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Speaker: Michael of Nebadon
Subjects:The Local Universe Creator Sons, the Father, the Ascenders from Rebellion, the Unprecedence of Fusion Status and the Trial to Become Supreme to Enter Into Ultimacy.
T/R: Sue Whiley aka 7inOcean
Location: Geelong VIC Australia
Date/Time: 09/06/2018 5.23pm (AEST)

[Sue: Hah! I note the date as I settle to take dictation, Happy Birthday Ron! May your day be a good one.]


[No quotes here as this is a long one and lets get on with it, please…]

I am none too busy to relay this to you. There is much to say. The first thing to say is that Ron needs rest as his transition is wearing. You Sue, take it on the bat as the ball gets thrown and so, as it goes, who takes it from here. Keep going with what you can do here as you are one of the best yet along with Ron, Lemuel and others that are not here, but elsewhere doing marvelous work (e.g. the Progress Group 11:11). That is to set the tone of the type of work to attune to as it goes in some of you. All it takes is to ask and listen.

Now this: As it goes, there are changes coming not to upset you, but to make it known that where these Missions come into place, there is no doubt in mind, as it is in yours, how so many on this world are not prepared to take a blunt measure but more easily can receive a moderate knowledge we reveal to get eyes more wanting in view of history, modern man and culture.

Your Superuniverse of Orvonton is the seventh Superuniverse and, Sue correctly thinks, that the nine or ten or more (that are keen to join) Local Universes, this side of the equation, so close to the first Outer Space Zone, and reaching areas we deem the Supreme has in mind that Light and Life is fast approaching, when we combine to force more appeal, support and contingencies to gather those apostate worlds, I am dealing with as well as, the rebels of different orders that need to come to heel in the way we congeal with the Father’s mandate and proposal for us to adore and place it well in all that we are to do to accomplish Light and Life in Nebadon and beyond.

I intend to make it clear to you all what this is all to mean for you. It is quite clear to you that there has been of late, many “unprecedents” being made more in our side of the veil and this carries on, due in respect, to how the Lucifer Rebellion, the apostate worlds including yours has occupied our senses, resources as well as capacities of heart to wrangle with the unthinkable challenges it imposes on all this side of Orvonton. Not only does rebellions have adverse affects, it also carries weight in what imports to those who pass mortal death and are to be dealt with as to what to do with those who are truly lost in all this unrealised knowledge.

You who are fully comprised of The Urantia Book and are here, patiently awaiting for some measure of Godly input in the maelstrom you happened to be innocent of, are the few in Nebadon that taste the foulness of life that should never have been shouldered like what you have at this point. I, as Jesus, who walked the  many roads with the disciples soon knew the travesty of what those nefarious high sons have wrought as I witnessed so many who struggled to understand even the simplest truths, I spoke about. The disciples, in all honesty, were unlearned men and women, but were of decent standing with others as well as sensible in worldly survival.

In any case, you all are be lauded for sticking here with me as we unravel how to step in carefully in the world you live in and that is planned among so many varying modifications; now Father has surprised us with another new development now to be convened by all those Creator Sons who neighbour alongside mine, Nebadon. This is due in regard to how things play on Urantia/Nystoria, my bestowal planet, as to the means and ways of humans on a planet so isolated for an unprecedented set of time, even God the Supreme is set on edge as to how even five humans have managed to have fused with their Adjuster, that sets them apart from so many who are yet to understand what this means as the five fused mortals are Father’s doing and has paved the way for a new set of fusion status for what can be achieved in those who seek and find the Father the way they did.  This is sacred in Father’s ways and means with the enormous love He has for those who touch Him in Spirit and Love.

This morning, and the last few nights of dreams, Sue has been contemplating on a number of impressions that all point to how she can contend with “disappointments” from so many points of reference, that was put to her by the Deity Absolute. In all, she took it in her stride and noted it well and saw it for what it is. Although saddening to taste, it did have its point in not taking things for granted and really place herself to the task and be attentive to what goes on around her.

