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Probius on Communication
« on: June 25, 2018, 05:31:49 AM »
Teacher: Probius
Subject: Communication
T/R: Sue Whiley aka 7inOcean
Location: Geelong VIC Australia
Date/Time: 25/06/2018 5.30pm (AEST)

[I am on a roll here, can’t help but be getting chatty and not even blah-blah will stop it...]


“O.k. well you know there are moments we can be quite peachy and other times quite blunt; it all depends on who is at the receiving end how that one can take it. We wish we could be more transparent, but doing that could make you (a fused one) go phish into flames if we even do. So, to avoid such a fuson-in-flames as you can if we are not careful, we do this through certain frequencies that soften the edges so-to-speak to enable you to take the round approach we offer instead.

“Communication is a tender one to use with fused candidates as yourself, Ron, Larry, Lemuel and Amethyst are. However, in saying that, you tread so energetically you find you speak the likes of me of my order and onwards as well with God the Supreme and onto with the Deity Absolute in your many dream encounters(Sue, in particular). This in all, is to say to those of you there is room to go to reach that area of good communication with many of us on this side of the veil.

[Wow, this is turning out different to what I started with and so this is one on communication, yes?]

“Yes, and more. All I can say to all of you is to keep going, keep going, keep going! Do all you can to pause, pray, ask and listen. Take it down and have faith in it. This is a milestone for most who begin it and, for the more seasoned ones, it is not a practice, but an engine to keep the oil burning so it doesn’t run out of momentum. Truly, no better way than to continue in your intentions to love and serve the Father as you do right now.

“Stay the course, stay totally dedicated with us as we are also so fully given. Communication is also to do with revelations yet to be given. Watch this space as it will grow as one strengthens its muscles in spiritual mind to receive the import it does as it looks Godwardly. I let this be for now as we soon allow you all to see the cover page of the new book “Nystoria: The Book of Revelation”, to be seen in material eyes. We watch how you take it and respond to it. We welcome your responses and wish for you to know that, be aware, there is more in the book then what is on the cover. It is said, ‘never to judge a book by its cover’, the cover is only a brief snapshot of a guide of the lengthy contents it entails. Just as you know The Urantia Book had way more to say than just its title suggest, so too, does the new book present such for you.

“Recall Mantutia Melchizedek is the one who has masterfully comprised this work and laments that much more could have been included, but for length sake it is best to allow the most outstanding points to be made first, and the rest can be appended in the following Yearbooks later on, to fully grant the justice of revelations that are given to you in the SER that you are to be seeing in a few short months from now.

“First, it is best to have it known and witnessed all over in different places to be getting the interest and peculiar attention it deserves by most who are truly seeking the information that this contains for their own edification and enlightenment.

“No other book can do what this one is meant to accomplish in furthering spiritual growth and profound insights. Upon receipt of such, there is to be expected a thirst for more and that is where these messages, the Yearbooks, the numerous archives of transmissions from the Teaching Mission to these latest ones installed by some of you who enlist themselves as transmitters of a high calibre to receive.

“I warrant that Sue is better at written transmissions and I concur with that at this point, mainly due to the high degree of fluidity this presents in writing on demand as it flows in a rapid speed that even voice can get in the way at times. Language is a difficult one to navigate and Sue can do both in a speed of light on this page as it is written here.

“We do not end sessions, and this may surprise you, as it is always on the go as we attempt to keep the lines open at all times to allow fluidity of communication happening in a steady stream. It explains why so many of you in different time zones around the earth can still pick up the signals and go with a message at any given moment when you are ready to receive upon request.

“It is said and it is literally true, “..Ask and you will receive, seek and you will find, knock and the door will open to you..” Jesus is your wise teacher of many years and these words echo true to you in this day and going forward as you walk with God our Father.

“I am Probius and I am delighted to see Sue let fly with this one tonight. That is two sessions in a row today. And that is both excellent to have for you to see how things work and flow.

[Probius, I aver to think and feel that God the Supreme is in this too as well as the Deity Absolute, am I correct to think that?]

“Oh my, you are on the dot and I am thrilled you even picked that frequency is ever close to your chest right now. See to it you take a lesson from God the Supreme and the Deity Absolute as they are hankering very close indeed. I bow out for now and allow you time to recuperate and I hope to take up another time with you when you are ready. Good evening.”