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Dream: Ron Besser Converses With Queen Elizabeth
« on: June 28, 2018, 07:30:14 AM »
Well, well, well.... While  at work yesterday I thought of the Mentori several times, especially Ophelius  in connection with my desire to receive a message from him  soon.   I have been trying to figure out when I can do that since today is going to be  a very complicated day as I have to work, then I have an appointment with my Gastrologist and then have to go out to dinner with the guests that have been staying at the house all week, who are planning to leave sometime Friday.
 Last night when I got home from work at 10:15PM and shook off the stress of the day and finally laid down hoping to go to sleep, I was laying in bed saying my usual nightly prayers and again the Mentori came  to mind.   I was wondering and requested that if  it were possible possibly  Ophelius might address me during the night.   I usually request some sort of superconisous spiritual experience during the hours of sleep since I know that alot of work can be done and accomplished for us while we are asleep.   Many times I ask and request to be taken to some spiritual class or meeting  or some other type of spiritual experience and have that information and experience brought from my  superconsiousness  and filter down to my conscious mind, for I truly believe that it can work that way.   Sadly  I don't always remember much about it if in fact that is happening.

Anyway.....Last night I dreamt that Ron was having a discussion with Queen Elizabeth  at Buckingham Palace and of course she was wearing one of those infamous neon bright suits,,, I think it was the lime green one...I was an invisible observer rather than  a participant.   I was just sort of hovering.... watching it all happen.,...
The topic of discussion, as I remember it but you know how details of dreams can evaoprate quickly upon awaking, was whether the Queen should retire due to her age and health or stay in power and position until she passed.    Ron was encouraging her to stay where she was since both agreed that neither Charles nor Andrew would make an effective King and in fact Queen Elizabeth and Ron both believed William would be the most logical and  better choice to be on the Throne.  The meeting was quite friendly and both were smiling and enjoying the conversation and meeting....I woke up shortly after the decision had been agreed upon and found myself smiling and satisfied as well, although my chrohns was  causing me quite a bit of discomfort.   I was so proud that Ron had had opportunity for an attendance with Queen Elziabeth especially since he has such genuine affection and respect for her.   

Now whether the dream was fostered by Opelius, as I was  thinking, inviting and holding  Him in my thoughts, or  through Mother Spirit or some other Spirit Personality  who do such wonderful things for and with us while we recharge during sleep, I do not know but the dream was wonderful.

Thought I would just share this with you since it was so unusual.    now off to work.   Yours in love and service to the Father....Larry

Ron Besser

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Re: Dream: Ron Besser Converses With Queen Elizabeth
« Reply #1 on: June 28, 2018, 09:44:20 AM »
Saints Preserve Us Larry!  Now you caught it and there is absolutely no explanation for such a dream or why it had to be brought to your attention that I so admire Her Majesty.  I often think of her and her ways of finishing a glorious reign of commonality in the midst of so much splendor and well wishing to acclaim by 53 nations of the Commonwealth she heads and fosters.  If there are special places in heaven when she is done, I wish here there for rest and a new national status for Great Britain under their new King, Charles for as long as he may be able to discharge his duties.

Unlike your dream conversation, I feel the Queen already knows why Charles must succeed her for as long as he may live, and that is not only because the succession proper must be adhered to, it must also correct so many wrongs for Charles, that he must bring glory lasting to what is a monarchy with too many children not, but too many instances of dislike of the rule of law lthe abide most fervently in for all people under their command and advises.    I hardly know Charles except to say he has so much going for him intellectually and is a stalwart survivor of almost the Tudor regime of the 17th century, as it slowly ran out of heirs to the English throne.  It is my personal wish that Charles get a chance to use all he has been training for for well over sixty years, and since I suspect William has no real lasting hope to be King in the face of the intervention of Spirit on what all call earth except for a few of us who do not name it such.

