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Audio Transmission/ Double Reality
« on: June 04, 2018, 01:22:49 AM »
Speaker: Beloved/Lemuel
Subject: Double Reality
Place: Girona Catalunya, Spain.
Date/ Time:  4th June 2018  07:22 Local  06:22 Z


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Re: Audio Transmission/ Double Reality
« Reply #1 on: June 04, 2018, 03:20:52 AM »
Transcribed from Lemuel’s audio transmission

Double Reality

Beloved/Lemuel : Our talk this morning is entitled « Double Reality ». You all know that you create your own individual reality every moment of the day, in fact, what we beleive, what we think, what we feel, our opinions, our values and we live in that reality everyday. That reality I would term the outward reality and there is another reality : your inner reality.

Those of you who are now very accustomed to enter stillness and endeavouring to communicate and to be one with your Beloved Thought Adjusters, this is your inner reality. The main difference between the two is that your outer reality is constantly changing, almost from moment to moment.

On the other hand, your inner reality is a constant. How could it be otherwise when you are endeavouring to be one with Spirit. Spirit is Father, Spirit is your Beloved Thought Adjuster and Spirit is a constant in Eternity.

Going through your daily routine, driving a car, visiting family and friends, going to your work place, going to the dentist or whatever you have to do, all your daily activities demand your constant attention, of course.

But the more you live in your inner reality, you will find that you spend more and more time in your inner reality and that your outer interests are changing in the sense, for example there are those things that you do not any longer enjoy doing.

There are those people, perhaps one-time friends, who seem to slip away and you are pleased about that. There are things that no longer interest you or whatsoever, you will find that, slowly but surely, your outer interests become zero, that there is nothing in the outer world that attracts you at all, you become free of you outer reality.

But of course that does not mean that you no longer obligated to perform your daily duties, going to work, etc…Having said that you spend more time and you are ever more mindful of your inner reality and this become more and more your comfort zone. Yes, my friends, your comfort zone is within – your reality within, not your outer reality.

This is a process that can take many years of course, but nevertheless those of you, especially those of you here on the forum, you already know, I am sure in part, the truth of what we are saying this morning.

You can go through the day in your outer reality, yes of course, and you must but at the same time there is something in the back of your mind and in your feelings that constantly remind you, your first opportunity to please return to your inner reality.

So, when one realizes when one is in a situation where you have one foot in both camps - your inner reality and your outer reality and perhaps it is difficult to come to terms with in the beginning but it does become easier and one can change in an instant from one reality to another.

This is Lemuel speaking now and I can only say from my own experience, your inner reality is not only a constant, but it is also where is my peace, my tranquility and you will discover this for yourself. Your outer reality is totally ego and objectivity, your inner reality is with your Beloved, peace, a joyful peace.

So, my dear friends, keep in mind, your two realities and try not to be too concern about your outer reality. Your inner reality will slowly but surely take over and your outer reality will look after itself. This is all we have to say this morning, thank you for listening and we bid you a very good Monday. Domtia
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