and my temper is reserved for injustice only.  No one gets it without doing a deed that is truly awful or unfair before me.  I have people work under me in business that deliberately ignored me and broke expensive equipment.  They do not have a lot of hearing left as they are perused with a vengeance until they understand what low life they are.  Other than that, picnic anyone?

Thanks for your patience and the ability to listen sitting so long.

Located in Historic York, Pennsylvania