Author Topic: North Korean Summit work by the Most HIghs - What about a Nystorian Federation?  (Read 999 times)

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« …..when I try to teach I no not never quote scripture »

Hi Roger, we are both on the same line in regards to this one. In a far past period of my life, when I was an active member of a religious group, I was taught by my peers to quote scriptures in a discussion with others and I know well what it is to make people flying away with disgust. Often times, I even met with violent verbal reactions, it was not the main cause of my quitting the group some years later, but it was really stressful. Domtia
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Well, everyone, we are really stopped in our tracks and are too scared to say anything!  I just spent this morning going over this thread to gather the key words and points of the "federation" idea that Ron postulates and while I think it is brilliant, it is still an "idea" that tells me he has thought of it well in advanced before we all come to realise the necessity of such a thing to latch on for what it means to have a "life raft" in a sea of change that is to unfold before long. This afternoon, however, I spent time to read through some numerous pages of my work related paperwork to keep abreast of new developments to do with enterprise agreements in my workplace and then dinner time with my darling grown up children to really adore with all my heart. My, how time goes so quick!

Now, as for what Ron presents, I can say that having such a "pool" of dedicated workers,  I can very much relate to as I was in a pool for aged care domestic work when I was on the Gold Coast, Queensland, some several years ago, where I can be called on to do random shifts in various locations where it is required. That also required me to be ready, prepared to go when asked and get to the task to be doing the job that can be done as effectively and efficiently as I can to the satisfaction of the employer. I see it that way and am ready, on standby and prepped for the business if need be. That is how it is done and I found out too, by the Pool Manager at the time, that so few if not at all, did what I did as there were so many they could not rely on to even drop and go. That takes determination, dedication, sacrifice and will-power to perform.  Here, I see it all over again with Ron's idea, it's one thing to be said, it is another to see people really put in the effort and be trusted to do it. I've been there, and can see myself do this again if I have too. In this "pool" though it is a real meaningful one to be in. I also see too, it is very much an "agondonter" path of what Ron is opening up to for us to see.

There is also something that crossed my path a couple of days ago and it caught my eye and attention so sharply. While driving from work to my usual trek back home, tired and exhausted, Lo and behold,  there was a bird we have in Australia called a Plover bird, (scientific name:Vanellus miles or a masked lapwing that inhabits marshes, mudflats, beaches and grasslands and are highly defensive near nest sites and make a very loud "kekekekekek" sound that cannot be missed.). Anyway, what got my attention is how defiant this bird was that waddled quickly across the road, pointedly determined to go about its direction, undeterred by my car approaching and was quickly on the other side on grass where ever it wishes to be doing, I was so riveted to notice it avoided danger so well that I drove on without any worry. Why did that jump out at me, I have no idea, but it was a tiny creature that went on regardless to the threats all around it and I happen to notice such a courageous bird jump out in front me! It quickly alerted my senses and I am amazed of how animal senses do kick in to notice every aspect when prompted. Wowsee! Point noted and appreciated for reflex reaction for even the smallest of things.

Ron, I hope you are o.k, you sound very ill and near death door, but hang in there mate,  I am sure Father needs someone like you too to be here and I do too!! You are loved beyond measure and I am very much in high hopes that the "horses" will get to see the "water" (SER) before they can drink it with merry delight!  I thought about what to expect to see the front page of the book and I chance in my mind's eye a very similar outline to the FER but more volume on the Lucifer Rebellion and on Jesus' time on earth.  That said, it remains to be seen how we are to react and respond to the contents of the new book and I am with Margul who seeks a favourable response.

I feel there is more coming, and hang on what can be shared to me soon as I pause to listen to take it when this quiet curtain can drop.  All I can figure is, that time will tell eventually as to what is to be. May the Father have His way in so many of us. Shalom.

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