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A Short Talk From Michael
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Michael of Nebadon - Creator Son  -   A  Short Talk From Michael- Larry Gossett – 9 May 2018 – Florida
Speaker: Michael of Nebadon
Subject:  A Short Talk From Michael
Category: New Written Transmissions
Winter Park, Florida –  9 May 2018 -  09:58 EDT
T/R: Larry Gossett
“Larry and all others who are in attendance here this morning, who long, seek and yearn for knowledge, experience and clarity,   indeed some of you have recently experience a certain difficulty in understanding, but it is through this difficulty that clarity will eventually come and better realizations are the  fruits and results of thinking deeper than some of you are used to.   But dear ones, know that it is through such trials that can bring your experiences to a level of knowing that you all seek.   Nothing of great and lasting value comes from a life of ease and it is through strife, struggle and the vicissitudes that living a life on such an experimental world as Urantia, and one that has been so troubled, that you will gain a strength, a courage, and quality of character that is so often required as you face such a life as lived on Urantia in these extremely troubling times on Urantia.
“You have several times been taught that hailng from Urantia is and will be, in the end, a crowning achievement to your overall experience and this is quite so , my children.   So come to treasure your experience here, for  it will play out to be an advantage to you in many ways… most of which you cannot be consciously aware of now, for your view of it is limited and can only be realized as you move forward into your future careers.  You all stand tall and exceptional and that light that shines forth from you is seen and recognized throughout Nebadon and it is to this  great life with it’s many challenges that you all work through.
“This times, these trials,  tribulations and this  intense testing that confronts each of you are really milestones in your careers and at some point, this  you will recognize and come to appreciate for they are indeed blessings in disguise for each of you.  Some of you are experience some very challenging situations right now but they will abate shortly yet know that you will be the wiser for having successfully gone through them.
 “You have been given some quite interesting stories, some crucial and at the same time, indispensable  yet partial information concerning the Morontial appearances of Jesus, the ongoing similar morontilaization of Ron, which you need to pay particular attention to, since some of you  may also be going through variations of this for yourselves at some future time.   As some of you noticed, Ron, as he so often can do, gave you a colorful and vivid analogy of the “parfait glass” with the varying levels of  morontial  energies and how they are absorbed and used, as a wonderful teaching tool to bring this better to your understanding  and visualization.  I use the word “partial” for  I tell you truly that some levels of information and knowledge are indeed secret and are held always as secret for Reasons of State and yet there will always be  those areas of mystery that are held and kept so and as you progress even unto the levels of the Outer Space Zones,  even unto those levels of Finality that  will  be yours through discovery and an unfolding of these mysteries will always be there  waiting for your personal discovery..   Experience, exploration and discovery  are part and parcel of the lure of eternal learning and progression.
“Accept that these mysteries are ever there to inspire, encourage, stimulate  ,motivate, and even embolden  you throughout your long journey and career and are a rich enticement for you to discover and explore.  Just as you glimpse this and that along the way, it will inevitably and purposefully lead to the next thing to observe, experience and  grasp.  Revelation, can only be given as it can be accepted.    Look at your Urantia Book as an example of a Revelation for a specific time, situation and realize that full acceptance must be kept in keeping with when it is presented in relationship to how well it can be received for it is all relative to man’s time, knowledge, experience and at the most appropriate time in history.   As the New URANTIA Book II will soon be released to this world that is in such dire need for a truer truth that can now be delivered and at a time when mankind can move to a higher estate in his view and realization of the Father Reality, Presence and Purpose and all of Us who come to represent Him, once again,  in this new time and a new age, one that is destined to bring Urantia into that glorious  Age of Light and Life.
“We realize that  these Missions are a challenge to your patience, faith and beliefs, and We know that  We created you, know you, love you, forever guide and instruct you in the ways of the Father and the ways of Spirit.   These may seem to be but your first steps in your experience with Spirit and they are, my children, your most important steps that you will ever take.  There will be continued trials and tests and trepidations and certainly challenges but I assure you that all of you will be the better and the wiser for each step you take, for as you go through them , they will without doubt give you clarity, strength of character and make you even more important  to your brothers and sisters on this world who will come to know you and look to you for guidance.   Your Thought Adjsuters rehearse for you, on superconscious levels, and hold in trust for you, as situations will call for, all that you will require to do this work with Spirit and the coming Michal Missions followed by the Second Return of Jesus and the coming  of the Magisterial Sons and all of the Melchizedeks and other orders you know not of, to establish Urantia as the  Planet, dedicated to th Father.  So I bid you my children to hold fast, stay the course, keep your focus, dedication, your hearts minds, thoughts  and souls centered and focused on all that has been revealed to you.  Revelations and this information are an ongoing process and each and every one of you are loved, needed and called to service to this great endeavor and the door stands open wide and beckoning   This is Michael, your Creator Son, and I share these blessings with all of you.
  Do get back into regular work as these last weeks of trials are now better known to you for what they have been.
 Good day….


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Re: A Short Talk From Michael
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Thank you Larry and Michael for a wonderful lesson this early morning.  Very uplifting and encouraging to say the least.

Michael mentioned Ron's parfait glass and it made me think of something that I read in some of my notes last night.  From paper 48:1.5 (542.2) , there is mentioned that there are 570 total Morontia bodies that are provided for us.  Each one a phase of our progressive transformation.  From the time of leaving the material worlds until we are constituted a first stage spirit on Salvington, we will undergo just 570 seperate and ascending morontia changes.  Eight of these occur in the system, seventy one in the constellation, and 491 during the sojourn on the spheres of Salvington.

Also it says that the Morontia Power Supervisors are able to effect a union of material and of Spiritual energies, thereby organizing a morontia form of materialization which is receptive to superimposition of a controlling spirit.

Wow, Ron's parfait glass is one huge one for sure.  But his analogy is right on.
A very interesting paper, number 48, and deserves a full reading and study.

Your friend always,