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audio transmission/Creating More Space Inside Your Heart
« on: June 28, 2018, 06:54:41 PM »
Here is a new post from Mother Nebadonia and Michael of Nebadon

Written audio transmission

Speakers:  Mother Nebadonia; Michael of Nebadon
Topic:        Creating More Space Inside Your Heart
Date:          June 28, 2018
T/R:           Amethyst


"Good evening.  This is your Mother, Nebadonia.  

"When you think of space, you usually think in terms of the space outside of you, the space in your yard, the space between you and the stars in the night sky.  You may think of it in terms of space in your home as having so much square feet of living space.  You think of space being all around you, and so it is.

"Have you ever considered the space within you?  No, I'm not referring to space in the sense of the space between your lungs and brain, or your knee and hip.  I am referring to morontial space.  Once a person becomes aware of the morontia reality and understands that morontia growth requires space to allow celestial beings a place within you to communicate, you begin to understand what I mean.  You might think of this as a morontial filing cabinet for the soul.  Just as the human brain needs to retain facts and ideas, so too does the soul need a place, a reservoir if you will, to place the spiritual concepts that you will be receiving for millennia.

"Each time one of your celestial brothers or sisters needs to contact you, there needs to be a place within you for them to transfer information from them to your soul, and then your soul needs a place to keep this transmission so it can remain a part of your inner reference library for future use.  This space will continue to grow as long as you are receiving and your soul is filing it for future reference.  When you become more spiritually mature, you will begin to sense this enlarging space within you and be able to recognize it in other beings you encounter.

"So each time your Father or I, or for that matter any celestial being gives truth, beauty, goodness, or any other Divine quality that is being shared with you, be aware that there will be more space needed to accommodate it.

"This space is not visible to the human eye, so you will not see it.  When your soul matures, at some point you will be able to feel it in your mortal body, but it will be a long time before it is visible to you.

"I talk to you today of this space because, when you are receiving you should learn to consciously open your heart for the purpose of creating more space for us.  The more space you are able to allow us, the more information we can provide.  Once you have expanded this space, you will find it easier to receive longer and more detailed transmissions as Ron is able to do.  This quality is available to all of you, and it helps us greatly as you are able to widen and lengthen this space.

"I leave you now with my love as your Father Michael wants to add just a few words."


"Your Mother has just provided you with valuable information that should be of help to you as you hone your talents and prepare for further work here, or to continue your service on the morontia level.

"Your Indwelling Adjuster will serve as, for lack of a better word, a 'file clerk' so that when you need to refresh your memory it will be at His immediate disposal and sent to your brain to be reviewed again.

"It is important that you continue to grow in your circle attainment.  There are morontia circles above the seven human circles referenced in your Urantia Book.  And each circle successfully ascended, adds more balance, symmetry, and strength to the growing morontia being.  So you see my dear children, learning to provide us more space not only helps with our communication with you, it also helps in your overall morontia maturity.  You see there are now many humans that are beginning to get to the first circle and will soon be ready to expand beyond those initial seven.

"It is unfortunate that there are so many yet not even past the fifth or sixth, while at the same time, many have reached the first.  This kind of situation can cause quite an imbalance in a population where there are so many spiritually mature souls living alongside much spiritual and morontial immaturity.  The two groups are so far apart that it contributes to much of the disharmony that is beginning to stretch the very fabric of civilization apart.  But I now leave that discussion for another day.  Be at peace and as I used to say to my disciples when in the flesh as Jesus, "Be of good cheer."  Good bye for now my beloved children"


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