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June 118, 2018 / Receiver Ron Besser with the amazing members of the Mentori gathering around us.
Where Are We Today? Fm Host of Paradise called Prolotheos with Ophelius the Host of Hosts on Paradise
 "I am Prolotheos, I am with Ophelius, we are both favorite teachers Ron loves to doodle with, and he asked us to say a few words about just where you guys are today on Nystoria (a new name that is hard for us to remember after using Urantia for decades to teach . . . ) and here goes:

 "I am a Heavenly Host, so that means I work on Paradise alone and with groups of students coming over to receive their degrees in Finaliter convergence when they finish their Deity Adventures.  You are never quite sure Ron whether that is a Supernaphim or a Paradise Teacher of some sort not revealed to you.  My Order is not revealed on Nystoria, but I do so now:  I am a Secondary Midwayer who loves to Teach God on Nystoria and now I am on Paradise permanently as a Secondary Seconaphim of Distinguished Cross awards.  Michael of Nebadon gave it to me before I left over ten thousand years ago for I was rewarded the distinguished cross as you are to receive Ron, and I have great pride to address you directly.  You are wondering how these words may sound to others who read this, but be assured we revive you as you revive us this day.  Thank you for taking the time to look for our name and our work with Chris Maurus and others who have long given up this work to do what they want to do now:  NOTHING!

" I am a Chris Maurus lover too as he did great work so long as he had you in sight and he wonders now where you went for him but he gave you hell for something you did not intend and you let it lay so you did not upset him further.  Good.  And this.  As a Secondary Seconophim, I have duties I never imagined before and being a Secondary Midwayer, not from Nystoria, but another planet that must always be sealed our of your mind too as it was nefarious beyond belief and died an ignoble death when it blew up with all souls on board and few ever survived.   I now remain alone with but a few who remember our days on that planet, not in Nebadon, but in a galaxy far, far, away as your Starwars movies alwasy show at the beginning.

"Ophelius has this to say:"

OPHELIUS HERE - "I never was a Secondary Midwayer, but I was also a Midwayer of the first class as you call them on Nystoria, a Primary Midwayer and spirit most of the time for that matter.  I carry two promotions I cherish, and one is to you for your making us heard again with gracious good humor and second, to promote our wares as unusually truthful in spite of what the gloss to be added may be.  I am truly working hard Ron to keep you out of silly.  [new voice speaking:  'I am a Primary Supernaphim soon to be and I worked with the Mentori on Urantia now Nystoria.  I never met one like you on many trips to Nystoria was Urantia, and now I live my life in seclusion in one ivory castle after another and cannot wait to maintain our selves with you.  I hope you are ready for a wild ride and that is to cheer you up too.  Thank you.  I used the name Nestor and have spoken as a Finaliter Corp member now departed from Nystoria.]"

Here then is Prolotheos with today's Lesson:

"I am Prolotheos and Ron reminds us of the time he could not wait to sit down and takes notes from Machiventa Melchizedek and Michael and Mother Spirit and others he has now forgotten due to memory loss of those sterling days of tranquility and hope.  Now we face a truant on Nystoria called Trump and he is ruining all progress made in the last fifty years of proposed civilization.  I am sure this lesson strikes home to some of you as lame and horrible but let me tell you how it happened he got into the Presidency in the first place.  I am working with Andromadeus not Ron.  I am not working with Michael of Nebadon not Ron.  Just keep your P's and Q's out of worry there . . .

"In so many words we do not stop at this point and let you gather fleas as you so foten do and that is not anger but worry you do not hold well as you submit to their wills easily and wish them to be presented as they really see things which they cannot and still hold honorary degrees with Father.  But I can do this for all of you and make it perfectly clear what is to be done soon.  

"This is indeed Prolotheos and I make this statement categorically to all of you.  The Magisterial Mission as originally conceived for Nystoria is not over.  It will be played out in about sixteen to twenty years from now and that bypasses many of you who are on this site right now to join as a human being.  Ron will not leave but he must be reminded he has no favors to expect once he is part of the group that regulates the new sixth epochal revelation he is so proud of just to talk about and he should be as he name does appear once in there as a helper of extraordinary use and will be offered up to the Father with higher expectations more once we can figure out what this means to a Magisterial Mission gone dead in the water right now.

"I also see Ron wanting to share stuff he holds sacred to himself but never can because of politics and because the world will never recommend a man of this stature to be among the few that recognizes so much about so many of us we hold him dear not yet but soon.  

"I am sure he is not in the new book but he was and it got cut because he must not be shown in it yet.  I am sure Mantutia laughs over this now but it hurt him to make that cut so Ron was not recognized at all. In any case I as Prolotheos am well advised to curry favor no more with Michael and spell out the disaster we now all recognize hit Ron and Michael of Nebadon and even the Father as these things were being prepared for life on what is not called Nystoria, but then called Urantia.  I continue with the help of Ophelius:

"Ophelius and I, Prolotheos, are well designed to take history calmly.  But in the middle of the planning of these Missions, Ron stumbled onto the Consummator of Universe Destiny.  To most people who read the Urantia Book that is a totally unknown entity but to Ron it was quite real and he had a chance to ask the Consummator of Universe Destiny about Infinity. That is a verboten subject anywhere you travel these days and we helpd our breath for reasons of State we may not tell you, and that is because Ron is quite innocent as to why that subject is held back even in graudate courses on Paradise.  The simple reason is that Ron wanted to understand that if he was correct to see Infinity as a system of reality rather than everything the One who Conceived is?   I am sure that hit the Father rather unusually as he saw it not a challenge to his impeccable credentials but to his regard for understanding the mechanism that runs the grand universe.  He also saw it as a way to remind all that not to challenge precepts is to not challenge life hard enough to get rewards of an unusual nature.  I saw the Father determind that Ron should be answered to the extent the question allowed, and Father showed Ron that the Conusmmator of Universe Destiny was truly outside of the mechanism of Infinite Space and Time but not outside the mechansim that trials Infinity to do better with the unification of time with Infinity.  He now sees that helping trillions of beings as that ideal was shared with everyone as Father usually does and we today now hear the Father chuckle that it was one in a trillion billion hits that Ron would ask the question that way.  Now we proceed with another disaster and we shall post this next in yet another thread called:  THE DISASTER THAT HIT NEBADON JUST AS THE MAGISTERIAL MISSIONS WERE TO START IN 2015-2016

"We now close this thread to start a new one under the Jesus Category next."

"We are Ophelius and Prolotheos with Nestor the Finaliter at our side to see you again shortly.  Good day."

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