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Ron here - this from the Mentori, a groups of super angels and high spirit who ban together in a lose Federation to teach without having to speak to any particular mission.  The Mentori work to upstep the thoughts of man without having a large agenda to push with it.  Prolotheos and Ophelius are collarborators that speak to people in the Untied States and Europe mostly and stay around to see if anybody remembers them these days.  The Mentori work on Nustoria no more because all itnerest has dropped in this kind of lesson so easily given, mostly to beginniers, for today. 

"Thank you Ron, this is Prolotheos and I am with Ophelius, as we are teachers from on high who need your support in these coming days of important change on Nystoria, and you are among our friends by sitting here and looking at our work go to waste.  You are not alone in bringing this forward as we must revise interest in God and man and the work they represent together.  You recognize mind firing as we speak and tell me to ignore it as you do not want to bother me or us with those concerns with Christ Maust who used to do us all the time.  But he quit and does not revise much except to now and then reference this site to see how you are doing and how he could be doing if he could find interest once more for us and you and the sites he regularly visits.  He should be here but hates the idea of bothering you after all that happened when he got angry with you over a mistake he made and still regrets firing off that nasty post to you one day in 2013 or so.  You love the Mentori and wish to see more of them but we have discontinued use on Nystoria because of so little help from man and woman on what was once a thriving evolutionary change for the better not so long ago.  We now state this for you and the group who reads anything sometimes:

"I am Prolotheos and Ophelius and I want to revive with you the idea of the Mentori which you cherish and found so exciting as an additional voice about change you get no where else.  We assign ourselves to you Ron for a brief period of time and remove the stigma of pain and hurt in your eyes and legs to remind you that you are not good as a receiver without purpose and that purpose has temporarily been removed.  So you go about trying to find rays of hope where none can be found and I wish this to end briefly so I can get myself together to give you another lesson on another thread immediately from Ophelius the proof reader.  I understand you work hard to remove errors but your proliferate them with posts that look for silver linings but find them not.  I am about to provide you a big look at these probabilities in truth and you greatly appreciate that. [Ron - I sure do and kiss your truth loving feet!]

"But now this lesson evolutionary religion as it is lived on Nystoria today.  Thank you!"

Prolotheos - Evolutionary Religion - Feb 25, 2015 - Illawarra District, AU

Chicago, US of A, February 25, 2015.
Teacher Prolotheos.
Subject: “Evolutionary Religion”

Message received by Valdir Soares.

Prolotheos: “Religion, defined in terms of evolution, came into existence together with the primates’ attainment of personality will. Will came to human beings concomitantly with the function of the last two Adjutant Mind Spirits, wisdom and worship. And being the last, they opened way for the appearance of religion in human life. Religion is the capacity to believe in the transcendental, even if the object of this belief is not accurate. Exercising this new faculty, which may be called faith, makes man a religious being. Today we are going to study the manifestation of religion in human life. Here are its major aspects:

“Institutional Religion: Here, religion becomes an organization, reaching social and political arenas. It not only regulates religion, but also social life and politics, becoming even a state religion, as was the Imperial Roman religion and its successor, the Roman Catholic Church of today — the Vatican State. Religion, then, is a means to control and it has little to do with real faith and devotion. It occupies itself with creeds, written confessions, dogmas, encyclicals, and more. Institutional religion is a scaffolding necessity in human development, but the day will come when ‘you won’t worship God neither in Jerusalem nor Gerasim, but in Spirit and Truth.’

“Ceremonial Religion: Ritual in religion serves to compensate for lack of spirituality, to uniform and control people — usually by a priestly hierarchy. Evolutionary religion inherited its rituals from the ghost cults. The living feared the dead, molding their lifestyle by copying their lives and ritualizing them. Ceremonial religion tends to become meaningless when the ritual is performed for its own sake, without spiritual power. Ceremonial religion sometimes becomes a misguided religious duty the religionist believes to be owing to Deity as an offering, usually in trying not incur its wrath. Little or no spirituality can be manifested through stylized religious rituals.

“Personal Religion. Worship is the highest form of personal religion, but petitions, gratitude, intercessory prayers also can express real spirituality, if they are not mere repetitions. Personal religion is by nature an enlightening religion; it promotes spiritual growth and spiritual sensitivity. However, personal religion can also become meaningless when the individual ‘overloads’ it with mysticism, fantasizing or fanatizing the faith, sometimes to the degree of delusion, paranoia. Religion then becomes a personal drug. Personal and authentic religion is what really counts in acquiring a spiritual status before God. Personal devotion is the only religion that the Spirit Within fosters in the human mind.

