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Speakers: Pre’Mtor, Probius and Michael of Nebadon
Subject: The Importance of Transmitters, the role of the Mentori Group, the SER and the realisation and demand for more enlightenment.
T/R: Sue Whiley aka 7inOcean
Location: Geelong VIC Australia
Date/Time: 28/06/2018 6.02pm (AEST) 8.02am (GMT)


“If you apply yourself with a little bit more pressure, a bit more momentum, it can go a long way when you do…”


“I am here Sue, we are awaiting Michael’s injunction here as he wishes to go about certain things and we stand by to support him in whatever way it is best in going forward.

“Now there, we have a small number of Transmitters to apply the pressure just that little bit more in the midst of your busy lives as you have it and we are pleased with your efforts even as you drop your usual chores and, what have you, to take a jot from the drop of a hat such as this can be.

“It is in these moments, you take a breather and the juices start flowing. Here is the low down as it so happens…

[There was a pause and I ask “yes Probius and?”]

“Yes Sue, I have Michael of Nebadon here who wishes to speak.”

[Wait, it seems a little different, how I do not get the signature this time, is that really Michael, Probius? As it seems a slight change here from receiving you Probius?]

Michael of Nebadon:

“Yes Sue, it is I, your Creator Son, Michael of Nebadon. I am using a different circuit here, mainly to allow certain Transmitters to pick me up as well as the Mentori who use a frequency that is like water that runs in a fluid circuitry for you to get it running better. Here I am to speak on matters that I need to get for all of you to know about.

“Here we have only a few number of Transmitters when we really need a lot more than that. For now, these Transmitters are using a certain circuitry that is encircuited in them to receive and get it down to the wire to require them to both, speak it and write it, when they are so attuned to do so. Much is to be relayed when I give the go ahead for the public view of the new Sixth Epochal Revelation (SER) and of my Michael Foundation International and that is to be installed at once, very early in the first week of July, 2018. Ron Besser who is our main frontman, is to take the heat of the initial fanfare and that is very shortly to be announced.

“The thing I really want to get down to you is this: pray, that you will hear the Mentori as they are bearing much of the brunt of criticism that may, inadvertantly, be thrown to you Transmitters as you get tackled to handle the issues between spiritual input and man’s contentions they may make issue with.

“As the Mentori is here to assist you and enable you, they are a group, and as a group, they punch a good deal of conviction and persuasion as to the import of the new book and all that it has to teach you. That is the main part of my word for now and Probius is waiting, patiently, to get back to have another say here for all of you.


“Probius here now, I would like to add to what Michael insists here with our group and that is we are set on target to gain more Transmitters in the coming months and that is due to the inspiration we get going with through the small group of Transmitters we have going with here and in other places. This is an important work. One that will grow as the demand for such that we impart will gradually catch on as the many realise the value we impart as well as the significant intelligence that is available, unlike anything seen in your world.

“It is like a small little campfire, that gets kindled bit by bit, by the many able bits of twigs, sticks and branches that can be added and, soon, the fire is enlarged, the glow is brighter and the warmth of the flame becomes more inviting, welcoming and comforting to be around as what is offered is the enjoyable camaraderie, shared dreams and aspirations to and of the glory of a new age to come.

“It can only be realized when it is consumed by those who first believed before seeing, and are the ones who stood the trials against all that could stand against such conviction, that nothing, not even in heaven or earth, could separate them from the love they know that is within them of God our Father, who is the fire of life that is known and understood. The One, who is the Source that has called out with a “still small voice” to call one to Himself. It is said and let it stand still, “He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit has to say”.

“I am Probius and it is a delight to be among you to make it known among you that the Father delights in those who walk in Him and trust Him, no matter the hour of day that is upon you. I bid you a good day.”


Ron Besser

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Hi Sue, great work indeed.

I am requested to respond to this in order to emphasize the need for a lot more transmitters.  I am quite at a loss to explain why we grew so many so well and than so many just up and quit the work to become good transmitters, and in particular I think of Overmind who has mostly slept through the entire episode that would have made him a great one.  In any case I am not really calling out names and laments but wonder what spiritual device is needed to enthuse people some more over becoming a speaker for the voice of God.  I take particular issue with some reports I hear off hand that it is the work of the devil and that no body is THAT good! Ron.  But I am and so are most of your and getting better.

I take no issue with Overmind or others, some of which leave in great huffy breaths of indignation, but I am reminded that God plays no personal favors, and that God the Supreme never says no to success however it might be achieved.   Our work here today and in the coming months is all the poorer for not having more transmitting voices of the heart of God here and elsewhere as it will probably happen now.  How that happens is not particularly helpful to the cause but if it does happen I will see if we can coordinate with them for a more effective way of using on line messaging as we do here.  Further, I see that you Sue took a break and transmitted, and I cannot tell you how happy that makes me as that is a sure and positive sign you are entering into the actual work the Mentori, Michael an Mother Spirit, and even little ol me, needs to see as a true worth transmitter.  I also congratulate Larry for spending time to get there too as his last transit shows how well he can do when he is enthused.  Amethyst struggles yet and produces excellent work when on the beam.   Lemuel is doing yeoman's work with audio too.  We five are the backbone of transmitter work on Nystoria today.  Niant2 struggles and I am truly grateful and amazed he has gottne his transmission work actually beginning and he needs lots of practice to keep it, so listen up Antonio:  PRACTICE DAILY OR LOSE IT!!!

