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General Brief - News Summary 17May2018 Michael
« on: May 17, 2018, 02:44:45 PM »
General Brief - News Summary 17May2018 Michael
York, Pa noon local time/Michael of Nebadon/May 17, 2018

This is Michael.

I am sure most of you wonder where the beef is to use an old 70's commercial for Burger King.  I am here and so is everybody else but we are getting down to fine details and Ron has been helping where he can during his last days of transition he hopes.  I am sure he will be fine shortly if I can commute some of these problems for him.

I must lament the fact we have little to say today as this is an in-between day for most of us on high, and that our staff for the Missions is ready and prepared to enter the material plane of existence to work on the problems Nysteria presents for you and for us too.  I am truly tired of the fight to win over people who have no substance or any reason to listen other than to make ends meet.  Otherwise I wonder how we can go with this except Ron has provided some insight into how to approach these problems himself and we follow some of them to see if they work.  I am also unhappy over a transition that is so harmful he gets despondent over it, but money is a balm for even that he says.  In any case I will shortly outline to some of you what is up in that department soon enough.  I am authorizing to spending about sixty million dollars on behalf of the Magisterial Mission shortly.

Now you all must know we have at least seven corporations to fund and I have already told Ron how to distribute those funds.  He laughs at his guile over this but we must fund those corporations we will operate out of for the sake of old Urantia and its new name Nystoria.  Clency had it right as Ron bobbled the original name so it was not printed right the first time but it is all corrected now as he spoke to it in another post to Clency and others.

I am providing $60,000,000 to Ron via a cashiers check from Mantutia once Mantutia is ok'd to do that in the flesh.  He is also to receive his salary from 2010, eight years ago, and it is substantial, and we have set aside sums for those who Ron knows need the checks.  Lemuel receives a salary from 2017 to now and Gossett receives a salary from 2016 to now too.  In other words we have some money for you two.  Sue and Amethyst have no back salary for reasons of State due to only recent fusion status achieved only months ago.  By the way the sixth individual who was fused has quit life and is near death estrangement mentally and must be looked after completely in the home hospice.  Not all fusions regrettably on Nystoria work and this was a prime example.

I conclude this notice with a trial we must face once again with your sister planet Panoptia which will be renamed  too when the dust settles in this part of my Local Universe of Nebadon.  Panoptia has been upset primarily in its Midwayer population over the fact they are not now getting a Magisterial Mission as promised years ago and that is because Serara believes the Midwayers there are too slow to understand that they do not set the tone of the Mission much as Ron has done for us on Nystoria.  Ron recognizes his lack of enthusiasm to control anything but waits to see the corporations to us for nothing but a dollar for all seven, and then to go his merry ways as inside the epochal revelatory Foundation.  He is truly waiting for release from other concerns too and that must be finalized with him and Mantutia shortly.  He is also waiting for his back salary payment to do the house up nicely and well and we are delighted with is plans to make changes already given to us as the way forward for that home.  Good and this.  His work is not recognized on Uversa yet and they must approve it or no money and that is just a technicality and we wait too.

UVERSA SPEAKS:  "WE have approved the work Ron has done and will provide him with a certificate on his spirit record when he leaves Nystoria in the coming months or centuries, whatever must be done.  He is truly ready to serve and is a must for others to copy as a way to come before high authorities and make sure we agree with plans before they are carried out.  He worked under Michael of Nebadon and the Midwayers early in his career as corporation designer but lately has been under the Deity Absolute to be sure he does not render work that is at cross purposes to the Michael Mission or the Magisterial Mission.

(Uversa)"We also allow nothing more to be done corporately until the coming snafu with the IRS is settled due to a special agent getting too excited over a letter Ron sent them asking for charitable status over a corporation that Agent agrees deserves it but was over rulled by the head of the department as too lenient and was thrown back to the Spcial Agent to defer decisions until he was forced to make one by events.  Latterally, the President made one comment: 'give what he wants and drop it now, as I have a summit to attend to.'  

"ON Uversa, Ron is a shadowy figure without much happy styles and we must relate that his work does not suffer but seems improved by the motion to move him into the morontial area of being.  It was a painful excursion but one we think has great promise for the future and we are more sanguine than Michael is over the transition work Ron has done so far.  Good day.

Michael of Nebadon - "I am now quoted for the record:  Ron has completed his transition but the blood stream objects to the motion of unusual cells medical science would call white blood cells.  They defend the immune system but they are the problem to create nerve pain and other concerns Ron is mostly aware of in spades.  You all who have a normal circulatory system have no problem moving legs to walk or run but Ron has no such nerve control at this time and can barely walk across the drive to get mail.  He is truly sorry over this transition lasting so long that he rather just revert and be done with it but we will not allow that to happen at all as he is finished becoming fully morontialized as his mind is quick and sharp in spite of sleepiness so much of the time.  That will end but he needs a course in rectitude to stop hammering Michael with pissing and moaning over the issue of walking and seeing alone.  You keep seeing something Ron you do not understand and you place it as a wish rather than a fact, but you are catching a near future when this all abruptly ends and you walk out free to deposit your monetization of the corporations quite soon.  Good day. Michael."

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Re: General Brief - News Summary 17May2018 Michael
« Reply #1 on: May 17, 2018, 06:43:44 PM »
Wow thank you Micheal for the message, excited about the mission staff that are ready to materialize,hope some of us this side of Africa that have just joined can be of service too.Just doing some catching up as there's a wealth of great information to digest. Its good to hear that Ron has completed his transition and that his nerve pain and other concerns will end. I'm blessed to be here. David.