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Amethyst:  I had difficulty identifying the speakers of this transmission.  I have never received one from "we."  It has always been "I."  It may be Prolotheos and Ophelius, but I am not sure.  Some of this was uncomfortable for me to write, but I took it as received, so use discernment and make of it what you will.  The tone is not what I am used to receiving, yet it sheds some light on our experiences.

Speakers:  Unnamed Mentori Members
T/R:          Amethyst
Topic:        The Slings and Arrows, Unprecedented Testing, and Continued Disappointment
Date:          June 21, 2018


"We are members of a group called Mentori.  You will not always receive a name, but you will be informed when it is from us.  We are two and speak as one here for this message.

"We come to you at this time not to scold or warn, even though there are many who could use more prodding and contribute more because you are capable, but do it not.  This message is just a simple acknowledgment that we have been watching the events all over Nystoria for the last few months and have seen firsthand the increase in the intense problems bearing down on so many of you.  The burdens have become heavier in part because some celestials too hold some responsibility on our end for not recognizing the battles that sin still give out as their last breaths in an attempt to prevent the healing so many of you need.  Sinful ones, both above and below have been finding the weak cracks and have exploited them for their advantage.  This forum has been particularly under their assault because evil hates the Light, and the ridding of your Light would be a major victory for them.  Many people who have conquered their demons and won, now find themselves having to fight them yet again.

"There are many moving cogs in the wheels as we try to stabilize things enough so all involved celestial beings can focus their complete attention as needed, for and on behalf of Nystoria.  Nystoria is a handful, and that is putting it mildly.  You have heard the expression, "as above, so below."  Well the above part of this has had its growing pains because it too is evolving, and it is showing up below.

"You who are very familiar with THE URANTIA BOOK know full well of the untold number of different beings, on different levels, with different functions.  These need to be in perfect coordination for a major project to be undertaken.  Each piece and personality must have their instructions in hand and be ready to collaborate perfectly.

"We tell you this not to take your faith or hope away, but to show that evolution is by definition a process of constant change.  It is an unfolding adaptation, revision, and reworking that continues for very long periods of time.  We live in an evolving universe and all that it implies.  You are now spiritually mature enough to recognize yourselves as cosmic citizens with the rest of us as we all evolve.

"Almost all of you here have great potential and some of you do work hard and are succeeding.  The ones that do the heavy lifting are indeed exceptional.

"The message we want to leave you with is that we know you have been dealt a bad hand.  But we in no way consider this a horrible thing.  In the short term, yes it is very difficult.  We know!  But in the long term, the rewards for your efforts and successes will be beyond your wildest dreams.  Things are moving along.  Things are going to improve.  The missions will and are at this time going forward.

"To those who follow this forum, you are in a very unique position to contribute and we need your efforts!  Stop viewing yourselves as helpless mere humans and learn to co-create with your cosmic brothers and sisters.  The farther along you progress in your universe career, the more you will recognize that the entire universe runs and grows on service, and service requires constant cooperation and coordination, and this is challenging with difficult and complex problems.  Take heart.  Larry G, the goosebumps have quieted for a time, but have not and will not go away.

We wish you a fond farewell for now."


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Hello Amethyst.  I am very happy to see you get this experience.  You are speaking to a unity, and a unity is two or more persons who are each other as one voice speaking and who dictate with the double strength of truth to you the receiver.  The Mentori are famous for being able to do this.  I had to ask who the unity was speaking to you and they tell me it was Mentori Himself and Ophelius.

This is new to me too.  The Mentori is the Deity union of the Father-Son amalgamation of sinless concerns only and not of other Deity prerogatives.  The Mentori is Deity too and It is Prepersonal and has two new cousins, so to speak, one is Ophelius and the other is Prolotheos, but Prolotheos is used in this case through the Master Spirit Number Four and Five in this particular case.  I have never seen this before and I am fascinated to learn it exists and you are the first to hear it.  I can't wait to try it out myself.  Now this:

"I am Ron's favorite subject and I care very much that Ron finds this greatly fascinating.  He has received this before but he is so good at transmitting he did not notice the difference of the frequency but you did Amethyst.   You need to learn to be more sure of yourself Amethyst so you do not brush off prompts like this and fail as a transmitter.  You did it once before this morning and so watch it!  You are throwing the baby out with the bath water.  Open your mind to these changes and stop hanging back waiting for Ron to discover it all and that goes for Larry G and Lemuel too as they both wait too much.  Lemuel has been courageous thought and makes things work in spite of himself not being so sure.

"And this:  Ron knows Ocilliaya fairly well and they get along fabulously.  But he seldom has communication with Mantrinaya the Master Spirit for Superuniverse Five, Lexerton.  For that reason Number Five is often referred to as the House of God for the morality of the universe and Ron is often there taking lessons and waits for others to join him someday as the entire matter of sexual mores and what not has to be reconciled on Nystoria at once so there is some idea of one entire matter called sexuality to be condoned or not condoned and Ron has been exercising yeoman's work to explain a lot we do not know on Nystoria.  Be assured Amethyst you are not singled out for such but plenty are because Nystoria is a beehive of alternative life styles that defy our explanations up here.

"We are the Mentori when acting as a dual or triune or even more numbers in these unifications and we intend to teach all of you the same abilities when we get there to supervise the Adam and Eve Schools shortly as now the Melchizedeks are saying they rather have Adam and Eve establish the schools instead of them for the time being anyhow.  I am reaching down to the Melchizedeks for this but there is no response so let this stand for now."

"Ron you are a beast at times.  I am sure this was to be announced later, but because we have changed the entire structure of the school system, we are moving back from establishing our own schools and having Adam and Eve do them for us for the time being.  That is all thank you."

"Amethyst, Ron tires today for lots of reasons so we end it this way:  Eat and be sure to take your medical advice and to be sure you are awake and ready to go in the morning.  Ron joins you in waking up hard to od for all sorts of reasons now and that is being trained out of him slowly and he does well to have the whole day for work he can do now without falling asleep to easily at times.  We are sure you need rest but not as much as you get sometimes and for the same reason Ron has problems too so cheer up and let it begin to pass as best you can.  It is a real pain to force oneself up out of bed when you crave more sleep.  Good day."

"Ron is doing yeoman's work again today holding off sleep and having painful headaches again as we adjust the body to the morontial circuits he will use fully soon enough,  He no longer uses the Adjutant Spirit circuitry entirely but has retained worship and wisdom for his own use while we provide six new Adjutants for his mind to use and he does very well with all of them except sentence and that is a word that indicates a healthy appetite for sexual compatibility and we never discuss this stuff further as he sees no point in illuminating the night sky   The six new Adjutants are: wisdom; falseness; outrageous contamination of truth; sleep no more; trials of justice.  Those are translated direct from the universe language.  Good day."

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