I suspect that Charles already knows his fate and wishes to pass quickly in honor of the succession.  I also happen to feel the Camila needs to bring herself to the attention of the world court for her unrelenting work to see to it that people are treated fairly by the much too busy Charles.  She gets a bum rap from the common press and is no where near what the Star and Inquirer love to scandalize readers with.  Nonetheless, they cannot possibly know that the monarchy will mostly be gone from the memory of children born today and that is because Elizabeth Herself may choose to abdicate before the Majesty of God.  I dare not go deeply into any of that, but we all who love the Queen, know she insists on giving God His full reign on earth as she did for over 65 years now.  The British Monarchy today is facing ruin financially too if they cannot find a way to help the Queen preserve her wealth to Charles and the remaining heirs to the Windsor fortunes.  I leave all that for now to speak to one other thing you impress me with Larry:  your crone's disease is not spreading but parking itself on you far too much these days.

I now take dictation outside of my own opinion and knowledge regarding your dream and your work should you finally decide to throw Walmart to the wind and join us in the provincial town of York in the near future:

"Ron dreams too of speaking with her Majesty on subjects of interest to her alone and considers total privacy for things she brings up to him.  Why this happens we do not know, as the Queen is singularly unaware of any such transactions as she will remain so for the rest of her life.  We also suspect that Ron hears the Queen complain of the incessant bickering that goes on in the palace over William and his choice to remain aloof about the fights Camila seems to enter into with Charles over who sits beside him on the throne.  I suspect, but I do not truly know, Charles prefers to reign alone with what time he has left to make his mark on England and the Commonwealth Countries he has great influence with today.  I am like Ron, should there be a special place in heaven for a great Queen, may she be taken there and honored and let go for her own personal ascension to the Father on Paradise as a perfect female of her class with the original Elizabeth the First who resides on Paradise of an extremely important Finaliter today.

"Now to you Larry for getting this, as Ron would call it, wacky dream with so much of what he admires for the Windsor crown. ;earn you tapped into the world of scissors and tape Ron constantly fights to keep himself out of.  He knows you are sensitive to his choices for all to work with dignity and honor with him if this is to be allowed, but that any such work must be as the Queen herself alludes to:  Responsibility before the Sovereignty of the People must always come first!  Ron plays that over and over in his head against all personal wishes to do what could be pleasurable to him alone and to call it quits not with some ignoramus causing heartache to all over nothing as the Queen sometimes faces herself over issues of State and the palace with her personal wish to have a gorgeous family be happy as they may be, and that they mayfinish their lives as they need to be done before the majesty of God as well.

"Ron sees his duties as Charles does:  He sees the Queen as the old fashion idea of fealty an deserving full praise for sacrifice after sacrifice that person must bear as the fights for supremacy before her come and go.  Squabbles like that hurt the monarchy yet they are the human equivalent of me, the Creator Son, asking my Father to stop the fights on old Urantia in order to get some time to think out what has to be done on Urantia now called Nystoria by my decree of last April 5th alone.  Now this:

"Last night as you dreamed of conversations, Ron battled one last time to be heard over issues that drive us crazy over his choice for a lot of things we could care less about, but he is already resigned to the fact that he owes God full allegiance and must stand apart from personal choices to enjoy his life in perpetual secrecy over matters he cares never to speak to.  He also wishes all the best on High and promises the Father to be as the Father demands of people who do something for God as Ron alone has ever done for Me and others of my Family of God too.  Therefore, learn that Ron has been demoted fully to human status not, but to a morontial station to learn to deal with shortly and that he takes is as sovereign as the Queen does for her subjects.  He carries too much responsibility even now for human worth, but learns to deal with it privately in truly funny combats with the Creator Son on issues never brought to the eyes of the public.

"Therefore, Larry, the Mentori made a particular plea to you to stay way back for now and let what happens in the next few days and hours for those chosen to hold fast while God intervenes on Nystoria for the first time in its history to become a planet of such unremitting renown we shame ourselves with less for other people and other planets under my Creation of Love for them and for you on Nystoria.  Nystoria is rich in character but so poor spiritually, we must remain aloof to begin with, but I insist that no one but those who have refused to do anything but serve with Me on this God forsaken planet, shall have their beds secured for all time in Nebadon, and with some hope, recognition on Paradise with the Father in heaven.  Queen Elizabeth will die as a mortal in not too distant days and she is resigned to leaving the earthly plane as she is a humble woman that used to help repair truck engines while the Commonwealth of nations struggled with Great Britain to remain the last bastion of a democratic worth to all leaders around the world at that time.  I stand in open regard as Ron does for her and her family and wish them true success as they prepare to change the world through abdication or assignment, whichever they may choose regarding the appearance of God on earth once more.    Michael of Nebadon."

