Author Topic: NYSTORIA: THE BOOK OF REVELATION (The new title of the second Urantia Book)  (Read 775 times)

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True what you say Zao and beautifully put. What one has to realise is that "still small voice" is ever near and very much close to one's breath. For one to "translate its truths", one will need to be walking, abiding with this "voice", believing without seeing and be, in all faithfulness, to always look northwards to the Source and thereby shine the light of joy of knowing "Him" and translating such in every instance as time allows. To respond to the heartstrings of the other is to acknowledge your own as well. Time does wonders to the enduring evolutionary soul, the trials thereby shapes and moulds one in ever greater wisdom than before.



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Sue...thank you for your gracious follow up...!  re: ".... the trials thereby shapes and moulds one in ever greater wisdom than before."
Yes indeed!.....this insight is what lead me to the title of my book of poem: "FOREVER NEW".......for no matter..a year... a lifetime.....a dispensation....a thousand times a thousand new we climb...we are indeed 'Forever new'....
Love to you, Sister...

Nothing’s what it’s going to be –
So What Are You Going To Do?
Something new is going to be,
Change begins with you!
Nothing is as was before
As Light shines through a Door.
Nothing old will be again,
The New You will change the score!
Nothing new can fail to be,
For Truth and Choice are Free!
Something New, is nothing new –
It’s what you’re meant to be!

Who We Are Becoming
(The Song of Zao)
Who we become starts where we Begin;
Where we Start…leads to where we Ascend.
Starts and Ascension are only partially fact.
The Process is Truth, and is most of the Act.
Add to others all you can Know,
From a Mutual Source deep in your Soul.
Together this Mix savors all life,
Only the Mixture itself will ever suffice!