Finally, learn I am using my Adjuster today to speak to some of what Sue has spoken to in her transmission posted above these notes.

I am seldom determined to live well but I am determined to do so if they let me and I have every reason to believe that will happen if I can manage to get through one more day with these awful and painful conditions I keep getting thrown at me.  All of you, maybe ten who regularly attend this site--  if you can ever get awake to know it--  should say something once in a while to keep life on the presentations here.  I am fully determined to be the last man standing if I have to be and maintain this place even if I am alone to do it, as it is so important to have an outlet that people will actually be glad to use when the time comes.  I see the human condition darkly through the glass of cheer we are supposed to have, and I know some of my more silent friends really do wish these moments to come very well and successfully.  But endless silence engenders stagnation and sincerely hope that does not finally kill the goose that laid the golden eggs at least for awhile here.  My best wishes to all and I wish all a good day as well.

"I am seldom enthused to hear Ron lecture, but today is an exception.  He is turning in his human advices and letting us speak more and more for him as we must make preparation for the 30 June meeting we promise for him with the incarnated Mantutia Melchizedek that day in the afternoon.  I am sure he is ready and willing to take it calmly as I am sure he will bet he also knows it is an incarnation and that is a new trick for him to learn to deal with.  You all never imagine what it is like to be in that man's shoes when he meets Mantutia for the first time, as there will be crackle of energy in the room and he is well designed to let things as they go that day.  Be assured Ron will enjoy the encounter and hope it goes a well as he might think it could go and he will hear things only for his ears.  He is funny and all get out of here when I make puns too.  We do what Ron calls "feeding" him which is the same as being a straight man to a comic and it usually has the desired results.   I am also warning no one that he has much to say other than to get the new book and to photo not as Mantutia has the photo files already to post through him to you and others in the near future.  They are gorgeous photos and that is that.  You know not how funny things can get when Ron is put on the griddle and wants nobody around to here him explode over issues you may never here for yourselves on how to deal all of this and not get misshaped over the ire stupidity produces in him. 

"I am also tiring not in dealing with this human of unusual spades and hearts.  And it must be said that life for him right now is horrible and we agree.  Right now we work to get this over with and move to better news which I think should be stated this way:

"Tire not all of you as the time is around the corner now this sparring ends with words and actual deeds appear to take place in order to grab on for a ride across public opinion and state your cases each of you.  The five who are fused on Nystoria today are without precedence and Ron is truly speaking closly to all to get another five fuses so we have the ten ready to go functional Planetary Princes staff persons to run the place for the entire length of the Michael Mission.

"Your present Urantia Book rehearses how the Planetary Prince set up ten humans to run ten departments for his work to civilize the planet.  We are going to do the same thing and set ten of you up to run ten departments to do the same again for this horrible planet.  You do not remember Ron repeating this very message many years back when we discarded the idea because it was not seen as practical then, and the memory floods back now as he writes this out for you all again."

"I am speaking as the newly appointed Planetary Prince on Nystoria today.

"Ron has congratulated me already and I accept congratulations from all of you today as well.

"Last night Ron was visited by Michael of Nebadon literally in his quant bedroom that does not even have a closet.  H uses the closets in all of the other bedrooms as his and is strewn all voer creation to dress in the morning,  We laugh our heads off as it is a thirty-third priority for him to have one built in his room but it is so far away in priority he dresses everywhere but his room in the morning so far.  I am also speaking gently to all of you that he feels let down without having a shoe to wear because his feet have shrunk to almost have their size.  His shoes now rattle with his foot inside them.  We have never seen this before and Ron is appalled at the scaring caused by the sudden change in architecture.  We are truly amazed at what happens to Ron without a closet and tiny little feet that are sure to be better done shortly.

"As the new Planetary Prince, I am not emboldened to name five to my staff at this time.  You all know your names and you are the five fused ones.  The next five have to prove their mettle.  Ron wants me to name them but I dare not but he knows most of who they are already and wants to encourage all of them to pay attention to unusual sounds in the head.  We need a post in the Fusion section about this next.

"Next we need to be sure they are truly ready and the next batch to appear must be as ready as the first batch to have appeared on Urantia.  And you are sure Ron that such an unusual exception was allowed to include closet-less-you to be fused first.  We promise Ron his feet will not be webeed or be like goofy duck either or will he be like Ken of Barbie doll fame.  In any case, Ron will be like Van and take the department that deals with revelation and new beginnings.  Amethyst is considered for agriculture and plant propagation; Gitz you are not in this but Ron insists you find your fusion at once as he is convinced you have what it takes!  Do it!

"Larry Gossett, you have a department not used before.
"Larry Gossett will get transportation and protocol and that is sure as that is what you have to do all day long as it is without realizing it.  More is to come on this later.