MOTHER SPIRIT speaks of the Queen of England for the present reign soon ends:

"I am Mother Spirit, the Holy Spirit to most all in the rest of the world and nations under the rule of Nebadon  in Christianity or Hindu or other religion.  There are no words for the Queen of England as she must place one foot in front of the other as we all do on this place most call earth.  Her life is turbulent because of succession fights beneath her dignity to get involved with and frankly she leaves it to Charles to sort out on his day of Coronation soon enough.  The world might smile at the problems Charles faces with a spouse who dislikes pompt to the point she will not participate in certain ceremonies to be his Queen, but she also loathes the tabloids that defame her and the monarchy continuously.  Her life is full of mischief as her husband's children and their children are always under some rebuke by someone somewhere over how they lead their lives.  That should end when either Charles, or perhaps William, or perhaps their Grandmother, Elizabeth II, stands before God in their shorts and proclaims him master of all humanity, and that they abide before Him as Elizabeth I, stood before Essex and declared him a fool and had him jailed for treason against the State.  I am sure all of this will play out as it must before the public and the world and that England will finally find it in its heart to always honor Elizabeth II, as a true gentlewoman and a very wise mother in spite of reasons to say not so.

"Ron questioned our use of so many words to say how we feel about this English Queen, and he agrees it must be said somewhere so that the Queen truly understands she has done the near impossible in such moral and indecent behavior by all before the majesty of God, and she comes through it as true worth before the crown of God to all who must pass before her in birthday review and in final salute to her as she remains a tribute to Her nation, Her love for God and the people of Great Britain for all time.  I am the Holy Spirit to the world for the most part, yet I carry for her what Ron does in his goofy ways before God too, and that is to recognize that the work of monarchy is truly never done however you may wish to describe it otherwise, and that is to provide full honors to those who sacrifice so much to be the leader, morally and fitfully, in times of great turmoil and change both in evolution of the State and in the evolution of spirituality itself in the Creature she too is for now.  I wish all a good day and best wishes to the royal family of Windsor.  The Holy Spirit."

GOD The FATHER speaks to Elizabeth II for her well wishing to all:
"I may speak directly in these matters these days on earth, for it is on earth that all of you must abide to tell Me who I AM, and who you are, and take no notice of a man who transcribes my incoming remarks to all of you except as an elephant among sheep on a planet destined to end its career as a free for all among all who live on it shortly.

"We dither on capitals as he transmits me directly through his soul and worries that he does not offend me as his mind fires uselessly over issues of State he feels for the Queen and her brood of sycophants who are caught in the vice of power and corruption in everything they do without their mother's guiding hand.  She alone knows the in's and out's of trials she faces, as her earth life soon closes because of age only.  Her life is splendid and honorable before all of us and I do have a special place for this Elizabeth of the Windsor clan, and hold her high as this transmitter does and as does my Deity Son, Michael of Nebadon as the former Jesus, does as well.  Her life before God the Father is matchless and any who pretend otherwise should be ashamed of clothing this wonderful woman in tears of despair over things she cannot help.  Her life is full of rectitude and even righteousness before me in Westminster Abby.  She heads the Church of State and it will prevail long enough to bury her with great honors in its walls of monarchy Kings and Queens of old.  We salute her too and await her arrival on our mansion worlds for training in the craft of State Work she knows so very well to be given to Michael of Nebadon to help run this rickety place called Nystoria today.  I am Father.  Good day."
Ron Besser  -  I conclude this post this way today.  I suspect the memorial to Her Majesty will be brief and all consuming for a nation in grief before their better selves.  I trust that God has a place for her commensurate with her experience and deep knowledge of the way of nation states on this planet.  I also hold her well and high in my own life and gain inspiration from her that doing ones best is what has to be done while offending no one but under constant criticism for the work that must be done counter to the interest of some who would have it otherwise.  What the Mentori are doing is setting up a program for all of us who read this site, and are providing plenty of work for many of us so-called commoners to achieve the dignity of status this Queen already has before God.  I thank all who attended me this morning to make these statements, and I bow to her and to her majestic ways to conduct dream interviews all the while giving Larry indigestion not having to do with a dream at all.  Good day.  My best to all.

Ron Besser
Located in Historic York, Pennsylvania