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The Mission Efforts To Begin With

May 24, 2018 at York PA 2230 local time
To the list:
From Ron Besser
This is not a transmission but an informal chat today

I am Ron Besser and I just sent an email to about five first start participants in the divine missions to York starting shortly.  This is for the start up Michael Mission, and that entails opening shop with an office in the center of York to work to disperse the fresh new copies of the text for the Sixth Epochal Revelation.  We are already in the Sixth Epochal Dispensation as of March 3rd of 2018.

The Sixth Epochal Dispensation carries the symbol numbers of amd that symbolizes the 6th epochal dispensation, that has today now 15 addendum's or modifications made to it by Uversa, and it was declared by calendar year on Urantia on 2018.  The 25 number is a serial number reference for Uversa and Salvington to know it was made on a planet with a name change, and then a Planeatry System change, and it remains constant.

Yesterday I was informed that Salvington request a modification on Urantia to take place under the 6th epochal dispensation, and that was to allow me to find a location on my birth planet where I can live and work without publicity.  They now allow me to go to the Adirondacks where I just love to do pickerel fishing and to find a summer home there which I may live at as long as the fishing is good.  Serara and Monjoronson know I love that place and find the lapping of lake water outside my bedroom window so restful and happy times are always remembered there too.  AND:

I will also be allowed to live at or near my present home by this dispensation modification, and that gives me great latitude to hire grounds keeper(s) and/or handyman to keep the place in repair and order repairs when necessary. 

I also need people to come and go out of the York office and I sent to five people the needs they will be hired for at York when it all comes together soon enough.  I will use my own bank, Citizens, and another bank called Sandana nearby for these services as I will receive very soon enough money to fund all the major corporations to be used in the first divine Mission, the Michael Mission, to be followed by the Magisterial Mission, to be followed by a second phase of the Magisterial Mission called the Supreme Mission.

I would like to spend a paragraph or two about the Supreme Mission.

This morning I wrote Wendy Winter my discontent of having to figure out just what force field I was working under.  One day I was working under God the Supreme and the next under Michael of Nebadon, and they hold different ways of administration than I am used to when it comes from God the Supreme.

God the Supreme holds no human should ever try what I did and then survive to use it.  I understand that without getting into it.  Michael holds that we humans are an integral part of administration development and should participate with a divine mission as I set the corporations up to do.  However, I was and still am caught betweeen the two views which I cannot arbitrarily sort for my own peace of mind just what does which administration want to do first?

I told Wendy that there was no way to settle what happens now until I was cleared of double indeminity and this evening Michael made it clear what was what and I now share that with you for your information too:

Michael is in charge through working with God the Supreme who has declared Michael the Chief of Operations and we will do what he says and that makes it a great deal easier for me to know what is expected of me and how it is to be done.


1 - The Michael Mission will occupy the L shaped building in York as noted months ago.  Offices for Machiventa and Mantutia and Malvantra Melchizedek, wil be there on the first floor above an excellent restaurant located in the entry floor to the building.  A shield wall will be built to prevent customers from entering our private offices the floor about the foyer.

2 - The Michael Mission has already started through Ron’s continuing work to prepare for them with you and those first invited to work at York who are as follows:

Wendy Winter  - Accounting
Larry Gossett - Properties Manager
Dominick O. - To Be Assigned
Steve Gitz - Technologies and Book Dissemination
Lemuel will come to York when he completes his training in Spain

All will be well salaried.  All will have to pay income taxes for now.

Not all will arrive at the same time until we have temporary housing ready for them.

3 - Ron Besser has full authority over all employees hiring and firing and making sure educational requirements are fully met.  Adam and Eve will give all listed a six week course starting in October, 2018 on deportment and protocol as workers for a divine mission and a Certificate of Achievement will be issued upon successful completion and Ron intends to hang his certificate on his office wall for sure.  He also has a Bachelor of Arts degree in History and Geography as do several who are coming to York.  I suggest you hand them on your office walls too.