“So, my pupil, religion is so relevant to human beings that it requires the exercise of all human faculties — especially worship. Certainly it is the most important dimension in human beings because on it depends their eternal survival. Exercising religion with devotion, actual faith, but balancing it with all other fields of life prevents a life sterile of spirituality or a spirituality exacerbated by fanaticism. Religion is not a divinely manipulated function; rather, it is sponsored by the Spirit Within with revelations for man’s spiritual growth. I am Prolotheos, your Teacher on the morontia spheres of Nebadon. Peace be with all.”

Edited by Linda Abell.

© The 11:11 Progress Group.
My Gift to you is for you to be of service to Me — Christ Michael.


Chicago, EEUU, 25 de febrero de 2015.
Maestro Proloteo.
Tema: “Religión evolutiva”.

Recibido por: Valdir Soares.

Proloteo: “La religión, definida en términos de evolución, comenzó a existir junto con el logro de la voluntad de la personalidad en los primates. La voluntad llegó a los seres humanos de forma concomitante con la función de los últimos dos Espíritus Ayudantes de la Mente, la sabiduría y la adoración. Y siendo los últimos, abrieron el camino para la aparición de la religión en la vida humana. La religión es la capacidad de creer en lo trascendental, incluso si el objeto de esta creencia no es exacta. El ejercicio de esta nueva facultad, que puede llamarse fe, hace del hombre un ser religioso. Hoy vamos a estudiar la manifestación de la religión en la vida humana. A continuación están sus aspectos principales:

“Religión institucional. Aquí, la religión se convierte en una organización, alcanzando los ámbitos sociales y políticos. No solo regula la religión, sino también la vida social y política, convirtiéndose incluso en una religión de Estado, tal como fue la religión Romana Imperial y su sucesora, la Iglesia Católica Romana de hoy –el Estado Vaticano. La religión, entonces, es un medio para controlar y tiene poco que ver con la verdadera fe y devoción. Se ocupa con credos, confesiones escritas, dogmas, encíclicas y mucho más. La religión institucional es una necesidad de estructura en el desarrollo humano, pero llegará el día en que ‘no adorarán a Dios ni en Jerusalén ni en Gerasim, sino en Espíritu y Verdad.’

“Religión ceremonial. El ritual en la religión sirve para compensar la falta de espiritualidad, para uniformizar y controlar a las personas –generalmente por una jerarquía sacerdotal. La religión evolutiva heredó sus rituales de los cultos a los fantasmas. Los vivos temían a los muertos, y moldeaban su estilo de vida copiando sus vidas y haciendo un rito de ellas. La religión ceremonial tiende a perder sentido cuando el ritual se hace por hacerlo, sin poder espiritual. La religión ceremonial a veces se convierte en un deber religioso malentendido que los practicantes creen estar ofreciendo a la Deidad, por lo general para tratar de no ocasionar su ira. Puede manifestarse poca o ninguna espiritualidad a través de los estilizados rituales religiosos.

“Religión personal. La adoración es la forma más alta de la religión personal, pero las peticiones, la gratitud y las oraciones de intercesión también pueden expresar una verdadera espiritualidad, si es que no son meras repeticiones. La religión personal es, por naturaleza, una religión iluminante; promueve el crecimiento espiritual y la sensibilidad espiritual. Sin embargo, la religión personal también puede perder su sentido cuando el individuo la ‘sobrecarga’ con misticismo, con fantasear o fanatizar la fe, a veces hasta el grado del delirio y la paranoia. La religión se convierte entonces en una droga personal. La religión personal y auténtica es lo que realmente cuenta en la adquisición de un estado espiritual ante Dios. La devoción personal es la única religión que el Espíritu Interior alimenta en la mente humana.

“Así que, estudiante mío, la religión es tan relevante para los seres humanos que requiere del ejercicio de todas las facultades humanas –especialmente de la adoración. Ciertamente es la dimensión más importante en los seres humanos, porque de ello depende su supervivencia eterna. Ejercitar la religión con devoción, la fe realmente, pero equilibrarla con todos los otros campos de la vida, evitará una vida estéril de espiritualidad o una espiritualidad exacerbada por el fanatismo. La religión no es una función divinamente manipulada, sino más bien, es auspiciada por el Espíritu Interior con revelaciones para el crecimiento espiritual del hombre. Soy Proloteo, vuestro Maestro en las esferas morontiales de Nebadon. La paz sea con todos ustedes.”

Traducido por Perla Téllez Garza.
Located in Historic York, Pennsylvania