Author Topic: Probius, Prolotheus and Ophelius - An Introduction of Mentori and More  (Read 83 times)

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Teachers: Probius, Prolotheus and Ophelius
Subject: An Introduction of the Mentori Group, the “nuts-and-bolts” at play, the Master Spirits and more
T/R: Sue Whiley aka 7inOcean
Location: Geelong VIC Australia
Date/Time: 23/06/2018 5.57pm(AEST)

Sue: After looking at the news online and all that is, I am not at all enthused by the happenings that only stir more uncertainty, discord and more dismay. I hear this:

“Keep your thoughts in check Sue, we are here and it is imperative you hold us well as we go about things differently. There is more coming and that “more” is now!”

[Hold on, wait, you mean now, in all that I compose as one tired, befuddled and worn worker for the days busy and demanding work?]

“Yes, I interject in your mind to say that in the midst of so much turmoil can one focus on my voice. You picked it right!”

[So what gives, Sir?]

“I am Probius. You should know that by now my dear, we are a team. Mentori is a singular group with multiple personalities. I am one, Prolotheus is one, Ophelius is one and so is a number of us.”

[So, there is more of you?]

“Yes, now you have fattened on disappointments, and enlivened upon uncertainty,  you know the drift is already in the air. You crashed upon the realisation of Ron’s health and his suffering is one with you. You know you will join the corp of trials this one has been entertaining to the level it makes most up here squirmish and very sympathetic. You too join us in this as it runs in  your vein as a terrible agony no one ought to bear but one does to the point it defies all credence of procedural expectations. Father does what it can, but the human genome has to take it and transform it in its own system to operate and finds it cannot take the bait as it swabble so many chances to correct itself to no avail. It forms a reprint and then some more, only to hear the squeal of the one who baulks at even the slightest moves it takes to make it happen. Ron is to stay on course and allow things to take its natural course as it so happens.

“Now this: I am Probius, and not much is revealed but in the course of our sessions, you will come to know me. I come from a long way in your time and yet arrive at finality in such a short space/frame of time. You sense, “Roman”, yes, I was Roman as in the Roman Empire as you sense it.”

[Where are we going with this?]

“You see I hail from the time of the Emperor Caesar. I accompanied Caesar and was his closest ally in all things to do with decisions and strategy.

“You feel this is going so left field, and yet, I hold you in check as I know how this revelation-taking can be-straddle how you take it when it comes to you to take it down. Let us continue shall we?”

[Yes, Sir…]

“Good, as you can see I come a long way in such a short time. My main strength is strategy and wise decisions to do with what has to be achieved.

“You, my dear, (and you do not know it) have Roman blood in you. I am akin to your kind and it is for this reason, I cotton on to your abilities so kindled in discretion and planning abilities, it is quite built in you for so long it is a natural one you have and use every day, unbeknownst to you.”

[Well, I am admittedly both gobsmacked and surprisingly in agreement as to what you unearth for me to see, thank you and so, given that, where do we proceed in this regard as you say?]

“Ah yes, well done, you see, you have a knack to press on to the next you see?”

[Yes, see, “next”...]

“Yes, there is always “next”!!!! (bellows of laughs here!)”

[o.k. Well I gather you are here to teach, is that it?]

“Yes, and some more. And this is the “more” I speak of it as “we” the Mentori as one body move together as one mind and heart with what Father relays for us to be busy with. That “more”, is to do with coming to be with your mind to gather the chicks as a hen does to foster you forward in progression and press the “next” in your intention with Father who is infinite and wise.

“When I was with Caesar, there was always the quest for the next stampede of the Legions to press forward into the unknown territories we would always strategise our methods of impact. There was no easy way or hard way, there was always the challenge of expecting the unexpected and ever look both ways in the vanguard of play.  There is, in every strategist, as you do it too Sue, to look before you leap, as well as know how to leap.

“So as it goes, here I am with you, straddled happily in your saddle to get kicking with some real stories to tell; lessons of worth to feast upon; disappointments to fatten on and untold changes to hearten your senses that soon it all becomes a matter of course in the long duration, even I travailed as I journeyed to finality in the Father’s embrace. Here, it is no surprise nor any different in due regard as to your station in life. There we have a million surprises and it all comes to you as it rightfully does to an eternal child of the universe.

“Here, I do not speak of missions or anything of that nature to do with Nystoria. That is a place so transient you will soon see it in its location as one with fond memories when you will have come a long way in your career as a full-fledged Finaliter as I am and more to join the flanks of budding enthusiasts who want nothing more than to be about the Father’s business in His far flung, gigantic and amazing creations; even I, as the once mighty general with the auspicious Caesar at my side, who I once held so much admiration, trepidation and forethought, am very awed to be of service in this capacity once more to be so noticed as you picked up on me as you do in this way.

“From such humble beginnings do we come to your side and relate in more ways than one, do we go about our work in with the best of the bunch our Father has superbly managed to gather so well in His wing. You are one and so are many of you who hear Him and know Him in your own way.

“Well done my dear for coming to this part to play. So let us play for real now.”

[I gasped - so weary, almost tempted to sleep here at this point...zzzz...I turn the heater on as it is getting cold again….]

“I want you to write, no matter how weary you are, and with spelling mistakes too, stop making it right and let’s go with what is for you now!!”

[o.k. Wide-eyed like Popeye…]

“Good, this is Prolotheus,  Sue, I come in to say we are about to get this rolling nicely between some of you as you catch on the flame we kindle in you. Well, it’s not such a kindle of a flame; rather, it is a balloon of a fire it cannot be quenched even if you tried.”

[Alright Prolotheus, what do you wish to say?]

“Yes, thank you, you get my feet planted firmly and so I can tread better with you as you seem to pull me back into shape and not let me go all gobbledygook, yes that’s it, say that way as you like it, now I am pulled into shape, thanks to you and can get on with what can be safely said here for all of you to know. Father deems for us to proceed with caution with Nystoria and connect only with those who can hear you and understand what this is really all about.”

[So, really, let’s get to the nuts-and-bolts if that is alright to ask?]

“Yes, ‘nuts-and-bolts’ in your terms is to say the real parts that hold well and can be turned tightly to bear what it is for. Let us refer to the ‘nuts-and-bolts’ of what we are to be about in what it refers to our work here in all that has to be and for our part to brace it well as you put it in the terms “nuts-and-bolts”. We are the “nuts-and-bolts” in this and so it carries you too.  Hear us creak and you will know some turns will be inevitable. That is what goes and then some more inertia and energy to wield it better...

“Ophelius here, Sue, we relay through the Master Spirits, the Paradise Trinity and the union of the Father, Son and Spirit, the mind of the Infinite as we hold well in our own desire to see to it we are as one as you will all be in the fullness of time...

“That is all, Probius here to finish this session for now as we are now combining forces up here as Michael of Nebadon is rallying all that can congeal and go with a massive undertaking with revelation, education and correction on Nystoria.

“Nystoria! Nystoria! If only you would know your true destiny, that time waits and we are to allow the fruits to awaken you soon enough.

“I am Probius, I am the one who knows how to start something and how to stop it. I stand with you and bid you a good day or evening wherever you are on this luckless world.”