4 - Besser required us to modify our Dispensation for this era as he now is a modified Melchizedek by Order of the Father Melchizedek and he is delighted but he must remain a human so long as he works on the planet.  This order requires Ron to acknowledge Machiventa Melchizedek as his Captain and Chief Boos and his direct supervisors are Mantutia and Malvantra, and when required, Monsonloran Melchizedeks all.  These will constitute the reform package of spiritual liaison work between the Deities of the Universe and the humans on the ground including those listed above.

5 - Because these human operations begin in York, we must dispense with the Chicago Urantia Foundation immediately.  Ron has received instructions from Michael of Nebadon to inform them of such by letter when we assing the date for that letter to be sent to them informing them that the fifth epochal revelation is no longer supported by the Salvington Government, or by the Ancients of Days of Uversa.  Edentia will support all useful contentions by the existing Urantia Foundation to be heard in York and may be invited to state their case in person before the incarnated Melchizedeks serving with Ron in that place.  Ron has no intention of bring suit or anything else, but to exit the work of the Urantia Foundation in Chicago, and then proceed to dispense the now materialized Urantia Books newly printed this month in York itself.  We have a copy for Ron maybe as early as this weekend–  who knows when it can be materialized there as to specific day.

6 - We expect offices to be open and running by June 9th, Ron’s human birthday and to hold him honored in a message from Uversa that tells him he is loved and waits for a formal respond from his heart that day.  His Adjuster is mighty proud of this willing client of the Father’s will pm such a planet of ill repute.  I further stipulate that he will travel to England and to meet the monarch to tell him he is welcome in England anytime he knows where to park his weight in gold before her. She is a lovely mama and a wonderful monarch too. 

7 - This post is meant to fully inform you of two additional messages from Uversa and the Ancients of Days and the Hierarchy Presidents, the Eternal Son and the Father and the Infinite Spirit as the Holy Paradise Trinity. It will be delivered later in a separate post. 

“I am the Creator Son of nature in Salvington too.  Ron watches his Locust Trees die and the blossoms torn off far to soon this year.  That is a species of tree we will let die out and Ron will be denuded along his long driveway that them in a big row up to his house.  The house needs siding and a new driveway and so on and he will have a ball doing that soon.  He loves construction and home beatification and we wanted to tear the place down but decided not to for years now.

“Our work together has taken about six years and he is truly ready to go when he is relieved of the fake power to laugh so hard he cries and that is not to be kept except as is without the crying sometimes.  He is truly a funny mand and hates to be called anything but normal but he is not.  He lives alone because circumstances forced that on him and he cared for his parent until they died and that is always honored up here too.  He now lives squalidly at the house because he hates not being able to care for the property full time due to all the pain and brain operations he has had from us and Uversa.  That is over now and he is settling into this post to inform you he feels awful tonight too and tough titty as he says to witches.

“Finally, we must make amends to Lemuel who is doing so well now and has gained six pounds almost he is ecstatic and will carry himself to York when he reaches the required 145 pounds to earn yet.  Ron remember Lemuel as a stout manakin at the piano and Lemuel will have a piano again when he gives him one of his.   Our friend Gitz has pianos no longer but he did not save the one he thought Ron should have but he can get it back as it is on loan to the local opera house is it not Gitz?  In any case we think this fully informs you to the point we have it developed and Ron sends his greeting to all who carry this interest for the hopes that this world benefits by this work coming so shortly from Salvington to York.  Thank you.  Michael.”

“I am the last to congratulate you all for waiting for this near moment when we open offices to start a divine mission that has no precedence anywhere in any unit of time space.  It carries so many unique stamps including giving it over to God the Supreme to complete the parts of the Magisterial Mission usually assigned to God the Father to provide the benediction to the Planetary Manager and the Creator Son.  This time the benediction will be to Machiventa Melchizedek, Michael of Nebadon, and God the Supreme, as this is the first planet to be administered by that Deity without having Light and Life first declared before He sent His administrators to rule the planet.  We fully expect that Ron will see that opening and then declare himself null and void and proceed to the Father’s Temple to provide a light show as he transcends his remains to Father and on to his ascension career properly done this time.

“We risk all of you to come and see it as this is how a good planet sends off those who die on the sphere and have claimed the requisite paraphernalia in spirit to do it.  Good day all. “ 

Located in Historic York, Pennsylvania