This is a world to be alert in and be steady in, even though most easily become complacent and too prone to ignorance; it is now time to prick the ears to Spirit to notice we mean business soon enough. There is enough said here to say that it is becoming clear to you that there is a large contingent operation at hand to ensure God’s business is taken seriously as we move in gear for the apostate worlds to be on notice once, then it becomes Father’s to initiate sweeping measures of recompense.

I comprise the following points for you all to take note of:

  • Nebadon is no longer alone in rebellion as others are now realising what is at stake when it does happen.
  • Avalon, Wolvering, Nebadon, Sensalon and others you do not yet know of are combining in agreement and wish to hear and convene with the Father as He proposes not only the unusualness of rebellion that we face in Nebadon, but as to the unusual numbers of rebellion-resistant ascenders that derive from such happenings and how this is to be understood by the Creator Sons with Michael of Nebadon, who is and has now been honoured the title of a Super Michael Son in Father’s proposal. This is to denote the contingent factors in dealing with the problems associated with the challenges faced by Lucifer and company who sought to derail so many of Father’s intentions in the universes of time and space.
  • The evolutionary process is still to be respected by God the Supreme as an essential ingredient in passing the rope to the lowest creatures to learn and grow in steady progress in attaining the experience, the knowledge and appreciation  that can be gained through the trials and tempers of mortal existence.
  • I am Michael to you, as your Creator Son; to the Father, I am His Son of creative prerogatives to undo the infinite to finite patterns to gather the length and breadth of extenuating experience for all potentials. This is Father’s domain, and I am to play it, like one would play music to your ears.
  • As Creator Son and as the Creative Spirit with me, your creative parents hail from the Creative Paradise Trinity and we “mirror” that pattern of infinite creativity. Right on down from Havona, to the Local Universe, to your Local Planetary System, the music is reached out unto the ends of time and space. When this gets disrupted by rebellion, it spells discord and mistrust as well as discontent and, that, you know all too well. It is time now to bring back the “mirror” to reflect the majesty of music you were for so long deprived of and to dispel that discord that only places too much brokenness, Father finds it abhorrent to let it go for much longer than it already has to this point.   [I pause to collect momentum….]
  • Sue had to steady herself as she gets drifted in weariness at this point, but we insist and press on and it is this: Father intends to bring in the big guns to allow who is really king of this molehill of Urantia/Nystoria. But I intend to reason with that, as it may cause humans of this level to come so stunned as to not come to respond as we expected. We need to cushion the attempts to get recognition and commitment. Father contended, by saying “..that it has been so defaulted that any more cushioning could further derail any more efforts, no matter how benign our intentions. This has to be pulled up or declared fully defaulted and brought under the noses of the high courts of Uversa that critically examines both man and spirit in question. Let it face the light of perfection of who stands and who does not. I am the Light, and no man comes to me and sees me unless He is truly a Son who I am well pleased with in all my heart.”
  • The Paradise Trinity stand ready to take action and it is with the combinations of Creator Sons that we enforce the will of the Father as to how to clean up the mess of rebellion and to get on with the business with God the Supreme in action of Light and Life completion and thereby of Supremacy to enter Ultimacy of reality with God the Ultimate.

[Father Michael, I am drifting and need to rest now….]

Thank  you for being honest. That is good to do. I end this here for now, but be prepared for more in the wings as to what is to be for all of you as what can be achieved here on Nystoria will enable you as Ascenders a most engaging career as you hold the keys to Father’s indwelling presence and embodiment of resilient spirit that is no where else seen like it is here among so many of you. Good day.


[7.24pm and 6 pages long in my notebook]


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Re: Michael on Local Creator Sons, the Father, the Ascenders and More
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Dearest Michael and Sue,
Thank you so much for this!  Every new piece of the puzzle helps and the time is coming when all the pieces will be in place.

kindred shall forever remain unbroken