"Sue Whiley, the department you are going to field we think is science and its propagation and Ron will be your co-driector as he is a wizard on scientific discoveries like you.  You two will have tons of meetings to play with Rayson what to do and when to do it and you will remain in Australia as you Sue are incapable of transfer of culture to America.  Your happiness is with the Lord and a happy man at your side. 

"Lemuel, you belong as a co-Director with Ron in two places:  Revelatory information not but revelatory dissemination will be your specialty and with Ron on science projects you enjoy entertaining especially with aircraft.

"Steve Gitz, you look aside when these things are given out, but Ron is truly sure you contain the seeds of a great composer and he wants that to survive your fusion which we predict will occur shortly so long as you are attentive in prayer and ask for some help to understand how Ron is positive about talents you do not give a lot credence to and should and will do, yes, do it! 

"I am particularly crazy about none of this since I am Planetary Prince and need a full staff of experience Midwayers about me.  I am really speaking now to Bzhutu who admires Ron and wants him to succeed, but wants to hog it all over Ron and the Departments not yet named such as Health and Welfare and a few title changes the original Prince used at that time.  I am sure this will fill out especially after Ron meets with Mantutia on this coming Saturday.  I am truly sure this will go swimmingly and that Ron will at least meet Machiventa Melchizedek as not a sheep herder looking for work in a visitors tent. Nonetheless, be assured that the coming weeks will fill out most of your dreams and Ron is truly surprised we are going this route. 

"The 11:11 Midwayer group known as the eleven eleven are now in charge of all humans as they are human and ready to discharge some of their learning and you Ron are in semi charge of personnel if necessary.  Mantutia insists on being in charge of you as an over control just with you ron as you have other wok he wants you to do in department and with Van who has graciously wishes to be part of this as he is at home in the Revelatory Outreach and Division of the old Planetary Prince.  

"I am Ron's fused Thought Adjuster.  He alone is 99 percent fully fused only missing the dissolution of his flesh to be a first person spirit without attributes.  I am sure that will work for good now.  You are a man without a country when your gauges do nto work right.  One of these days that wind gauge will get the wind direction right. In any case please pay attention Ron to your Adjuster:  your life is sacrificial in some ways and you knew it from the beginning and made no real effort to get out of the mode.  However recently you have undergone physical changes and more are to come.  I replace that motorcyle picture not as I arrived in yor mentality with that strong dream of me getting off a big Harley, which you do not care for, and warped my way to you in blakc leather to say hello.  You got very silly over it.  Now we have me slapping your face with my black leather gloves and you know it is a challenge.  It is this:  I have chosen to stay for the duration, but so hlep me God if you get silly with the FAther and his information concerning you know what and other things we will disptach the idea I can stand you, but really be assured I can take it so long as you are wary about all that humans do for you behind the scenes or outright treachery asy ou exper8ienced a few days ago.  In any case Lanaforge and I understand your quirky nature as to what is or is not proper and you are sure you can handle most of it and we agree, but you are not like monarchy in England which has full support of the bureaucracy.  Here you work with spirit and that says no more than to be wary of them too as they have their own lives to live.

"Now, that little foray yesterday cost you nothing but good will as it has finally engendered a decent conversation for you to enter and carefully as you are so loaded with news you can overwhelm even Scott who holds you high and powerful in thought as he never saw thought so well presented.  He did not mind the reference to him as it was gently and reminding that good discussion.  Be also aware you have caught the attention of a physicist on line who details such things but never heard your version to rime and wonders how much you really know?  I am your Thought Adjuster and you need to give me credit where credit is due but it is very difficult for you to know it is the Adjuster at times because we are truly unified in most things and a few things not quite yet.  If that happens you are not a creme pie but a fire chariot without personification until I can get control fully of that measure of you with such a powerful will I cannot wait to exercise it in divinity.  Good day."

"You are not funny Ron, stop that - they do not know your pretended not to know who I was.  I am truly ready to start work as Planetary Prince, and I do not have a trasport plane to go joy riding with, okay Ron?  We end this with a message for this Board.

"Take our joking in this transcript as good will, but it is no joke when we start and you Ron seem to know the drill already beause you have been in them in spades frequently, but this will be something to behold when the new Sixth Epochal Revelation shows its feather via photography and you ride high with so much information people will bring theri buckets to fill before you and you will be giddy with help, maybe not.  I am Lanaforge and you felt the change in seriousness and bless you Ron as that makes it so much easier to state you are as bad as the rest of them wanting to rest when you cannot think straight anymore.  Be assured your rest Ron is without plaintive cry as you can do it on the fly as I have seen you get files from Michael, nearly fall asleep and be revised quickly and fully and that is great you can remember some of it today.    You are constantly worrying about your community obligations to keep the house looking good and the lawn neat but that must end as others must take that on and Michael will see to it when the time comes. 

"We close with a benediction from your Adjuster Ron and we will not print it here but we all listen as he speaks the truth for you and us in this endeavor.  Thank you,  I am Lanaforge. Good day."

Located in Historic York, Pennsylvania