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Ophelius/Introduction/A Coming New Direction
« on: June 20, 2018, 01:12:58 PM »

Ophelius -  An Introduction/A Coming New  Direction -  Larry Gossett – Florida – 20 June 2018  
Teacher:  Ophelius
Subject: Introduction/A Coming New Direction
Category: New Written Transmissions
Winter Park, Florida   20 June 2018   13:00 EDT
T/R:: Larry Gossett
“ This is Ophelius and I come as you have asked and requested my message and  let us now establish a solid connection together and since this is a new start for all of you… even Ron, we will do well together as you begin to retain your  hearing and listening and  better transcribe my coming messages.    My connection with you will be a steady and reliable one that you can depend on in the time ahead as we of the Mentori come and revisit and re-establish our work on Nystoria and especially with those of you here who  begin this new start and new day with us.   There is indeed much to be shared with you and  our connections together will come to serve and advance all of you in new ways and as time moves along in these days ty come  you all will be better off than you were before for what we bring to you is new and different and can be well put to and for your use, knowledge and experience. 
“As all of you know there has been another major reset and that is fine and good and it will unfold before you  and I can assure each of you that it will be worth your time and effort of come on board with us and accept what we offer you. 
 “Just as this may be unfolding for you, it is high time, is it not,  to have the open  mind to  accept and utilize  new and better ways and methods and new directions. New  directions often times can also occasion and engender a new heightened and focus of excitement, eagerness, and enthusiasm.   Let it be so for each of you. This is, in part, what We  Mentori can now offer you if you will but accept it in the spirit that it is gifted to you.  Your Beloved Creator Son and His Co-Creator and Consort, Nebadonia and in connection with your Thought Adjusters have taken  the first steps with all of you and we know well of what you  human mortals go through when the apple cart has been so overturned as has happened once again and even more so that at times before.   But much  is in store for you as those of you who have stayed the course here  will certainly be counted on to continue on in this work even though it will  be in new directions,  And I tell you that these new directions that Michael and Mother Spirit have in mind for you will work towards a fresh clean slate and all is forgiven and all now lays before each of you and it yours to hold and embrace  as we implement these new directions. .  You  rightfully wonder just what these new directions  will take and what I can tell you in this exact moment is that Nystoria will, just like all of you, be reset. 
“It was discussed not too long ago and you were given the analogy of what is occurring  in the here and now and that was of a complete computer “system restore” and that is  a very accurate picture of  what Michael  has and is accomplishing with  this new direction….except this is for the whole of not only Nystoria but other systems and planets as well.   So as you can certainly imagine this is monumental, towering,  and complicated undertaking.
 “The  Universal administration as you often like to call it, has not nor will not abandon Nystoria, even as your Governments and World Religions are so far afield that sometimes seem in total darkness and so mismanaged and devoid of that truth, goodness and  beauty that all of us and you know is at the very Heart and Purpose of God, the Father, Eternal Son and Infinite Spirit
“I know that you feel like there has been a drain and near total lack of joy, good humor and certain goodwill recently and that is so yearned for by the good people on Nystoria and We, the Mentori , will, with all of you who have stood firm footed, and in Spirit, and in thought word and deed as you continue and rededicate  your diligence, commitment and work to reestablish  your connections and strengthen the circuits that  Mother Spirit installed for and with you as  that remarkable gift that results in your service to the Father… doingHis Will in all things.
“Let us keep this first encounter together brief… and let it be an introduction and in the days ahead you may begin to feel more comfortable, confident, and trusting once more   and be aware of My Presence and know that those of the Mentori have firmly committed to come again and do what all we can to assist those who sincerely have the desire and commitment to carry on in this new day and in these new directions and in these new opportunities. 
“The past couple of days We know most of you felt, again, all of those doubts, temporary annoyance  but as Michael  as said…“Stop That!” and as Ron stated, “do not step back but step UP!
“It is only naturally humans to have these feelings of disappointment… feel them and let them go…   remember Catch and Release?….Let only those feeling of joy and goodwill and dominate your experience now…..These new directions will become clearer and the more that each of you come back to that time when you held excitement, enthusiasm, encouragement,  joy, good humor and goodwill and looked forward to your work here.
“This is Ophelius and I bring this our first experience together to a close for now and know that all of the Mentori that have returned to Service here will answer your call and request for a transmission.    Good day and thank you.
“As an aside, the beautiful and exquisite statue next to your computer of  that  clear Lucite Angel, holding the long  heralding trumpet always reminds you of  the coming Seraphic Government that ever watches over you and all on this world….indeed…Hark, the Herald Angels Sing!”


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Re: Ophelius/Introduction/A Coming New Direction
« Reply #1 on: June 20, 2018, 11:20:40 PM »
« …… is high time, is it not, to have the open mind to accept and utilize new and better ways and methods and new directions »
I, for one, am waiting with eagerness what is in store for us. To be honest, I am looking forward to new ways of receiving messages, since there is a need in that particular field in the days to come and that the Mentori is back on track again so as to fill-up this gap. Domtia
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